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on 03/11/2010
I have been using this product for two years now. Yes, two years. Every morning, I get three uncoated aspirin and mix it with some water, scrubbing my face while in the shower. My skin just FEELS better when I'm done with this. I ran out of aspirin a few days ago, and started breaking out with small pimples and clogged pores all over my chin. I ran out to go buy the aspirin, and within ONE day, it is better. I love the Aspirin exfoliation. I buy a big thing of 500 at Walmart for 3.50ish, very cheap price. Sometimes, if I'm having a breakout, I'll do the mask, and that also seems to be effective in healing my larger pimples quicker than normal. I have encouraged my sister to try this as well, and it's made her skin so soft and smooth.
on 24/08/2010
I use this as a scrub and as a mask. Well, I was using this daily as a scrub, as my skin is very oily. During this time, my acne was very limited. However, I got some face wash from a friend I decided to try for awhile in it;s place.. disaster! More pimples than ever. I finally figured out it MUST be the lack of the aspirin in my regime a month into this acne disaster, and it's finally calming down. I've been putting the masks on my cysts, and it shrinks them a lot. Usually they last for a few weeks. One was popping up and now it's barely noticeable. :)
on 26/03/2010
I've been on Spironolactone for nearly four months now, and the results have been phenomenal. For the first few months, I was on 200mg/day, and I saw my skin clearing after about a month. For the rest of the time due to a heart condition, I've been on 100mg/day. My skin is perfectly clear!!! I'm also using Clindamycin Phosphate Lotion in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide every morning and night. Wow, I have no pimples on my face right now, and it is that time of the month where I was usually full of those little monsters. Let me tell you how great it is to wake up every morning with a clear face. It's so strange, because when I do awake, I am full of anxiety. I run to the mirror and expect a few pimples to have emerged while I was in dreamland, but there isn't anything... I am thrilled, and I encourage everyone to try Spironolactone who hasn't already. It has made such a big amazing difference in my life.