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on 11/03/2011
I bought 15% from [link removed]. I've bought TCA from another site and it was much weaker...I think most sites online will try to sell you fake TCA or industrial grade, which is very dangerous. MUAC sells the real thing. I've used it four times now and one peel is the equivalent to four or five glycolic peels in terms of results. You don't see anything for a couple of weeks, then three to four weeks post-peel you see good results. It's a slow process, though, so please don't expect instantaneous results. TCA peel has helped with my rolling scars especially.
on 11/03/2011
This product is obviously a scam, and all of the rave reviews on here were paid for by this company. I don't understand why doesn't remove it!
on 07/09/2010
I applied this the night before, noticed a tingling sensation from the mint in the toothpaste, but I figured it was normal. Woke up this morning to huge, painful, bright red cysts where my acne was! I haven't broken out this badly in years.<br/>Thank god for lactic acid, within a couple of hours of using that peel the cysts had shrunken down in size. They're still a bright-red eye sore, though.<br/>I don't know what happened, maybe I used the wrong kind of toothpaste or something. I will NEVER try this again!!
on 31/08/2010
This is the only modestly priced cleanser that works for my face. My face is very sensitive, not only do I break out but I have rosacea. This is the only cleanser that did not trigger my rosacea and actually helps keep me from breaking out.