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  • Interests I remember yet the first time this nightmare started. The year was 1995 and the month November. I've had moderate acne.<br /><br />I have a very white nordic and pale thin skin but at the same time I've oil glands from the other part of my family middle-east descendant.<br /><br />Obviously that oil production designed for a thiker, darker and resistant skins, won't never can get out of the tiny pores of a nordic skin, commonly dry ones.<br /><br />That's my theory of why I have this trouble.<br /><br /><br />Since my 18 years old (1999), 4 years later I've got isotretinoin for 2 years, 20 mg average. 6 or 7 months later I've started again. Do you think the "magic permanent remission" touch my soul? Forget it. I'm taking a lot of things which helps a lot and I guess everything is relatively under control but maybe I'll start again isotretinoin but just 20 mg 2 times per week for 4 years then the magic drug SMT D002 from Summit Labs will appear at 2012 and will change the life of millions of people for ever.


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