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  1. Hey everyone, I have been sticking to a skin care routine for nearly two weeks now and it has helped clear some acne on my forehead. The problem is I don’t feel like the rest is going to go away. I’ve only ever had issues with acne/pimples on my forehead. Do you know what these are and how can I treat them? Do I need to change my diet - ditch the dairy or can you suggest some prescription medication? thank you
  2. Hi I have acne problem fro last 6 year, what to do?
  3. STILL breaking out, but skin picking/touching may have contributed to that. No cystic breakouts, but a lot of pustules, closed comedones, blackheads, and whiteheads (yuck). The closed comedones have worsened on my chin (they were there before Accutane) and have also started to appear on my cheeks and forehead. Fun times. I’m working really hard to stop picking my acne but it is so, so difficult when they hurt or are really distinct bumps. Stupid brain making me do stuff that’s bad for me. Products used: - Up and Up Charcoal Facial Cleanser: for morning face wash, occasionally (I mostly use just water though, bc I’m lazy and idk if the charcoal is too intense for my skin) - Thayer's Cucumber-Witch Hazel Toner Spray: spray on face morning and night immediately after cleanse - Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night after toner dries - Burt’s Bees Chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day - Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed - Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY) and bare hands for washing my face - I have some DERMA collagen sheet masks from Amazon that I use two or so times a week, mostly just for fun but they are also really moisturizing and I feel like I am doing more (I’m used to using like a billion different products and I’m really impatient so this helps me feel more proactive haha, also keeps me from touching my face) Symptoms: - Dry face: Not considerably - Dry lips: Yes, but manageable - Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. - Depression: No significant increase -Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into - Hair loss: Yes, but I’m not going bald and I still have eyebrows
  4. Still breaking out Had a few bad days of picking that may have aggravated the situation. Mirrors and touch are big triggers for me, so I’ve already had the mirrors in my room and bathroom covered for a while. I’m using my brother’s vanity bathroom extension for putting on makeup (which I’m trying to do less but self-esteem has always been low and is even lower now that my face is extra bad) and I used paper to cover part of the mirror so I can’t lean in close and over-analyze my pores. My face still isn’t getting hyper-dry as so many Accutane users’ do, but my lips are definitely more chapped and my scalp is drier. Products used: - Up and Up Charcoal Facial Cleanser: for morning face wash (I’m starting to just use water though) - Thayers Cucumber-Witch Hazel Toner Spray: spray on face morning and night immediately after cleanse - Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night after toner dries - Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day. I hate the texture of heavy stuff on my lips so I like to use the thinner chapstick throughout the day. I’m using the classic peppermint ones now because I have so many of them, but I recommend the moisturizing ones because they’re a lot smoother. I keep one in my pocket throughout the day for reapplying. I really suggest Burt’s Bees brand though! Save the bees AND your skin - Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed - Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use this with shower gloves (gently) to keep myself from picking at my skin in the shower. I just apply it to my face with bare hands though so minimize abrasion. I dropped Suave b/c it started to irritate my skin and dried it out more than it moisturized. I stopped using the oil cleanser because I finally found out that a lot of the passive spots appearing on my skin weren’t sebaceous filaments, but closed comedones, so the oil may have made that worse also it tends to be a drying process, as it is often used for oil pulling, so probably not the best product while on Accutane. Symptoms: - Dry face: not considerably - Dry lips: yes, but manageable - Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. - Aches: Most likely due to gym workouts - Depression: I have anxiety and Dermatillomania (OCD behavior), and potentially mild depression as well (according to my therapist) as a result of anxiety so it comes and goes in waves but there hasn’t been a noticeable increase - Tiredness: Started taking the medicine in the evening and I’m not as tired during the day anymore - Dizziness: probably linked to tiredness; is no longer noticeable - Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into - Hair loss: I’ve definitely noticed more hair loss. I get this same symptom when my anxiety gets really really bad, but it hasn’t really gotten like that so much since I’ve started college so the hair loss is definitely linked to the medication. I keep my hair in a braid most of the day and at night to try to limit it, though to be honest I don’t know if it makes a significant difference.
  5. Definitely breaking out more, really hard to ignore the bigger ones but I can generally keep myself from touching smaller bumps unless they have a whitehead, then I just scrape them off with a fingernail. Not very dry yet, as far as I can tell, and definitely not dry on my chin or forehead/nose. Scalp/back seems to be getting drier and more broken out, but my hair still gets nasty by the end of the day. Products used: - Up and Up Charcoal Facial Cleanser: for morning face wash - Thayers Cucumber-Witch Hazel Toner Spray: spray on face morning and night immediately after cleanse - Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night after toner dries - Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning - Aquaphor tube: use as chapstick, mainly at night ( I don’t like heavy or thick substances on my lips during the day) - Suave Cocoa-Oatmeal Body Wash: use with shower gloves (gently) on body, use with something softer like a Konjac sponge for face (DO NOT use gloves on face, they are too abrasive) - DMC Deep Cleansing Oil: use twice a week as gentle exfoliator; apply 1-2 pumps of oil to face with fingers and wait for ~5 minutes, then massage face with gentle pressure in circular motions for ~5 min. You will LITERALLY feel and see the blackheads and clogged pore plugs come out. Wash off with gentle cleanser. Super satisfying, but once I start getting drier it may become too drying, so this part may not stay. Symptoms: - Dry face: no - Dry lips: no - Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes. - Aches: A little bit, but could be due to gym or poor mattress. - Depression: no more than usual - Tiredness: Yes, I became more tired and “disconnected.” I am going to try to take it in the evening rather than the morning now to see if it helps. - Dizziness: Like I said, I felt more “disconnected”/daydreamy, and sometimes that became a little dizzying or nauseating but not enough to really be concerning. - ThORsty: I am consistently really thirsty for some reason? My throat feels a little stuffy too, like I had a cold. I was taking pretty strong antibiotics for acne before I started Accutane, so perhaps my body is just trying to readjust to needing to defend itself.
  6. This is my string of weekly updates and self-motivating factors as I try to combat my acne with Accutane while also combatting my Dermatillomania (OCD behavior that makes it enjoyable for me to pick at imperfections and bumps on my skin, like acne, especially when stressed). Accutane is more cost effective, efficient, and thorough than trying to counter my broken-out, oily skin with even more over-the-counter products and regimens. My skin just doesn't respond positively to anything, it either makes it break out or makes it break out really badly. I’ve also started getting a ton of really annoying sebaceous filaments on my chin that won’t go away. I’ve tried many topicals and antibiotics to no avail, and this is the last resort. I may not have chronic or severe cystic acne by most people’s standards, but it is definitely unresponsive to the combined attempts of my dermatologist and I. I have been weakly fighting my Dermatillomania over many years, as despite the scabs and scars it is still shamefully and uncontrollably satisfying to me to clear out my pimples. I see a therapist for both my anxiety and skin-picking now, and I hope that taking Accutane and knowing that I could smooth over most if not all of my self-inflicted damage from the past will provide the extra motivation to get over this utterly embarrassing and socially limiting disorder! Please help me out and follow me on my journey, if you will Products used: - All of them, pretty much, at some point. - CeraVe moisturizer makes me break out for sure. Symptoms: - Acne is dumb - Honestly what the heck
  7. I have a weird question to i have to apply the msm cream within the dent or around the dent? Because if it is supposed to remove the top layer we should apply only around the dent otherwise it will deepen the scar as well. And if it only regenerates new cells, should we apply it only within the deep scar and not around it? This is the picture of my scar. pls tell me how i can treat them wih products without laser or any other major treatment like TCA cross and etc. Some people claim that only rosehip treated their boxscar. i have the same question for rosehip oil. Apply it only in the scar or around it?thank youuthe msm cream i have is this .. pls tell me if this one is good for deep scars
  8. So having oily skin, my first question is, is this really right for me? Is it good to just leave the oil on my skin without washing? Wouldn't that cause problems? I've read about people who have oily skin and had success with the routine, but I'm still a little worried. That's why I've been gently cleansing here and there. I definitely like the less is more approach. I don't know if I'm comfortable with doing nothing. Could using a gentle cleanser at night and rinsing with water in the morning be what my skin needs? But I don't want to defeat the whole purpose of the caveman routine. Next, am I just not committing to this enough or giving it enough time? If I completely stop washing, except for a water rinse, will the oil subside? Like I mentioned, I've never really had trouble with oil until the last two years. I'm thinking the harsh products I was using has caused my skin to pump out lots of oil. It's just really unbearable and it's really hard to not reach for the cleanser each morning. Does skin 'purge' on this routine? I never had whiteheads, and now I do in places I never break out. This is the only excuse I have for them. But if it's not the case, I'm wondering what I should do about it.Should I exfoliate once a week? Does this ruin the whole process? I'm thinking it's probably good to remove some of that dead skin, but I don't want to ruin the acid barrier.Does gently cleansing at night ruin the process? I believe the skin can heal itself, and I can't believe I've been treating it so harsh and stripping my skin so much. I know it needs time to heal, but does cleansing nightly, with nothing harsh, really affect it? For some reason, I can't justify leaving dirt, oil, and whatever else my skin gets exposed to, on my face while I sleep. And water doesn't seem to clean that well. Is there a middle ground? I get that this routine has worked great for others, but I've discovered that I am nothing like others. I saw I guy who cleansed and moisturized the first day, only cleansed the second day, and did nothing the third day, then repeated the process. He did this until his skin cleared up, and said eventually he could go a few more days without cleansing and moisturizing. So instead of going cold turkey, he weaned himself off the products. But again this just seems like a less is more approach. It's kind of what I'm doing now. Minus the moisturizing, because my face just doesn't need it. Does this approach properly allow the skin to heal? Or are you stripping it again as soon as it starts to get better? And lastly, what next? Let's say I go through with this routine, only using water to rinse, and my skin clears up. Even if the oil goes away, I'm not keen on letting sweat, dirt and other bactiria sit on my skin. Would it be okay to reintroduce a gentle cleanser? I don't want to go through all this trouble to see my skin break out again. I'll never use toners or harsh spot treatments again (I threw my benzoyle peroxide out after reading about the caveman) but I am a clean person. And maybe not all the time, but just like you need to take a shower, sometimes you just need to wash your face. I'm very concerned about my skin, and tired of waisting time and money. I want to do things right this time. Any reply would be much appriciated. Even if I could have one question answered, I'd be extremely thankful. I might follow the 3 day method for the time being.
  9. Trying out the caveman routine

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    I was really desperate when I found the caveman routine. Now, this freaked me out, and I know why. Because I was addicted to the products I was using on my face and the false hope they would clear my skin. But reading about it, it made sense. And did I want to live the rest of my life with a 10 step routine that didn't even work? The worst that could happen is nothing and I'll just go on living with bad skin, but at least I won't be wasting time and money on products. So I started caveman over a week ago. I was only rinsing with water and using a makeup remover to take off my eye makeup. At first, it was scary, but then it felt like a relief. I wasn't obsessing as much as I used to over my skin, and I wasn't getting as many breakouts. ..Yet. On day four I started getting whiteheads all over my chin, upper lip, on my forehead and in the creases by my nose. I was concerned about this because I hardly ever get whiteheads, and for the most part, my forehead is clear except for looking like a frying pan. By the end of the week, my face felt so gross. I had to exfoliate it. I just used a product I had by Aveeno, which was the Aveeno naturals gentle exfoliater. It felt a little better, but still super oily. So for a few days, I battled with blotting my skin and dusting with a pressed powder to control some shine. I'm rinsing with water morning and night and switched from using a makeup remover to some olive oil on a cotton swab to remove mascara and eyeliner. Aside from the powder, I use a concealer on a few really bad scars I have, and this hasn't seemed to cause a problem. My skin is so oily it usually removes the makeup by the end of the day, but I do wipe over those areas with the oil. This also hasn't seemed to cause a problem. I know, why am I adding oil to more oily, you're probably thinking. But this hasn't seemed to make my skin any more greasy. It works like a moisturizer and keeps my skin feeling pretty soft. And I will rinse with water after using it, so really no problems. My skin is still oily and whiteheads are still there three days into week 2. I did cleanse my skin again today, which I'm hoping didn't effect anything. I know I shouldn't but the feel of my skin is so unbareable. I'm going to stick with this caveman routine and update on how it is affacting my skin. I hope for the best. I do have some questions about it, so I will post on that later.
  10. okay so i diluted white distilled vinegar with some water and dabbed it on my forehead w a cotton ball (idk probably bc google said its good for acne) and it ended up just leaving little scars and scabs on my pimples. i also had comedones that were burned and now are red and scabby. now my face is all red, inflamed, and scarred. heeellppp!!
  11. Hello! I’m a 15 year old teenager with (sometimes) very dry, eczema prone skin, and oily mainly on my t-zone. I’ve had these small spots on my forehead for about three years but now my skin has hit an all time low. A couple years ago it used to be very small pimples on my forehead, which progressed be red and increased in number on my forehead (as seen on the photos, i miss my old skin so much). My spots tend to itch sometimes and looked a bit like whatpeople with pityrosporum had which is what made me think it could be that. Sometimes I get small spots near my nose on my cheek. In all honesty, I don’t have the best or most healthy diet, I tend to touch my spots out of habit, and don't drink much water (I have been a lot more recently), which are probably contributing factors to this. I also wear makeup on my forehead, which therefore could be a case of not removing my makeup properly. I have tried various affordable face washes/scrubs, Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (it actually did an ok job around last year but it doesn’t do much now), Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick and Dr. Wu Intensive Renewal Serum with Mandelic Acid 18% (it was recommended to me by a friend, I didn’t try it out for long because I got scared lol). I have not seen to a doctor or dermatologist yet but I thought I’d see what response I would receive on here and do some online research (probably not the best idea). Any feedback would be really funappreciated. Thank you!
  12. Please help me... I have had these little dots all over my chin for a good few months now. NOTHING has helped clear them at all. I’m starting to think maybe they are fungal and that’s why they aren’t responding to treatment. They aren’t visible in all lights but in direct sunlight they are very obvious.
  13. Hi Ive been dealing with mild to bad acne since 11 (i'm now 17), around summer of last year I started my first course of accutane which was 20mg a day + Augmentin Antibiotics. I didnt suffer from any initial breakout and my skin was barely reacting to it until about month 4 when i started to see progress. There was barely any drawbacks except for my body aches and dry lips. After about 6 months of it I moved countries and stopped taking it. I returned back home later and started college, possibly the best skin of my whole life as I barely got any pimples and my scars were doing really well. About 3-4 months after I started getting flesh-colored bumps on my forehead and started breaking out bad so I immediately went to my derm again and got prescribed with a different brand of isotretinoin and got a 3 month dose without the antibiotics as they made my immune system very weak. The first week my skin was red, shiny, peeling and so very sensitive. The initial breakout i experienced since day one (and still get so many pimples now) was the worst ive ever seen. At this point my skin flakes, can still get oily and my lips are extremely dry. But, my skin is so bad, its worst ive ever seen. The scars are so dark and red, my pimples are so frequent and its just overall in a horrible state. Any advice? im so confused why my first course was good in terms of IB and my skin just always getting bad but now its just getting worse and worse.
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    I've been on trentinoin cream for almost going on 3 months and I still break out now my left cheek is getting more clogged pores then when I first started trentinoin maybe I should switch because when I first started trentinoin I never had active acne until now I'm always getting pimples
  15. Spironolactone 3 month update

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    Hi Everyone!!! So three months ago almost I came on to this website, 1 week on spiro, really struggling with severe cystic acne all over and severe nausea. I have great news!! My pimples/cysts are GONE!!! I still have hyperpigmentation but oh my heck. Its been almost a year since i haven't had painful cysts all over my face! I take 50MG at night time every day. I still have mild nausea but nothing too bad. Keep with it even if you're struggling, I didn't see much progress until the last 2 weeks.
  16. hey guys I wanna ask about what should i do because ive been on the regimen for since 2/21/18 and its now 7/14/18 so ive been using it for almost 5 months now and im approaching the sixth month but ive only started using the AHA+ for around 3 weeks and only recently ive started to breakout a lot, im getting kind of nervous i dont want my skin to be how it used to be like really bad so any tips? should i stop using the aha for a bit? im gonna do that but please reply and ask me further questions so we can get to the bottom of this. thank you guys ps. the AHA when i first started using it worked incredibly great my skin was insanely soft and smooth but week 3 the AHA started burning my skin and it started to bleed a little and i woke up today with two small scabs where the blood used to be im in the sun a lot could this be another great factor? please let me know asap thank you guys you are all the best i feel like its something im doing wrong, i havent been cheese still that is one of the main things that break me out but anyone feel free to help me I am more than glad to provide pictures for more detailed description
  17. Hello all, I know there are a few threads of this, but most if not all are very old (5years min) I was hoping to see if anyone active here has used Retin-A after an accutane course? Did your derm suggest it? What dosage did you take to start? How did your skin react to it? Thanks guys!
  18. Please help

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    Hello! I’m new here and am searching for help. About 2 months ago my mild acne of a few pimples here and there became a lot worse becoming more moderate and possibly severe. I’m mainly affected on my cheeks and I have seen a dermatologist. I was prescribed an antibiotic cream and epiduo forte. I am a vegetarian, yet I do not drink milk and try to rarely have any dairy. Even though I do all these things my skin is still suffering. It is beginning to have bad emotional effects on my self esteem and making me feel slightly depressed. Any insights? (Please see photos)
  19. Hey guys. I badly need help. I’ve been being really conscious and pressured at clearingmy acne. Im literally the one that tried EVERY SINGLE OTC products- from facial washes, peeling agents (astringents/Salicylic/Hydroquine/tretinoin) soaps, creams. Ok, heres my background. Im from a tropical country and a student, the only product that has decently (decent for me means that after using that product, no more than one or two new pimples will pop out) worked on me are peeling agents specifically Hydroquine-Tretinoine. Its a product I discovered that features both anti acne and clears the spots (literally). while the skin peels, removing all the darkspots and my old skin, not even a sngle acne popped out. The only thing I hated about this kind of product (peeling) is that my face gets SO red. Trust the bold and caps. When I use this product, I make sure that I will NOT even put a foot outside our hide because if I cant even manage to look at my own face, how can others, right? It only takes one week domt worry Here’s what it does: Day 2 you will get darn red, day 3 you get a darker shade of red, day 4-6 shedding, day 7 you will have a literally naked skin. it looks so bare to the point that your skin is not dry, not oily, and not elastic. This is the point that I take care of it extremely- I sleep facing towards the ceiling, moisturizes, and use mild soaps. It was rainbows and unicorns at first, but fuck it was bad when i recall it and I dont wan to experience it again. Right now, i want to try out Benzac- the 2.5 one since I read a lot of good infos about it as well as reviews. Still, I cant get the courage to but it right now even if i can since i have lots of questions going through my head and google can asnswer it directly. Please, what I need is answers not background. There are times that when you give an answer and explain yourself, it makes the reader confused of what you are trying to say. Are you saying yes, no, or just explaining the effects of it? Q1: Im from a tropical country, shall I expect redness from using Benzac. I am expecting micropeeling like how kojic soap makes my skin very lightly peel to the point I see flakes of skin BUT it doesnt make my skin red. Yeah Benzac is my last resort. Im planning on turning to lasers and microneedling stuffs. Im really sad to say this unlike otc products that gives really blurred answers on my questions, dermatological procedures has very enlightening and clear answers. Q2: My reciepts are the proof of my trial and error. Shall I try my luck with Derma procedures like fractional needling?
  20. Tea tree oil routine

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    Hello! My acne isn’t the worst but it just seems like I clear one pimple up then 3 more come along. It’s really frustrating. I want to start using tea tree oil. I know you’re supposed to use it as a spot treatment but what am I supposed to use as a cleanser before that? Also what’s the best type of moisturizer to use. I really need help! Thanks!
  21. i need to treat this. please help me so that i can treat it. badly need your help
  22. I am a 20 year old female with rather mild but very persistent acne on my face, shoulders, and occasionally my chest. I’ve had acne for 9 years and have had a lot of struggles with self confidence. Having tried 5 prescription topicals, antibiotics, laser treatments, diet changes, natural oils, etc., nothing has worked. My doctor suggested accutane and having read the success stories, I was on board, but still a little hesitant. I am 114 pounds (51 kg) and was started on 60 mg/ day. I told my doctor that i was worried about starting so high, but she said it’d be fine since my labs were perfect. I’m afraid of the side effects and the IB. Does a higher dose worsen the IB? Are any of the side effects drastically worse? Supplement suggestions? I’m on day 2 and have had dry eyes but nothing else so far.
  23. Hi I have moderate acne with numerous pustules and papules i was on bp 2.5% doxy 100 mg differin etc didnt clear up my acne . I was also recently diagnosed with pcos so have made necessary lifestyle changes my doc has put me on 20 mg accutane once a day with azithromycin 500 mg thrice daily every ten days. im entering my 3rd week and my acne is worse than before have many whiteheads and under the skin cysts.. dont feel like going out.. how can i control it can i continue using differin and salicylic acid 2% face wash how can i bring it under control and how long will it last? please help me guys!!!!
  24. Don't shave if you have acne. for me, it's helping my skin. My cheeks is clean. Beard power! Good luck everyone
  25. Just want to know anyone's experience of when their acne went away? I personally had acne since I was 11 but it was only oily nose and forehead with no spots. When I was 13 it progressed to whiteheads and the rare pustule around my nose, forehead and temples. Then at 15 it went to my chin, mouth and a little at forehead. Then when I was 16 it went away on my forehead and stayed on my chin and mouth. then when I just turned 17 it completely went away for 3 months and then I suddenly started getting these bumps around my neck and jawline which take a week or sometimes up to a month to stop swelling, i hope these are not cysts! At least my skin is less oily than it was before. I'm nearly 18 now and I first thought I finally got over this problem.