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  1. please help

    I have had acne for almost all my life. I've had my ups and downs. I've gone through homemade medication to prescription medication, light therapy. It started in 7th grade, and up until age 35. I can happily say that I've found a routine that works for me, and it's really simple. I'm not sure if it'll work for you. To be honest, it's really a trial and error thing because everyone's body is different. Your acne is likely hormonal. So was mine. I found that I have to avoid peanuts (even though I'm not allergic, but maybe this means I'm slightly allergic?) and chips - my absolute fave! =((( I also wash my face with coconut oil. I know people on here will say that coconut oil is bad for your skin and will clog your pores. But I beg to differ when it comes to washing your face. The other facial washes out there were too irritating for my sensitive skin. And if you look at science, like washes like. Oil and water don't mix, so water doesn't do well with removing the oil. Oil will remove oil. It sounds gross, I know. When my family doctor first told me about it, I completely ignored him. I didn't try it until over a year later when I was just at my wit's end and had nothing to lose. This was the best article I read about it: I say, try it. It's really inexpensive. And if you don't like it, then you can eat it! Haha! If I remember correctly, it took me about 1 week to see a change. Maybe because my skin was detoxing. After that, maybe a month or 2 later, other people started noticing and telling me, which was a plus for me because I thought it was all in my head. If this doesn't work, then perhaps it's time to seek the advice from a dermatologist and get some prescription medication.
  2. Makeup for acne

    I've been using products from the Bare Minerals line for a number of years now. So far it's been the best for not clogging my pores. Upon the advice of other people on, I use the original foundation because others have said the matte foundation seemed to irritate those with sensitive skin. It also doesn't give full coverage, but I also use their concealer. Still not the best, but after years of using this product I don't have so much acne anymore anyway and my scars are slowly fading. Keep in mind, I also take care not to eat things that aggravate my cystic acne (chips and peanuts), and I found that washing my face with coconut oil does wonders for my skin. Before this, I used liquid foundations and CoverGirl Mousse foundation. I loved the CoverGirl Mousse. It had the most coverage, and I don't think it clogged my pores as much. But since switching to BareMinerals, I never went back.