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  3. 45 minutes ago, Candy Says said:
    On 12-7-2018 at 2:46 AM, Yasminexra said:
    if I would have clear skin it feels like the damage that has been made to my mental health is already too big, deep and irreversible.
    hahaha no. You will not feel this way. You just smile and move forward. 

    Yes I would, because I had clear skin for almost 1.5 years. Not even one pimple, completely clear. And let me say, not even ONE day was I freed from my thoughts and problems. Everyday I feared, everytime I came short of breath thinking about what happened, everyday I couldn't come close to people, I cried everyday, I stayed home, I couldn't let go of my fear of food... you name it. Does that seem like smiling and moving forward to you?
  4. 28 minutes ago, Candy Says said:
    don't you see people insecure about their noses, chins, ears? about height (never can be fixed), weight, balding?
    Why I am so short, so bald, ears are like avia-radars, nose like axe, eyes too big, dih is so small? 
    why cant I piss without pain, breathe without pills, and lyft without heart problems? 
    Also, I want to have that face shape, that bone structure, that voice, that immune system.
    Most of things I wrote above are beyond fixable  possibilities, and people have to live their lives. 

    You have ACNE on your SKIN. Acne can be cured, skin heals.

     Don't ever speak about unfairness. I know guy who has problems with his digestive tract. So he visit resting room 20-30 times per day. Is it fair? or guy who has chronic head ache (cant remember what exactly is it)? Or guy who was gentleman driver but one day some streetracer left him without one arm? not fair at all, right? 

    I get that, that's why I feel even worse and don't talk about this subject with anyone. When I get this reaction from even my mother I shut down for months out of shame. Something so 'trivial' (I say this now but that's certainly not how I see it) has formed my life. I can't help it, it is my reality and yes comparing myself to worse cases makes me feel guilty but that also doesn't help.

    Also in my defense I specifically said "anyone else around me" and "this way". I don't know any sick people around me as far as I know, so I surely didn't imply that. Secondly, I said "this way" so I meant everything that came with acne, for example bullying and my mental health.
    I meant no harm, and I would never ever mean it in a way that I'm looking down on people having other health issues.

    I'm sorry if I offended you or anyone else. Never in my life have I said that I have it worse than the rest, everyone deals with something. But feeling unfairness is natural I believe. If you look at it the other way, there are people who find it unfair when they don't get 5000 a month from their parents (I saw that in a documentary). Doesn't exactly correlate with this. But what I meant to say that some people do get trapped in their own problems no matter how simple or hard those problems are. And that comes with a feeling of unfairness. But in no way shape or form does that mean (in my case) that I wouldn't see unfairness for other people who have it worse or even better.

  5. Thank you for sharing!
    I have some questions:

    1. How did you discover what food works for you and what does work for your skin?
    I just cut out everything years ago cold turkey without really experimenting. I'm trying to find out what I can eat again, and what I shouldn't but it's hard because I don't know how many hours it should take to see a breakout. I thought pimples formed in 2 weeks? Also how do you know it wasn't just a coincidence.

    2. I forgot my second question woops maybe I'll remember it later

  6. 11 hours ago, Stan Robbie said:
    Hello, 12 hours are really enough for acne to appear, it all depends on your body. You can find out what kind of products leads to the appearance of acne only by experience. For me personally it's fast food. When I eat a lot of such food, I have problems. A few delicious hot dogs or hamburgers lead to the appearance of pimples and rashes on my face after 12-16 hours. But this is only my own observation, I wish you good luck.

    Thank you for the information.  I was confused because after consuming sugar I can almost immediately feel my face tingling, and after a few hours there are some more bumps on my face. Also my stomach kinda hurts, which means that I probably have a food intolerance to sugar. I'm still not sure about other food..

    Only thing is, I always cut out bad food (unless I'm binging because of my ED). But I never believed that food could cause acne because I thought that pimples formed in 2 weeks. So something forming in 12 hours seemed odd to me. Is the process of pimple forming maybe faster because of the food intolerance?

    I believe you nonetheless, I was just wondering how all of this works in the body.
  7. 10 hours ago, TuongNguyen97 said:

    I dont find acne unattractive at alll.If you see my scars you'll realize there are worse things than acne.Be happy girl ^^

    Believe me, where I live when you have acne everyone one looks down on you. Friends of my mom used to tell me I should do something, I hear that guys disrespect girls just because they have acne. Not that I really care anymore, I'm just trying to say: you might be a good person and not see the acne but most people aren't like that. I also have scars (from a young age) so that's that...
    On 10-7-2018 at 10:44 AM, terminator1997 said:

    You might be surprised to hear that it is quite normal to feel this way. ALRIGHT HERE ARE YOUR TWO OPTIONS---

    Do you want to be  -


    These are the two choices you have. Whatever choice you make will impact your life in a big way. Stop overthinking it. Get rid of the mirrors. Start reading. There are tons of people like us. If only a few people had acne, I doubt this site would even exist. But it exists and the innumerable posts suggest that there are thousands out there just like us. Whenever you are feeling sad, Go on this site and read some of the positive posts.

    "Crying while getting ready for school, pretending to be okay, feeling like people are staring at me. Getting home and cry when I remove my make up. "

    Its okay. Its painful to go through this still I want you to feel the pain and accept it .I am sure it will be easy this time .
    Now after a few years, you will get a degree, you will have a face with less acne, you will be emotionally strong and all this will be a catalyst for your success.


    First of all, thank you for your words. But the first thing I think about is: why should I even choose between two things and have acne in whatever I choose to do? (failure or sucession). I don't see anyone else around me having to battle this way, sometimes it's the unfairness that really gets me.
    But thank you for your tips nonetheless, I just wanted to share my honest thoughts.

    You're right. But a few years ago when I was young everyone lied to me and told me it would go away by 18 (I'm 19 now). So I worked so hard in high school to get the best grades possible, it really was hell. But I thought that in the end it would be worth it in an acne free life. It just feels like betrayal believing these thoughts just to find myself in the same situation once again, and I don't think I can go through that betrayal again. Fighting for years through meantal illnesses & humiliation because of acne for a degree. Just to get back to square one again regarding my face including the scars. It's just too much. I get what you're saying and I'm not trying to be negative or mean but I don't know. I'm just rambling my thoughts as always.
    On 10-7-2018 at 2:22 PM, sickofacnee said:

    I know exactly how you feel because I felt the same way about two months ago and to make it worse, I went thru a whole semester of uni with huge cystic acne. I wasn't bullied because of my acne but I did get some nasty comments from adults. I used to cry everytime I looked in the mirror. I was on this forum, youtube and google everyday looking for remedies until I realized that we're just making all these up in our minds. WE are causing ourselves to be depressed, how will you be happy if you dont love yourself??? anyway, I stopped obsessing over my acne and stuck to a routine (i'll link it below, it may help you) that helped me clear my acne and I started to forget that I even have acne. my skin is still far from perfect, the cysts left huge red scars all over my face and I still have a few pimples on my cheeks, however, I dont feel sad or angry about it because I know that it will gradually fade with time. 

    remember, acne is just temporary.


    Thank you for sharing your experiences and routine, I will definitely check it out later. I'm sorry you had to go through these things and also happy you found a way out.

    The hard part is that I just can't accept myself, I might have been bullied while I was growing up but I never had to chance to get over that. (I had to deal with family problems and stuff, still but I'm just focusing on this now)
    I think that just maninfested into this hatred and obsession over my skin. I just think that out of all people I'm not allowed to show unsightful things to people regarding my face. I know it sounds extreme and my thoughts also change everyday to be honest (not positive ones).

    The other hard part is that I just don't believe in the ''temporary'' thing anymore. I always used to say: "Just give me a time limit, no matter how long, and I will be able to go through this".
    Waiting for years and going through medicines for nothing, I took that really hard. And maybe that's why I'm prone to giving up easily (which is complete opposite to my personality, getting a diploma wasn't easy). I'm convinced that I'm cursed and my face will stay like this for forever. But you're right it's all coming from me, because the people around me have changed and no one every pointed out my skin.

    Don't take it wrong I really take these words to my heart, that's why I make topics. It's just that my voices and thoughts are too strong and I can't help but share them. Time to check out yours! Thanks again.

  8. 8 hours ago, besimple said:

    The best way to exfoliate an already bumpy, irritated skin is chemical exfoliation.Scrubbing bumpy skin will further aggravates the skin. Since you have an oily skin like me, I recommend a BHA (salicylic acid). Chemical exfoliation helps with acne by helping your skin gently shed dead skin cells that are obstructing your pores and making you breakout (i.e. it tries to stop most, not all, breakouts from happening). When picking a BHA product, find one that is free of alcohol, colorant, and fragrance: these ingredients are very irritating. Also, find one that is in a liquid format so that way you avoid the possibility of the product being comedogenic. When starting out with BHA, start slow and then work your way up to avoid purging or irritation of any sort (nobody likes set backs). Start with using it  every 3-4 days and then graduate to every other day. 
    My recommendations:
    Paula choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid or
    Paula choice CLEAR Regular Strength Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution With 2% Salicylic Acid

    Here is the two products' cosmetic analysis:
    Skin perfecting 2% BHA
    Clear anti-redness exfoliating solution
    Compare both products review and analysis and see which one you prefer. 

    BTW, I swear I do not work for paula's choice; it is just that, aside the products I make myself, they are the only skincare company I agree with for the most part :) 
    Kind regards; I will be here if you need me.

    Edit: I forgot to mention if you do decide to buy either of the recommended BHA's, there will be no need for to buy a toner anymore. Also, to make these exfoliation solution last, pour a little in your hands and apply to your face rather than a cotton pad. 


    Thank you! I already  came across the skin perfecting 2% bha many times but I didn't realize it could be used as an exfoliater, makes sense.
    Right now I'm keeping a very simple skincare routine, my skin has calmed down a littleee regarding the irritation I had a few days ago. It is still nowhere near clear nonetheless. Maybe I'll keep incorporating more stuff later on, that's why I'm trying to have a new skincare routine ready in advance.
    Also shouldn't I use toner on days I don't use the bha solution or after removing make up?

    I believe you, I'm glad you're recommending a product line you believe works.

    Update: recently instead of my usual cysts and pustules I'm getting small/ decent sized bumps that go away or shrink overnight, without treating them. Do you know what those are or what that means? They resemble pimples (in the beginning fases) but at the same time it isn't really. They also don't really come to a head or anything. I'm confused. I'm sure I'll get a full blown breakout again very soon but I'm still curious as to why this is happening since it has been like this for almost 2 weeks now.

    Besides that my skin also gets "swollen" and red veryy easily which, normally all the redness came from inflammations on my face. I don't know how this happened but I can safely assume that I have sensitive oily acne prone skin, right? (that was a mouthful)

    I'm asking so many questions sorry >.<

  9. Quote

    I started birth control at 14 with an antibiotic to help with the acne. I hated the anitobiotic, it felt like my body (I already had stomach issues) was getting worse, so I stopped. I'm sorry to say that I can't remember, but I *think* it took a good 6 months - 1 year for my skin to clear up. This was in conjunction with a BP wash, differin 0.3%, and aczone. I'm still on the birth control due to convenience, 10 years later, but it also helps with acne. Switching from loryna to generic back to lornya put my hormones in a weird shock recently. 

    Everything takes time, it sounds like your skin is already improving with the yaz! Though not where you want to be yet. I understand how you're feeling. I took yaz too until I was switched to loryna :) 

    So did you experience break outs around month 3? It really feels like it isn't going to work but I'll give this some time. Hearing that ik took you quite a few months. When it got clear, did it eventually stay like that?

    Indeed, my skin is not even remotely close to where I want it to be, that's what makes it so discouraging. Since accutane failed I can't trust anything. Because if BCP doesn't work what else is the problem then? What am I doing wrong. Thank you for sharing your experience!


    As for the diet, I know where you're coming from. I'm recovered from ED from depression and anxiety for 1.5 years now. My skin started recovering too when I added back in more fats, like chia seeds, hemp, avocado, sesame oil, and almond butter. I definitely notice breakouts from artificial sugars, so I try to avoid desserts. 

    Sorry to hear that but I'm glad you recovered. It really sucks, acne really comes with a full package doesn't it. I'm really confused with my diet right now. When you eat sugars, how fast do you notice a breakout? And how are you able to collaborate the link between certain food and your skin?


    As for products, I use Pacifica kale detox and that stuff is strong, but it totally helped after a month of using it so far. I also use iS clinical hydra-cool serum and it helps my skin to calm down! I noticed I'm less red, especially now that I'm doing differin generic again. Cetaphil is NOT a good cleanser for acne. It's a generic by dermatologists because it's a standard, basic cleanser that works on everyone. Their products clogged my pores and broke me out. I would try to find a gentle foaming cleanser, with hypo-allogenic ingredients, to use with your ace products. Or try to find an AHA cleanser. I find BHA to be too strong to use on the daily, but it helps a few times a week. 

    OH I totally forgot! hormonal acne I've heard can be helped from an amino acid called L-Lysine. A lot of people with this type of acne take these supplements and say it helps tremendously. A lot of the public is deficient in it, but I'm not sure how it'd be used with a hormonal birth control. This is just something to look into and research, especially for your body. 

    Another thing, oil-free moisturizers can be pore-clogging as well. I used an oil-free gel for a month and a half and as a result got horrendous clogged pores that will take 3+ months to heal. I'm currently in month one? of my skin recovery from that but. I got pretty gnarly flare-ups due to my skin purging finally. 

    They say for acne and oily skin an oil moisturizer or double cleansing is good. I can second the oil-based serum, but oil cleansers also clog my pores. It's all about experimenting. If you see breakouts immediately after using a new product then I would start spot-treating only and seeing how that area reacts (I say this but don't do it myself hahah). 


    I'll definitely look up L-Lysine. Thank you. I will also look up the products later on, right now I needed to find a culprit so sticking to cetaphil seems like the right thing. Since it's non-irritating. I also analyzed the recent ingredients and all were okay.

  10. On 10-7-2018 at 3:53 PM, besimple said:

    About the cysts just breathe. Find anti-inflammatory ingredients to counteract it so it can disappear quickly: try something like grounded oats mixed with cold aloe-vera juice mask (do it couple of times a day). Make sure to stay from any sort of astringent (vinegar, lemon juice, drying solution, alcohol, etc). And about the happy part, when my hubby had depression from taking Ativan (Lorazepam), listening to instrumentals, like classical music, helped his anxiety; he said it allowed his mind to drift without negative thoughts. 
    If you need someone to talk to, I am always here. I know how you feel; I felt it when my acne was at it worst.
    Kind regards.

    Thank you! It just sucks when cysts come back when they're gone for a few days. I'd rather have them continuously in that case because the shock is so big. I will keep your tips in mind, normally I just put on vinegar but I guess I shouldn't do that. Also, do you recommend exfoliating? And if so, what is the best way?

    You're right. In my case I can't go outside so I try to listen to music or sing. It doesn't make me happy but it keeps my mind a little calm.

    Again, thanks a lot! Giving me tips and recommendations but also even offering to talk means a lot to me.
    11 hours ago, leelowe1 said:

    Adding spiro to birth control is what many women do.  I chose not to and had semi decent results.  You should try it.  It can take six months or more to see if it will work for you.  It took over a year for me to see if any progress was made.

    Stress and worry worsens acne which sucks because acne stresses and worries most of us.  Try to find one thing each day that makes you happy and do it.  Take a break from the mirror.  Journal your feelings.  Realize that you are loved and that acne is a part of your physical makeup at this moment but it doesn't define you as an individual.  If you need to chat, feel free to send me a message.  I've been struggling since i was 16 and now i'm soon to be 35.

    That's a long time! Hope you're doing okay.

    I'm also leaning towards the decision of not going on spiro. I just feel like it will make the ''worse before better'' stage come back, and then I'll never be able to tell whether BCP worked. Correct me if I'm wrong.
    (I'm completely convinced I'm one of the cases nothing will work on but I still need to try before saying that confidently.)

    I'm sorry to go against your words, I really appreciate it. But I tried doing all those things to be happy for years. It just doesn't work. However, I'm still thankful.

  11. 20 hours ago, ReddedShwx said:
    Sorry for the late reply. Life in the way. People. And suicidal thoughts. Also this site lags me. 

    I think a lot about your experiences, your life and your pain. I know acne is not the worst thing ever.. and yeah we shouldn’t complain. but i see clearly how you are another poor soul suffering anyhow. We all individually have our own unique strengths and weaknesses. 

    I understand... hey are you excited about college? I hope you aren’t too stressed or anxious. I’m getting ready for my final year at college and well I feel fuzzy and empty. 

    You concerned me deeply with that.. 

    you dont have a soul? :\

    i cant dig into your heart and mind and fully truly understand  your thoughts and beliefs.. but I at least want to try....  

    personally i believe I’m unlovable despite any relationships I’ve had. Do you also feel like a burden? Like a... useless piece of junk? Like... no  one and nothing? 


    It's okay, I completely understand. Sometimes I have a hard time too to even visit the site or anything else for that matter. Also thank you, even tho I don't deserve any concern.

    It isn't the worst thing if I think about it rationally, but why does it feel like the worst thing? And I can say that with confidence because I've had 'worse' problems in life but I was able to overcome those in the end. This just feels like a monster from the past that keeps dragging me back, even if I would have clear skin it feels like the damage that has been made to my mental health is already too big, deep and irreversible. Also the scars (no matter how unnoticable) would always remind me of all the bullying and mental pain I had to experience. I only see dead ends everywhere no matter how I view this.

    I relate to your feelings about college. Right now I've cancelled out all fear because it's just too much, so I would say it's just emptiness I'm feeling. Or actually,  I'm just convincing myself that I won't make it till then, it's the only way I can possible handle the thought that university is 2 months away. I've put my soul to make it till here, get my diploma.
    Now that I reached that point it's scary because in reality it actually feels like I'm back to square one. Does this make any sense? I literally have a thousand thoughts about this topic that I try to cancel out so I'm kinda rattling. Combining everything I just feel like a lost cause.

    I actually made a seperate topic about starting university, I don't know if you're interested but here it is: Topic about university

    Also, I just realised saying that I don't have a soul sounds extreme. Let me me explain;
    When I think about my true personality it just hurts too much. I would say I'm really bubbly with friends, like to study, enjoy helping people, actually love going outside and dressing up. But none of that is me right now, I would say I'm doing the complete opposite.

    And If I were to go outside, here's what happens:
    My BDD acts up PTSD goes through the roof, I would panic while getting ready, I keep comparing myself to people, it feels like everyone is bullying me again.. and much more. It has been this way for YEARS even when I had 'good' days. My so called 'personality' has been robbed away from me before even getting the fair chance to grow up. All this while even leaving my family problems out of the picture.
    So right now, convincing myself and everyone else that I have no soul is a coping mechanism to get trough the days.

    People (including my doctor) tell me,: "Just try to be that kind of person again, get help. Acne shouldn't be this big of a deal". Well I can't, and it is. No mattter what I do nothing gets better. And I think that's the hard part, because 'surely putting so much patience and effort into something pays off'. It didn't. And I find it hard to comprehend that nothing payed off, and I'm sure nothing will EVER pay off. I went against all my fears for years, I studied, I went trough so many medicines for acne from a young age, , I suffered so much, I eventually overcame the bullying, I went trough therapy for 4 years.
    And that is exactly why I get suicidal, I just don't want to suffer like this anymore. And such words ( "Just try to be that kind of person again, get help")  make it worse, I just feel more worthless because to outsiders it is something I should get over at some point, but I CAN'T.

    Wow I'm really going all out here. Let's move on from that, yes it's probably hard to understand my way of thinking because even I can't keep up. Which is probably why I'm never able to fall asleep or not distract myself. I just hope maybe you can find yourself in some things, because it's even worse when you feel all isolated and alone in this journey.

    And I also agree, I do feel like I'm a burden. Which is maybe why everything got to this point. When things go bad I always isolate myself. Since my self-esteem already felt nonexcistent I thought that of all people I shouldn't have acne or atleast show my face to people and bother their sight. Or talk about my feelings and bother anyone.  And yes when I think about it it hurts, like I've said earlier. I like to help people, but I can't  even help myself anymore. Even now I'm hoping I'm not bothering you or anyone else reading this.

    At age 15 I was already ignoring the red lights while crossing the roads  on purpose, think about that. How messed up must I be now? I just read that you were bullied as well. I'm so sorry. Sometimes I wonder, is that what made the diference? I don't know

    Do you also try to drink away your pain? Or do any activity that harms mentally and physically? but cant.. stop torturing yourself because self-hatred?

    im so so alone and damn it i feel closer and closer to shooting myself already. Do you really wanna die lately? And yeah  acne  a culprit. Why? 

    I'm actually concerned about that but that's hypocrital of me. I'm so sorry for what you're going through and if I could do something I would. But atleast, I know how you feel. Not exactly, but please feel free to talk or share anything.

    To answer your question: I've tried, thought about drinking alcohol. Hurting myself. But I think by not doing that I'm punishing myself more on purpose. By not being able to escape I feel every ounce of the pain.

    It screws with your mind. Changes your reality. VISION. You begin to have delusions that may never ever leave you. Do you feel haunted ? By your SELF?

    In my opinion you hit the nail on the head. It doesn't matter how many people compliment me, liked me or what not. In the end it boils down to me and what acne did to me from such a young age, whether it be my appearence or simply my mental state. And it sounds stupid to say, but that is my reality. It actually infuriates me when people don't see what I see. Not that I allow anyone but still.

    Sorry, I'm just seeing that I typed so much..
  12. Hi,

    I was wondering. How do you exactly know what food causes your acne
    For example: After binging on sugar how soon will something show up. Because it could also be a coincidence.

    Is it possible for acne to show up in 12 hours after binging on a box of sugar filled cookies?
    I haven't binged in so long but it was either that or doing something worse. It also seemed like nothing would improve my skin anyways so I was like screw this, I have restricted myself so long for no results.  However it seems like my new cysts came to prove me wrong. I was cyst free for 2 weeks!

    But is that even possible in 12 hours? Maybe I'm just finding things to blame myself or they were already there? maybe I made a huge mistake I don't know.

    I would appreciate any input, since all the voices in my head are certainly not helping me let alone giving me any facts.

    Does anyone know food that is good for acne but could replace unhealthy binging..

  13. 7 hours ago, besimple said:

    Your experience with yasmin, from  what I gather online, seems typical: it gets worst by the 2nd month and by the 4th month, boom, clearer skin. Since this is the case, I will say continue for 6 months just like you did with acne and see what happens. 
    I never took BCP;  2400 mcg vitamin A and 15mg Zinc picolate ( 4x a week) and 250mg vitamin c (2x a day) and 200iu vitamin e (2x a week) along with avoiding highly comedogenic products are what helped my acne.  Additionally, I tie my hair with a scarf  at night and change my pillow case twice a week (and buy or wash my pillow itself every 6 months) just to make sure hair product residue is contributing to my acne.
    My advice to you is rather than adding another hormone pill to yasmin, add supplements instead. Maybe try my supplement routine but do the vitamin A zinc combo part everyday for a while and the cut back to 4x a week once your skin clear up. Finally, find things that make you happy and takes your mind off your acne. Stress causes inflammation in the body and inflammation leads to more acne flare-ups. 
    My skincare routine right now is dead basic: wash with cetaphil and moisturize. I think I am ready to cautiously and slowly crank it up a notch. I will start differin (adapelene) once a week for a month and then slowly progress my frequency. Starting slow with any topical, gives your skin time to adjust so it does not get stunned and flare up.  
    You said in your old post that you have prescription topical; how is that going?


    Thank you I will keep these tips in mind.

    About the happy part, I don't think I'll be able to do that. My BDD (caused by acne) has completely taken over my life along with other problems.
    Also, earlier I said that all my cysts have disappeared. Well guess what I jinxed it, today 4 cysts returned on my face. Just when I started having hope (so stupid of me) and wanting to try new things. This is all just so devastating..

    Idk why I'm ranting but once again thank you!
  14. 11 minutes ago, besimple said:

    Cysts are definitely hormonal, so if your cysts responded positively to Yasmin, I will say continue for at least 3 months before discontinuing. Experts always say that it takes about 3 months (12 weeks) for cells and hormonal disposition to change. Correct me if I am wrong; when you say you have moderate acne, you mean papules and pustules, right? Is it similar to what I had on my right cheek (sorry, could not find one of me without makeup that let you truly see the extent of my acne).
    No automatic alt text available.
    The bottom pictures is what  my skin looks like as of today. I have light acne now. I plan in the nearest future to add a retinoid for my whiteheads and scars and to discontinue my current moisturizer because I believe it is mildly clogging my pores.
    On another note, Spironlactone you mentioned might help because it is an androgen  block and a progestin booster. When I was pregnant and I was breastfeeding, my skin cleared completely but it immediately came back as I stopped breastfeeding.

    Image may contain: 1 personCheck out that breastfeeding glowing, clear skin. What I am saying is that whatever can boost progesterone  and  at the same time lower androgen (the hormone that makes us make excess oil in the first place) can help immensely with acne.

    First of all, thank you for sharing your information once again.

    Woops I meant I'm on Yasmin for 2 months and 2 weeks now! I accidentally said one month. You still think I should continue?

    This is how it went, maybe this gies you a better idea:

    Before starting birth control: A few cysts (one or two at the same time), lots of inflamed  pimples and some  pustules
    Month 1: Cysts got worse, all kinds of acne but still moderate
    Month 2: Moderate / severe acne including cysts and pustules, papules. It was really bad. Couldn't even sleep on my side without hurting everywhere on my face.
    Month 2 & 2 weeks: Cysts are gone, still getting spots like before I started birth control, maybe a little bit less but it's still here. I did get nothing for a week for the first time but maybe it was a coincidence and not because of the bcp? Because my skin is kinda acting up again.

    Your skin cleared op nicely btw! I will also look into retinoid since my skin is similar to yours (recent pictures) but I would say I'm getting more spots again. Didn't help that I binged today because of this stress.. Not that food ever made a big difference.

    Also, the cetaphil face wash and moisturizer just came in, I orderded them yesterday. Not getting my hopes up but I want to make sure nothing else is contributing to my acne before starting a new treatment.

    Do you take something now to help your skin ?
    You said earlier you take vitamin a and zinc, but no bcp ?
  15. 9 hours ago, Benjamin94 said:

    You’re not out of options

    Things you can try:
    1. Second round lf Accutane
    2. A stronger birth control pill, i.e. Co-cyprindiol. Yasmin is an Oestrogen/Progestogen OCP. Co-cyprindiol is an Antiandrogen/Oestrogen OCP (Specifically given for acne). I think it is more dangerous than a standard OCP (in terms of VTE risk), but the androgen antagonist (cyproterone acetate) is a very powerful anti-acne drug. If I was female I would try Co-cyprindiol. Unfortunately if i took it, I would likely grow breasts.

    I will keep those in mind for when I see my doctor, thank you.
    Only thing is, this is what I'm thinking:

    - I don't know whether I can take 6 months of accutane just for it to come back again. Mentally I'm not stable to go trough that again.. I mean if it's the only thing that would help sure I'll be patient but since I don't have that certainty I don't know. Also: My doctor says it's hormonal, so would accutane really do something? Don't take me wrong, I would consider a second round I just can't help but think about all the risks and possibilities.

    - I did a quick search, is what you mentioned the same as dianette? I had second thoughts before starting the yasmin since dianette would be more effective, but I had read online that they both helped with acne. And I was searching for something I could take my whole life. But now that you mention it I will note it and take it with me to the doctor, it just sucks that it has to get worse before better (again) and maybe without even a result once again.

    I'm also thinking about just continuing yasmin (2 weeks left before I finish one month). Edit: I meant 2 weeks before I finish three months I My hormonal? cysts are all gone now but I still get moderate acne, so something is happening just not what I wished. Should I wait till 3 months/ 4 months have passed?

    And then adding spironolactone is also something I've heard about but I'm not so sure how that works or would work.
    Aagh, sorry I'm just thinking out loud but thank you for your suggestions once again. If I said something that isn't right please correct me.
  16. Hello,

    I just kinda wanted to rant. Note: It's 7 am and I haven't slept yet, which is normal for me.
    But soon or later school will start and just thinking about me want to end it all (Yes, it's extreme). But hear me out.

    Years and years even when I was bullied for my skin I just kept studying. No matter how ugly I felt, how much I isolated myself because of acne or how bad my depression got I just studied. In hopes of clearing up in a few years and have a future (such a joke).

    Well I'm 19 now, about to start university (laws) in about 2 months. And every single day terrifies me. I have to make a choice sooner or later.

    Here is how it is laid out in my head:
    If I go ...
    1.It's torturing myself like I have the past few years.
    The same routine: Crying while getting ready for school, pretending to be okay, feeling like people are staring at me. Getting home and cry when I remove my make up. 
    Also; Granted with my depression right now I won't be able to concentrate on ANYTHING, right now I'm surviving by sleeping and distracting myself with the internet.
    One good thing is that studying distracts me, only this time my mental health has gotten so bad I'm actually sure it won't work this time.

    If I don't go...
    I'll be a failure for my parents. Hey, I already am but I mean this choice would really make me a failure to them.
    Other than that I'll just be able to 'live' like I'm doing right now. Hiding, sleeping, internetting and switching day and night like I'm doing right now. I mean, it works (even if it's lonely and painful).. But for a whole year?

    I don't even want a solution or think about it. I'm just ranting to no one in particular until I hopefully fall asleep. It is hopeless really. I don't even have 1% hope in the future, let alone the upcoming months. I'm just hoping this miserable 'life'  miraculously ends somehow.

    But has anyone experienced the same thing, or is going through something similar?
    Again, I'm not trying to find a way out. I just want to share things on this platform

    It's so stupid that I even have to think about this, IT'S SO unfair! Everyone else has to deal with other problems but at least they're able to show up to places and LIVE without having all these mental problems and unsightful faces because of acne (for years!)
    And it sucks that this has restricted me so much and probably be the end of me, not even being  dramatic. Anyways, I'll just stop here before I write more.Thanks for reading if you did.
  17. 43 minutes ago, besimple said:

    I think you should buy samples of both and try them and see which one you like best. The samples are 60-80 cents a piece; buy a couple of both. If you are going to go with the skin balancing toner, do not include any acids in you skin care routine because it has niacinamide in it (by the way, niacinamide is a great anti-inflammatory, anti-acne, and even toning ingredient). 
    I currently do not have a superb moisturizer to recommend :( (I will let you know if I find anything). If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! 

    Thank you. I will if I won't bother you, and also I just ordered cetaphil and rose water. This week I will also order paula's products including toner samples after I see how this goes. I'll update it here if something does or doesn't work.
  18. 7 minutes ago, besimple said:
    Do you have dry skin? It has a lot of film forming ingredients high up on its ingredient list. It also has colorings and a couple of comedogenic ingredients ( like Oleth-10, Hexylene Glycol, and Lecithin). My verdict on it is to really observe how it makes your skin feel and behave. Does it feel heavy on application?
    I actually have combination / oily skin but it's kinda sensitive to a lot of products lately and I don't even put on topical creams. I don't feel any tingling or heaviness when I apply the moisturizer, but I don't know a lot about ingredients, I just analyzed them in cosdna.com and nothing bad came out. I think I will purchase the cetaphil cleanser and paula's toner (do you recommend the redness or balancing one?) and see if that makes a difference. Do you know some good moisturizers? The Clinique one is almost finished ayways.
  19. 24 minutes ago, besimple said:

    I have a bit of hormonal acne too. What is currently working for me is 2400 mg Vitamin A and 15 mg zinc picolate. Zinc on its on does not work for acne. The reason for zinc supplement is to aid the body's utilization of vitamin A: zinc helps your body convert retinyl palmitate (the supplement) to retionic acid ( a natural compound that is not only similar to accutane but also free of accutane's possible complications and side effects). I also take 200 iu vitamin e 2x a week and 250 mg vitamin c 2x a day for antioxidant support and two 1300mg capsules of evening primerose at that special time of the month. Internal antioxidants help reduce lipid oxidation, a process that makes your very own sebum comedogenic. 
    On another note, I am actually glad you do not use benzoyl peroxide because that stuff is actually poison to the skin. I will suggest that you try a serum or mist with at least 5% sodium ascoryl phosphate (SAP for short). SAP is a vitamin c derivative. A clincal study found it to be more effective (pratically no irritation) than benzoyl peroxide and antibiotic gel. If you do decide to give SAP a try, make sure the product you choose do not have L-ascorbic acid or any other acid. Acids are very irritating to an already irritated skin.
    Also, I took the liberty to checked the products in your current skincare routine. Your cleanser's combination of salicylic and niacinamide, based on my cosmetology knowledge, is a big no. Niacinamide in an acid base converts to niacin, a compound that  causes facial flushing. And aside from your cleanser mixing salicylic acid and niacinamide, it contains sodium laureth sulfate, a surfactant that leaves behind an acne causing film. I suggest you switch to a more simpler water-soluble cleanser like cetaphil gentle foaming cleanser: it does not have any comedogenic ingredient in it. I also suggest you skip your toner too. It has a bunch of essential oils that are very sensitizing to the skin. If you must have a toner try rose water or, better yet, try paula's choice calm redness relief toner for normal/oily skin. I am not able to advice you on your moisturizer because I cannot pinpoint the particular one you are using.           
    I sincerely hope you find my comment helpful. 

    Thank you so much for your detailed advice and time, it really helped me. I rarely want to try out new things but you made really good points!
    I will look into everything you recommended especially the mist.
    Also, the cleanser was recommended by an aesthetician so I thought it was a good cleanser (also very expensive). I notice that I do get redness on my cheeks and even bumps because of it, I suspected the cleanser for a while but I just trusted the clinic I went to and was scared to change it. Maybe they just wanted money?
    I will also look into the toners you recommended and face wash of course.
    This is the moisturizer I use:
    Should I keep using that?

    Again, thanks a lot.

    Edit: I looked up all the products. Would you also recommend the paula's choice skin balancing toner? Or is the calm redness relief one better?
    (Sorry for all the questions)

  20. Last Month
  21. 4 hours ago, ReddedShwx said:
    Your words alone have been helpful. If I may ask , how bad has your acne affected you and your life? Why do you claim to have no soul? 

    I'm glad.
    Well, words probably won't describe how bad I'm being affected but I'll try. It feels like my whole youth has been robbed away, since age 14/15 I was being bullied because of my skin. I started isolating myself, getting suicidal at such a young age. I'm not even mentioning that I had no one to comfort me since my parents were only fighting and using me. After my acne got better (roaccutane) it was still the only thing I could think about. I could not let go of the past and had this phobia of the acne returning. So my emotional state didn't change, however I was able to mask it.

    Fast forward it just became too much, like I've mentioned BDD, PTSD and more got the best of me. Also, my fear coming true (bad skin again) just pinned me into the ground. Right now I've switched day and night, I try to stay alive for one more day everyday.

    It really is hell, I graduated and I can get into university in about 2 months but it just seems like a big joke. I really don't have a future, I'm not even being pessimistic but rational when I say this. And I'm doing the utter most to bother anyone, including my parents. It probably is bad, but isolating is what I'm best at.

    That's why I said that I have no soul. I never got the fair chance to grow up and be my own without all these demons inside me and outside (acne). So I don't know how it is to genuinely want to talk about normal things and think about normal things like I see my peers doing. Someone with a soul is probably able to picture a future (whether it be a good or bad one) without panicking and wanting to end it all right away.

    Second reason I don't have a soul is because I simply don't allow myself to. Tasting a 'normal' day, and normal feelings (hope, happiness, sadness...) just to fall back into my destroyed reality would just be the last straw for me.

    Sorry for the long essay, I actually tried to keep it short.
    How do you think about it?
  22. 14 minutes ago, ReddedShwx said:

    Sorry all of you poor people have to deal with this too. It really does take a toll on you doesn’t it? For you that said you have scars and stuff, I don’t know how that feels. And many of you have suffered through this for much longer Than I have. I deeply ache inside because of the unfairness that life brings (seemingly to the ones who really don’t deserve to suffer am I right ?)

    my heart goes out to all of you even though I fear I even have a heart anymore these days. I need to let out tears right now although unfortunately all crying ever does (and i bury my emotions 99% of the time) is burn my eyes like hell and it’s shit. 
    I need to ask everyone if their suffering is getting worse and worse EVEN IF the acne or scars are GOING AWAY? 

    Do you feel like you’re STILL SUFFERING?

    all that I think about for my future (just few years more)is suicide. Even if my acne goes away, I’ll kill myself. I’ll drink until I get numb again and then just go. Because first of all and I know it’s true for probably ALL OF YOU:  

    The Acne heals
    But not what is lower

    The Scars fade away
    But never what’s left over

    on top of that, and honestly mostly due to the acne ruining my life and confidence, I also am so alone. I have dysphoria (?) issues. I fucking despise my gender and wish to be the other. Acne PLUS being someone I can’t be? I feel like my personality is dying. Sorry. i don’t know who I am. Who I could ever be in this society anymore. Just screw it.

    If you guys suffer extra things on top of acne itself, we can talk about it. I hope everyone is trying to deal with the pain right now. 

    Lifes a nightmare alright.

    living when you strongly don’t want to.
    need help but I don’t talk.
    bury emotions cause I’m fucking alright.

    earlier today even before I started drinking , my suicidal urges got so powerful that my senses weakened and I got numb. 

    Life isnt nightmare,

    nightmare is life

    Again, I have nothing to offer. I will probably make it worse since I agree with everything you're saying. I'm also in the same boat since I've replied on this topic (When was I not?).

    I totally get what you're saying. I was clear for a year after I went on accutane, and that's when I realised that it was just too late. The damage has been done in my soul (what soul tho) and whether I clear up or not I'm just done. I won't go into detail but you're not alone in those thoughts. Not that that helps since you do feel alone no matter what.

    I'm sorry you have to suffer and also the dysphoria, I can imagine how hard it is. No I know how hard it is, only I suffer from other things on top of this. Not that I care anymore.

    If you want to talk about it or anything don't hesitate. Not that I'm helpful but still
  23. 10 hours ago, leelowe1 said:

    Sometimes diet is not the driving force of acne but can make it worse (which i believe is the case for me).  Your diet despite being somewhat devoid of unhealthy foods seem to lack basic nutrition.  Your body needs energy and eating very little, even if its healthy foods, won't help your body or skin.  Your body needs good fats, lean meats (if you eat meats) and starches for energy.  I know what it feels like to not want to eat many foods for fear of your skin but it probably stresses your skin out more when the body is starved for nutrition or stressed.  Spironolactone is something to try if you feel like your acne may be hormonal .

    Keep strong, you're not alone.  

    Thanks a lot! Your reply means a lot to me.
    I know, but for the past years I would say my diet was pretty balanced. I ate the right amount of vegetables and fruits (I kept track of how much my body needed), but even then my acne didn't go away so I just gave up and started purging or starving myself. But you're right, I guess my diet contributes to how bad my skin is, but the difference seems so small that I just didn't care anymore whether I got the right nutritions.

    Birth control isn't doing anything btw which sucks. I literally waited 3 months in my room for it to work :(
    Also, It went from moderate acne to severe (because of the pill) and now it's just back to moderate. However, I don't dare to quit because I'm too afraid it will get to severe again.
    Question: Do you recommend adding spironolactone to the BCP? It's literally the only thing left to try I guess..

    Again, thank you for your time and reply. And yes knowing I'm not alone is the only thing keeping me sane but to be honest I don't know for how long I can do this.
  24. While reading this sometimes it felt like I wrote it. I'm in the middle of a mental breakdown, this had been going on for years.
    The anxiety, depression, PTSD, BDD, Eating disorder ALL because of acne. Everything has been ruined and everything is going to get ruined. It's just pointless, and it seems like a huge joke played on me.

    I have put on everything and took everything just for a thing that should be human: clear skin. It has crushed my beliefs in god and in anything else. Every inch of my bubbly personality has been gone. I've switched day and night all alone in my room for months. And nobody else would get this. Sometimes I just whisper to myself ''Why? I did EVERYTHING, what did I do WRONG?"

    I'm sorry for also ranting but hey you're not alone..
    Indeed, no one deserves it and I would wish it upon nobody. It's a real curse. Sometimes I would wish for other disasters in my life (not that I don't have that already), at least I would've been able to deal with that.

    I'm also curious as to how long I'm going to survive this.

  25. 42 minutes ago, gabbyxc said:
    3 hours ago, Yasminexra said:


    So I was wondering if someone knows a decent or good spot treatment. Since rn I'm using none.

    In particular I'm searching for these kind of spot treatments:
    - One for cystic hormonal acne without a head
    - Spots with a white head, pimples ect.

    Hey again. Tea tree oil is a really good natural spot treatment to get rid of cystic acne. I also recommend the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion for white heads. 

    Thanks a lot!
  26. Hmm perhaps in the long term the aloe vera is drying? (I remember it drying me out as well)
    Your toner seems fine. I would recommend trying out a cetaphil moisturizer, it suits sensitive skin & oily if you pick out the right one. If that works out then you know it was because of the moisturizer you were drying out.

  27. Hii,

    So I was wondering if someone knows a decent or good spot treatment. Since rn I'm using none.

    In particular I'm searching for these kind of spot treatments:
    - One for cystic hormonal acne without a head
    - Spots with a white head, pimples ect.