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    hi, acne on the cheeks may be linked to your lungs and liver. A diet high in sugar and dairy may caused acne on the left cheek whereas acne on your right cheek may be caused by a high sugar intake. Smoking may also be the cause of acne..... 
    Have you tried taking antibiotics?? 

  3. 8 hours ago, mickidepaname said:

    I have to wake up every day, and remember I'm disfigured for life. 

    I don't live a normal wife anymore and I never will (even though some people are going to tell me otherwise, but I'm a special case, I'm one of the few people that are so deeply scarred that your skin is changed forever.

    But I know whatever I say they still will tell me that it'll be fine, and that "it'll pass". But they don't know that it's not because it happened to them that it happened to everybody.
    They don't want to hear the stories of people whose life changed forever after their sentence was pronounced. 

    I got to realize you're the only one who got to live your life. 

    I explained to my family two years ago that after this terrible infection, my life wouldn't be the same, and that it was not "ok, because it was just acne" .

    I explained I'd become the shadow of myself, forever.

    So, you shouldn't listen to people that don't understand what you live. At least, that's my experience.

    People want to feel good by saying "it's gonna be ok". But really, they don't give a damn.

    Anyway...the good point is I'm working on projets, and develop skills allowing me, in the future, to earn money while not having a regular/open space type job (it will never be the case anymore)
    im sorry you have to go through this. I hope you will find happiness and peace one day again
  4. try rinsing your face with sea salt water. it will help reduce the swelling abit. 
    I feel like the clay mask might be too harsh, try using fresh aloevera instead? 

  5. yes, I would suggest you to consider taking Accutane if nothing is helping. 
    hmm, maybe you should try changing your skin care products/routine? I personally feel that "acne" products dont work and they aggravate my acne instead. 
    try not to cleanse your face too often? heres my skincare routine
    - remove spf and makeup with miscellar water 
    - I only wash my face with very little cleanser once a day (when I shower at night). 
    - tone with an apple cider vinegar toner (diluted with water) 
    - moisturise (add a drop of jojoba oil to your moisturiser if your face gets super dry) 
    - applying tretinoin cream to my scars (only at night) 

    cleanser: Simple face gel wash
    toner: Apple Cider Vinegar or Kiehl's Calendula Toner
    moisturizer: Neutrogena oil free moisturise, jojoba oil or rosehip seed oil 

    have you tried using foundation to cover up your acne? I know its a "girl" thing but guys actually do it too! and trust me, it will boost your confidence. a really good foundation with good coverage that Ive used is the L'oreal true match foundation. Make sure to always remove the foundation (with miscellar water or jojoba oil) before you go to bed. 

    if youre looking for something more subtle, try the Loccitane BB cream (has SPF 30 in it), im currently using that I love it. 

    I hope this helps!! 

  6. hi redded, I can relate so much to your post but please please please dont give up! I had really bad cystic acne and I tried everything I could but nothing work until I when to a GP,  she prescribed me doxycycline and tretinoin cream. and I honestly cannot describe how glad I am to make that decision. still suffering from all the scars left by my acne but I believe time will heal everything! 

  7. 19 hours ago, yourbeautyfix said:

    Hey face mapping is such an interesting concept and is practiced by many Chinese medicine practitioners & reflexologists. I think it's such an interesting idea to explore to try and cure your acne. It's definitely worth looking at if you feel like you've explored all other avenues. I think it's the most effective to because once you understand whats going on inside your body you can make lifestyle changes which will most certainly have a positive effect on your skin.

    yes it is!! to completely cure your acne, you must find the root of it!
  8. update:

    I stopped following this routine back in august when I started taking doxycycline. im not saying that it doesnt work because it does! just very very slowly and I didnt see any drastic difference in my skin hence the decision to take doxycycline and I recommend everyone whos suffering from acne to visit a GP and seek for help! my GP also prescribed me a tretinoin cream and Ive been using it every night for my acne scars. theyre getting lighter but at a very slow rate.. since I started taking meds, my diet went back to how it was initially (taking diary and sugar, eating chips, coffee, etc) and I haven't had a break out.......yet(fingers crossed).  

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  10. the pimples on your forehead are most likely caused by your hormones, theres not much you can do about it since youre probably going thru puberty. however, a bad diet such as greasy fried or sugary food may aggravate the acne.  

  11. have you tried tretinoin cream? I'm suffering from those marks too and the tretinoin seem to be fading them quite quickly

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