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  1. Spot Dermabrasion? Anyone?

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    I really want to try a spot dermabrasion but I’m freaking myself out. Reviews on are so bad! And I’ve already had one failed procedure (punch excision), which makes me afraid to try again. What to do? I’ve pretty much done everything else (fractional lasers, microneedling, filler, subcision). It’s 4 scars, 2 on each cheek. Not very big, not super deep but still noticeable. They bug me a lot and kill my confidence!!! Ugh. Do I take the chance? I am considering Dr Falcone in Syracuse. Anyone have any experience with him? Thank you...❤️ this community.
  2. Break out after Dermabrasion

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    I recently had Dermabrasion to my whole face initially to soften a scar from a bite but also to address some acne scarring. I'm 4 weeks post surgery and have just started having break outs - especially around my jaw line. Has this happened to anyone else?
  3. I drive myself insane every night wondering at normal people are doing. That means everyone with clear skin. They all get to go out and date and have fun and I have to be locked inside against my will because of how I look.
  4. Sorry, this might turn into a rant. I'm a 25 year old male with moderate to severe cystic acne. About three years ago I asked my doctor to put me on Accutane because minocycline, tetracycline, and doxycycline were only short term solutions for my acne. I also tried benzoyl peroxide, Biacna, and dapsone gel, which help, but not enough. My doctor told me that it could cause birth defects, which sounded like bull to me, because I heard it only occurs in women. Anyways, I wasn't worried if it was true because I'm gay(I didn't tell him, because he didn't seem like he was very open-minded). I told him this wasn't an issue and he said he did not want to risk it. Following this, I have had two dermabrasion treatments, so my new doctor can't put me on isotretinoin because I need to wait I think a year after the surgery to try it or I will scar. I'm just upset thinking about how I missed my chance to take accutane, because of a doctor who refused to give it to me. I have had very severe acne and was definitely in need of it. My brother and sister who are 10+ years older than I am had it, and their acne wasn't as bad as mine. I just really want hope that my skin will one day stop looking so terrible, and will be forever as smooth as when I first start a round of antibiotics.
  5. Scarring

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    I'm 22 and have acne scarring. If you would please help me and suggest what treatments I would need. I also have a scar on both my mouth lines. Is there anyway I can make it normal again?
  6. Any one have positive results with dermabrasion? Please share dr info
  7. Dermabrasion On Nose

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    Right so. I have some ugly scars on my nose. I've been researching dermabrasion and since my scars are at most moderate I think it will probably give me great results. However, I've heard good and bad about dermabrading the nose. Some say the skin is too thin there, or that it heals differently. Others say it heals much better and is perfectly fine. Any thoughts? Also if anyone has been to the Orange County Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach, let me know if the doctor knows what he's doing! He recommends a fat transfer and then a dermabrasion on his site-what do you guys think?
  8. Dermabrasion + Recell + Co2

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    Four days ago (11/20/2013) I had dermbarsion, co2 laser and recell performed by Dr. Maini in Nottingham. Today I got the bandages off. While I’m too red to make a final assessment, I am optimistic that I will have a good outcome from the procedure. The procedure was carried out under local anesthesia. I’m not a huge fan of needles, so getting the injections was not too pleasant. Then the doctor took the skin sample for the recell. He took the skin from behind my left ear. The C02 laser was performed next. He did one pass of the CO2RE laser using the “deep” setting. Which means he making small deep injuries into the dermis. The CO2 was performed over my whole face, neck, and forehead. Following that he dermabraded my creeks using a dermasander (basically looked like a fancy piece of sandpaper). Generally Avita (maker of recell) recommend being conservative with the dermabrasion and only going to pinpoint bleeding. I asked Dr. Maini to be more aggressive, based on the papers I had read of the effectiveness of dermabrasion. There was quite a bit of blood, but the dermabrasion was not painful. The most painful part of the operation was when he was lasering around the edges of the face where I wasn’t completely numb. I’ve uploaded a bunch of before pictures to my gallery. You can see I have fairly extensive scarring around my cheeks, jawline and temples. Dr Maini said that dermabrading the neck area is not recommended due to the risk of additional scarring. He did laser the area. I’ve also uploaded two pictures from today into my gallery. You can see that I am quite red at this point, but I’m also optimistic. The doctor thought that I am healing quite well.
  9. I had discussion with a cpl of doctors in the UK for ReCell combined with an invasive treatment. I am planning to travel to the UK in the coming months and shall decide accordingly. One suggested Dermabrasion and recell (Dr. Maini) , while the second fraxel, subcision and recell (Dr. Khan). Dr. Khan's view is since recell was intended for burn victims, the skin needs to be burnt off using laser, and his work can be seen in ernestoria's thread I should mention i have brown skin tone (indian) and my scars are almost like Ernesto's. A lot of texture issues along with bigger pores and wider ice picks have been documented by individuals who have gone through Dermabrasion alone. Will recell be able to negate all those complications. Also, which holds more promise on their own (i-e without recell) Dermabrasion or Fraxel Repair? I would like some intelligent feedback from the members regarding which option they think is better and why. Thanx.
  10. I am in my early forties and have struggled with acne my whole adult life. I have been on antibiotics, had dermabrasion, retin-A creams, antibacterial creams AND two courses of Accutane already ... you name it, I've done it. Always the same: temporary relief that would last 8 months, 18 months, and then it would come back full force. A couple years ago my face was a real mess and I decided it was all of the antibiotics and "chemicals" that were prescribed that had screwed up my system. For two years I decided to combat my skin problems naturally, wholistically. I did a number of cleanses, spend hundreds of dollars on a naturopath, tried every possible supplement combination (zinc, Pantothenic acid, cod liver oil, etc. etc. basically, ALL of them), drank spearmint tea like crazy, etc. etc. etc. often I would find temporary relief and then guess what, it came back, it kept coming back. There is nothing more aggravating, frustrating and soul-crushing then having to wake up every morning, look in the mirror, and see what new horrors have formed on your face despite yourself. I am now on my third and I hope final course of Accutane. At this age, I honestly can't take much more of this. I am on 40 mg having worked my way up over the last month. 10, 20, now 40. I will be on 40 for a month and then I think he wants to double it to 80. For everyone posting about the dangers and horrors of Accutane on one's health, there comes a point in people's lives where you have to weigh horrors against each other. My derm has insisted that Accutane is safe despite what is being said out there. Maybe he's wrong. I don't know. I've taken it twice already so I figure any damage that can be done has been done already. And I'm in good health otherwise. One thing I should say is that with all the antibiotics and Accutane, I have developed sun sensitivity. I ALWAYS wear a mineral-based sunscreen, and I supplement with Pycnogenol and Astaxanthin to help internally ward off UVA/UVB damage as I have hyperpigmentation issues related to that as well. I will post later to update on my third and (hoping) final experience with Accutane. I would have preferred the natural, holistic route to solve the problem. But it has failed, miserably.
  11. Hey guys, I'm currently on accutane (9 days in), I had originally got and appointment with a dermatoligist because of my scarring. I hadn't had any spots for a good few months so thought I'd see about what I could do for the scarring. Unfortunately, literally days before my appointment I broke out in big cysts again. Typical So I got put on accutane, which I'm very happy about. I know while your on accutane and for a good few months afterwards, you cannot have treatment for scarring, but I thought seeing as everyone has been so helpful and supportive on the accutane forum, that I would ask for some advice on this forum. I have 2 patches on my face where I have proper scarring from persistant cystic acne, not just red marks. One patch is worse than the other. I have sat and tried to distinguish which type of scarring I have, but the worst part is honestly all four types in one. At first it was just a rolling scar but it now has boxcar and icepick scarring to it, and a hypertrophic scar attached to it from a cyst that seemed to never completely go down. Quick horrible to look at in certain lighting because part is raised and part is sunken There is some discolouration to it aswel but thats the least of my worries because redness can be covered with make-up. The other patch, my better side I call it , has some ice pick and is a bit sunken. I wish I could take a photo to show you but I can't bring myself to see it in a photo. Anyway, basically what I'm looking for is some advice on the different types of scar treatment, reviews of scar treatments or just any advice that you think may be helpful. My doctor and derm suggested dermabrasion, but I have read a few reviews on the net that this has ripped peoples ice pick scars and made them worse. I liked the sound of laser treatment but my derm said that was a bit extreme. I just don't know! Sorry, I didn't mean to write so much! Thanks for reading and any help or suggestions is very much appreciated
  12. Hi everyone. This is a first post like this of any kind for me... I am 35 years old and have been a skin picker ever since my early 20ies. I am not a face picker, but I do have a very bumpy skin with tiny acnelike bumps that bug me, which I would love to pick but usually don't because I am afraid people will see the scabs and scars. I am one of those pickers that picks in places that are easily accessible and hidden with clothing - I always pick my back, shoulders and chest raw, as well as scratching my scalp to get every piece of skin off my head. Thing is I am also an eater of my scabs and skin. The more I pick, the more scabs form, and the more scabs I pick and the more of them I eat. I am usually picking when I am bored and not doing much of anything, like watching TV, or on the other hand if I am stressed out about something. Lots of times I don't even realize I am doing it at all until I notice the blood underneath my nails. Or I will take off my t-shirt and I will have splotches and stains of blood on the back of the shirt that weren't there before I am absolutely desperate to stop this viscous cycle somehow. I have had some of my scabs get infected in the past and am now left with lovely red and brown scars all over my back, shoulders and chest. I would love to go for dermabrasion of my back especially to help minimize the scarring, but I think I cannot because I have way too many open sores from my scratching at this time. Is there anyone out there going through the same thing - especially the part where you want (or feel the need) to eat your own scabs. Anyone with some words of wisdom or help for my situation? Thanks.
  13. Hello, I posted on these boards before regarding my acne scar treatments. I was doing Lux 1540, but I will be heading back into school this fall and, thus, will have much less time for treatments, thus I wanted to try something faster. As such, I turned to the Mixto laser as done by Dr. David Rahimi in Beverly Hills, CA. He proposed a Mixto + minor subcision followed by a touch-up after healing. He warned that I would not get rid of all of my scars, that the scars would mostly return by the end of the first month but then get better by around the third or fourth month, at which point he'd do the touch-up. I am posting this as a blog for my progress and to answer any questions people may have about the procedure itself. By the way, Dr. Rahimi is probably the most honest doctor I have ever met. When I told him I was already undergoing Lux 1540 procedures, he encouraged me to actually keep going with those procedures at my older dermatologist. But, when I told him about my upcoming schedule, he understood and immediately gave me a bunch of options, out of which I chose Mixto. His process, as he explained to me, was a little different than others, because he uses a different head on the Mixto laser to "shave down the edges" of the ridges of the scars as well as the Mixto itself. He also did a subcision immediately after the procedure to raise some bound-down scars, which I think was very necessary on the left side of my face. Also, btw, when I say "harshest lighting I could find," I mean that, each time I took a picture, I went out of my way to find the worst lighting possible for my scars at that particular time with a light coming down from straight above. My bathroom has a single 120 watt pure-white light bulb, which is kind of like a weaker version of the side lights that dermatologists use to find acne scars. This does mean that the angles are possibly off with each picture, but this is the most objective way I can figure to do it, since there is no way the scars can actually look "worse" than they are with the angles I took them. April 27, 2012: Day before procedure. Had to take some sort of Doxycyclin the night before in order to prevent infections. I was also given two microdermabrasions each spread a week apart before this point in order to prep my face for the procedure. I took these pictures under the harshest lighting I could find. April 29, 2012: One day after post-op. Here is what it looks like with Aquaphor and crap slathered on. And yeah, it's a ghastly red, I know, haha. May 9, 2012: About five days after stopping applying Aquaphor, which means it's been 11 days since the procedure. I've mostly finished peeling. The scars look better, especially on the left side of my face, but they are still pretty evident in the right. It is difficult to wait for the full three or four months to see how these scars will develop. Some acne broke out, and I was given an oral antibiotic to treat it, but it hasn't worked too well (I've always been pretty resistant to antibiotics). Forutnately, the outbreaks are pretty minor, nothing even approaching the levels that caused the scarring in the first place. Again, harshest lighting I could find. The left side really is much better. I should add, it LOOKS like there is no redness, but there is. The automatic color-corrector on the camera kicked in for the second picture. The first picture is a better indication of the redness. May 28, 2012: Happy Memorial Day! It's been exactly a month to the day since I had my procedure done, here's how it looks so far: First my left, reflected in a mirror as always. yeeeeeeah, check out that grody acne. Seriously, though, not much has changed here. Here's the real interesting side, the right side (again, reflected in a mirror): This is the WORST angle I could find for my scars. I tried moving in and out, side to side, shifting my head, etc., this is the worst angle I could get. Now, it LOOKS like there has been a lot of improvement, and there has, but really, it's not as much as it looks compared to my older picture. My older picture was a little blurred, made the scars look worse than they actually were. What you can REALLY notice is the bridge of skin between my two scars clusters, that was not really there before. Exciting stuff. Anyway, in case you were wondering, this is has been my post-op treatment routine: Morning: Shower. Wash face with cold water and glycolic cleanser. Pat dry. Sunblock. Spot treat any acne with Acanya (2.5% benzoyl peroxide/1.2% clindamycin mix). Night: Wash face with cold water and glycolic cleanser. Pat dry. Acanya all over face. Kojic acid all over face. Neocutis Bio-Gel all over face (this is my moisturizer, essentially). Every week, I will forego all of my topicals in the night treatment for a treatment with Atralin (topical tretinoin .05%) So yeah. Steady as she goes, but there is definitely improvement. Also, the redness is much more noticeable in these pictures because I took off the color correction. Hope ya'll had a great long weekend. June 28, 2012 Pretty much exactly two months since I had the treatment. I took these photos last night, when my scars are at their worst after a long day: Left side (reflected in mirror): Right side (reflected in mirror): As you can see, left side still pretty much the same (I'm still wondering why the left side resolved so damn well) whereas there is still room for improvement on the right, but it's definitely getting a bit better. I also have a bit of active acne still ongoing, but it appears to be on its way out, as far as I can tell. There are some days where they look worse. For instance, on the left side of my face, a slight crater may show up at the end of the day, and on the right it'll look a bit messier, but overall this is generally how they look at their worst. I scheduled my touch-up for July 28. After consulting with Dr. Rahimi some more, I have confirmed that it is, indeed, basically another regular Mixto treatment (in fact, he said he would be going more aggressively on my right side than last time), except he'll be attacking only the scars and not the entire face. He also said any subsequent treatments, if I would want any, would be $500 each. However, considering that I'll be starting grad school, I don't think I'll have time for more treatments until at LEAST winter vacation, so yeah. August 11, 2012 Had my second procedure exactly two weeks ago. It was a TCA Peel + Mixto + Subcision, and it was free. Check it out. (pictures deletes to make room for new pictures) August 28, 2012 A month after my second Mixto:
  14. I've been battling acne since I was 13 and it was never an issue until last year . My face erupted and I had a massive flare up of cystic acne. At 20 I broke out in cystic acne My life went downhill from there. I've been clearing up a lot since last year that even my siblings notice the difference. They complimented my skin by admitting that it has cleared up tremendously of course I still have the blemishes left. A lot of them. PLEASE CONTINUE READING ...... I went for a microdermabrasion today at my derma office In hopes of coming out content and happier then ever, and boy was I wrong. I came out feeling worst then ever, the estethician extracted some blackheads I had on my right cheek causing it to bleed and she did the micro of course. I was in so much pain afterwards and I looked in the mirror after I saw my reflection I wanted to DIE . My skin looked beat. It was disgusting my face was bloated my pores were huge. My mind blacked out . I was bleeding. My blemishes looked worse and darker. I left immediately drove home contemplating suicide, thinking of driving to Tijuana anything was better then returning to that stage. Depress mode. My life is in shambles right now, I get upset at my sister, my friends and my boyfriend because I envy there skin . Honestly I push them away. I was suppose to attend an event tonight but with my face all bruised up in pain I don't think I'm going anywhere. Please keep me in your prayers people that hopefully my skin doesn't become worse after this treatment because I feel like I may have damaged my skin more with this stupid idea. I feel like I have the worst skin in the world . Huge pores, red spots all over and very oily skin. I've been curse with awful skin and I can't bare but hide out . I just want to enjoy my youth and live my life to its fullest value but ACNE is so much powerful than I. Hopefully one day I can overcome this obstacle and accept myself for what I am and embrace my friends and family instead of pushing them away. - Sincerly a hopeless child desperate for clear skin
  15. Several months ago, I got two gigantic cysts on my chin. I have already diagnosed their cause as hormone related, but I can't get rid of the remains! I also had both of them injected with cortisone twice, and to no avail. Now, six months later, I still have two red bumps on my chin ... they never come to a head and cannot be popped. At the suggestion of my dermatologist, every night for the last six months I have covered them with a Band-aid and a combination of vaseline and Epiduo to both keep the skin moist but also kill the skin and promote new skin growth. Needless to say, the buggers are still here and my dermo keeps telling me I have to "wait it out". I am considering getting several sessions of microdermabrasions to take off layers of skin. However, this is a very costly investment. I'm wondering if anyone has tried this and if so, had you had any success? Any other suggestions are welcome ... my self-esteem has reached an all-time low and I am truly getting desperate at this point!
  16. Ok so im pretty sure i will go to Nottigham have this procedure done. Its been a long time coming. I guess i was one of the first "experiments" of the ablative co2 laser over 17 years ago. It left me with red patches all over my cheeks (erythema?) that lasted over 3 years. Admittedly it helped smooth out the acne scars. Update: i decided to have dermabrasion +recell by a doc in. Leeds instead
  17. SO i had a scar revision done by a plastic surgeon. Went well but it left a slight incision line and a little tissue. He told me no problem i just need a little dermabrasion on it and it will blend into the skin. I went to a laser specialist yesterday and he refused to do it and recommended Fraxel Laser. then he went on about how bad my face was when honestly you can barely notice any icepick scars on my cheek they are so small, he kept going on about fraxel laser. felt like he was just selling it to me... Is it possible this doctor just wanted to sell me fraxel or is it really a better recommendation? at $400 a pop for 6 treatmeants seems like a lot..... Let me know your thoughts????
  18. Hello, This is my first post, but I've been reading here a lot, looking for a solution to my adult acne. I've had it since I was 19, but it's always been sort of moderate. I had a lot of stress about 10 months ago (I am 31 now) and my acne just exploded. I started getting deep cysts on my jaws, those are the worst because they change the shape of my face. Also my cheeks were just covered in big bumps and pimples and even my forehead started getting them. They just started showing up like mushrooms after rain, and really painful and deep, leaving deep scars, etc. you get the idea. I am a professional now so it really sucked going to work like this. No makeup can cover big woozy bumps. I tried getting regular facials, but things only got worse. I bought the Regimen products. I am very happy with the Cleanser, the moisturizer and the AHA cream. The benzol also seemed to help to heal bumps faster, but they were just so bad that they would pop and bleed as I was washing my face. I guess I was no longer "moderate" and didn't see results, too many new pimples all the time. I started antibiotics too. Again - I can't say whether that was working or not, because I was too desperate for results at this point to wait 6 months to see a difference. Then I accidentally came across a Cosmetic surgery clinic, offering Acleara treatment. It's a new machine, just released in 2010 I believe. One treatment was $150 - I am usually suspicious but I decided to try it. I just finished my 6th treatment (completed them within 2 and a half months, last one was free). I saw results even after the first treatment and the results were like magic. I know this sounds like advertising, but I really have no words to describe how happy and relieved I feel. After the third treatment I was completely clear. But not just clear - my skin is totally smooth when I touch it. Nothing gross underneath, no bumps. The blackheads and whiteheads are pretty much gone. It's amazing. In between treatments I was getting a pimple or two, but very small ones, nothing like before. Now they are just gone. The downtime is minimal. I started pretty severe and I was a little red for a couple of days. Now that my skin is clear, it only lasts an hour or two. I didn't get a lot of bruising, because they would adjust the strength to suit the sensitivity of my skin. There were some bruises at times from the suction, but that's only temporary and a small price to pay for the results. Besides, when there are no bumps, I could easily cover up with a little bit of powder or tinted moisturizer. I know it's expensive, but this is the best spent money in my life. I wish I never had to deal with acne, but that's how it is for some of us. Now I have scars and some red spots left over. I am expecting them to fade some more. I am also considering some peels and microdermabrasion to further improve my skin. Haven't tried it yet, so don't know if it will work. But I feel so relieved, my friends and family can't believe my results and I tell them it's a miracle. Anyways, hope I helped someone out there who is of working age and also struggling like this. Also, it is important that results are FAST! So if you are worrying about an event you want to look good for - it's worth trying. I just don't see how this treatment could fail, but I know there are different types of acne out there. Still, in my experience - if you do one procedure you will know if it has worked for you, Well, that's all for now. I hope the results will last. I am not planning any more Acleara for the next few months. I was told I may only need 2-3 times a year from now on if the acne persists. Will see. Good luck to all!
  19. Does anybody know what the hell this does? And is it worth purchasing? Does it help reduce acne or something? It costs about $25.
  20. (((((Skinstitut Products))))

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    Hello, I am just reporting to tell you guys that since my break out have stopped all together (with Minocycline). I have been using the "Vitamin C 100%" and the "Even Blend Serum" from an Australian brand "Skinstitut" . You just mix a little bit of vit c powder with 2 squirts of Even blend serum and then use it on ur whole face and even neck. It not only fades the scars but also your skin looks naturally revalised! Read up on the benefits of topical Vit C on google , but as Vit C loses its potency when mixed with water therefore its necessary to use it with a carefully designed product that can sustain its potency! So yea ive been using it for the past month and it has worked wonders on my scarring! To the point that people around me have commented out of their way that my skin looks awesome . I have zero acne and only 15% of the scarring remaining..... I dont know if you can buy Skinstitut products on other countries but I was able to buy it in New Zealand. Ive also had a 2-3 sessions of "Microdermabrasion" (which is by far way more safer and non intrusive than chemical peels) and this has helped me lots with the scarring as well Good luck i hope that works for u as well
  21. Been having acne for years. People always said its fine and that they dont really noticeable but I know its there and if I can get rid of it why not? I feel it will ruin my face in the long run (im 24). They are mostly on my forehead. I wear alot of hats. Does dirt from the hat or covering up my forhead affect it? Anything you suggest? I use neutrogena acne wash just to clean my face but it hasn't really done anything. Haven't have time to go to a dermatologist but i will soon. I am african american so i know products work different with dark skin. I dont wanna use cream to lighten it but something to wash away the dead skin and the marks. I was thinking microdermabrasion. Anybody know whats best for the dark spots first. Pimples arent often but I have those to I guess if i get rid of those I can prevent more dark spots. I attached photos as well. Thanks for listening
  22. microdermabrasion/chemical peels

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    I am coming back from a loooooooooooong bout with red marks. Some of you may remember me as frogskin. One year ago I had one of, if not the worst cases of acne/scaring/pih ever. I had several hundred marks on my face. All of which were very red, and very dense. They existed for about 5 years without improving whatsoever. I had been getting smoothbeam and vbeam treatments that have helped a ton. Due to price, Im not going any farther with it. I highly recommend it to anyone with a severe case. Retin-a has helped a bit, but works at a snails pace and is not practical as an only treatment for myself. My derm referred me to a specialist, who deals in skin rejuvenation, with chemical peels, dermabrasions, etc. Has this helped anyone? What can I expect treatment to be like? Id say my case is now moderate. My forehead is clear, my right cheek has a lot of marks, but only visible up close. My left cheek is similar, but with 5 fresher marks visible from a distance. I assume it will take a few months. Can I knock this shit out once and for all? Can I resume my life? Stay tuned. Potential before/after pics from last June.
  23. I've purchased a couple of at home microdermabrasion creams including the one from the Skinn line. It is recommended to splash your face with warm water first and then massage the cream for a few minutes into the skin to exfoliate. My question is, has anyone ever massaged these creams on dry skin for an extended period of time? I read a review on another site where a guy vigorously massaged Neutrogena's Microdermabrasion treatment on his dry skin (where the scars were) for 15 - 20 minutes. He said it was slightly painful and his face would turn a rosy red but doing this over time resulted in his pitted scars being plumped up.