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  1. Literally. I went from this disaster (peep the Tazorac lathered onto my face): to this: I went through the worst depression of my life last winter. I stopped caring about everything, so that meant my two-hour long skincare routine and healthy vegetarian/low-dairy diet were no longer. In addition, I stopped taking all supplements, drinking a gallon of water per day, and going to the gym. Yes, I thought that terminating my extremely healthy lifestyle would evidently result in my skin getting even worse than it already was. (correction: I didn't think, I knew). And yes, at first it actually did... the initial breakout was pretty awful. However, my insecure self was pleasantly surprised when my acne began to clear as the weeks of sleeping in my makeup, eating pizza/mcdonalds every day, and lying in bed went on. I kid you not, my acne dramatically improved in a matter of three months. Today, I still live a pretty shi**y lifestyle, but it makes me feel so freeee!!! I sleep in my makeup like 2x per week, and those nights when I do remove my makeup I use wipes. I use African Black Soap from Target when I shower, and I exfoliate once/twice per week. I don't take any supplements, I smoke on the weekends, I eat pretty unhealthily (ate an entire pizza today), the last time I had water was yesterday morning (I live for coffee & Gatorade LMAO). Honestly, looking back, I tried so damn hard only to make my skin worse. I was soooooo anal about everything. My skin would only clear when I went to the beach and sat in the sun for hours. Does it anger me that I wasted tons of time and money? Yeah, I'm still pretty butthurt. Do I still break out? Yes, mostly around my period, but it's not nearly as bad as the first three pictures and it clears pretty quickly. Am I still oily? yes, haha. But at least my skin is comparable to the average person's, probably within one - one & 1/2 standard deviations from average. Do I endorse a lifestyle as shi**y as mine? Absolutely not. Rather, I endorse a moderate lifestyle. Treat your skin like your normal friend with average skin does. Face wash once a day, minimal-to-no products (no Rx). Do you want that slice of cake? Eat that damn slice of cake. Do what makes you happy and don't stress yourself out!!! Honestly, after all of this, I feel as if big pharma is putting us into a trap that keeps us coming back for more. They prescribe us drugs that get our minds/bodies reliant. Specifically, I believe that we become extremely dependent on acne prescriptions, even topical ones. They don't really treat the problem, they just mask it. They help the symptom (acne) until the real problem becomes used to the treatment, and then you need to up your dose, and even then you still get minimal results. This is why you get a really bad initial breakout when you stop using your scripts... the underlying cause of your acne is trying to fight your skin at the strength it was when you were using your medication (hope that makes sense...?) Anyways, I'm not a scientist, this is just something that I've pondered... our bodies are smart (there are people who had 1/2 their brain removed and are THRIVING!). Trust your body. Good luck everybody DISCLAIMER: n=1. Don't take my words as facts, I am merely stating my observations from this longitudinal study conducted on myself (thus this may suffer from research bias). And yes, I am aware that this model may also suffer from omitted variable bias, and there may be other explanations as to why my skin cleared.
  2. (My face looks oily because of moisturizer) occasionally these really small spots cover my cheeks, more severe on my right one (in picture) and it gets red. Some are black heads some you can’t feel like they’re flat against skin and some are pimples. It usually goes away in a couple days and 1-2 weeks later happens again. I use a simple non fragrant cleanser and a non fragrant and non comogenic moisturizer with aloe Vera (the aloe helps with my redness which I always have regardless of if this happens or not). I never switch up products and they work really good. What does this look like and how do I stop it. it’s not a regular breakout
  3. So I have been using Murad’s sulfur mask since freshman year of college. It used to seem to help when I was on both birth control and antibiotics but I don’t notice a super big difference anymore in terms of helping with acne. Since I started using benzoyl peroxide I feel like the mask contributes to overdrying. Does anyone else feel like masks are pointless? What are your thoughts? I know people who do them every once in a while and others who do use them everyday. Since you wash them off does the amount of time they absorb into the skin for skin for even help?
  4. I suffered for many years with really bad acne, i tried a couple of products, bactrim, aczone, benzoyl peroxide... All of this made my acne worse. I got tired and stopped using all products altogether, i started binge eating, gained weight and became suicidal. I could barely look at myself in the mirror. My marriage almost ended, because I neglected my husband and my kids, I was so selfish, so concerned about how I looked without thinking about the people who love even with my acne. I was depressed and with every treatment plan that did not work, my depression got worse. In a bid to save our marriage, my husband took i and our kids to dubai, that singular trip changed my life. I went to the mall with the kids and went to a store, at the counter while I was paying for the items we bought, the attendant spoke to me, she could see I was shy and wouldn't look at her directly in the face. She had such smooth skin, I'm sure the last time I had a face like that was probably 25years ago. She asked me what treatment I was using for my skin and I told her nothing. She asked for my number, I wrote it for her and she wrote a Web address for me. She said, "try them, you'll love it". I thanked her, walked away and threw the paper containing the website into the trash, i wasn't about to waste any more time or money. I WAS DONE. tired of constantly wasting money on products that do not work or work for a while and then stop. I forgot about that encounter, until I got a whatsapp message a couple of days later; "Hello, were you able to buy it easily" I asked to know who this was and she told me, she was the attendant at the mall. I told her no, that I don't want to waste any more money. She just said "Hmmmm" and proceeded to send me about 5 pictures of her when she had really bad acne, her face was worse than mine, she had really bad acne. It seemed like it was two different people. Immediately I told her to send me the link again so I could place an order. Needless to say, this was the best decision I ever made. Its been 3 months and every day, I can feel and see my skin getting better. God bless my husband for not giving up on me. God bless Amalia for introducing me to Stacea products. To everyone suffering from acne and feeling depressed, do your research, there are products all over the world that can help you heal your skin. Don't give up hope. Stop feeling depressed. If you need help with natural products, I can help you, just send me a message
  5. Hello everyone, i got acne since i was like 18 and it all started when i went to the military for some reason..don't really know why but that's when the first pimples and blackheads, etc. started to pop out..anyways i'm 23 now and this is how my cheeks look as of today..Is there anything you can recommend to me doing ? Like is my only option to visit a dermatologist or can i fix this on my own? Thanks in advance !
  6. I have these tiny bumps all over my forehead and some on my jawline. I assume they’re clogged pores or closed comedome bumps and not pityrosporum folliculitis because they DONT itch and they DO pop if i did try to squeeze them (which i don’t). Nothing helps to fade them or improve the texture, even exfoliating. I have had them for years now. So far I have tried clindamycin phosphate gel, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid face washes, oil cleansing method, witch hazel, adapalene gel, tea tree oil, paula’s choice 2% bha liquid, and curology. i’ve tried all these things for a substantial amount of time throughout the past couple of years. They didn’t cause a bad reaction but did not help with these small texture bumps. Most of the things i’ve tried have helped with normal pimple breakouts. i have even tried nizoral when i though it was pittrosporum folliculitis. I can’t see a dermatologist bc it’s expensive and i just moved and haven’t worked out my doctor situation yet. Please if anyone knows some miracle product or soemthing that could help, please help me out. Some of the photos are with makeup and some are without but the bumps show up just as harsh either way.
  7. Hello there, I’m new to the community. I’m having acne or related on my phase. I have attached couple of pictures but not quite sure what they are. Those appears to be dark spots in my phase formed when I unnecessarily touched pimples and eventually they turned into like this. I never used any scrubs or facial cleaners until last month. After having my first facial, folks advised me that these can’t be removed with any facial or micro treatments instead I have to use scrub and cleaners appropriately and these will go away eventually but mah take couple of years. some told me that these are moles. But I know that these formed from pimples. Now I’m confused whether these are acne/scene scars/blackheads/dark spots Any further advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hi how long would it take antibiotics to work for acne ?
  9. Hey, I’m 14 years old supposedly struggling with hormonal acne. I’ve got spots and blackheads on my forehead, acne scars on my cheeks, whiteheads and blackheads on my nose and clogged pores pretty much everywhere. I’ve considered using AHA and BHA peels by The Ordinary as I’ve heard chemical peels really benefit your skin. I was wondering if they really work or if they make things worse. Has anyone tried chemical peels or are there alternatives?
  10. does anyone know anything on how to get rid of rosacea/blackheads/pimples on nose? thanks
  11. I have many many closed comedones. Full face. Only lips and nose is free. 20-30is small. Do not look good. 50-60 is very small. And only great observation and sharp light need to see it. It's Not too noticeable(don't like typical acne). Also i have very oily skin. sometimes i wash 3 times a day. Many many whiteheads and few blackheads. Please help. what do you recommend. I used salicylic acid 2%, but it doesn't work, it's make worse my skin. I used only ice, it's improves my skin. But not solved.
  12. I’m a teenager and acne’s been an issue for my since I was 12, so about a year and a half now. It’s clearing up with my African Black Soap and Bentonite Clay, but I still have small colourless bumps under the skin that I can’t get rid of no matter how much water I drink or clean my skin. I really want to know how to get rid of blackheads and whiteheads too without pore strips or scrubs as they’re bad for your skin. How do I get rid of these bumps, blackheads and acne scars safely? (apple cider vinegar breaks me out; so does Tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil and honey).
  13. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  14. I started breaking out about two years ago and ever since I've been trying to clear my skin. I know it's mostly hormones but I just want to find out how I can clear it. I have spots on my forehead, some acne scars on my cheek, spots on my chin, blackheads on my chin, nose, forehead and some on my cheek and no whiteheads. I use african black soap, tried witch hazel, benzoyl peroxide, doing NOTHING, vitamin E oil and so much more. All they did was make it worse. African black soap is kind of helping but not much. I also use Bentonite clay. Is there anything else I can try that helps people?
  15. I've struggled with these blackhead like bumps on my forehead for a long time and I need help! I have white heads and black heads along my chin and whiteheads on my cheeks. Especially on the one side I have huge pores that are bumpy. Please help me! Anything that might help. I sometimes break out and get puss pimples.
  16. I am thirteen years old and I was very self-conscious about my blackheads and clogged pores. I squeezed the hell out of my nose and I successfully took all my blackheads and clogged pores stuff out only to find that my whole nose was red. It looked like I had a really bad cold. I moisturised it with some Aveeno cream and after a few hours all the redness had gone but it left me with something even worse. I had three red blotchy marks on my face. I thought it would fade overnight. When I woke up the next day, my marks had gone way worse. I read an article saying I should apply lemon juice to it. I did that, but it sort of aggravated it. One of my friends told me to apply ice to it so I had ice on my nose for a good half hour. I was really happy with the results. The marks had faded. A few hours later, the marks had gone dark, horrible and ugly. I have attached a photo of my nose. Someone, please help and tell me what to do. I have to go on holiday with my family in a few weeks. If my nose doesn't get better I will just have to cancel my tickets.
  17. I've always struggled with white heads and blackheads my checks have small little skin coloured bumps that when squeezed are whiteheads and my chin and forehead have skin coloured bumps that are a mixture of whiteheads and blackheads. My forehead has lots of blackheads and I don't k ow what to do! Please help.
  18. Hello, Been trying to see if demodex is the cause behind my severe nodulocystic acne by trying a regiment of 12 mg ivermectin twice (1 week apart) and 250 mg 3x a day after acne is returning after two courses of accutane. Also have had acne since I was 12. Has anyone done this and had success? I seem to be getting a bit worse since beginning 5 days ago, is this the mites dying off? Thanks, James
  19. Hey all, I've been a very long time lurker and just now am fed up enough with my severe acne to finally start a thread here. I have tried nearly everything imaginable since I began getting acne at the age of 12. I was put on an unbelievable variety and amount of antibiotics and topical treatments till I was about 17 when I finally caved for accutane. I used to be well versed in isotretinoin dosages but all I remember was I was put on about 20 mg more than I should've and for about a month and a half longer than I should've for a normal course. Initial breakout and then cleared me nearly entirely (I had extremely severe facial and upper truncal acne with huge cysts; literally to the point that I had a cyst in front of my ear that was misdiagnosed and removed through surgery as possibly cancerous but of course came back with the doctors not knowing what it was). So as is typical the acne returned but not nearly as severe but I said screw it and at 19 I did a second course at a normal dose. Since that I have tried extreme diet modifications such as high fat, low fat (with only eating skinless white chicken once a night for dinner), and veganism. I have tried supplementing with cod liver oil and daily vitamins. Since nothing has seemed to work I began doing research again and found posts by users ElaineA and 99F who had success from treating demodex mites. I had my doctor put me on a regiment exactly like them with .2mg/kg ivermectin twice (1 week apart) and 250 mg of metronidazole 3x a day. I began this last Saturday and have been on it for 5 days. It seems my acne has somewhat gotten worse since and am wondering is this to be expected? Are the mites dying off and causing breakouts? My acne was very severe in the past and seems to be making a comeback with moderate facial acne and recently quarter sized cysts on my upper back. I also have moderate acne on my chest but with a significant amount of blackheads (also around my lips). If you have any advice I'd appreciate it especially about ivermectin demodex. Thanks, James
  20. Week 3 on Accutane

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    My third week of Accutane is over! My face had gotten a little worse if anything, my chin has broken out in about 5 spots but luckily they have all been small and don’t last very long. My nose seems to be covered in blackheads which I never really noticed before but I guess everything is being pushed out and it just means it’s working. I know I shouldn’t but I’ve been using epiduo on my chin and nose to try and help. In terms of side effects I’ve recently started getting bad headaches as well as feeling more tired than usual, but I’m not sure that accutane is the reason or it’s just because I’ve been busy at work recently. I’ve also noticed that my skin is super sensitive, My ring has caused my skin to flake on my finger and My boyfriends stubble caused a rash on my face. I have my next dermatology appointment on the 23rd so I’ll update with how that goes
  21. Hello, I have combination skin (Forehead and Nose) I have Acne mostly concentrated on my Forehead and I am 15 years old. I wanted to know more about Double Cleansing, but should I be double cleansing with Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser; I am just curious about this because I don't want to hurt my skin too much I heard on the internet about double cleansing with oils, but I am not sure if we can double cleanse with this type of product get back to me when you can please, thanks!
  22. What does this thing called? I have it all over my face and nothing seem to get rid of it. I have it on my cheeks, side, and forehead basically everywhere
  23. Most of my acne is under control, but I have many very stubborn blackheads on my upper lip. Right above my upper lip are big, deep blackheads going all across. They've been there for years, and nothing I'm doing is helping. They're so deep, and covered with a lot of skin sometimes it's hard to see the black color. Most blackheads, like on my forehead, go away pretty easily, but as I said before, these ones have been there for years. I've tried scrubbing and using lotion with salicylic acid every day, but it seems they're too deep in the skin to be affected by washing. I've tried popping/squeezing them (don't worry, I used the specialized tool) but that only worked for some, and the ones it did work on often came back. I've tried being harsh, I've tried being gentle, but nothing is working. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas on how to get rid of these, I'm desperate at this point.
  24. I’m 16 years old and I’ve had cystic acne, acne, blackheads and whiteheads for the past 3 years. It’s left my skin a bit dull looking and full of hyperpigmentation. (Also I should say, I drink enough water, I don’t eat diary, and I exersice 5 times a week. My diet/lifestyle is not the cause.) Last year I discovered that if I double cleanse with coconut oil my cystic acne and most of my little pimples disappear completely. I did that for 2-3 months until I had to travel for a week and I couldnt exfoliate so my skin broke out and got bad. So I replaced coconut oil with jojoba oil which didn’t worsen or better it. I am now retrying coconut oil and again, my pimples and cystic pimples are gone but this time my pores are going crazy.I have milia, enlarged pores, blocked pores, blackheads, whiteheads and all that. Currently I double cleanse then use rose water and a bit of jojoba oil to moisturize in the morning, and at night I do the same but with my Clarisonic and also spot treat with tea tree oil. I’m completely lost on what to do. I’m scared of going to a dermatologist since the last time they prescribed me a face wash and epiduo and it didn’t work for me at all, and caused me to switch to completely natural skincare. (Although unfortunately everybody’s holygrails like witch hazel, african black soap, and rosehip oil break me out like crazy.) I’m so lost. I don’t want to lose my progress but what I’m doing now isn’t 100% working. My skin is very very sensitive and tends to get dry so it overproduces oil. Right now it’s clear from pimples but I have really bad pores and also hyperpigmentation. What should I do? My acne makes me cry almost every day. Thank you if you read all of that. I appreciate any input or thoughts.
  25. what’s a good product or anything to get rid of dark spots that actually works thank you!!