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on 08/10/2012
I was so excited to try this many great reviews. I always heavily research a product before purchase, and event though this product is filled with bad, pore clogging ingredients (oils galore, shea butter, mango butter, etc) and the method is flawed (scrubbing skin with washcloth AND a soap with walnut shells in it....YIKES! talk about irritation). However, I bought into all these rave reviews. Looking back, I should have paid much more attention to the few but extreme negative reviews...this product makes no sense that it will treat acne, and it made my acne soo freaking bad. STAY away people. If you don't believe this review just do some research into the ingredients and method of Carly's and see for yourself. You have been warned.<br/>by the way, I went back to topical benzoyl peroxide and my skin cleared right up (after about a month)
on 17/02/2012
I try to make juice every day. My base is always carrots (4 or 5), half a cucumber, and 3 sticks of celery, and a tomato, Then I add other stuff, whatever looks good at wholefoods! Good things i've tried are: radishes, spinach, chard, purple cabbage, kale. The more color...the better! I use the Breville juicer, which I highly recommend for the efficacy, price, and cleanup. I also love adding "boosts", like garlic or ginger (careful, a little goes a long way when juicing). You miss out on the fiber when juicing, but the nutrients get absorbed much better (and there are easier/yummier ways to get eating fruit!) The juice tastes really good, and I highly recommend it!<br/>I make about one liter of juice and drink it all at once, then im done!<br/>Note* I would ONLY juice veggies...fruit has too much fructose, and when you drink a lot of fruit juice the fructose is much worse than when eating whole fruits, because there is no fiber to slow the absorption of the sugar in your body...its just as bad as drinking soda sugar wise (minus the nutrients you get from fruit) <--- from my doctor
on 04/11/2011
FYI this review is for the "classic gentle formula" (it says that in the top corner of the box). When I found out this is the spf that Dan recommends, I immediately decided to give it a chance. I also went through every ingredient on google and various websites to make sure they weren't bad ones lol. This moisturizer is great. I do not use it by itself. I am on the DKR, and after i put moisturizer on in the morning, I put this on right on top of it. It leaves my skin feeling light, protected, and even that "matte" look. It hasn't given me breakouts at all (my skin hasn't looked this great in months) and it has antioxidants. I'd recommend this product to anybody with acne prone skin.
on 31/10/2011
This stuff is so great, I recommend it to anybody. I am on Dan's regimen, and I always add extra jojoba oil to the moisturizer. It literally keeps my face looking moisturized all day and all night. You need to try this stuff if you have dry skin. Even when I use a crap load and my face LOOKs greasy, and feels great ( I can always tell if a product is blocking my pores).
on 28/10/2011
I used to use Dan's regimen years ago and it worked great. I recently started up again a few weeks ago. I was really worried that this moisturizer would be terrible from the reviews...but i dont know what people are talking about. First, the ingredients are excellently formulated, i dare you to find another moisturizer like this one. I use the recommened two pumps (the brand new bottle is 2 pumps, not 3), and at night I apply 6 drops of jojoba oil, in the morning I apply 2 to 4 depending on how dry my skin is. It feels great on my face, and the jojoba works like a charm. I feel like this moisturizer is helping my acne almost as much as the BP! Im so glad i trusted my instincts and tried this product. I think people are using too much BP too quickly, and blame the dryness on this moisturizer. Start slow and give it time! So far this moisturizer has been a heaven send. Maybe its the extra jojoba oil I add which makes it so good. Anyways, i highly recommend to anybody
on 16/09/2011
I bought into the hype and tried this product. I went against my best judgement, because I saw that this product was filled with oils, pore clogging ingredients, and a harsh method of application. Honestly, in hindsight, there is no way this product could be so good for so many people. It took me about 5 months of topical BP and BHA to fix 1 month of damage caused by this product. You can give this post thumbs down if you think its fake, i dont care...i just want to warn people.
on 08/12/2010
Ive been using epiduo for over a month, and I finally found my perfect regimen. it is as follows, and I recommend it to everybody:<br/>Morning:<br/>Was face with purpose cleanser<br/>Apply Rx called Prascion (sodium sulfacetamide and sulfer)<br/>Night:<br/>Purpose cleanser again<br/>Nickel size of epiduo<br/>One pump of cerave moisturizer when the epiduo is completely dry<br/>Vitamin Regimen:<br/>60mg of opti zinc<br/>2000-3000mg of fish oil/krill oil (GNC)<br/>1000-2000 iu of vit D<br/>2 garlic pills<br/>I current do Jiu Jitsu and boxing, both of which my face gets hit, scratched, and rubbed. Doing this regimen I have hardly broken out from this. My face looks better than it has in years, and I feel like epiduo is the staple product. Also, the vitamins are essential to battle acne from the inside out. Seriously consider trying all of these things!
on 20/11/2010
This product is an excellent wash if you are using other topicals on the side. I wash my face twice a day with this, and use a prescription topical after. This soap is not clearing up my acne, it is not meant to. However, it is enabling the topicals to do their work without over drying, irritating, or clogging my pores. Why should i care if it is very similar to baby wash? It works, so who cares?? I recommend this wayyyy more then cetaphil...because they use pore clogging ingredients!
on 05/11/2010
I used this product a couple of months ago and had very high hopes. I followed their regimen to a tee, and saw my face slowly die. If you actually do your research about this product you will see that there is no way in hell this product can is irritated, the method is highly ineffective, and there are massive pore clogging ingredients in it.<br/>Also, please take some time to actually read all the amazing reviews. They sounds extremely fishy to me. I have never heard of an actual person from the message boards getting good fact, everybody seems to breakout terribly. I hope this review deters at least one person from buying this terrible, non effective and manipulative product.