1. More Than a Month
  2. The product definitely works, you have to give it time thought and not give up. Took me a while for it to kick in.

    If someone can comment on my question that will be most appreciated

    All the best 

  3. Good day 

    I have been using the acne back regiment with great success for the past 5 months.  My back is quite clear due to the back acne regiment that I have been following religiously for the past 5 months. My face never had much acne on it up until about a month ago. Then my face started to break out.

    I would like to use the regiment on my face as well besides the back application and have a question.
    My forehead and nose has a really oily skin, on the other hand, the skin on my cheeks and chin area is really dry. My question is, can I use the regiment only on the forehead area nose only? Will that provide with the desired results? 

    I don't want to over dry my skin on the cheeks and chin as the skin in that area is really dry as it is and requires me to use lotion to keep that are well moist. 

    Your help will be most appreciated and any other advise you can provide will be appreciated as well

    All the best