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  2. Noa27, so it is not only me who had negative experience with Dr.Huysmans. You simply can not deal with the Doc who treats u this way.

  3. Seeing Prof Chu

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    So happy for you BeneficMosque, your right cheek looks really good, on the left still more to do. How many moretreatments do you plan to do? 

  4. Dear Ezemuzu, I have a couple of scars on my nose which appeared from big cysts and even after many roa courses produced sebum..or stayed clear for half a year and then bursted. I used Soolantra cream and ivermectin solution I got in vet store, just did the applications every evening for an hour. For a month. It helped. I still use Soolntra once a week. Rinofima of the nose could start similar and very much associated with demodex. 

    And then I did stamping which reduced the scars in half. I even did not post the pic of my nose here because the scars there bother me at the last turn.

  5. I took roa for 5 months for the first time with no result for the first 3 months. I did not take the full comm dosage for the first time and this is what might be reason that cysts came back. I think that to take the full dosage and not to stop even if everything cleared is important.

  6. Going to Pr.Chu in November for Prp/MN/Sub/Tca spot. Will update in my thread.

  7. Last Month
  8. I have been to Dr.Bernard. He offered CO2 laser and said that maximum improvement would be 30%. If it works. Or less and none if it does not. He does not do sub.

    As far as I understand to find a scar revision specialist in Europe is impossible. Except Dr.Chu and Dr.Emil....

  9. Derminator holes

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    Yes the same( too many tiny holes after Derminator done 1,5mm. Seems like it is unavoidable effect( you try to improve scars and damage the skin in general. I got holes and tiny lines like the cuts, you could see the pics in mine thread. And seems like nothing to do.. no improvement for the scars and new damage..

  10. I've visited Dr Henningsen

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    Going by plane and train, I live in Belgium. Thank you.

  11. I've visited Dr Henningsen

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    Very useful. Please keep updating!

  12. I am not sure about Botox. It was recommended by some surgeons before far grafts.
     I read stories where it could effect eyesight if done incorrectly, even professional could make a mistake. I do not like the fact that I will have to repeat it all the time in this area. Know people with side effects like one brow goes down and lost sensitivity, individual reaction so God knows how mine thin tired skin would react. In the same time I understand it is the only way to fix this area from moving. 
    I felt that Infini was not my choice, thank you.

  13. What about Infini? I read and still not sure if it I should consider it. Already got the suggestion in my mailbox from unknown sender)

  14. Thank you BA so much again. Yes I read facelift post and the difference with fillers is obvious. I understand that as soon as I start doing fillers it is for the rest of my life.
    So I start with Pr.Chu, I would like to hear his opinion anyway. Then Dr.Emil with fillers and then facelift. Could you reccomend a plastic surgeon for facelift in Europe?
    I am on the point where if the main 3 scars on the left cheek could be improved and face volumized I would be happy. Exosted with lasers, lying doctors and $.
    It is not only scars, it is mental pressure, lost time of my life due to disease, best young years, many days spent indoors and looking for cure instead of living, lost opportunities. Spending all resources trying to find the solution but nowhere in the end at 45.
    I think people on this forum understand.

    I have pics before needling on my home comp, will post later cause I am away now.

  15. BA thank you lots for the answer. I have already booked Pr.Chu in November so I will try subcision with him. I hope that the main individual scars on the cheeks could be improved with it. The forehead is the worst, at least I can cover it with the fringe.
    Yes aging and the volume lost(  I thought that fat grafting would help with volume but no( I I did fat because I thought it was my natural material so it would be better then ha filler. 
    I think about Dr.Emil as well because he does fillers. 
    What about excision of the 3 scars on the left cheek? I understand that you change to a new linear scar, read all +/- . I asked surgeons, nobody wants to try because of the location. 
    Lasers are not the option, as I said waiste of time and money. 
    The main point how to lift the bottom of the scar. Sub plus filler or to cut out and make a new linear longer scar.  For volume to inject fillers which is temporal so to repeat lol he time. 
    I have seen therapist in times of severe acne.. roaccutane was my best therapist. 
    I lived with scars all these years not the best but it is after 40 when the scars really started to hit me and because I believed in lasers so much and zero in the end. 

  16. Oh, I have been to Dr.Sherer 2 years ago, went after writing to the lady who did fat and it helped. He offered fat grafting and ha injections. All for around 280k. I had the impression he was not willing to try sub on my scars. Although talk professionaly and examined all.  In the end I did fat in Europe- all dissolved. Fat and any fillers are temporal, I am looking for permanent solution 100k?? Chu will charge 450 pounds for prp/needling/Subcision/tca.
    canula sub did not do anything. I have mostly superficial boxcars some deep. I wrote the post with pics today. 

  17. 902E0B6A-A74D-4F54-B52C-1A0E3755791B.thumb.jpeg.c960cb9e793a3e2195853d5b0c90426c.jpeg988762EA-9DED-4AE3-B640-D599087136E0.thumb.jpeg.d9d44e7754a84c5ee4f77df05534dac0.jpeg5B1A798B-E008-4CDB-B896-DAAF5CD9F36A.thumb.jpeg.1403a5543d976f7f43bb786c5decf717.jpeg988CA37A-15CB-4C02-9372-D5B397185F08.thumb.jpeg.283e11a1c1d38d28853338eb9b247409.jpeg6F78E887-894C-4E5D-88E5-82882541A56B.thumb.jpeg.2cb2a4d2236c376b015d4d1f8c036377.jpegB36E9F9B-5A12-4C77-B7EE-D43EBABA94A7.thumb.jpeg.0868edeadc6cc583d3082d7c292e2138.jpegHi everyone, 
    I have been reading the forum for a long time, learned a lot of useful info, now I need your advice how bad the scars are. 
    I am 45 and been battling with acne and scars since 19,20. I had a hard case of Herpes Zoster on the left side of the face, which left first scars. Then with years the situation got gradually worse coming to cysts in the age of 28. I used all poss treatments and was put on Roaccutane. The first course cleared face, dekolte area and the top of the back and shoulders. Unfortunately it came back to the face after around 8 months and I had to take another roa course. Every time it cleared and then came back around after half a year. I took roa 5 times. The 3D course was long in a small dosage, it helped the most. 4 and 5 were short 2-3 months a year in a small dosage. So I decided if nothing except roa helps so I may stay on it for the rest of my life once a year. Around 38 I stopped, the cysts stopped(hope forever), I still have outbreaks but no road is needed. Roawas my best saver in spite all aside effects. Now the skin is thin and heals badly.
    At 28 I have several scars mostly from Zoster but the continued inflammations at the same places just left more scars. The outbreaks inbetween the roa courses added scars. I could not start doing scars treatment while on roa. After roa the skin became thin, sensitive and every even tiny spot left a scar or a mark. The scars bothered me but somehow I partially learned to live with them. After 40 with aging the scars became deeper and more noticeable. I started to see old shallow scars I did not see before. Aging it not easy, aging with scars is awful. I have mostly boxcars and some rolling, the middle of the forehead and upper cheeks, some scars on the nose,these years I had following: 
    - Lasers Genesis, Fraxel, Mixto, Erbium, Candella. Done on the scared places. CO2 was not done due to the thin skin and bad experience with others lasers. No improvement. Lasers are for shallow small scars but the risks overcome the pluses, would not do ever again. Temporal results(max 2 years)if any, won’t fill the scar. Developed dry wrinkled skin, pigment, long healing, outbreak after every treatment. No more lasers. The waste of money and time.
     - TCA peel. Just repeated the surface, zero for the scars. 
    - Fibroblasts injections(6) did nothing.
    - Microdermabrasion- with machine and sandpaper- zero. 
    - Lipofilling. Absolute waste. All dissolved after 3m. No grafts survived. Could work for bigger indented areas but not for individual chicken pox alike scars. All fillers are temporal. To fill in the individual scar precisely and not to get the button effectis very difficult. The surgeon was professional and warned me that fat is unpredictable and could fully dissolve. Also he did subcision on the main scars with no effect. He also use dermapen for the better vascularization of the fat which damaged the texture a lot.
    - Subcision. One with fat grafts and one with cannula on the forehead with Dr.Huysmann, did nothing, did not return to him because he tried to push me to Erbium in its of the fact I explained why I do not consider lasers any more.
    - TCA Cross. Tried on two scarswith Dr.Safonov, together with microdermabrasion. Healed 2 weeks, after the scabs fell off it were much deeper holes. Healed to same state how it was before and became whitish in the middle. 
    - Microneedling Derminator2. 6 times on the forehead and 3 the cheeks. With single needling on the main scars and suction. All the scars became wider and more visible. The texture of the skin worsened more, it is  lot like small cuts now. I used tretinoin after the sessions, copper peptide serum, vitC. I use tretinoin regularly in courses.
    Now  understand that not much left. I think that subcision was not performed enough or right.
     I wrote to Pr.Chu with pics. He send the treatment plan: PRP+microneedling(FNS dermapen)+Subcision +tca cross for boxcars. All done in one session. The treatments I tried before but not in combination. He does not use lasers and fillers which I am happy about. Although I will need fillers in future I think due to atrophy after lasers and aging.
    My concerns: if Derminator made the texture worse so more needling will do more damage?
    Subcision: it might worsen the cheek scars... I have feeling that there are no fibrosis tethering the scars, the bottom of the scars is the fibrosis tissue itself....also the places of the scars...very seen very difficult to treat....the same concern tca, after bad experience with 2 scars I am not sure should I go for it againor not....may be try on one scar. What do you think about all that? May be eva_li could advice after her treatment with Pr.Chu. I had the feeling that it is the same treatment for many. In the same time it is not much treatment in general.
    I understand that when there are no acne and make up and no close looking my scars are not so seen or more like the pigment. They look very differently in different light. The forehead is damaged, the upper cheeks, the left is more.
    After all years I am absolutely exosted from all the restrictions and the major influence of this problem on my life. I constantly have mild depression. Any advice would be appreciated. 

  18. Acne Scars causing ageing?

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    Acne scars and aging... awful combination... after 40 I started to see scars which I have not noticed before. Aging skin shows everything(((( so for us acne scars sufferers aging is going to be twice more difficult! It is not easy with normal skin and for it is just pain... will have to do plastic surgery soon((..sagging checks reveal all scars..

  19. Your question was more then a year ago but I still would answer. No there are no any doctors who threat scars in Moscow and St.Petersburg, I have been trying and searching for years. Even famous surgeons have no idea about subcision, TCA Cross. Even we’ll known burn scars specialist paramonov offers sand paper microdermabrasion and fibroblasts injections which both do not work. Now it is Vasiliev in platinental clinic in Moscow who started to do subcision, again have not been, so can not comment. Going to London instead. 
    Safonov is a good doctor but he is in Ukraine and Sweden, unfortunately his treatment with dermaroller did not help and now I understand that he is not very familiar with tca spot and subcision, does not do excision or very rare. 

  20. You have nothing to worry about, I have about 20 the same scars you have under your right eye on the forehead only. 

  21. After 3 times with Derminator the texture of the skin became worse and the scars widened and became more visible. Read stories at Derminator site where people did it for several years and got visible improvement. My intention was to do it long too. Now I am afraid to make the texture even more worse( consulted and saw professionals first(

  22. Very familiar feeling.. wasted time of life dealing with acne and scars. Best years. Life with restrictions. Several relationships were over because of it. And job opportunities said good bye. You really so lucky that you do not have scars. For many acne sufferers the scars are permanent(. 

  23. I did micro fat injections with subcision this January. With the good doc. No result from the beginning. All dissolved in 3 months completely. The fat is for indented areas not the individual scars. The absorption rate depends on your body. 

  24. Been in Roa 5 times. Skin became very thin very fragile, any tiny spot leaves a mark or tiny scar, the healing became very slow. Roa in the end helped to keep acne under control but aside effects. Plus lasers later(a big mistake!) plus aging process... bad but better then cysts... 

    It seems that with aging all the scars even shallow ones which were not obvious before start to reappear due to aging sagging skin((( for people with scars aging is going to be very difficult( 

  25. I cant continue with tca

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    I did TCA Cross(spot) on two boxcars. It scabed in a week only, took another week to heal, after the scab fell of I got two deep holes, twice deeper then original scars. It took about three months to heal, it healed to the same point how it was before and got the whitish middle, so no improvement. 

  26. Going to Pr.Chu soon, you have got improvement, so happy for u!

  27. Forehead Scars

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    Your forehead is my dream, I had it Before all acne and lost. You have nothing to worry about.