1. More Than a Month
  2. The Crust are fallen after 7 Day now my temple has a pink skin after that is this the new fresh skin? 

  3. when can i do sports after such treatment? My face is full of crusts.

  4. 1 hour ago, beautifulambition said:

    This is a tough one. Your Dr did not provide aftercare instructions or a follow up apt? This is why they do this. Plasma or plassmage crusts go away in a week to a few weeks.

    A moist wound is a happy wound. Put vaseline over the crusts and keep it moist if that is too much for your concern just use mosturizer. A few times a day. Until the face has fully cleared itself naturally. 

    Do no scrub or pick. No exfoiants. Lay off facial products until the body has shed the crusting. 

    You need to also clean your face daily. Get some white vinegar and dilute it with water and pat it on the face then reapply vaseline.

    Other options are things like biaphine or strataderm is better.

    If you have ethnic skin, once it heals you use tretinorin / retin-a / differin and skin bleaching cream with konjac and albutin at night to avoid hyperpigmentation. 


    Hello my Doc said no Sport or Sunlight and given me Painkiller i would say she cares about me. But i like it more to talk with people with the same issues. 

    Can i clean my face with water i dont want that the crust fall or get wet.
  5. Hey sry for my bad English. I have a question yesterday i did a plasmage treatment its my second treatment by the first one i can see 10-30% improvement of my scars now i am hoping for more my face right now is swollen and i have a loot of crusts. Is Crust a good thing i dont touch them. Again sry for my english i cant express myself how i want but in my Country there is no Forum like this.