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Good option for maintaining clear skin
on 14/03/2015
Using this after accutane and I'm doing wonderful! Its helped a bit with my fine lines (I'm over 30), but not as much as I had hoped or I would give it 5 stars. It does dry you out a bit, so use every other day at first and/or in the winter if needed. So far so good! I've been on this about a year and a half.
on 09/12/2012
I know this product is supposed to be organic, that's why I tried it. So I was surprised when I got cystic acne as a result! To be fair, I've always had problems with powder. I've never found one that doesn't give me cystic acne, but I'm so incredibly oily that I've always been desperate to finally find one. I liked how this had no scent and felt light. It soaked up the oil at first, but it came back a few hours after and caused the powder and my foundation to clump and cake up in spots. The color was also a bit too light for me and I'm Caucasian with light to moderate skin, so I can't imagine how its "for every skin" as advertised. Worst of all, the store where I bought it wouldn't give me a refund when I tried to return it. The clerk was rude and made me feel bad about trying to return it though I tried to explain that it is an expensive product and I was not going to get any further use out of it (used about 2 weeks worth of product total). Not sure if I will use Origins products in the future after my experience with this product!!
on 09/12/2012
Worked good for me, but I am naturally very oily. Did its job and didn't leave a really oily sheen. Worked well under makeup. Not the best for very dry skin. Doesn't control major flakes for very long after applied if that is what you are looking for. More of a lightly moisturizing product.
on 09/12/2012
I have been using this stuff since high school. Ever time I stray from it I go right back. I love the coverage. It might be a bit thick for some, but it is the perfect in between of liquid and powder in one step! I wish they made more colors, but I can find ones that work well for me (Honeymilk in winter, Soft Vanilla in Summer). It sets well once on and looks natural, but does easily wipe off on clothes, so be careful. Its never given me zits, ever. I can't say this for any other foundation I've used (Origins, other Clinique products, etc.). You also have to use your hands to smooth it in good once applied so it looks natural and even and it isn't the best for really oily skins (though mine was and I just used blotting sheets since I liked it so much). Will continue to use this, my favorite beauty product of all!!
on 09/12/2012
I love this stuff! Been using the "pink blush" color for years. It never breaks me out and goes on well. I used to use the "peach blush" too, but they stopped making that color :( I am a big fan of this and a few other clinique products and will continue to use them!!
on 09/12/2012
Prescribed this with other topicals. The retinoids I used worked, but this did nothing for me. It was given/used as a spot treatment. Only made my skin red/itchy/irritated and dry and flaky where applied. I think I'm just allergic to BP in general, as it appears that its in this med and I had massive trouble on a larger scale when I tried the regimen's BP on my face, as well.
on 09/12/2012
Didn't do anything for my skin but make it even greasier. This stuff is mondo-greasy and slick! Works great for massages, but nothing else. No real smell at all either.
on 09/12/2012
Did nothing for me. I guess I'm allergic to BP, cause it burned like no other and my face got really, really red and dried out like nothing I've ever seen. Flaked off like snow! Did nothing to stop my cystic acne, may have even made it worse. As a plus, the moisturizer smelt nice and the cleaner was light and neither of these seemed to irritate at all. Tried this cause I didn't have insurance at the time. Did bleach a couple of my shirts and part of an eyebrow, lol! Had to break down and go to the derm instead :(
on 09/12/2012
My derm gave me this to use for the month before I could get on accutane. It helped stop new lesions from forming, but did not clear my acne. It made my face really, really flaky, dry, and tight. It was only a short term med til I could get on the accutane, but I didn't like it much. I would recommend for short term use to those trying to hold acne at bay for similar reasons, but for severe acne long term use wouldn't help anything much. Also, smelt strongly of sulfur (a main ingredient) and left a white, chalky film on my face where I had applied it.
on 09/12/2012
I used the cleansing cloth version of this and really liked it while I was on it. Used with differin gel and minocycline (on and off). The cloths were packaged well and I usually tore them in half and got 2 uses out of them. They lathered really well and were great for taking off my makeup. They always made my skin feel clean and I feel like they did a good job of getting rid of excess oil. Only con is that they reeked of sulfur (which of course is an active ingredient))!