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  2. Are you smoking or injecting drugs When I used to smoke coke (freebase)5-10 yrs ,5yrs ago
    I had similar issues. Don t know if it was drug or cut (suspect cut) Problem disappeared when I quit! Highly recommend quitting.  

  3. On 9/26/2018 at 6:05 PM, GASpots2018 said:

    Ok so I'm a newbie to this site...I'm a 31yr old female in Georgia, US..for almost 10 months now I've had these white things in my pores, if I scratch them off or squeeze hem, it's like a pimple or something but it's a circle with a white Bal in the middle, and like 8-10 white spikes or balls around it...perfect circle...I've exhausted my sources on Google...it's not morgellons..I've noticed changes in my stool and my scabs either don't fully heal and look plastic or they hell in perfect circle shape or I've also seen them look like the letter s and letter c after healing...couple days ago was harvest moon and I've heard that effects parasites and I was itching and felt creepy crawly all night it was really annoying...my friend of 8 years just passed away and he would always complain about things coming from his pores, his scabs were healing similar, and now that I'm REALLY experiencing weird stuff, he's not here to really answer any questions I had...and I've noticed my hair is like always coming in on my legs especially upper, like it's ingrown or coiled with like white poweder in the bump if I am able to break.it open...and I'm starting to notice my 8 year old daughters leg hair doing the same..white pores on nose too and I'm freaking out thinking it's a new fungus or parasite that others have, and that I've given it to one of my kids,or both..I haven't been t a Dr yet and I've seen how morgellons patients are treated and I want to avoid that...I've kept videos and pictures of some things and just really don't know who to reach out to...another weird thing if I go in With tweezers and either pull a scab or try to pull the white thing from my skin, it feels like it hardens and almost like a defense thing, kinda feels like it's pulling back when I pull on it!! I know something isn't right in my body and I know it's alive whatever it is...please please any suggestions, or similar stories please let me know...I know I'm not gone, I've read other forums via Google..but it's like nobody has an answer...All the stuff In our foods and environment nowadays has me.wondering if it's man made? And my sores are healing, well not healing but drying up or coagulation occurs within. Minutes or seconds.m.and I have whispy blonde hairs growing more and more..and I have black hair..I've tugged on a scab and literally watched a long hair pop up in front my eyes!!!! Like this shouldn't be happening! Ugh..any info is appreciated..thanks!