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I haven't seen my skin this clear since I was a preteen
on 29/09/2013
Proactiv, Retin a, malic acid, salicyclic acid, Acne Free, Differin, all Neutrogena products, etc. Those are literally just a partial list of all of the products I've used to try and clear up my acne since I was 16 years old. I am now 25 years old. A year ago, I was speaking with my girlfriend on whether or not I should make the jump to Accutane as it HIGHLY suggested by my dermatologist. My friend coaxed me into trying her prescribed sprionolactone before trying Accutane. I've read about sprio for a number of years and with all of the hormone changes, growth of unwanted hair, and some scary stories, I decided not to do it, but was ready to just give up.<br/>After taking my friends spiro at 75 mg/day for 1 month, I began to notice several differences with my skin:<br/>1. Acne was healing much faster<br/>2. My skin became less red<br/>3. Less acne<br/>4. Less shine!!<br/>All of this was purely amazing. I had cystic acne, oil skin that would turn into a nasty mess after only 30 MINUTES of washing my face, my skin was so red that people thought I went out for a 10k run. It was just horrible. With all of this, it is simply AMAZING how much my face got better in 1 month's time. Each month following has been more tremendous and now a year later, I can actually *touch* my face without having to worry that acne will pop up.<br/>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give this a try. I was once a frequent member of acne.org making vain attempts to clear my acne- I no longer need to be here because of this medication, but I wanted to come back and try to persuade you into at least trying this option. It's worth it. Trust me.
No drying, no harshness
on 29/09/2013
I have used MANY cleansers for my very very oil skin that dries out at the touch of water alone. This cleanser is by far the best cleanser for my face type and for my acne skin. I've had not one adverse affect from this product. It is fantastic!