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  1. Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

    Hi Wishclean~ There is my story: I’m suffering from moderate acne with very oily skin since I was 14. I tried birth control pills (brand name : Gracial) which works great but when I came off the pill my face reruns break out like crazy after few months. I started using Dan’s regimen on year 2009 (not on birth control or other meds) I was 23, it took 6 months to achieve complete clean, yes! It was a completely clear face. I kept using it until year 2010, I suddenly stopped using this regimen because my friend recommends me to join some facial course which I did and that was totally a fail…. My skin was ruined at the time. When I was trying to start Dan’s regimen again to save my skin, I think because my face was too bad so I used too much BP at the beginning, my face was burned red and dry which made it look much more severe. I was so upset and I was scared to go out of my house I even quit my job because I looked terrible. Again I started birth control again…. cleared skin again in 4+ months. 2012, I decide to quit birth control because I think it will affect fertility ability. I used Chinese medication, it only can control it but not clearing my skin at all. 2013, I start Dan’s regimen again, but this time no matter how exact I follow the instruction, my face just never get clear, it can only control from getting worse. My acne moved from my forehead+cheek to jawline+chin. I will get big cystic acne on my chin near my ears and jawline before/after my period. I also have hair loss. 2015, I was having 13 days of period one month and I never had this experience before, so I went to the doctor, she prescribe me duphaston to increase my progesterone since she thinks that’s the reason why my period never end. Which works means she is right. 2015 to 2016, since then I’m have longer period than before, I will get 3 to 4 days spotting before actual flow(3days) and 3 to 4 days spotting after, so totally 10 days period. And hair loss is getting worse due to grease, i need to wash my hair everyday. 2017 June, due to stress, poor diet and lack of sleep, my skin broke out severely on my chin suddenly , very big cystic acne even I’m still using Dan’s regimen, seems it doesn’t help the hormonal acne anymore. I even got cold sore near my mouth, I hate that. And I keep losing my hair since it's getting very greasy. I knew something is wrong with my hormone and immune system, so I did some researching about balancing hormone and I decide to try herbs to regulate my period and hope it can fix my hormone. Here is my herbs and supplements routine: 8:00 Nature’s way vitex 800mg 9:00 Thorne zinc picolinate 12mg 12:00 NOW foods Inositol 1000mg 13:30 Nature’s way Dim Plus 100mg 14:30 Spearmint tea 1 or 2 cups 18:00 Jarrow Formulas, Jarro-Dophilus EPSx 1cap 20:00 Thorne liver cleanse 430mg