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on 24/06/2012
used this in the past and didn't work. usually topical chemical don't work for me unless i am eating somewhat healthy<br/>had great skin for a while by taking care of my body but in the past couple months i been eating lots of fast food, decreasing water, etc and well had ugly nasty breakout. Used this and within 24 hours it was controlled<br/>i don't have a cleansing routine, dont need one when taking care of body, but i am gonna stick with this till i can get back to loving my body and staying consistent with healthy diet and exercise. Its a great short term temporary fix. pretty sure like proactive (used in past for months) it works till your skin gets used to it, then all hell breaks lose...
on 24/06/2012
Ok guys didn't know if you know this but this is no different from alcohol, BP, butt creme, hydrocortizone, or any other antiseptic germ killing chemical you put on your face.You might as well put on clorox.<br/>Yes it will clear you up but what it does is kills your skin cells so in the long run you are doing more damage to yourselfs. just thought id let you all know. Use as a quick fix but seriously chnage your eating habits and live to love your body...much better results + a million...
on 25/08/2011
Cheap effective way to spot treat, not a preventive measure as no one thing, especially external is a preventive measure. Acne is not a disease but a symptom of a disease that requires lifestyle changes...for real..<br/>Procedure: chop 1 clove of garlic, put in bowl and add a little water. mix. viola spot treat. leave on overnight or just for 10 minutes if you can't stand the smell. I add coconut oil since oil helps penetrate skin better and coconut oil had healing properties n is antifungal.<br/>WARNING: do not go overboard and put the fruit of the garlic on your face it will burn a blister into your skin. dilute with water. Garlic is very strong.<br/>Its an effective and cheap spot treatment. demolished two cysts ( i have hormonal acne around jawline) in two days. Another one was forming two days ago. HUGE mofo but its nonexistent today. These buggas usually takes weeks to disappear.
on 26/03/2011
your skin will be amazing if you take internally and drink lots of water...<br/>i take a shot a night...but its so hard because its like taking a shot of horrible vodka...some people drink with water and honey...i just can't stand that taste either....even though its the best i just can't keep it up cuz of the taste!!!!
on 26/03/2011
better when taken internally...i noticed smaller pores and clearer skin when taking a shot a night and drinking lots of water...
on 21/03/2011
humco calamine lotion:<br/>only like 2 dollars at walmart!!!!<br/>worked better and quicker w/o the side-effects of all those other brands and believe me i tried them all...wish i heard of this sooner. do not use with anything else...if a derm tells you to use it with something else then DONT..they just want you to break out so you give up and use their expensive remedies!!! i just wash with st. ives or a cleansing cloth (recommend ponds, olay, or equate) then apply calamine lotion...i had a nasty cystic breakout from the mouth down that started a month ago...i though it would keep going like before when it covered my entire jawline and neck!!, and these are like boil size...horrible!!! the last time that happened i treated to late and it lasted months and took 6 months to heal.....tear! so i found out abt calamine, started apply everynight and whenever i stayed home. left on, washed off with cleanser if leaving and voila,,,breakout stopped, and huge cysts took a week or less rather than a month or more to shrink and heal!! yay!!! also vitamin C (1000mg) and zinc (50-100) and vit A (20000iu) helped a whole lot in the process...C kills infection, Zinc, helps immunity and inhibits DHT production, and A reduces oil which reduces oil buildup from dht causing overactive sebum production that results in the clogged pores and resulting infection=pimple!!! lots of water too...but i have done treatment with the vitamins before but my cysts never healed this quick so the calamine made a huge difference...gonna try caladryl brand since its not so runny and doesn't dry with a thick mask-like film. and has camphor...will letcha all know results...
on 11/03/2011
it works. maybe not like in a day or two but like 2 weeks to a month and its totally worth the wait<br/>take with food<br/>do not exceed 100<br/>take at least 30 mg<br/>take opti zinc or chelated gluconate<br/>zinc oxide is usually used topically but orally is more effective<br/>zinc inhibits the enzyme (enzyme 5α-reductase) that converts testosterone to DHT (DHT causes acne not testosterone.)<br/>when you cry prolactin is increased.. prolactin increases production of that DHT enzyme....<br/>for reals peeps...believe me out of anything its your best acne fighter...<br/>DO NOT TAKE THE CHEAP KIND...WALMART BRAND IS A WASTE GO TO VITAMIN SHOPPE OR YOUR LOCAL HEALTH FOOD STORE OR YOU ARE JUST WASTING YOUR MONEY...<br/>to test if your zinc is truly good quality take on empty stomach, if no nausea, your zinc is a rip off...
on 07/03/2011
I broke out with a bunch of cysts on my jawline<br/>this did nothing for them. felt like i got more whiteheads and cysts.<br/>was part of a three product package: drying cream, drying lotion, and buffering lotion...would day the drying and buffering lotion had the most effect but dried the hell outta my chin and looked horrible...try something else...