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  1. sebaceous filaments picking

    I have nonstop sebaceous filaments/ clogged pores. I can spend hours in the magnifying mirror trying to get them all out only to have them reoccur. I sometimes scrub my face, use clarisonic, put different AHA BHA acids, use masks, anything I can do to get my pores clear. Nothing seems to get rid of these clogged pores. It is so so frustrating. What should I do? How do I get clear pores?
  2. This looks like it could be a fungus infection or yeast overgrowth. Perhaps look into an anti fungal like ketoconazole.
  3. Try to obtain Mederma.
  4. I feel as though I have been waiting for so many years to have "clear skin." Having bad skin has negatively affected me more than I can even imagine. I feel like I am still living with the effects of having severe acne in high school and college. I just feel like I am always self-conscious of my face and my skin, and people still have the nerve to comment on it "why are you so red?, what happened to your face? under a lot of stress lately?" I know what I look like, I have a mirror. I don't need these reminders of how bad my skin looks. As I have gotten older, I have tried to just own it, like yes I have bad skin, but still that is like lying to myself that I really accept that this is what i look like. I feel as though it is just a burden to have such horrible skin. It really makes me feel unmotivated to be social and really lowers my self-esteem. Anyone relate?