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  1. Take vitamin D and K to begin with, that will help rebalance your retinoids. Anxiety is probably one of the main causes, as Accutane completely messes up your stress and sex hormones, so right now your body probably feels a tonne of stress. People who take such a limited dose recover much better, and one of my friends took 80mg for 15 months and he is good now, though it knocked him around for a fair bit.

    One of the ironic things about accutane is it makes your body react poorly to stress, then creates a fuckton of it.

    My full recovery advise is:
    "Buy creatine, fish oil, coq10, zinc, multivitamins and a decent protein powder, take the recommended dosages for all of these, and try to meditate for 20 minutes a day"(if its early days take some k2 and vitD as well, that will get your retinoids in check post tane)

    Anyway, even if you are a random healthy male the things I've recommended would only improve your health, all would probs be available if you went to your local discount chemist 
  2. Ok lets just get straight down to business. I've had acne for not even a year and it has already amounted to this. Cystic acne started developing within 5 months of me getting acne and they haven't stopped since. I currently have 15 cysts on my face and I cannot touch my face without a pinch or throb of pain. Started Roaccutane (or accutane) 11 days ago and would like to share some photos with you guys to show you my progress throughout the 6-9 month course. I'm currently on 10mg for 1 month then bumping to 20mg. I am currently experiencing an initial breakout (or flare) like reaction and my lips are starting to dry up. This photo here ^ is well before I started accutane and was when I decided to do something about my acne. This is my first day on minocycline ^ , it had no effect - in fact (not the drugs fault) it got worse. I was getting acne on my jaw line I was so disappointed and made me so anxious to start accutane and get rid of this awful acne. So I did it's been 11 days, here is my week 1 progress photo(s). Please stay tuned for the weeks to come! Week 2 has arrived here are the photos for my second week of accutane, dry lips, dry eyes and very itchy legs. xD I don't know why but yeah.
  3. Masturbation-Acne Experiment (2015–)

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    Looks like this post has died but I'll just make my own experience starting today 29/11/2015 Day 1: Haven't done it today so it's already day 1 :D
  4. Hi, i just wanna know if it's okay to use retin-a (tretinoin) and AHA at the same time (night)? I tried to look for answers on the internet and it's very confusing. There were people saying that you can't because the AHA will deactivate the retin-a, so they were saying to use AHA in the morning and the retin-a at night... and then I saw this post from Paula's Choice website, and she clearly stated that it's great to use both at the same time because the AHA will help the retin-a to get into the skin more easily. I don't know, can you guys help me? What to do...
  5. Hi, has anyone here used Olay Regenerist Elixir? The one with Glycolic Acid? I want to try it as an alternative to Dan's AHA. How is it? Does it cause breakout? Is it effective in removing PIH? You see, i'm from the Philippines and doesn't ship here for some strange whatever reason, but i found a way on how to order the products and get it delivered here. But the shipping cost is insane, almost the same price of the products i'm going to get from this site, very pricey. That's why i looked for the alternatives until i have the money to spend for the pricey shipping fee. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I just wanna ask if it's okay to use Dan's AHA without using BP? I mean, my face is pretty much clear, like 75%. I've been using clindamycin and tretinoin for the past few months, prescribed by my dermatologist. My only problem right now is the red marks on both of my cheeks, it won't fade away. Then I've read that Dan's AHA can help me with this red marks... I just wanna know if it's okay to use it without using BP first? Will it cause initial breakout, harm my skin, skin purging and stuff like that? My comedones are pretty much gone too, so i'm wondering if it will cause me to breakout... So, yeah, thanks.
  7. I've ordered the AHA+ cream from to start the regimen and I chose to order that instead of the other regular cream because I have red scarring and hoped that would help. But now I'm second guessing my decision. Do you use the AHA cream as your regular cream? Or should it be used sparingly? If it's sparing, how often do you use it?
  8. I get very minor bumps on my neck from shaving. I use the two-blade Trac II razor which has been very gentle on my neck (I recommend it). Nonetheless, I still have a few very small bumps. It's hardly noticable at all, but I'm wondering if I can get rid of the bumps with AHA+ or a Salicylic acid product (maybe the Stridex pads). I use The Regimen on my face and have been clear of acne for five years. But I don't want to use BP on my neck because I don't want to bleach collars, and I don't get much actual acne on my neck. Like I said, just a few minor bumps. Will adding one of these exfoliating products help my neck stay 100% clear? Or will it add more irritation? I'm very curious to know what you think.
  9. Aha+

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    Hi guys! Quick question on the AHA+. I gave Dan's AHA a go last night. A face full of AHA as my moisturizer. I have seen many a post on here that led me to believe it would sting or something but I didn't get that feeling at all. Does this mean that it isn't working? I have been using another type of AHA before this. A generic gel formula I bought locally. It still had 10% glycolic acid. Though that AHA never stung, I really did think changing to Dan's AHA would give me that stinging sensation. So, am I just lucky or could there be something wrong my the AHA+ I got?
  10. Hello world!, Well i was wondering how to use AHA. Basically i herd after a month on the regimen you should start using AHA. i bought the Neutrogena Healthy Skin with SPF 15 since it contains AHA and it has spf. Now first question is how do i use it? do i use it as the third step, so.. 1). cleanser 2).B.P. 3) AHA or do i add moisturizer after AHA? my second question is how many times do i use it per day or per week? day or night or both? and my final question is, before, i use to use Neutrogena Visibly Even Daily Moisturizer spf 30 morning and night and it worked well for me, but since im switching to Neutrogena Healthy Skin with SPf 15 can/should i still use the Visibly Even moisturizer or should i stick with the Healthy Skin for day and night since it has spf for the day thanks guys.
  11. Hey guys. So in nov of 2010 I started doing the regimen. It was literally life changing, I saw results within a week! I never had acne while I was in high school. My first semester of college I broke out like crazy but it was never really severe. At my worst I'd say my skin was about 60% covered. My T zone and temples have always been clear, I mostly get them on my cheeks. I tried proactive, neutrogena, dermalogica and nothing really worked. I found the regimen & started doing my own version of it. I used an all natural, organic, paraben & sulfate free soap from the brand sibu. I'd apply the BP and moisturize with jojoba oil. I noticed results within a week and my face was clear for 8 months. in june 2011 it started breaking out again. I thought maybe my skin got used to the regimen so I took a little break. When I went back to it it didn't worked. I tried again a year later so this is spring 2012 now and it still didn't work. For the past year I've basically been using either my sibu or shea african black soap and cerave pm. my skin has been "okay" but I want it to be flawless like before. What do you guys suggest? I don't wanna drop money on the big bottle of DK's BP if it's not going to work but idk what else to try. salicylic acid has never worked on me. Also, I didn't use the AHA cuz it had no effect & I thought it smelled bad so I returned it. thanks
  12. hi there. so im looking for the fastest way to get rid of/fade red marks in about 4 months. i just started using a turmeric and honey mask for the past 2 nights. i am good with following anything religously. please help me. its urgent. im looking to purchase anything under $100. Currently. I wash my face in the morning with the shower head, and then i use Kiss My face 4% AHA Moisterizer all over my face. Then at night- i was my face with warm water, apply honey/turmeric mask, then i wait 20 mins, then i wash it off with spectre/mary kay 3in1 oil free cleanser/ baking soda. then i splash cold water on my face, and apply the Kiss my face aha moisterizer. i need help. PS: THE LIGHT WAS REALLY LOW IN MY WASHROOM. THE RED MARKS ARE ALOT REDDER. YOU CAN SEE THEM ALOT.
  13. A Kiwi's Journey

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    Hey heyyyyy everybody! =) So I've just decided to document my own Accutane process after checking this site out a fair few times and finally making the decision to try out this stuff for myself. I'm a 20 year old female from NZ and have suffered from acne for almost half of my life. I started getting pimples at age 11/12 and from there it just got worse and worse. My type of acne only affects my chin, that being said I do get the occasional pimple on my cheeks or even forehead but my chin is always covered in the things. I first went to the doctor at 18 when I realised this wasn't going away on it's own, especially after trying every topical over the counter treatment under the sun (including Proactiv, different facial cleansers, tea tree oil and even changing my birth control pill etc) My doctor actually diagnosed me with perioral dermatitis which is a kind of skin disease that only affects the areas surrounding the mouth and has an appearance much like acne but it isn't. So from there I was put on the antibiotic doxycycline and given a topical gel called eryacne. I did several courses of this but to little effect. Suddenly - about 8 months ago now, my "perioral dermatitis" got WORSE. It all started spreading up from my chin and I was getting more and more pimples on my cheeks and jawline (which I had never got before) I was getting SO upset with what I saw in the mirror everyday after taking off my makeup, I started trying things like changing my diet, not using anything with sodium lauryl sulphate, only using natural products and so on but nothing was making a difference so I went back to my doctor and he said, oh you actually have acne. -_- From there he referred me to a dermatologist, who then told me he could put me on Oratane (Accutane) or I could try a hormonal birth control pill specifically for skin disorders. I decided to go with the latter as I was opposed to taking such a strong drug without trying absolutely every single other possible way first. So I tried Ginet 84 for a few months (long enough that I should have noticed a difference in my skin) and it didn't work, so it was time to go back and get myself some Oratane. SO! I am now officially 1 month into my treatment and nothing has changed, in a bad way that is! The only side effect I have is dry lips, and even then they're not really dry as such, they just feel weird haha. I do use lip balm religiously but more as a preventative thing then a cause and effect dealio. My hair doesn't get so oily so fast any more - another definite plus - and when I get pimples (which I still do) they dry up pretty darn fast, they have a high turnover rate so to speak. I felt this stuff working straight away, after 2 days I started getting more pimples, not sure if it was the IB or not but I definitely got a few more then I'd be having the last weeks, however there were a few days where my skin was PIMPLE FREE!! Something I haven't experienced for almost a decade. Great feeling guys, great feeling! (Can't wait till it's a total reality!) I should probably mention my first month I was on 20mg a day, tomorrow, the beginning of my 2nd month I am being bumped up to 2 pills for a total of 40mg per day, after that I see my dermo for a review. Sorry this is super long ha just thought the first post should have the nitty gritty details, the following can just be updates! Also should mention I've gone into this with an attitude where I don't think about it often/at all, I'm just letting the drug do it's thing, I don't like the idea of stressing myself out thinking about it all too much or whatever, I'm just going with the flow and so far it's suuuuuuper sweeeeeeet! I did the whole researching it thing and reading all the negative side effects and so on, no point freaking myself about it though. Deciding to make this topic was spurr of the moment after I read a few others haha! Cool bananas so that's my story so far, let's hope it has a happy ending yeah? Oratane for the epic fairytale win! =D Thanks guys, pics posted progressively.. =) xx
  14. Aha - How Often To Use?

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    Hi guys! This is my first post here, although I’ve been using Dan’s products for several months now. My breakouts are generally mild-severe, but are almost always in the form of whiteheads; sometimes small & manageable, other times they get to be huge and can last for days before finally drying out from the BP. I recently purchased Dan’s AHA moisturizer after reading great reviews on here. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks so far. The first week, it was great. I used it once a day, at night, after washing my face and applying BP. I’m now in the 2nd week of using it, and I’m noticing some breakouts on my chin (which is where I tend to break out anyway). A few tiny whiteheads and then two fairly large, inflamed whiteheads. Has anyone experienced this type of break out during week 2 of AHA? Should I keep using it? I’ve been using it every night – even though it stings each time! – but am wondering if that’s overdoing it… Any thoughts are welcome!
  15. Clogged Chin Pores

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    New Member here and was wondering if anybody else was experiencing the same thing as me or would be kind enough to help me out. I have had clogged pores on my chin for more than a year with occasional pimple flair ups in the chin area making it look worse. I've been to the dermatologist 5 times and all he has given me is a glycolic foam wash prescribed me with veltin gel, duac, aczone and epiduo but it obviously hasn't helped clear my chin only my other acne. On my last visit i had asked him if he could just extract/squeeze the pus out but said no. Do dermatologists do glycolic peels or any type of extractions?? or do i have to go to a different specialist for that? I have also used Dans regimen more than a year ago and was considering using it again and getting the AHA if that would help please let me know.
  16. Starting Summer of 2010, I started my 6 month long treatment of Accutane. I was given a high dosage in my opinion (the first month I took 40 mg a day, and the other five I took 80 mg a day). It was a success and after the 4th month I completely stopped getting ANY bumps at all! I was amazed and even found myself forgetting to wash my face regularly. While on treatment I didn't get many side effects, (including dry, chapped lips) the only ones I remember are common bloody noses, and everyone thought I was always sick because my face always looked insanely dry and pale (and i'm half black, so you know it's bad haha). My acne stayed gone for a couple years, but after that I started noticing little bumps coming back. However, to this day it is still not NEARLY as bad as it used to be, it's nothing a little OCD face wash can't control. But I wanted an opinion on if it is worth going on a second round of Accutane, even though my acne isn't in my opinion that bad. I was thinking if I did go a second round just go an insanely low dosage like 20 mg a day since it's not that severe, but I wanted to get everyone's opinions! Pictures below as you can see, it's not that bad- in fact most of it is just scarring
  17. I have mild/moderate acne. I've just hit the 7 week mark on the regimen (using Dan's products). During the first 3 weeks I did see some improvement, and then gradually my skin got drier and started breaking out more and more often. I switched out Dan's moisturizer for CeraVe, and that's been keeping my skin a lot more supple. However, I feel like the BP is still bringing all the stuff under the skin to the surface, in an icky way (a purge?). I started incorporating Dan's AHA about a week ago, and I must say I do think it has been helping with the breakouts (especially healing quickly) and red marks. Is this normal? How much longer can I expect this "purge" to go on for before I get "all clear"?
  18. What To Do After Applying Aha?

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    I've been using AHA for the past week. I've used it twice so far and haven't used a sunscreen with it yet. But I just got Olay Complete tonight and was wondering if I'm supposed to put it on even when I'm not using AHA? Should I stop putting it on or add it into the regimen?
  19. How To Use Regimen

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    I have the 3 step regimen on it's way and have done a lot of research about it. Because numerous people have stated that they get excessively dry skin and that jojoba oil was really helpful I went on ebay and bought this. Can you please tell me if that would be a good substitute because if it isn't the next time I order the regimen I will purchase dan's jojobal oil bottle. Also, how should I use jojoba oil? Add a couple of drops ( how many ) directly on the moisturizer and mix it then apply it? I also have a lot of scar and hyper pigmentations. How can I remove these scars and marks left over and even my skin tone? Is this what the AHA is for? If not, what is the AHA for? Any product recommendations and how to use it to remove scars and even out skin tone?
  20. Hello all, This has probably been said before but I think it's something worth bringing up. The regimen for 99% of people works, however many side affects or inperfect it is, it gets rid of acne, it's the only thing keeping my skin clear, and I would be lost without it. A lot of people rely on the regimen to keep them going, I see a lot of posts about people contemplating suicide because of their acne, and i see posts about people who have come out of depression because their acne has been 'tackled' (I don't want to use the word cure,) by the regimen, so you could say it truly is a 'life saver'. Even though this website is the basic of basic of names '' it took me a while before I came across this website, over a year while I was trying to clear up my skin, and it is such a relief to have something that works! It's a scary thought thinking that without this, my face would be covered in spots that I couldn't really do much about. So it's quite clear that this website is an amazing source of information, for clearing up acne, it's all true, not like those adverts from skin care companies, with a new type of 'formula' advertised every day, this place has no B/S what so ever. It actually pains me to see other people with very bad acne, I think to myself I wish they knew about this website, they could get cleared up! I almost walk over to random strangers just to tell them about it, I wish that was something you could do in society haha. I really do think should expand, for a start, more people need to know about this! It would be amazing if because a store known brand and just just something you see over the internet. One big step would be to get products to other places in the world, naturally, I'm going to say get them to England, because I live here! But of course, the rest of the world too, slowly but surely. It is starting to become too much of a pain to order products to England, the shipping costs, the shipping times (a month postage?!?!) and customs, it's too much of a hassle. Also, It would be amazing to see the actual regimen as a well known acne treatment, at the moment you sort of need to 'come across' this website, why not advertise? Get the regimen into stores, I know is solely funded by the sale of the products, and they are sold at minimal profit, but even if a good slice of profit was made from them, if it was spent on getting the word out more, i think that would be amazing! At the moment I just think the website should expand to as many people as possible, why not? Just my views and opinions, hopefully people will agree with me
  21. Best Way To Use Aha+?

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    I just ordered Dan's Aha+. What do y'all think is the best way to use it? I'm looking to help fade my red marks and even out skin tone. Thanks!
  22. Hey everyone! I am a 27 yr. old female victim of acne for a good 7 years now. I remember always having a problem with acne but it really hit me hard when I was 20 & it has been my worst enemy ever since. Definitely at a point where I'm pretty sure I'm just destined to have acne. I feel like accutane is my last hope soo fingers crossed!! I was prescribed 20 mg of Amnesteem & I am on day 8. I am without a doubt in the "worse before it gets better" stage. Wake up every morning to several new pimples. Some big, some small...take your pick, its on my face. Side effects are not bad at all. My lips are peeling a little bit & my face is a tiny bit more dry than usual but that's about it. It seems like my scars are more noticeable too. Not sure if that's just in my head or not haha. Good luck to everyone on their accutane journey! And I hope to have some good news on my next post! (I definitely don't have outrageously high expectations or anything)
  23. Hello everyone! I finally have clear beautiful skin!! (Knock on wood)! I want to share my story on here. If it can even help one person then it's worth it! This post will be quite long because I'm covering my background, products and tips. I'm 41 years old and have suffered off and on with acne/cystic acne since high school. I had a really bad outbreak about two years ago that I couldn't get rid of or get a break from. Diet has no part in my acne as I have been gluten free, dairy free, meat free for over 10 years. I don't eat any processed foods/sugar and eat a mostly raw food diet and am free of grains. I don't take any medications and only use homeopathic remedies when I get sick/ill. None of the homeopathic remedies or suppliments/vitamins I took would work on the acne I had. Several times during a two year period I changed my face cleansing regimine, trying to find something that would work. I did at home peels and bought really expensive products. I tried sulfur soaps, tried oil cleansing, colloidal silver, neem oil ect. but nothing worked. At one time I counted 18 cystic bumps on my chin alone- the cystic acne was piled on top of each other! I had these weird hard white plugs sticking out of my skin. My jaw line was covered in itchy bumps that were flesh colored. My entire nose was covered in black heads and my forehead had hundreds of tiny baby acne bumps. I was a mess!!! Then I found the regimine on-line and decided to give it a try!! While I was waiting for my regimine to arrive I decided to stop washing my face with water. I thought our well water could be making my skin worse so I bought some witch hazel cleansing facial wipes and used those. I wouldn't even let the shower water hit my face! My face started to look a bit calmer so I kept up with not letting the water touch my face. My regimine arrived and I started using it as described. I would cleanse and let my face dry completely before putting on the treatment cream. Once the treatment cream was dry I then put two pumps of moisterizer along with 6 drops of jojoba oil on my face. After a week or so I noticed my cystic acne was getting smaller and less irritated looking. Then BAM horrible itching and cystic acne again. I decided to cut out the first step using the cleanser and go back to using the witch hazel pads and not letting the water touch my skin. I still used the treatment cream and moisterzier/oil. Within a couple days my face was looking and feeling MUCH better. At this point I hadn't tried the AHA -which came with my kit so I tried it one night mixed in with my moisterizer and it made my face burn really bad. I looked up information and found that it should be used only after using the regimine for a couple weeks or so. I decided to use a teeny tiny amount of AHA each night and work my way up. That worked great for me! I noticed after starting the regimine that the wrinkles around my eyes were looking really deep. I decided to create a barrier around my eyes by putting a layer of eye cream underneath each eye (kind of like a football player with the black under his eyes). This keeps the regimine from making any contact with the delicate skin under my eyes. The deeps wrinkles are gone and my eye area actually looks so much better than before using the regimine because of all the barrier eye cream I use! My process as of today: Morning: Step one- Cleanse using witch hazel cleansing cloth. Let face dry completely Put on my barrier eye cream Step two- Treatment cream- started off with pea size and have worked my way up to a half dollar size. Let dry completely. Step Three- 1 pump of moisterizer with 6 drops of jojoba oil After this soaks in then I put on my make-up. Night: Step One- Cleanse using wich hazel cleansing cloth. Let face dry completely Put on my barrier eye cream Step two- treatment cream- let dry completely Step three- 1 pump of moisterizer, same amount of AHA as moisterizer (started off only using a tiny amount), 6-10 drops of jojoba oil Anyway, I did initially get really dried out with the treatment cream. I kept on using it (pea size amount) and moisterizing and after a couple of weeks the peeling and dryness went away. I gradually used more and more of the treatment cream til I got to the amount I use now. I don't have any dryness now. My skin is so soft and smooth!!!! I wish I had taken "before" photos but I avoided all cameras and pictures.
  24. Aha Questions/help

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    I've been on DKR a little over a month now. I would say my skin has become accustomed to BP because I quickly started to see a ton of my dryness/flakiness go away, but I still had some there. I used AHA for the first time last night. First off, is it supposed to smell weird. All I could smell was pickles. Its like I was putting my nose up to a pickle jar. I also noticed the next day I had more dry ness than I did. Did this happen to you guys when you used it for the first time. I dont want to keep you here all day but how many times should I use it a week. Once or twice? And should I put Olay Complete on the next morning after moisturizing? Thanks
  25. Painful Spot Pls Help! (Pic Attached)

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    inflamed spot.bmpScar1.bmpscar2.bmp Hi, I urgently need some help! I have got this inflamed open pimple since last Friday - I squeezed it on Sunday since it was popping whitehead and it was very painful and swelling. The other 2 pictures are my sides of face. I suspect I got rolling scars...left since 3 years ago after a series of bad break out and I have always been acne prone skin since grew up so I did not do anything to address the spots and scars. Now I am in my late 20th, and I see my skin looked bad in certain lights.... and I wanted to save them! The scar has affected my confidence to some degree, I will not say I was deeply affected by them, but I could not go out today because the inflamed open pimple on my left cheek for example... My current skin regime and tools are the following: Nov 2012 I was using Dan's BP and AHA since last Nov and they did stop the my weekly break-out from happening weekly. I had a break-out free 2-3 months and I did get one pimple before my period, but it went away fast. Jan 2013 At the beginning January, I bought a clarisonic classic for cleaning my face since I got oily skin and i do wear make up everyday. I also stopped wearing foundation for my face, instead I am using dr Jart's BB cream and since its got sun SPF 30. I also got a sample size of dermalogica's solar defense booster with SPF 50. Jan 2013 I entered a period of break-out free period which enabled me to concentrate on curing scars (see my pictures). I bought Obagi clear 4% and Retin A cream (0.05%). I also use Dr Jart Vitalaser for skin regenerating purpose. I read good things about copper peptide, so for the same order I obagi I also order Devita coper peptide for sun damage control (which I do not have...). I know CP is good for skin repaire, so I was using it after I put obagi clear. In the AM: Clarisonic cleaning the face Dr Jart toner AHA 10% Obagi clear 4% some times : 3 times a week I out on CP sun cream BB cream In the PM: Clarisonic cleaning the face Dr Jart toner AHA 10% Obagi clear 4% some times : 3 times a week I out on CP Retin A 0.005% CP cream Vitamine E gel all over the face Beginning of Feb 2013 I bought a face cream with hyaluronic acid , so I now use it straight after cleaning my face. The rest is the same. I bought salicylic acid 20% and have used twice, last Friday night for all over the face and Saturday for spot treatment (the inflamed spot in the pic). not much peeling only skin felt soft and smooth afterwards. I also got 30% lactic acid but I have NOT got time to apply it. This week, I got skin biology's super CP serum and Super CP x 2; and lacsal serum (8.5% lactic acid and 15% salicylic acid). I have been using it since Monday, and I put CP x 2 serum on my inflamed spot and now its kind went down but still swelling and got blood in it.. there is something black inside the spot, but I am too scared to insert anything to tick it out... so I just pureed CP serum into it... So thats pretty much my current regime and products I am using for my face. I do not have other active pimples just the one I took pic. I want to get advice / suggestion on 1) treatment for that inflamed pimple 2) type of my scars 3) appropriate treatments for my scars, so when I go talk to a derm, I have some basic knowledge... instead of being leading by the doc. 4) any suggestions of how or the right way of using the skin products I have listed above. Or anyone who has had similar problem like mine and have been making progress / see improvement pls share your experience with me! Thank you soooo MUCH!!