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  2. The regiment after couple of moths

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    Good day,

    Thank you for the reply but you haven't really addressed my points

    1. I wanted to see if other people on the regiment has experienced the same issue that after few months on the regiment they have experienced breakouts again

    2. can acne develop resistance to BP?

    3. Should I be using more BP then the 2 full pumps as instructed by the regiment? 

    Any input will be most appreciated

  3. The regiment after couple of moths

    Forums The Acne.org Regimen 2 replies

    Good day,

    I have been on the regiment for the past 4 of months with substantial results. I have had back acne for years and had partial results with various creams and medication over the years. 
    I started to use the regiment about 3 months ago and the results are very promising. 
    The first month or so the acne actually got worst and my skin was very dry. 
    After the first month the skin started to clear up and my skin was adapting to the bp. After 3 months my skin totally adjusted to the bp and the dryness almost but gone. The acne cleared up and I was remained with a few scars that fading nicely due to the AHA use as well. I use AHA every day at night. 
    Now the back is still looking good but I get breakouts here and there, nothing major and they fade away quit quickly.

    I wanted to ask if that is normal to get breakouts after 4 months on the regiment, based on other peoples expirience?

    Also wanted to ask if the acne can develop resistance to the product in the regiment? I would hate to have to go back again to the point I was 4 months ago with back acne.

    Maybe I should be using more BP? I have been applying 2 full pumps and more on my shoulders. 

    Any advise would be appreciated

    All the best


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  5. On 6/12/2018 at 3:26 PM, TraveledPatty said:


    Thank you for the reply

    I change my sheets once a weeks and sleep with a t shirt, so I doubt anything rubbed off on the pillow case. 

    I have watched the youtube video of the body regiment. Can I use the AHA twice a day once I get used to it or that will be unadviced?

    Thanks in advabce for your help. 



    Hi everyone,

    I bit about myself.

    I am 37 years old male and I have been battling with moderate back acne for the past 20 years.

    I was taking doxycycline for about 18  months about 5 years ago and it worked remarkably well, I was also applying duac lotion after showers as well. About 3-4 months after I stopped taking doxycycline the acne came back with a vengeance. I Tried during the years a wide variety of lotions, gels an etc for acne with moderate success at best. Couple of years ago I just gave up as nothing was helping and I did not wanted to take antibiotic for the rest of my life. About six months ago I decided to have another go at it and went to see a derm again. She prescribed a body wash with 10% benzoyl peroxide, Its caled benzac body wash. I have been using also Clindamycin 2% solution as well prescribed by my derm. Both the benzoyl peroxide wash and the Clindamycin were greatly responsible to reducing dramatically my moderate back acne before I started the body regiment. Unfortunately I guess my body got used to it and would not respond in the same way as before after few months. I started to get breakouts again that wouldn't go away. That is basically the reason why I decided to start the body regiment. I have been on the body regiment for the past month and everything seems to be going well. I have been using the benzac body wash for a few months prior and that is probably why the application of benzoyl peroxide on my back hasn't been giving me much discomfort.
    I started to see improvement with my moderate acne on my back and while my skin is quite dry it doesn't really itch or bothers me. I have been applying a lot of moisturiser and that seems to help a lot. I am also waiting to receive the AHA and will start to incorporate it with the body regiment, especially interested in how will it help with the red marks left after the acne.

    I had a few questions and hopefully some of the member will be able to assist me.

    1. About 3 weeks after applying the benzoyl peroxide I started to get really dry skin on my forehead and cheeks, I have never applied benzoyl peroxide to my face, only the back. For the past week the skin on my checks beside being very dry became red as well. Kind of like red plaques. I wanted to ask if the application of benzoyl peroxide on the back could have cause that sort of dryness and redness on the cheeks despite the fact that I have never applied the benzoyl peroxide on my face.


    2. Can I still use the benzac body wash and the Clindamycin 2% solution along with the body regiment? I use the benzac wash in the shower right after applying the cleanser and after drying off I apply  the benzoyl peroxide to the back.  The Clindamycin 2% solution I apply about an hour after the benzoyl peroxide. Its seems to be working well together but wanted to see if it s not an issue to incorporate the benzac body wash and the Clindamycin 2% solution with the body regiment.


    3. The proper use of AHA. I saw in various posts that some people use it twice a day, some use it every day and some use it every other day. What is the best way to use the product to get max results. I understood that it take time for the body to get used to it. Can I use it every day after a while and should I be using it once or twice a day?
    Also, will the AHA actually help to remove with time the red scars and marks left from the acne?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who will reply