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  1. Supplements I take

    I am believer that the most important part about health is what we eat and drink. I love kale and spinach and veggies, but I also love mac and cheese,donuts ,cakes, and fries. Part of me wants to be very healthy and another part of me believes in balance and martinis. When I had acne, I was doing so much research on good supplements and healthy foods, so I still practice a lot of it. My skin is damaged from acne and I still break out if I skip some of my regime and at the same time now I have to fight wrinkles and sagging. So this is what I take on daily basis: I start my morning with a shot of Apple Cider and some water I add a spoon of collagen powder to my coffee I take 2 pills of Milk Thistle and head to work At work before lunch I take 1 MSM pill, 2 Vit C and 1 Folic Acid In Afternoon I drink a cup of Pure Matcha tea Through out the day I drink warm water with a whole lemon
  2. Mine would be: Spend less time trying to care what others think of you or your face. Focus on now and work it. Go to see the dermatologist as soon as possible!
  3. HI! My questions to those who are finally " cured" from the acne now, or feel better and have it under control. If you could send a message to yourself back then when you were suffering from acne and feeling very horrible, what would it be? Please share.