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  • Interests I am a Bio major and Chem minor at my school. I go to school full time and work full time to make rent (GAHH it sucks!). Actually I really do enjoy my job. I am a photographer at a photo studio..and when it's slow..i study or just goof off ^_^. <br /><br />Beside being a study bug..I simply LOVE to sew. I have a very artsy fartsy side of me in which my parents really don't like to support because it will drive me to 1) insanity or 2) homelessness. But i love anything that is art.....<br /><br />I have so many websites's ridiculous how much of an internet nerd I am. But i definitely do vlog on youtube .. and i xanga like a nerd!<br /><br />I work too much and go to school to much to have any "real" friends. Ya it's really that pathetic hahaha ^_^ Oh well i do meet really cool and down to earth people online!!! So hooo rawr ! to you guys!!


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