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on 31/07/2011
While on this product I was using Oxy 10% bp wash and my skin was still pretty bad. Then once I stopped Oxy and only used this, my skin was REALLY bad. I was also using a moisturizer.<br/>This is a good product if you have very light-moderate acne.
on 04/07/2011
I had differentiating results with this product, it cleared up my skin within a week but after that parts of my skin stayed cleared while the others became even worse(before I was on a non-medicated cleanser and lotion regimen). I mean I'm no stranger to BP I was on Dan's regimen for 2 years so I'm sure my skin was well beyond getting used to BP phase.<br/>Overall I'm content with this product, if you have strange skin like me where some of your skin is very irritable while other parts are tough as a tank and needs something strong be careful. I'm gonna try to use this product and a non-medicated cleanser in the future, except I'm just gonna use this product on the areas where I listed in the pros and use the non-medicated on the areas I listed in cons. As for drying well it's BP people you gotta use a lotion or the dryness is gonna irritate your skin and make things worse.
on 04/07/2011
I had this bad patch of cystic scars that were so red it looked like active pimples, tried this and literally within a week it was a noticeable difference. It doesn't completely remove it but it does considerably fade it.<br/>I always do it at night, usually every other day or something but I don't have a set schedule, here's how I do it:<br/>Wash my face with a cleanser<br/>Wait 5 min for the cleanser to dry<br/>Gently let the lemon glide across my face, if it's a middle piece then I use one side for one half of my face and the other side of the lemon for the other half of my face. If I have two side pieces left then I'll just use both and do the same as above.<br/>Let it dry for 10-20min<br/>Wash it off with warm water<br/>Wait about 5 min<br/>Apply a lotion
on 27/12/2010
I've been a 2 year regimen user and when I heard there was a new moisturizer I was excited to try it out. However after using this product for about 3 months I could not stand it anymore. It left me more flakier and dry than ever before and because it requires more pumps than the previous moisturizer, it ran out faster.<br/>I then switched to a different moisturizer and my flakes instantly went away! But even then that moisturizer isn't doing as much justice as the previous moisturizer did.<br/>This moisturizer is a bad case of "If it works, don't fix it".
on 27/12/2010
DO NOT use this if you are on the regimen, this stuff will keep balling up even after wait 5-15 minutes to dry your skin from the BP. I would seriously be standing in front of the mirror for 10+ minutes just applying this crap because no matter how many times I gently rubbed it in, the white residue would not go away! I used so many different ways to apply it, I use small amounts, I swiped it side to side, etc, nothing really worked. Also I use the Benzoyl Peroxide Gel kind and supposedly balling up isn't not supposed to happen with the gel but it sure as hell happens with this moisturizer.<br/>Other than that though I think if you aren't using any face products before applying this product(excluding cleansers) you should be good! Again this is a great product, just wasn't good for my use.