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  1. Accutane can cause Alopecia, Chronic TE, hormonal issues and deficiencies such as iron, thyroid, diabetes, B12 etc.... you need to to have some labs and is there a white bulb at the tip?
  2. My first question is are you sexually active and if so, that is concern for pregnancy. Also, it is a listed side effect that accutane can cause irregular periods. As for you back, you already have bone problems, in which Accutane is highly known for the effects on bones. It could be intensifying your existing condition or make it worse.
  3. Accutane and Growth

    How old is your son? There are reports of epiphyseal closure. It is long known that retinoids and high doses of Vitamin A causes bone issues. Some have no issues with bones and others do.
  4. have you been tested for Lupus?
  5. let me know if you get too mayo, as I was married too a doctor and I still have their denial letter!!!! can you say B.S
  6. There are a lot of males on this site asking about ED issues pertaining to accutane. However I haven't seen much talk about females and libido/wetness. I have had severe changes in those areas and I was only on it for about a month, before I stopped cold turkey.. after some very scary side effects. Perhaps stopping so quickly effected how my body handled it... do you have any input on this? I am doing my best to repair my body and would love to know someone who go through this as well. 

    Thank you!