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  1. Two months ago: today: So this girly needs some advice from women who have or are suffering from hormonal acne and have used birth control to control their acne breakouts. Background: I have suffered from anorexia for the last 6 years (since I was 16) and due to this I have never properly had my periods, only the occasional one every now and again. However since maintaining my weight, still low but healthy enough (BMI 15, if that is any help to anyone), I have had a massive hormonal breakout. I am guessing it was hormonal as I broke out a month ago at the same time as I was experiencing blood spotting and my boobs had swelled that week. I went to the doctors and he prescribed me Yasmin as I have been having weak periods every now and again since September last year and he thought this would regulate my periods and help my acne settle down. Now when I say I had a breakout I don't mean 3 or 4 spots on my chin, I am currently sitting here with around 20 spots on my face! I have never had a breakout before only the occasional pimple. I am unsure whether to go on the pill I am worried that it will cause my acne to get worse as it has been slowly getting worse and worse since the breakout in early march. I'm already vegetarian but over the month I have cut down on dairy, I'm drinking more water, taking vitamins, drinking green tea, eating more vegetables, I've been using a topical cream named Zineryt (for the last week) and all has led to no results so far! I'm feeling lost on what to do and I already suffer from body dysmorphia, all I now see when I look in the mirror is a girl covered in spots and I need to find a way out of this mess. I'm extremely distressed, cancelling on friends, hiding away, finding myself skipping university lectures etc. Also, it is making my anorexia hard to deal with again as it keeps telling me to just lose weight so my body won't be able to have the energy to produce the hormones. I DON'T WANT TO RISK EVERYTHING I'VE WORKED SO HARD FOR IN RECOVERY, I know I'd be put back in rehab. So any advice would be very much appreciated! Should I start on birth control? Would that be advisable? What were your experiences? I mean the doctor thinks so but he only chatted with me for five minutes so he doesn't fully understand my situation at all.
  2. Hello all who is out there reading this, I’m James, a 23 year old male & I have been suffering from acne since age 11. I’m not quite sure on the exact cause so I’ve come here to hopefully seek some wisdom from maybe those who’ve been in my shoes. Get ready for a bumpy (face of a) ride. Here’s my journey. A brief background on my acne. I’ve tried pretty much all over the counter products. Cleansers Moisturizers Topicals: BP, Salicylic Acid, Clindamycin, Essential Oils Minocycline, Doxycycline, & eventually 6 months of Acutane. All have done there fair share of either helping slightly or damaging my skin. I would say my acne has always been pretty moderate. Anyth region above my eyes has always been crystal clear but my cheeks, chin, & forehead never have been clear. My current regimen includes: VITAMINS & MINERALS & ANTIOXIDANTS: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, B-Complex, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Zinc, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Magnesium, Beta Sitosterol (active compound in Saw Palmetto), Probiotics, & Fiber capsules. AM: Wash with a gentle gentle cleanser in the morning, use Thayers Witch Hazel (rose water) as a toner with a few drops of Salicylic Acid Moisturize is Aloe Vera gel. Before I head out the door I spray my face with Green Tea water mixed with Thayers. PM: Recently switched to a 3% Sulfur cleanser to help my dead skin cell slow turnover rate. Thayers again as a toner. Also recently switched to Azelaic Acid (20%) as my topical. Lastly I use a Retin-A . I found that Azelaic Acid & Tretinion compliment eachother. MY DIET: This last month I did a full month long colon, liver, & full body detox cleanse to insure my acne wasn’t purely internally based. I am a very health conscience person and happen to be allergic to dairy & gluten so those two factors are already out the window. I stay far from excess sugary foods & hydrogenated oils. Other than that I eat a high fiber/omega-3/omega-6/ diet. Lots of beans, lentils, veggies, avocados, fruit, rolled oats, pumpkin, flax & chia seeds, almonds & cashews. No alcohol. I drink about 3-4 cups of Green Tea a day as well as 1-2 Spearmint or Chamomile teas at night before bed. I also drink plenty of water (at least 100 fluid ounces per day). I believe I may have Hyperkeratinoisis which is a buildup of protein on the skin that clogs pores with dead skill cells. Add my excess sebum (oil) and it’s a mixture from hell. I do get stressed out but not any more than the average person. I’m a fairly calm & level headed human. Depression has taken its toll on me over the last few years after I’ve seen a dermatologist for about 2.5 years which did nothing. I actually obtain more clear skin by researching for myself and trying more holistic approaches. The best thing a dermatologist offered me was Tretinion which I still use to this day. SIDE NOTE: My acne or at least sebum production goes into overdrive after masturbation. I’ve tested the theory and I have broken out bad masturbating consistent days. Also I’ve held off work about two weeks and yes my skin got better but never fully cleared me up. The most frustrating part of this whole journey to clear skin is the teasing of new practices I implement. I try something new & it works, starts to clear me up then out of no where either backfires or stops working. Some examples of these are... Green Tea. Lost its effectiveness so I bumped up to Matcha green tea which was strong and worked again but slowly diminished strength. Pure Tea Tree Oil (huge clogger of pores). My skin was beautifully clear after dabbing pure Tea Tree Oil on my face daily unless it clogged my pores horrifically. Took 3-4 months to unclog them. Alpha Lipoic Acid. Lost its effectiveness. High Fish Oil intake. Stopped its high effectiveness & to thin out my sebum BP. Always overdried me & made my breakouts worse. It’s like my body becomes immune to all of these wonderful options and just wants to make my facial inflammation worse. There’s a few questions that I am eager to have answered. Such as products I’ve been curious to try but have not yet. So without further ado I’ll fire away. Borage Oil over EPO (evening primrose oil)? Does the higher GLA content really make a huge difference Can eating eggs & almonds truly cause more acne? Topical Spironolactone? Anyone have positive experiences with Azelaic Acid? Anyone have positive experiences switching to Sulfur cleansers? If I’ve tried Beta Sitosterol & it didn’t work should I still bother with Saw Palmetto? Sodium Sulfacetamide & Sulfur Topicals/Lotion effectiveness ? Should I try these Best products for Hyperkeratinosis acne? Best acne bacteria fighting/non-drying/non-comedogenic day time moisturizers? Does it does as if I have hormonal acne? Any advice Alpha Hydroxy Acid products? Very curious to try them out if Azelaic doesn’t pan out well. Thank you so much if you got this far. I hope that some of this info can shed new light to those out there struggling because I know some of these products work well for many acne sufferers. I haven’t found my answer yet but I’m still striving to do so. Keep fighting everyone :)!
  3. Cystic acne on vegan diet

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    I have dealt with moderate to severe acne since I was 13. 2 months ago, I was so happy because my skin was clearing up, I had almost no acne on my face. However, after consuming a lot of dairy, I experienced a massive breakout. In an effort to clear my skin up, I immediately stopped consuming all animal products. I also cut out bread, soy, and added sugar. Even with this diet change, 2 months later my skin is getting worse by the day. I had better skin when I was drinking soda and eating processed foods. Right now I have countless cysts covering my cheeks. Everytime I walk past my reflection I am embarassed. I want to stay inside and hide from the world. 3+ times a day, I douse my face in undiluted tea tree oil. At night, I use a cleanser with salicylic acid. I drink 1-2 litres of green tea everyday Anybody have any experience with this? I need advice.
  4. Have anyone tried this one? Because I'm thinking about trying it out but I would like some opinions and reviews^^
  5. Acne, Im gonna kick your ass

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    Hi this is Snarky girl. I've been meaning g to start a log for my own benefit and for anyone else who is interested in sharing ideas. I've had acne since age 10 more or less and I'm 32 now. Enough is enough! I've tried the usual in the past: Minocycline on and off, which worked for a while but I don't want to take it anymore because of the side effects and killing off good bacteria. Last time I took it I got a yeast infection and my stomach felt bad. Doxycycline: just NO, makes me sick Proactive, benzol peroxide( works somewhat but dries out skin and bleaches my eyebrows!) Salicylic acid( nothing!) Juicing...not any noticeable effects on acne but did lose weight. Starving myself( EFF that, life's too short!) So here's what I'm going to be attempting g now: Yaz and Spiro 50mg. I've been on them for a bit longer than 2 months and my skin is a lot less oily. I may eventually go up to 100mg but for now I'm satisfied. Supplements I'm taking: chelated zinc, resveratrol, cod liver oil, magnesium, vitamind D3, E, and C, tart cherry juice, selenium and silica. I'm taking recommended doses, nothing goods going to come from megadosing imo.I may take probiotics but I haven't as of yet. Not eating: grains like pasta, bread, cereals, cookies, biscuits etc out of my diet. I'm not obsessed but most days I try not to have these. If I do its at one meal. Junky, sugary stuff,processed food and or sugary drinks or soda. I do t smoke and I only drink rarely so that's not really an issue( if I do drink its blush or rose wine). Eating: sweet potatoes, red, purple, yellow potatoes( any other than white), most fruits, greens, limited meat and only organic eggs, cold water fish not farm raised, oysters, sardines, coconut and vegetables like squash, a bit of corn and celery. I'm also trying to drink green and herbal teas but I'm not a big fan. Sparkling water and pomegranate or cherry juice for me. I'm eating gelatin and bone broth. Toically I've stopped the duac because its just too drying and again, I dont like to keep using antibiotics .I've been using ground oatmeal to wash my face , I was using a bar soap with triscolan but I read it has hormone disruptors. If I wear make up I'll have to figure out how to remove it but I've only been using concealer. Im using green tea and sea buckthorn extract twice per day. If I go in the sun I use DML lotion.I plan on adding a mild retinol but haven't started that, I'm not sure which one I want to try. Any suggestions? I don't know how quickly this will work but my skin is a lot better than it was 2 weeks ago. I plan on updating and adding pics and letting you know if anything makes a good change. This is a pic of my lovely spots from about 2 and a half weeks ago. My skin is a lot less inflamed now, even though I just accidentally wiped my nose with a greasy napkin my son had potato chips on lol. The second is just now, the thing on my cheek is a mole and I only have 1 active spot. I'll update every few days, bye for now
  6. I used to drink green tea every single night last year in 2015. I haven't drank it in 5 months because I started lifting and drinking whey shakes instead. After June started, I stopped drinking whey shakes and started drinking green tea instead. It's been about a week since I've started drinking green tea and I'm having the WORST breakout of my entire life. Is green tea causing this awful breakout to happen? I used to always drink it. In fact, last Summer was when I was still drinking it and my skin was the clearest it had ever been.
  7. Okay hi, I remember I posted a post in March about my acne. I Haven't used benzoyl since then I stayed away from chemicals, I don't even use face washes anymore. I went on antibiotics and I started drinking a lot of green tea. Surprisingly my acne has somewhat cleared up I still have acne scars which I'm working to get rid of and breakouts on my forehead/chin but I tried everything and finally something worked. My entire back and chest acne had gone away first (I have black scars from it) I've never been so happy I also use a tumaric face mask from time to time which helped. I noticed my diet had a lot to do with my acne I eat nothing but vegetables and i started drinking tons of water. I'm going back to the doctors on Monday to refill my pills so let's pray all of my acne goes away by next year.
  8. green tea breakout

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    I'm pretty sure the green tea I've started drinking for the last 2 days has caused/ contributed to a breakout. How can you tell if it's just a breakout from the caffeine or just a purging stage? Anyone have great success with green tea? Especially when your diet is near perfect lol. I've been having 2 cups a day.
  9. Hello guys! This is my first post there, but I have been reading this forum for a long time. Recently, I started to have some doubts about my skincare routine and my methods of treating acne, so I'd like to hear your opinion! I will summarize my history with acne: I am 18, male and I've had bad skin for 3-4 years, but in the last year it was just terrible (extremely oily skin, lots of large and inflamed pustules). After some unsuccessful treatments (doxycycline, Acnease supplement, Benzoyl Peroxide and every topical known to man) I was finally put on Accutane. My dermatologist told me that he considers a low-dose treatment to be the most effective (balancing side effects with beneficial effects). I took 20mg per day for ~6 months. Since then, I've been taking 10mg per day (~3 months and a half). I weight ~62-63kg, so to reach the recommended cumulative dose I need 9 more months (10mg per day) which is extremely unpleasant for me. Back, chest and arms acne is completely gone. The following description is about the face. My acne and oiliness have improved a lot in the first 3-4 months of Accutane, but since then I've seen little to no progress. Lowering the dose has certainly not helped. My skin is oily (less than in the beginning, but still annoying). My nose is always full of blackheads, even though I apply nose strips every 2 or 3 days. I get small whiteheads/pimples around and on my nose every day and in some bad days even 2-3 larger pimples across my face. However, the biggest problems are the uncountable red/brown marks and the overall redness that I have on my face. They show no sign of fading after so many months! During these months I've tried some "gentle" topical products to support Accutane, however nothing seems to be very effective. I am currently using La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, which isn't great but at least doesn't (usually) make my skin oilier or redder. I have also been using Paula's Choice Pore Reducing Toner and 2% BHA Liquid for over 1 month with no results. The weird thing is that in some days, like in a few days a month, my skin is magically bright and clear. It is much less oilier and all the red marks are barely visible, even from up close. Every product that I apply gets absorbed very quickly. It’s still not perfect skin, but it can be considered "normal". For the rest of the time, and by this I mean like 90%, my skin has an ugly red-brown tone, it is oily and I usually have 3-4 pimples of varying size every day. All the red marks are very visible and look like active acne. Any product that I apply on my face makes it sticky and oily and it remains like this for hours. I have observed no correlation between this and diet and/or stress (I am always stressed and my diet is not very healthy but I don’t eat any junk food or anything in excess. I avoid dairy products. Little sugar as well). As of now, I cannot explain the weird fluctuations of my skin, nor can I find an effective way to combat this. I thought of increasing the dose of Accutane, to at least 20mg per day, but my dermatologist is against this. He says that my skin will eventually become normal (completely cured) but I am not seeing any progress at all (for at least 3 months my skin was the same, maybe worse). I am currently trying to improve my skin’s condition with some supplements: - Zinc (~25mg per day) and other minerals - Vitamin D3 (planning to take 2200IU per day) - Vitamin C (not much more than the daily dose) Although I don’t think they will make a big difference. I drink white and green tea every day, although I have tried this in the past and I’ve seen no improvement. I recently read on this forum that some studies say that green tea is actually bad for your hormones. Is this true? I thought that it was universally accepted that green tea lowers testosterone. I also thought of taking some herb supplements which should help (Androgen/DHT blockers) like saw palmetto, pumpkin seeds, etc. since my acne might be hormonal but I see that most of these products are made specifically for prostate health issues. Would it be safe for me to take them? I also heard that Omera-3 might be useful. I italicized the last paragraph as it is one of the most important issues that I want to discuss here. that It may not be much, but these supplements are my last resort. It would be great to hear your experiences and opinions!
  10. First, a background on myself. I'm 20 years old who has had perfect skin until last year, when I started breaking out like crazy on my chin. I was desperate to make them go away so I tried every single OTC acne medication, cosmetic acne treatment you could think of. Tretinoin especially made my acne worse for me and I started breaking out on my chin. I NEVER break out there. So I stopped using it and my face calmed down a bit. Only a pimple or two every other day. I decided to try using egg white with green tea powder and it worked really well. But now I get too lazy to crack an egg open every night and separate the egg white. So I've cracked a couple eggs, mixed green tea with it, and put it in a container. How long do you think it's okay for me to use it? Will it spoil and make my face break out? Should I put it in a fridge? Ugh I knew I should've put it in the fridge. It's been three days and I'm still using it. So far, no bad reactions. Yet. And also, I've been using raw potatos on my face every morning. I think that helps too.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm really new here, and wanted to ask the community about a new skincare routine I'll be trying out soon. I've had a really bad breakout that started almost 7–8 weeks ago, and I've been trying Salycyclic Acid, namely through Stridex Maximum wipes since then, but I realise that Salycyclic Acid doesn't help my acne too much and I'm reorting to sulfur instead after reading up about it. Here's the breakdown of my routines (before breakout, during breakout, and what I plan to change to) and I was hoping if you guys could provide comments, maybe explaining why my routines were bad and what could be improved. BEFORE BREAKOUT Morning and Evening Cleanse with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Tone with some toner (lol can't remember which one but I've stopped...) Moisturise with ICM Pharma BASIC AquaCream (Singapore product) Evening: Face Masks from convenient stores (see: MyBeautyDiary) DURING BREAKOUT (I've done about 7–8 weeks of this) Morning and Evening Cleanse with Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Exfoliate and Salycyclic Acid with Stridex Maximum Moisturise with ICM Pharma BASIC AquaCream (Singapore product) WHAT I PLAN TO CHANGE TO Morning and Evening Cleanse with Grandpa's, Thylox, Acne Treatment Soap with Sulfur Tone with Thayers, Witch Hazel Aloe Vera Formula, Alcohol-Free Toner Moisturise with Madre Labs, Camellia Care, EGCG Green Tea Skin Cream if I'm going out in the day, I'll probably put on some sun screen Any comments or inputs? I'm seriously trying to put an end to all this acne crap that's been going on for 2 months now. I just want it to stop as soon as possible...
  12. Advice on Hormonal Acne

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    I dont know if i started this topic in the right section but is it possible to cure or help hormonal acne WITHOUT medication? fish oil makes my skin worse but ive heard it work for others. Ive recently started drinking 2 cups of green tea a day (i cant do more because i have iron deficiency). I basically have clear skin for two weeks, then two weeks before my period i break out with papsules and around 4 days before my period i get 1-2 massive cysts. All on my chin. People would think i suffer from acne just because of the scars! I hope someone could help, im losing confidence....
  13. Hi and Thank-you for dropping by, My name is Hannah, a 22 year old female looking for allies to support each other through our difficult journey in battling acne. I had acne since my teens, but got 90% clear through changes in diet and taking supplements. I've tried from paleo to low-fat vegan, and I am still looking for what works best for me and my life style. (Of course I don't neglect traditional medicine, I've experience great results from anti-biotic topicals and dan's regime) I noticed throughout my food journey, I'd usually get isolated and feel like I'm the only one changing my diet for the sake of my skin, because everyone around me has clear skin despite eating junk food, or have bad acne however will not go as far as to changing their diets. I am looking for people whom I can openly share my unique experience as someone who is pursuing a healthy life style in order to get clear skin. if you don't feel comfortable discussing on an open forum, please feel free to message me personally and I will message you back It would be preferred if you live in Vancouver, Canada, but of course, I am always looking for friends from all over the world! (if you think I'm being a little creepy, message me anyways lol Any thing will be appreciated)
  14. Green Tea

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    A few days ago, I started using green tea as an attempt to treat acne. I drink about three cups a day and rub the bag over my face, mostly on old scars. I have a few questions about this method. How effective is it? Should I use the leaves inside the bag on my face? How long will I have to wait to see changes? I'm washing my face with a tea tree wash and using a toner as well
  15. The Beginning

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    Alright folks. Here it goes. The only thing that has ever worked for my acne is BP, but I can't use it very often because my skin is so sensitive. I mean if I so much as touch my face it turns red. So I've been reading a lot of posts on AcneEinstein, which is natural, science based treatments for acne, and I read one post that shows green tea is just as effective as BP for acne without all the side effects. I also read that antioxidants are very good for acne, especially Niacinamide and SAP (a vitamin C derivative). So I went and I bought NeoStrata Clarifying Lotion, which has 5% SAP and 2% Niacinamide. I also bought a green tea cream, Camellia Care, that has EGCg from green tea, resveratrol (another antioxidant) and HA. I am using a natural face wash from JES Organics formulated for acne, and have a natural face cream by the same company that I am going to use if my skin needs extra hydration. I am waiting on my Jane Iredale makeup, which has always worked well for me. I am going to start using my two new creams tonight and see how it goes. I have been getting a lot of bigger, deeper pimples, I guess those are called pustules? I don't know why, I can't figure it out, but I've been wanting to switch over to natural products for a while now anyway. I am going to try to document this journey with pictures to see if it is actually doing anything.
  16. So I'm a female, in my 20s and I suffer from moderate/severe acne. I use to have very severe acne about three or four years ago, I still think it's still severe to an extent, but not as bad as it was before. Anyway, this is what I'll be using for three months: Clean & Clear 5% BPO wash (or the PCA Skin31 5% BPO wash) Treatment (Only at night) AHA+ (Only apply at night 2/3 a week) BPO mask (one to twice a week) Taking: Multi+ Daily Glow Multi Vitamins Stress Pills GNC Hair, Nail and Skin Pills Perfect Skin Pills I will limit my intake of sugar (I consume way too much sugar),drink a lot of water, coconut water, green tea and Chinese "Anti-Acne" tea. Attached are photos of how my skin looks like at the moment...This is the first time I've ever posted anything like this online or anywhere so...Please don't be so harse on the condition of my skin, I'm very senstive and very embarrassed about it. If anyone would like to give me some advice on some things that I could do for my skin, I would be so greatful and happy. I've done a lot of things so far in the past, and nothing has really worked for me. I know these pictures are really disgusting please bear with me. I don't have a picture of my temples or forehead because those areas are not an issue. I have uneven skin tone on my forehead, but barely any acne. I have acne mostly on my chin, cheeks, jawline and under my jaw as you can see. I have tried given up dairy (I did for two to three years..I saw some improvement, but not that much...I have limited my intake as much as I can now). I have tried antibiotics, spiro (not a full course), retin-a, chemical peels,tree tea oil and so forth and this is what my skin looks like today. Very depressed and I am just looking for something that will work for me (which I believe BPO does work). I'm on the fence on if I should drop my BPO wash and buy the wash or something similar to it. As I recall in the past Cetaphil worked for me, but I don't like the fact that it uses sulfates in the wash I have used in the past. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, can someone tell me if I have any acne scars in these pictures? I know I have dark marks from acne (hyperpigmentation), but I was wondering if anybody sees any rolling scars, box scars or anything of that nature? And does anyone know what type of acne that I mostl have? I know I have some inflamed, but the majority to me looks like non-inflamed. I love to hear others' intake. Thank you!
  17. I tried drinking green tea for a week or two & my skin looked great...until a few days ago. Suddenly my skin's been breaking out something awful & getting really oily. It's not that time of month or anything, and was wondering what a substitute could be. I love tea in the morning, but I don't know if I'd trust green tea anymore. Peppermint, spearmint, lady gray, oolong...which one? And it'd help if you could list the benefits
  18. Starting Over Day 1

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    Sooo.. just thought I'd use this as a place to track everything I'm doing for my skin. If I log, maybe I'll stay on track! Was doing low gi for a few weeks, my skin was getting so much better. Also started juicing a bit and taking extra supplements... until my best friends bday last week and my bfs bday a couple of days ago. Today, I now have about 6 new zits that just sprouted overnight. Could've been anything really.. lIquor, cookies, burgers, brownies, pizza, etc. I'm starting new tomorrow. I'm hoping this gets better fast! I only did low gi about 3 weeks last time and my skin improved tremendously! Scars as well. Here is what ill be doing: Diet: low gi. Lots of non starchy vegetables, lean meats and healthy oils and avocados. Following the autoimmune protocol as well so no nightshades, citrus, alcohol, NSAIDS, nuts, seeds, eggs, caffeine. Eat a decent amount of sauerkraut. That's it. Juicing whenever possible. No fruit. Ginger, roasted dandelion root and chamomile tea. Supplements:1 tsp Cod liver oil, 2000 ius d3, 250 mg calcium, 400 mg magnesium glycinate, milk thistle extract, triphala, 22 mg zinc picolinate, 400 mcg chromium picolinate, probiotics. Topically: Simple gel facewash from walgreens, green tea teabag as a toner every other day and grapeseed oil as a moisturizer. May use my pca skin perfecting protection moisturizer in the daytime which has zinc oxide for spf. Revlon colorstay foundation on spots only. I'm attaching some before pictures, taken today. And just so everyone knows, my phone tends to make everything look a lot smoother and clearer than it really is! I have ice pick scars that are hard to see in the picture. I will post one every week. That's all for now. Will update in a few days!
  19. Well, I'm back to using my Burt's Bees Deep Cleansing Cream face wash.. I couldn't be more satisfied. How could a cleanser make a woman so damn happy?!?! I will continue to use my homemade green tea toner as it seems to be calming my skin down and when I wake up I have fairly healthy looking skin (I'm getting there). My acne is to a minimum, and that's after BP and SA had their way with my pores! :S On another note, I can't wait to receive the samples of this Alima Makeup I ordered online ahhhh!!! I've been looking for something that won't break me out with nice, natural looking coverage. Plus it's cheap.. how can I go wrong? I'm trying out some of their primer, concealer, foundation, blush, and setting powders. So I'll review those in about a week when they arrive. I wish these nice cosmetics were available in stores! I don't wanna waiiiiit haha. If this works out I'll buy from only them and keep all of the ingredients in my makeup to a minimum! I think I got too greedy and should stop being so picky and take what good skin I can get. I'm still drinking PLENTY of water, taking my vitamins, and doing my candida cleanse (I think I have 3-4 days left). I have finally found what works for me, and I'm okay with having a few bumps here and there now. I just need to maintain my optimistic attitude. Which is easier said than done.. that's for sure! x x Stephanie
  20. So, near the end of december I had a very stressful day at work and felt a cyst coming (and I have gotten cysts over the years, like one or two every couple months), over the course of the next few months I kept getting cystic acne along my jawline and under it. I kept going back to the dermatologist to get them injected and slathering on topicals. I eat very healthy, exercise. I ate a paleo diet for awhile, never tried going vegetarian but food doesn't seem to have much of an affect on my skin so I began to think, my acne has been fairly consistant since 9th grade, when I started drinking coffee daily, cup in the morning and sometimes a cup after dinner. A month ago I decided to quit caffeinated coffee cold turkey and I rarely ever drink soda so that was my only real source of caffeine, I have been drinking green tea which still does have caffeine in it but since I stopped with the coffee I have not gotten a new cyst. It's not the dairy either cause I drink goat milk and used coconut milk creamer in my coffee or drank it black. So I can only attribute this to the fact that for me, too much caffeine = too much stress hormones = cystic acne! Just wanted to share this in case someone else wanted to try.
  21. Little backstory.. My skin is naturally oily, and annoying at that. My father told me at a young age when we were discussing "taking care of yourself" and "regular boys' stuff" that I would have acne pretty bad. Both my mom and dad fought acne for several years, but eventually got over it. Just from looking at them you can see a sheen on their face, as do I even after a rigorous showering. So, I've been battling acne now for about 8 years. Started sprouting zits around the typical, ripe age of 16. Looking back on my teens I feel that I really messed up. I ate absolute shit for food, lived on carbonated beverages(sprite was my favorite), and just plain didn't take care of myself like I should have been- I'm by no means even near overweight. I had the naive mindset that acne was a passing phase and I would just "ride it out" and it would be gone. What's left is a lot of redness, scarring, and regret. My derm had me on a few medications, one that I remember is Retin-A. I'm sure there were more but it's been far too long to remember. I've been on a plethora of medications, creams, cleansers, moisturizers, etc., some even recommended from a physician. My chest and neck areas have it the worst. Face has the occasional pimple here and there, but for the most part it's the chest and neck that I'm most embarassed of. My acne is not really a cluster of pimples, moreso larger, more aggressive pimples that stay for awhile. What kind of acne? The most common are lumps(not sure what the actual name for these are) that form on my neck, top of shoulders, and mid-chest. These are quite bothersome. They seem to be dormant, do not pop, and are gone within a week or a few. My chest and shoulders are very red and blotchy, whiteheads are not uncommon. Most shiny redness. I also get really bad pimples on the sides of my nose(not actually on the nose), temples, and upper-chin/lower lip areas. Some easily pop and secrete, others tend to stay for days on end despite applications. These leave the worst scar and red blothes. What have I done? Well, for the past four years I've cut out most sweets and may induldge in soda maybe once a month or two. I stay far away from soda as I can and usally opt for an iced tea if I go out to eat. I've been active in my daily routines and fitness and watch more of what I eat(more salads, natural foods, fruits, veggies, etc). I also take Opti-Men twice a day as a multi-vitamin. I'm okay with drinking spring water on a daily basis and have recently been drinking green tea from Lipton. I'm on DK's regimen. I apply the treatment twice daily(followed by Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion 10% Glycolic AHA Anti-Wrinkle) and use Clean and Clear facial cleanser twice a day in the shower - all applied to the really bad regions of the neck, shoulders, chest and back. I was on DK's regimen a few years ago and didn't see the best results, but I also wasn't following the treatment to a T. It's been about a week on DK's regimen. Just keep this up? Should I be seeing results at this stage? This next month I want to be kicking it up to high gear. Why am I here? I just want to know what is causing this and the best route for my condition. Is my acne simple hereditary? Is it what I eat really making a difference? What treatments can be used? Please do not recommend accu-tane. I do not believe my acne is near that severe to warrant such a resort. At this point in time, it's not as bad as it once was. Any tips or suggestions, dos/donts/should bes are greatly appreciated. Some sample pictures of what best represents my condition.. http://3dsciencepics...cne_390x290.jpg (close) http://www.skincarep...cne_scars14.jpg (not exact, but fairly close) http://img.ehowcdn.c...cne-800x800.jpg (<- concentrated mid-chest) If you need actual pics let me know. I am reluctant to post pics online, but if need be.....
  22. Hi, I've been learning about the links between hormones and acne. Just want to make sure my understanding is correct. My understanding: - both androgen and estrogen can cause acne - anti-androgen includes: green tea, saw palmetto, nettle root, spiro - anti-estrogen includes: progesterone (is it anti-androgen as well?), vitex, evening primrose oil Is my understanding correct? I'm male and has a bald spot. In this case can I assume that my acne is caused by androgen? And if my acne is indeed caused by androgen, would taking something like vitex or evening primrose oil make it worse? I'm not sure how the balance of androgen and estrogen plays out with regard to acne. Thanks.
  23. Birth Control For Hormonal Acne

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    So my acne consists of small, flesh colored bumps around my mouth and mostly my chin area. It's been like this for almost or just about a year now and has increasingly gotten worse. The area where I do have acne is slightly red JUST IN THAT AREA, which is around my mouth. Not cute. I'm almost positive this is hormonal. I started getting it around the time I had developed anxiety. Now that my anxiety has been gone for months, I want my acne to be gone! I started taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo about a month ago. I am not seeing much improvement but I know this is too soon to even tell. I've been told by my gynecologist that it will take three months for my body to adjust to the pills. I'm only 18 and having acne is the worst--especially from having flawless skin to this. It takes a toll on my self-esteem. If anyone has birth control stories DEALING WITH HORMONAL ACNE ONLY--please share! I also know that hormonal acne is usually either cystic or small comedones around the chin area. Also I have a pretty good diet. I take Vitamins E, C, Fish Oil, and Biotin everyday. I drink PLENTY of water--about five bottles daily. Drink at least a cup of green tea a day. And I eat healthy, with occasional sugar to satisfy my sweet tooth! I hardly ever drink milk. I heard that Zinc and Magnesium is good for your skin also. I'm thinking about buying them tomorrow. For skin care, I wash my face in the morning and at night only and I use a facial scrub once a week. Please people share your stories and help me out! I'm desperate.
  24. Diet & Pills Log Week 2

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    I'm 17 years old and have moderately sereve acne. The last time I had clear skin was when I was 10. I have tried so many things Rx but nothing ever cleared me up completely so I decided to just use over the counter products and make healthy eating habbits. For one, I no longer have any dairy. I avoid greasy foods. I eat mostly eggs, whole wheat bread, whole wheat tortillas, peaunut butter, apples, bananas, almond milk, soy milk (vanilla), avacodes, meat, oatmeal. Just yesterday I made a toner of apple cider vinegar, brewed green tea until dark in color, lots of water, a bit of lemon juice. I've applied it many time since then and my redness is improved and acne made better (a little bit). I am using Purpose Gentle Cleanser Wash, Clearasil daily face wash, Clearasil vanishing acne cream. PS I like to cheap inexspensive and healthy. What are some foods you like to eat on a budget? Thanks for helping me out. Photo taken last night. Yikes!