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  1. Prep & Prime

    I have heard good things about Mac prep and prime, but I've never used it myself. I have really sensitive skin, and bareminerals prime time worked great for me. What's also great about that primer is you only have to use very little for each application. I'm curious if anyone has tried elf's primer for acne prone skin. That's something I keep forgetting to try.
  2. Makeup for acne

    I also have dry patches, so when I use foundation I try to moisturize with a hydrating mist. L'Oreal true match in liquid form is one of my favorites. It does not give full coverage, but the shade range is great. The coverage is medium at best. I usually set it with a powder and setting spray for longevity, since I have really oily skin. Nyx has a very affordable mineral loose powder that I enjoy using. They also carry a nice stay matte, but not flat product if you prefer a powder in pressed form. Good luck