1. Stress & Cortisol increase acne

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    This may sound odd to some, but if you look into it, you'll find it does have some merit. I have no other explanation for my acne recovery. Stress causes an increase in cortisol, a hormone, which throws the bodies chemical/hormonal balance off. Stress can trigger breakouts. I'm an easily stressed person with a pretty stressful job. Several years ago I decided to try medication to help control my mood swings, especially prior to that time of the month. During the trial and error of finding one that worked best for me, I noticed that the SSRI's reduced my acne significantly. If I stopped a medication due to side effects, my acne returned in full force. When I started a new med., my acne soon cleared up. This happened every time the doctor switched my medication. I tried Wellbutrin because of the lack of certain side effects and my acne came right back. Wellbutrin works on different brain chemicals, and those had no impact on my acne. Once I went back to an SSRI (Effexor) my acne quickly cleared up. I've been on Effexor for 3 years now, and my skin is completely clear, except for the very small and occasional monthly zit. That, and I recently tried Carley's for those little occasional zits, and my face reacted by breaking out terribly. The Carley's is going back... Prior to taking SSRI's my face was in constant turmoil. I had numerous large sore pimples in every stage of emerging and healing. I was a mess. I don't like some of the side effects of the medication, but I am very calm now and the extra stress of huge red zits on my face & back is now gone. For me, clear skin is worth it. You may want to look into this as possible option for those of you who have seemingly tried everything.
  2. Hello! I'm looking for recommendations for a hand held Blue or red/blue acne light. I tried an acne light years ago but it was a table top light. It was so bright even with goggles blacked out I was afraid I'd damage my eyes. I returned it for that reason. I don't have bad acne now, but I want to try to prevent the occasional breakout. Someone mentioned the lights on Spatabulous.com, but I've never heard of them before. I don't want to waste my money on some piece of junk that doesn't meet the required specs to kill acne bacteria. I'd appreciate your help. Thanks.
  3. Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?

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    I want to thank you guys for the info on folliculitis. I couldn't get rid of the red bumps that kept cropping up in the last couple of months. It turned out to be a bacterial infection. Antibiotics and cream have cleared them all up. If I hadn't found the info here, I'd still be trying to clear up zits that weren't. Thanks!
  4. WTF ( photos added today)

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    Hey! I'm new to posting but have been lurking for a while I agree with those who said you're using too many things on your face and spending too much money on treatments that are just irritating your skin even more. Stop all those facials! No more irritation! Wash with warm water and a mild cleanser (I like Purpose soap) in the morning & before bed. Use a gentle oil free moisturizer (I like cruelty free stuff - Olay tests on animals. Try Merle Norman Wrinkle Smoother or Jason natural cosmetics for a nice moisturizer). If you must, use a LITTLE bit of BP under your moisturizer once a day. Try one of the blue or blue/red acne lights. When your skin calms down, try a mask of dissolved uncoated aspirin a few times a week to unclog pores. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes & wash off. Don't touch your face with dirty hands & don't pick. Good luck!!
  5. AcneJean's Log

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    Hi! I've browsed through here, but don't see what kind of acne light you're using. Which light did you choose and are you happy with it? Thanks.