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Saved my face
on 06/06/2013
So, this is a vague review because this started years ago. I had really bad acne my whole life and I tried everything under the sun. My doctor one day prescribed doxycycline along with my birth control. 100 mg in the morning and a 100mg at night. I take a lot of medication to begin with but there is one thing I learned with this medication. Never...EVER take this on an empty stomach. You will likely get nauseous.<br/>Slowly but surely, my face cleared up and I rarely get pimples now. The reason I put down "inconsistently" is because I can't get the antibiotic anymore for the past 2 years (why, I don't know... shortage?) but, my face is still clear. I think it has a lot to do with entering my 20's. Even though it helps with the pimples, I still have blackheads and whiteheads on my face. Seriously though, this really saved my face from further damage in my teenage years because I had breakouts that would swell my face.