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on 10/03/2013
Better form of BP for those who don't tolerate high doses.
on 10/03/2013
I would save this antibiotic for severe lung infections.
on 10/03/2013
I wrote "yes" for recommendation simply because I'm sure it would work for some women out there-- but don't expect miracles. Stop it if you get funky periods and bloating.
on 09/03/2013
Try it, but don't expect a miracle. Stop if you start gaining weight or your skin gets worse (with Dr.'s approval, I guess.) Don't believe it when anyone tells you the bp doesn't make acne worse.
on 09/03/2013
Try it if your derm offers it and you have an RX plan.
on 09/03/2013
Try it. If you feel ill after using it for a few days, you can stop and notify your doctor. I feel that trying Accutane is better than using dozens of antibiotics over time, making your acne bacteria resistant.
on 09/03/2013
If you are a woman, and your derm suggests it, I would give it a try. I wish it had worked for me, but it didn't. I imagine if you don't respond well to "low dose" birth control pill, you won't respond to this, either.
on 09/03/2013
Try it.... worst case scenario is that if your face doesn't clear up slightly, you can use the remaining soap for the rest of your body.
on 29/08/2010
In all, I give it 5 starts because I feel it really gets my skin clean in a way that doesn't involve harsh detergents. I can use mild cleansers and still feel like the dead skin cells are being removed, I don't get the same amount of blackheads anymore. It gently cleans acne scabs, dry skin flakes, etc. It even has a mild massaging sensation while I use it. It's GREAT to use over places where you happen to shave, I imagine it would help a guy with ingrown beard hair, for example.