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  1. My Acne Challenge

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    ABOUT ME I am a 20 year old female, and my skin has been bad since I was about 11 years old. During my school years I got the standard T zone acne, oily skin, whiteheads, the usual stuff that's associated with puberty and all that jazz. Well now I am 20....and my skin is still oily, and the acne is now on my cheeks and jawline mostly, and I am starting to get fed up, acne is meant to have gone now right?! During my teen years I went on antibiotics, topical solutions from the doctor and Accutane....nothing has been a permanent solution, and the Accutane made my whole body ache to the extent that I had to lay down part way through everyday chores such as making my bed because I ached so badly. Pretty sure that's a sign that this drug is not good for you in any way. My acne has never been severe, but it's enough to make me self conscious and upset, and I have been bullied because of it at school too. I was always told to pop my spots to get rid of them, which has now led to me obsessively picking at my face, which is one of the main reasons my skin gets bad (Look up dermatillomania). If I didn't pick, it would be be a lot better, but not picking still won't solve the oil and spots that would still emerge. I have recently got a lot better at not picking, and my skin is improving, but I am seeking out cognitive behavioral therapy to help me control it better. Anyway, I wanted to start this blog because I am fed up with all the lotions and potions not working and probably making everything worse. So I am about to start an alternative acne regime which I am hoping in conjunction with me not picking will really improve my skin, maybe even cure it. After a lot of research, I really believe that acne is a problem caused by something on the inside, such as poor diet, allergies, and deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. I have been eating a lot healthier and lost weight over the past year which I believe has helped to improve my skin, although I am sure that my diet still does not give me all the nutrients I need to keep my skin clear, and that some aspects of my diet may still be making my face worse. So, after a lot of researching due to me being desperate and depressed over the whole subject, I have decided to religiously take vitamins, wash my face with sea salt, and remove dairy and gluten from my diet. I have spent a lot of money on these vitamins, but if they work, I'd be happy to have spent a lot more because my skin really does control my life and can ruin my day so easily. VITAMINS I have decided to take Pantothenic Acid, also known as vitamin B5. I will be taking the pill form and intend to start on 1500mg a day, potentially increasing the dosage if I need to (but not too much). Many people have cleared their acne using this vitamin as it helps to control oil production in the skin. I am aware however that high doses can have side effects, and some people have reported hair thinning and hair loss while doing this but usually due to higher doses for long periods of time, so I will just have to be careful and sensible. I am also taking Acetyl L-Carnitine to help my body absorb the B5 better. Vitamin D3 is another vitamin I have decided to take (3 x 400 I.U. tablets a day). This is the vitamin/hormone that our bodies produce when we are exposed to sunlight. I personally have great skin when I go on sunny holidays, it clears up 99 percent. So, I figured it must be something to do with the vitamin D3, as I'm pretty sure I am deficient while at home in the UK as we don't get a lot of sun and I spend a lot on time inside glued to a laptop (joys of being a student). I also wear makeup a lot less on holiday which definitely helps, and I am currently not wearing makeup very often (mostly because I'm in my last year of uni and therefore have no social life) and washing it off as soon as I get home if i do wear it. I am also taking Zinc combined with copper ( 1x 15mg zinc and 0.75mg copper combined tablet), which is important for skin health and has helped some people to reduce their oil production. Along with these vitamins, I will also be taking a general multivitamin like I usually do, as well as an Estroblock type supplement to help control my hormones. I will be spreading my doses throughout the day to avoid getting sick/vitamins competing with each other when they enter my body. SALT GLORIOUS SALT Ok so I love sea salt. I have recently been using this as a rinse/scrub/spray and it really does help my skin to heal up and reduces oil. Again, sunny holidays by the sea do wonders for my skin, so I am hoping that getting enough vitamin D3 and using sea salt on my skin will really help to clear me up like holidays do. It is important that sea salt is used, and not table salt. I have a spray bottle containing water with a generous amount of dissolved sea salt in it with a few drops of tea tree oil. I spray this over my face and shoulders before bed and it really helps reduce the amount of new blemishes in the morning. I do also wash my face in the shower in the morning and before bed at night with a face wash (before spraying the salt). I have used so many different cleansers but I currently like to use Freederm exfoliating wash as it is gentle and doesn't smell like a florist/perfume shop. GLUTEN AND DAIRY My final acne busting tactic is to cut out dairy and gluten form my diet. Gluten, dairy and soy are common food allergies that can cause some people to break out. In some cases people have cured their severe acne by cutting out these food groups. Currently, I do not eat a lot of gluten or dairy products, and no soy, so for me it won't be too hard to change my diet. I eat fat free natural yoghurt and have oats for breakfast, and that's about it so I will be stopping these foods just as an extra bit of help although I personally don't think these are a major contributing factor to my acne, but worth a try. I'm also going to cut down on my sugar intake. I will update this blog over the next few months of trying out this regime to let you all know if it is working and how I am feeling while doing it. I am really hoping this makes a change, because I am fed up and all the medicines have failed me. If this works for for me I hope it could help out others too, so here I go! REGIME (all tablets taken with a meal and water drunk throughout the day) - Week 1-2 Breakfast - 3 x vitamin d3 tablets, 1 x zinc/copper tablet Lunch - Multivitamin Dinner - 3 x B5 tablet, 1 x Acetyl L-Carnitine tablet (Not taking the estroblock yet) REGIME - Week 3 Breakfast - 3 x B5, 1 x Acetyl L-Carnitine, Lunch - Multivitamin, 1 x Zinc/copper, 3 x D3 Dinner - 3 x B5, 1 x Acetyl L-Carnitine, 2 x Estroblock, 1 x Magnesium WEEK ONE So it's been a week of the regime. I must admit I have not been very good at cutting out the dairy and gluten and had a cake binge yesterday (oops). However, there is no doubt that my skin has improved, in less than a week I saw and felt a difference. Oil production has most definitely decreased, which has led to a reduction of new pimples, and even new pimples are less inflamed and noticeable. No real side effects that I have noticed. I did however notice that the mornings after I had eaten junk (had a chocolate binge one evening and a cake binge on another) I had more pimples than the mornings where I had eaten healthy the day before. This could be coincidence or me just relating new pimples to the junk food, but I personally do believe that a healthy diet and avoiding high fat and high sugar foods will help me to reduce/clear my acne. Some of the more visible and red spots on my face were made worse by me picking. WEEK TWO Skin seemed a little more oily again, but I have read that oil does fluctuate a bit at the start of this treatment. I have decided to now take 3000mg of B5 a day and start the Estroblock. Skin overall is better than before, but I have made it look worse than it is by picking at it and therefore will hold off on posting pictures. Have also researched into Magnesium being important for absorbing the other vitamins I am taking, so have bought some Epsom Salts to bath in and will be taking a Magnesium supplement.
  2. Yep, It Was The Gluten. (Pics)

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    Hello! My name is Haley and I'm a 21 year old female, had very little acne until age 16 or 17 but started getting worse and worse. I already wrote a lot of my story on a previous forum from nearly two years ago (with plenty of pictures) which you can see here: To sum it up, I thought my acne seemed unnatural because of the location: nothing on my cheeks, all over my t-zone and forehead. This led me to believe that it wasn't merely hormonal. Since everything I tried to treat it with seemed to make matters worse, I tried the caveman regimen. Oooo was that a bad idea for me! My skin was worse than ever! Because of the pain, I went to the derm and was prescribed Ziana and an antibiotic. This gradually cleared my skin and it seemed like a happy ending untillllll (and you can see the update on the link) for some reason the ziana quit working. The other thread doesn't show this, but my face went back to almost being as bad as it was before. Back to the derm! Then I was prescribed Ziana AND Aczone. While this seemed to solve the problem, I still had breakouts every day of anywhere between one to ten zits on my forehead (which hadn't happened when I first started using ziana). I started to get depressed because of the odd texture of my skin, which peeled and flaked constantly and left me with tiny blackheads and large pores in my forehead that you could see under overhead lights. Even though it was a hundred times better than the full-fledged breakouts, I still wondered what I would do when the medication quit working again, or when I would "outgrow" acne since I hadn't yet. Let me tell you what happened. As I type this, I am elated because I have no acne, the spots I did have are healing, and my skin is so much smoother and even-toned than it has been in years. And I have not used my medication in 6 days! As the title says, it was gluten. I quit eating gluten foods 10 days ago and noticed that even with the medication, my skin calmed way down and I had NO breakouts. Deciding to chance it, six days ago I went to bed without medicating my face. I haven't had a breakout since! My dad thinks the "gluten free" craze is ridiculous, but I think it is an eye-opener for so many people who suffer from chronic acne, especially the forehead kind. The pics, in order, are how my skin recently looked (the goofy picture) and pretty much always looked on meds since what I call my "acne relapse" (when my meds stopped working and the derm had to prescribe more), how my skin looks now, how my skin looked at its worst, and how my skin looked during the relapse. Anyway, sometimes I wonder why I keep coming back here to update but I remember when I was desperately searching for answers, I was grateful for any updates like this that have me hope. So I hope this gives you hope! Gluten free, yay! It's not as hard as it sounds, especially with the diet craze these days!
  3. Hi. I had bad cystic acne on neck and jawline on and off since may last year. I'm 24 now by the way. It would be really bad, then go away, then come back really bad. But earlier this year it was getting even worse. So in about may, I stopped eating dairy, it definitely helped. But then in july time I stopped eating gluten and it got so much better. But recently it's got a bit bad again. My question is, if gluten was a cause, would I suffer from any other symptoms of gluten intolerance? I've never actually had any other symptoms of gluten intolerance. So maybe the cause was high gi foods? And by cutting out gluten it cut out some high gi foods? Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  4. So it is only my second day on accutane but would have to say that I am definitely having the initial breakout! Omg this makes me so anxious asI am a bartender and have ro talk to people face to face all night! I's this normal fot this to happen so fast? My skin seems more red near my nose and more white heads near my chin. I ate piazza tonight though and it i's the first time that I have had gluten in over a month some maybe that has some thing ro do with it or it is the meds. I got tested fot celiac and it came back negative but the dr said I could still have a sensitivity to it. Hope my skin looks better by morning but I'm not counting on it. Anyone else had it happen so fast? Would love the feed back!
  5. hi! i've been avoiding gluten for not many days though. its probably just a week. so am not sure if its related or not. but what i want to know,desperately, is why am i suddenly having small but red angry white headed zits on one of my cheeks. some of them do slightly itch sometimes.not all. am also having teeny-tiny whiteheads on the same chick. and today i had a new one..the place itched for quite some time and then after a while i noticed i have a red head there. i anyway have many spots/PIH on that part of my face and now this. **it could be heat(i spent cooking hours one in the kitchen,its summer here) **it could be the anti-fungal shampoo i was using for 2-3 days.a few bumps on my forehead seem to disappear for that. but i used it all over my face for two days..but am only having this after good 2-4 days of stopping. **it could be something i eat.but i havent changed my diet at all. except for i dont take whole wheat(which i had for dinner forever).and i dint have any active zit/acne of almost 1.5 mnths. its not even days nearing my periods. i was kinda clear and just before i need to go out for somewhere very important to me in 2 days i've these red spots. i just couldnt hold myself crying. which btw i have not done for ,what seems now, like ages. although i use saslic(salicylic acid wash 1%) as usual and apply clindamycin phosphate gel on it(as spot treatment) as usual. i cant see any change.its been 2-3 days already. what should i do? i dont want to break down again for i need to be strong. but i just cant hold it anymore. i dnt know what to do!
  6. Face Clearing

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    My face clears up when I don't eat foods high in fructose. It's been a few weeks since I ate wheat/bread and fruits, and my skin is clearing up. Today is April 11 2013 and my face is about 98% clear. I have body acne too but it too seems to be disappearing. I drink a lot of coffee with sugar so I'm probably gonna cut out on the sugar as I think it might be contributing to some minor acne I have. Other than that, this fructose intolerance diet is working awesomely. I barely get gas nowadays and I don't get diarrhea anymore. Although I do have some softer stools than normal, pretty much my bowel movement is much better. On this diet, I avoid red meat like beef and pork also as I get a lot of cysts when I eat them. Possibly because of too much hormones? I don't eat fruits at all and I only eat green, leafy vegetables as much as possible. I don't eat gluten foods and I only drink water and coffee. I'm gonna cut back on my white table sugar consumption from now on and drink my coffee as black as possible. Also, I AVOID ONIONS LIKE THE PLAGUE. Whenever I eat them, I notice, I get a lot of acne. And so I guess onions are banned in my diet from now on. I realize my diet is very restrictive, however, I know it will all be worth it when my skin finally clears. Also, I believe this will give me better health.
  7. This site had me vegetarian, gluten free, all that junk. I now noticed its not food that causes acne. Make up, cover that fucking acne up. Clean your face with alcohol and a cotten ball twice daily. My dads 65 and been doing it his whole life and it hasn't aged his skin. I finally took his advice and copied him. I'm boy and wear make up now. I found how to videos on youtube. Good luck everybody. It took a month for my face to clear up with the alcohol.
  8. Can Someone Please Help (Pic)

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    I've had acne for 4 years now (I'm 15), and I'm so, so sick of being the only kid in my group of friends with bad skin, being the kid that every family friend and relative tries to give suggestions and remedies to. I've tried so many over the counter products, natural "remedies", rituals, etc and nothing. is. working. As of now, I have angry red marks everywhere and deep under-the-skin pimples (not sure if its cystic acne) along a lot of my jawline. And the acne along my jawline will ITCH like crazy sometimes. What's weird is that my forehead and temples are now completely clear... I just wish the rest of my face was like that too. I have this really, really horrible problem of picking my skin... I'll pick dead, dry skin, whiteheads, scabs, anything, and I'll do it almost uncontrollably. I'm not trying to excuse my behavior, but sometimes I'll pick my face without even noticing... Oftentimes, I won't stop until I'm bleeding, and it's just horrible. It's probably why my acne looks like this right now, but I don't really know how to stop. A few months back, I went to my doctor, and he prescribed me minocycline tablets twice a day and 0.1% differin gel each night. I've stook to this religiously for the past 3 months, and I haven't seen improvement. My skin is a lot worse now, and my parents aren't letting me go back for another checkup :/ I'm still taking the minocycline, but only one capsule a night and I'm planning to use my differin until I run out of it. About three weeks ago I started on Whole 30, which is a dairy, gluten, added sugar, soy, legume free diet (and a bunch of other random prohibited stuff, like potatoes and corn). My skin hasn't really gotten better at all; I'm getting less new pimples but my face still looks like its ravaged, disgusting self. So... yeah I'm just really discouraged right now. Do you guys have any tips? On how to stop picking, what I should try, what I'm doing wrong, etc.
  9. Yes - Dairy Does Cause Acne!

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    I'd been dairy free for a year now and rarely if ever broke out. I also followed the treatment regimen below. This Thanksgiving I ate cheese several times and now have two bright red papules - one on my cheek and one on my chin. I follow a strict doctor prescribed allergy diet (gluten-free, sugar free, etc.) but dairy was supposedly okay to eat. I chose to avoid dairy because of the acne connection. Eating cheese is the only thing I changed in the past month and whammo...2 big red zits!!! Can't get a better experiment than that to show how dairy can cause flare-ups.
  10. Hi Everyone! A summary about me, suffered from acne (regular whiteheads and blackheads) when I was a teen. Took BCP to help clear that up, which it did. Never had perfect skin but it was pretty good. Then I turned 25 and my skin changed. The acne I got was all on my chin and jawline. The big bumps, some nodules, some cysts, some closed comedones, always inflamed. First I was just getting regular acne on my chin, then the week before my period I was getting a big bump. Then two. Then three. Took a round of antibiotics which worked. Then when the 8 weeks of antibiotics ended, skin got worse. Tried the usual things including a very expensive medical grade skincare line which made my skin worse- it purged and purged. Then Oct 12th I went completely gluten free and started taking saw palmetto (450mg daily) and doing Dans regimen (except in the morning i swap out BP for prescription clinidsol) and have finally found some success. I dont know which of the three is helping, or if its the combo- but Ive barely had any active acne in 7 weeks. A pimple here or there but overall its a 90% improvement and im EXTREMELY happy. Just wanted to share some success Ive had
  11. The Diet To The Goal I Want To Achieve

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    Hey! So I finally saw a really good health place and did a really amazing (yet expensive) test, which I see my new nutritionist at every week. Basically I have a leaky gut from an infection, and I've been given a bunch of healthy natural tablets to take to fix all of that and in turn, cure my acne. Also figured out that I am most likely intolerant to Dairy and Gluten. Next Wednesday I'll be visiting my nutritionist to start the healthy diet food plan to follow. (For now she said to focus on getting use to taking the tablets) but basically, she said she knows exactly on what to do to cure that acne of mine and get me clear skin. For now I'm taking all the tablets as said to and just having a basic healthy diet low in carbs and sugar and healthy fresh food and added in exercise and a lot of water. Current regimen: Morning: Do exercise regimen about 10 minutes after waking up. Take Alpha Lipoic Acid tablet (Mainly for Acne and healing acne marks) 30 minutes before breakfast Have nice luke warm shower Have Breakfast and take a long with Active B complex tablet + Cod liver oil tablet with a bit of filtered water. Lunch time: Take Alpha Lipoic acid tablet 30 minutes before lunch Have lunch + Cod liver oil tablet At around 2 or 3pm Have vitamin C (1 teaspoon) into 500ml of water and stir. I find this really yummy. Dinner: Have dinner + Codliver oil Go for 20 minute walk and drink plenty of water Take Ultra Flora Dybiosis tablet 30 minutes after bed time Generally trying to go to sleep at about 9PM and waking up at 6AM but time can vary, and 10 minutes before sleep I have 1tsp of Magopti in 250ml of water to help me sleep. And I do that every day basically. I've been doing it for 6 days so far. I was told it should take a few months to heal my leaky gut and get rid of my acne, but hey, as long as it will be gone soon, I'm good with that . Improvement wise in the past 6 days, I'd say very very little, but that's obvious because you shouldn't expect any results in 6 days. But I'd say it's gone away by 1 or 2% possibly? I'll update every week or a few days. Post any questions or feedback or what not here.
  12. Male, Age 22, Weekly Log

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    Background: Acne has been a burden all of my teen and adult life. I started getting my first acne in the 7th grade. It did not become a huge problem until the 10th grade where I had what I would consider moderate to severe acne (about 5-8x worse than my week 0 state shown below). I saw the family dermatologist who put me on an arsenal of treatments. First proactive, then tazorac, then antibiotics, and finally accutane. Nothing but accutane in the 11th grade did anything to lessen my acne. Accutane itself did a great job of reducing my acne down to 1 or 2 pimples a week which was a godsend for me. However, my sophomore year of college, I started to break out more and more. Now, acne once again plagues my life. I'm in my 4th year of college. I hate having acne. It kills my confidence (I feel I have the potential to be a rather handsome/attractive person). I find myself purposely avoiding social situations when I have break outs (my face is in constant break out mode at this point). I find myself turning my head during conversations so people see the side that is least broken out. White heads are gross, I worry about them popping without my knowledge, and it is hard for me to look in the mirror. I'm sick of dealing with acne, and I've had enough. I'm going to start a treatment with the hopes of curing my acne once and for all. It will start out rather mild compared to some of the regimes I have researched on this board. Problem Areas: My acne largely presents itself around my chin and cheeks. I have never had a pimple on my forehead. This is in the form of white heads and deep, large, red, tight hard spots that hurt if touched too roughly. I do have some occasional acne on my back and neck, but it is very mild. Regime -Oxy Clinical: (This is the 3 pack with the face wash (2% salicylic acid), clearing treatment (5% BP), and hydrating cream (2% Salicylic Acid). I've been using this for about 2 weeks, and the results have not been great. I'm going to stick with it for at least another month) -Paleo Diet: (Basically I'm only going to eat meats and veggies. This means a strict gluten free, no sugar, no pastas/breads diet. I've been on this diet on and off, but I want to give it a full month to see the full benefits). -Exercise: (I already do cardio 3 days a week and lift 3 days a week, but I will stick to this) -No touching my face: (This is a big problem for me. I constantly find myself picking at my acne and scratching itches. I have a feeling this is a huge contributor to my acne.) -No masturbation: (I'm not sure how much this contributes to my acne, but I am mostly doing it for other reasons). -Zinc Supplements: (I'm going to take 60mg. This is something I have not tried that gives me hope given the good reviews) -b5 supplement?: (I'm considering 10g a day, but my understanding is this is to control oil. My face is typically dry as a result of the accutane I took, so I doubt this will help.) -Daily moisturizer: (This is a necessity due to the oxy clinical treatment I've been using. If I don't use it, my face will peal and break out even worse. I use a cetaphile brand that is non-comedogenic twice a day) -shaving: (I use a beard trimmer to give myself a 24/7, 5 o'clock shadow. This seems to not irritate my skin, and I have not seen any correlation between shaving and breaking out). -Sleep: (Something that is very, very lacking in my life. Some nights I get as little as 4 hours of sleep. I'm going to make it a habit to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Also, I am going to start positioning my head such that my cheeks do not touch the pillow; IE I look at the ceiling when I sleep). -Probiotic: (I've been taking one capsule a day for the past week. I don't have the bottle with me for more information) -Fish Oil: (I take one tablespoon a day to supplement my strength training.) -Water: (I'm going to up my intake from 1.5 liters a day to 3 liters a day) With that out of the way, I present my week 0 photos which I will use to benchmark my progress (haven't shaved in a good 4 days... sorry about that): Disclaimer: My camera is pretty terrible. I recognize my acne is not as bad as some people (not by a long shot), but it still kills my self-esteem. Also, as I mentioned previously, my acne was anywhere from 5-8x worse back in high school, so believe me, I know it could be worse.
  13. I'm extremely curious about this. Lately I've been getting cystic acne all over my face and it's driving me nuts! I don't know how I got them they just randomly came out. I've stopped eating dairy, soy, fish, grease, sugar, and gluten as of a couple of weeks ago and my aunt ordered The Regimen for me I believe almost a month ago. I stopped using it for a while and right now I'm really wondering if the Regimen will truly help my cystic pimples, bumps, and everything? I'm fifteen if that helps. I forgot the reason why I stopped using it. Now I'm using Pathothen + Clearzine pills and i don't see a diference, really. I wanna buy new acne products but before I do, I really do wish to know if I can use The Regimen for cystic acne. Please respond as soon as possible! Thank you so much!
  14. Brown Rice And Acne?

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    I see many people talking about brown rice contribute to acne. But i don't really see how? Brown rice are gluten free, and the Gl index is 50 - which means low? Why would it contribute to acne?
  15. Hi there So if you havent seen me post around here lately (which I have often lately lol) I'm a 28 year old female, with what I presume is hormonal acne. All on my chin/jawline area. The bumps are almost always inflamed and rarely come to a head. They hang around forever. Sometimes they are itchy, sometimes hot, sometimes i can kinda feel my pulse in them (that sounds weird i know) Usually get 1-5 of them at any given time. I dont eat gluten or dairy (except for a few cheats a month) I eat low amounts of processed sugar and alcohol and the only caffeine would be from small amounts in green tea. I eat lots of good gut foods, sauerkraut, kimchi. I take b complex, d, omega 3, c, probiotic and just started saw palmetto a few days ago. I do the regimen with cetaphil cleanser, dans bp and cetaphil moisturizer. So now here's my question. Hopefully with all of the above it will start to help the severity and frequency of the acne, but what do you do when you do get one of these big inflamed bumps to help them go away faster?
  16. Accutane...finally!

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    Hey guys, so I've been a long time lurker of these boards ever since I started getting acne about 6 years ago. Like everyone else, I've tried just about everything: SA, BP, antibiotics, TONS of prescription topicals, and various birth controls (desogen, ortho-tri-cyclen, and yaz). I started getting acne out of nowhere when I was 16 -- mainly cysts and super inflamed whiteheads. At the time, I went to the derm for a grand total of 8 months where it seemed like every topical/antibiotic known to man was thrown at me. I ended up getting absolutely no results (if anything, it got worse), plus they were super rude and told me I wasn't being patient enough. Ever since then, I avoided the derm and tried to manage things on my own. At that point, I tried detoxes, diet changes (avoided gluten for 1.5 years), higher-end cleansers from sephora, the clairsonic brush -- nothing helped. Then, 3 years ago, I went on Yaz + Differin, which, out of everything I have tried, has been the most helpful. 3 years later, I'm still following that same regimen, and my acne is now mild-moderate, yet VERY persistent. It tends to come in cycles: it will be semi-mild (3-4 pimples) for 5 days max, then, out of nowhere get like 8-10 pimples. I still get cystic acne, yet not as severe as before. I also get random blackheads on my cheeks that get inflamed and turn into cysts which is really frustrating. I never wanted to go on accutane because I was always super scared of developing some crazy, irreversible side effect. But, at 21 (practically 22), it just seemed like if my acne was going to go away, it would have by now. So, even though I swore off going to the derm years ago, I gave in and went -- just to see if he would prescribe me accutane. Long story short, he did, and I plan on starting approximately a month from now. Just waiting on the results of my bloodwork and I should be good to go. I've really enjoyed reading everyones logs here -- its definitely one of the things that has given me the push to try accutane. So I'm hoping that I'll be able keep up with this log through my treatment and get to know everyone here
  17. I have been doing a lot of research on my ethnicity (i am an indian punjabi, of sikh religion), and the biggest staple in my culture/ethnicity is wheat. We practically eat wheat at every meal 3 times a day. From a biological stand point, does this mean i am adapted to eating wheat more so than others? I noticed that i get bad breakouts when i eat rice (long grained white or brown) and even sweet potatoes. thanks
  18. Lately, I have been getting constant pustules under my nose. As soon as one goes away, another one comes up. Now I have a cluster of pimples and marks, that are red, itchy and irritating. I've been trying hard not to touch the affected area. Aside from these pustules and a few red bumps under my lips, I'm pretty clear. I have been eating very healthy. My diet consists of green smoothies, fruit + veggies, olive oil, eggs, fish (sardines, salmon, tilapia), chicken breast, beans (not canned), brown rice, black tea, and lemon water. I avoid sugar, high GL meals, dairy, gluten, and most processed foods. I also exercise 1 hour everyday. As for supplements, I take turmeric capsules, a multivitamin and I drink diluted ACV everyday. Several weeks ago, in an effort to switch to a more natural skin care regimen, I stopped Dan's BP and I switched to Green Tea/Sea salt toner, and my skin was looking better than ever. I was still using knock off versions of Cetaphil facial cleanser and Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer but I planned to wean off of them and replace them with natural remedies. Then, a couple weeks later, a few days before my period, I got a couple pustules on my chin and I ... kinda freaked out. I quit the cleanser and moisturizer I was using and I started experimenting with different things, like spearmint tea, epsom salt masks and aloe vera gel. My skin became pretty dry, itchy and irritated, which became even more exasperated when we my family got new carpenting, and there was all this dust and dirt in the air. The area under my nose was the most irritated and inflamed, but I also started to get pimples elsewhere, like my chin, cheeks, temples, and even one on my forehead (which I never get). After that, I decided to slow down, I quit the spearmint tea, epsom salt masks and the aloe vera gel. Instead, I decided to use a more gentle routine, with organic raw honey as a facial cleanser and the green tea/ sea salt toner afterwards. I also became more strict on my diet. Since then, my face has been calming down. The only place that is really bothersome is under my nose, and I have no idea how to get it to stop. I guess this is what I get for introducing too many things at once. Any help?
  19. Acne And Muscle Building.

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    It makes me annoyed when I read statements such as: "People who had higher sugar intake and a high glycemic load diet (more bread, rice, cereal, pasta, sugar, and flour products of all kinds) had significantly more acne." or "The dietary pimple producing culprits--diary and sugar (in all its blood sugar raising forms)--both cause spikes in certain pimple producing hormones." The reason it makes me annoyed, is because I have a great passion for bodybuilding and many of the foods I eat and drink(whole grain bread, brown rice, brown pasta, whey and milk) are apparently what cause my spots! Does anyone else here try to build muscle effectively and still manage to stay away from these foods? EDIT: Oh look I found another quote: "Delayed food allergies are among the most common causes of acne--foods like gluten, dairy, yeast, and eggs are common culprits and can be a problem if you have a leaky gut." Now I cant eat eggs!? WTF BRAH
  20. I've heard mixed opinions does anyone know ?
  21. Please Help!-Stomach Acid

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    Please help me with my predicament! This is a semi-lengthy post, but If anyone would read it and could give their honest opinion, especially someone who knows a little bit about digestive/ acne would mean a hell of a lot to me. I seemingly have autoimmune reactions to a wide variety of foods. What's bizarre is these foods are specific things considered bad for acne, like dairy in any form, any type of refined sugar, heavy gluten (a little seems okay) etc. etc. It also includes some less common triggers and any type of processed food. I can barely enjoy eating anywhere and have to scour the menu everywhere. My acne would probably be described as mild/very mild at time but the flareups can be all over the body/face and in weird places. They are clearly immune response bumps/acne and itching often precedes and accompanies them. I feel desperate because I have been to every doctor under the sun, except a gastroenterologist. Kind of loathe to go to one because it seems like they are very Western. I have had it with Western doctors to try to help my skin reactions at this point. But I do remember trying HCL pills with meals and needing to take huge amounts (at least 8, sometimes more) per meal to come close to a burning sensation. I remember these working quite well and me getting fed up with them and giving up on it because they didn't totally work (highly processed foods still broke me out) and because I didn't wanna take huge quantities per meal. Now that I have tried everything else, I have come back to HCL pills, and am positive my issue lies in a digestive problem, of which low stomach acid is a/the problem. My main dilemma/depressing thought process is this though: I have been so convinced that my problem is digestive that I have looked into digestive disorders and of course discovered Leaky Gut and Candida; on one level I really don't want to have these because they seem very hard to cure and would require more than temporary HCL supplementation (most people who have low stomach acid seem to be able to re-train their stomach to produce adequate acid after a few months) But I don't want to lie to myself, however I don't have many of the symptoms associated with Leaky Gut or Candida and my problem does not seem that severe, aside from the skin flare-ups, I have minor digestive discomfort and issues but really not that bad that I would seek help for it alone. I guess my main question is this: Is it possible to have just a problem of Low Stomach Acid and NOT Leaky Gut or Candida? I'm really thinking of doing a long term HCL supplementation then. But I have now terrified myself into thinking I have Leaky Gut/ Candida. The thing that doesn't make sense is , only certain foods cause me to have this immediate sort of immune reaction, how does my body know which foods are dangerous if it is leaky gut and they are in my bloodstream? The traditional foods to stay away from on a leaky gut/candida diet are not the same as the ones that bother me. For instance, alcohol and coffee do not cause a reaction; yogurt which is recommended does. On the other hand, one could apply this same question to low stomach acid. Unless the foods I react to happen to be particularly hard to digest or something (dairy, sugar, eggs, corn etc.) Anyone, please help! Is it possible I just have low stomach acid? The pills did seem to help quite a bit, but not completely. I always assumed not completely because the autoimmune, fast reaction meant I necessarily had leaky gut/candida. But my other symptoms are not nearly as bad/numerous as you would think. Is it possible to have a quick reaction like that to certain foods and it just be Low Stomach Acid?
  22. Cystic Acne Result Of Food

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    Ok, this is my first post. I'm 30 years old. I developed Cystic Acne in my preteens. It got so bad and painful that I could not sit or lay down. It started on my face, neck and shoulders. I thought it was bad It got only worse. I had just entered middle school in a new town that was unkind to minorities especially new comers (drastically different from my old town) but in the beginning I stood up to it, but when the acne came, naturally I gradually became more recluse with my "oddity". I didn't want anyone to find out. I was ashamed and embarrassed. I couldn't stand the thought of going to Highschool like this so I convinced my parents to skip it (Yes I did it). I also convinced my parents to take me to the doctor (my family literally stood by and watched it and said it was normal). Anyways, I went on ALL TYPES of medicine. Medicine that made me sleepy (I didnt realize at the time that it was the meds) and medicine that bleached my skin. It would briefly work then I would break out again after 1 month or so while still on it. So the docs would switch me to a new antibiotic. I listen to my body now as an adult and when I went on Minocyline Antibiotics as an adult I discovered it made me severly tired and looking back I remember how I used to feel and my parents would call me lazy which made me feel guilty but it was the meds! The main thing that pisses me off now that I know what I know is how the doctors responded to the first thing my father asked them "Could it be something he is eating?" The doctors "Educated" us; that it is a big misconception that food gives you acne. They treated my father and I like we were idiots and didn't know anything (in otherwords, they me expensive meds and told us to scram and not come back for 30 days and stop asking so many questions). Fast forward some 15 years later.... I still have it. In fact it is worse but this time I have BAD scarring all over my chest, neck, all down my back and it has started to invade my thighs (inner and outer). VERY EMBARRASSING. I finally had enough, and Well GUESS what I discovered? ACNE IS DUE TO FOOD SENSITIVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I'm finding out I'm not the only one that knows this, which gives me more confidence that I'm on the right path. I've been on food elimination diet twice. The first time it was on accident and it cleared me up 100%. Then it came back to my bewilderment after the diet ended. I realized it was diet that did it. So for the past 3 years I tried to find what part of the diet cleared me up. Turns out it was a bunch of things. Last week, I found success and became acne free again! No chemicals, no scrubbing/cleaning my skin for 1 hour like I used to. Not only that, I dropped a bunch of weight in the process effortlessly. Then the end of last week I was tempted to eat the poisonous foods again (parents the friends pressured), and now 3 days later I'm breaking out. The funny thing is I was clear for 1 week! And when you are clear people tell you that you don't know what you are talking about, that they don't see anything on your skin and you look fine! I'm in PAIN right now. 2 on my back, 3 on my neck and one on my leg. HUGE painful cysts and I know what is next (the bursting, the blood, the stains, the purple scars and finally the permanent scars). Now those people are like "Eww". The list of foods i have found to cause me acne (through both Immune testing and through my own trial and error) are as follows: 1. Dairy (Milk, butter, cheese, Pastries etc) 2. Yeast (+3 sensitivity) 3. Wheat/Gluten (especially bread!) 4. Pork (+2 sensitivity) 5. Strawberry 6. Soy 7. Almonds (+3) 8. I'm suspecting now food preservatives, but dont know how to test it Theres more I'm sure as I go through life I'm sure the list will grow (sadly). It is very difficult to change your eating habits, and it sucks when you can't share the same food with a friend or family because they think it is boring. Last week, I ate lots of bread, butter, and YEAST. Today I went out for lunch with a coworker too and ate oily dairy based food. When you go out to eat, you better believe they use Butter and LOTS OF SOY product in their processed foods. I remember I told a friend once what I was avoiding and he looked at what HE was eating and said none of that was in his dish, but I looked and could see melted butter, fried food (soybean oil), and ranch all over his food not to mention cheese. So it is really difficult to train how to spot it in your normal diet and then not to eat all that. And when you finally can see it and cut it out, your food becomes BORING! Anyways, sorry for the novel. I want to share some pictures here. Today I'm in pain ( I don't look forward to the next few days. I feel like writting a book on the subject. Dermatologists are CROOKS.
  23. so this is the first time ive posted here even though ive been reading posts here for almost a year now my forehead, nose, cheeks, upperlip are all clear. maybe an occasional small whitehead. my chin? its a mess at times. i would call it mild (maybe 5-6 zits) but they are persistent and inflamed. My chin is rarely clear. i get one cyst a month. maybe im using the wrong term. i know cysts are 5mm- this is smalled. but its like a tiny pea is stuck under my skin and its red and inflamed. i do what wynne says and ice, take ibuprofen and dont touch it. i do use tea tree oil on it twice daily (as i do with the rest of my pimples) i have benzaclin cream from the dr (antibiotic BP) for spot treatment and i do use that too. i cannot figure out why i get these inflamed zits, only on my chin, and keep on getting a "cyst" (or nodule maybe i should call it) every month. ive been very low dairy for about 4 weeks and almost no gluten at all for 2 weeks (and plan to keep going and only consume gluten 1 day a week) i drink nothing but water and green/white teas exercise 3-4 times a week (training for a triathlon) take omega 3 (2 daily) vitamin d (3 daily) calcium/magnesium/zinc, folic acid, b12,6,9 and acedopihilis i spot conceal my pimples maybe 2 or 3 times a week for a couple of hours when i go out (i work from home) so no makeup otherwise all my products are paraben free (hair, makeup, skincare, soaps) i wash my face in the AM and PM with origins cleanser (which has absolutely nothing in it- havent had luck with medicated cleanser) i use a paraben free, frangrance free, oil free lotion with spf twice daily spot treat with the benzaclin and tea tree oil Any ideas? This has been going on for a couple of years now. Maybe 3. I had bad skin as an early teen, then it cleared up for about 4 years, then in my early 20s this started again. My skin is better in the summertime too.