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  2. Facelift for acne scars

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    So the other thing I can think of but probably not possible can they place skin over the scars to cover up the holes?  I dont get how it cant just put non scarred skin over the a large area of scarred skin?

  3. Yes but the problem is like myself you have exhausted all procedures - lasers, fillers, excision, grafts etc and it still looks the same....what do you do next??????  facelift with fat grafting????

  4. Facelift for acne scars

    Forums Scar treatments 19 replies

    Lasers dont do nothing they dont go down deep enough for my type of scars...waste of time and money

  5. Facelift for acne scars

    Forums Scar treatments 19 replies

    Hi thanks all for your views....I have tried all the traditional procedures and as you see i my photos it does absolutely nothing absolutely just wasting my time and money....I feel maybe I am wrong that when surgeons pull/stretch the skin like a mini facelift or cheek/mid face lift the scarring looks so much better and at least it can hopefully last a few years?  suggestions/recommendations?

    And I emailed Dr Mendleson who did not get back to me twice.....I am looking at getting it done by Dr Jeremy Rawlins who is a supposed a reputable burns and scar specialist and is registered with FRACS etc....

  6. Facelift for acne scars

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    He is the last person I want to see lol thanks but no thanks and I know of a few people who are unhappy with this fraud as he posts pictures in different lighting....stay well clear of him.......he is a fraud....

    My main thing is to see what people think of a proper plastic surgeon who can perform a facelift of some type as when you stretch and pull the skin it looks better and rather taut?

    I am not at all interested in fillers, subcision, needling it does nothing as you can see



    14 minutes ago, beautifulambition said:

    Hi there, I have often dealt with this situation by posters. Please post a pic of your scars, scars make shadows, ... use a flashlight or directional lighting. Your plan will be based on your specific scarring. Dr Lim is in Brisbane and might be worth a plane ride, ... people are traveling internationally to see him for his specialty.  

    Hi this is my picture......I only want to see about the possibility of facelift type procedure pulling and stretching the skin at 43 years old as dermatologic acne scar treatments do not work over 20 years for me wasted thousands false promises and hopes....regards......TM
  7. Facelift for acne scars

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    Hi my name is TM and I am from Australia.  I am a 42 year old male.  I have tried everything and I mean everything for acne scars with absolutely NO results and just lies inc lasers, fillers, needling, dermal grafts the lot.....The only thing I have not done now approaching 43 years old and recommended by a surgeon in Perth Australia is to do a facelift (mini) as when the skin is pulled taut and stretched it looks a bit better and to add fat grafts at the same time.....Any suggestions or recommendations on this would be much appreciated....Regards.....TM