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    Hey, I know eating healthy and everything is hard. But that's the hard pill to swallow :/. Keep eating healthy for months and see a mayor difference.
    So for skincare - use aloe vera in the evenings (use it for months), use some exfoliant (either scrub or chemical), just message me for a full list of suggested serums.
    And just keep at this for months forward, it might seem hard right now, but in the long run you will win!

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  4. Ance Scars

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    It doesn't look too bad honestly. But it can always be improved with some proper exfoliants, skincare and a healthy diet.
    And don't bother other people, when going out just ignore others and be yourself and live your life fully!

  5. Yes it takes time with aloe vera masks, but it works.
    So just get a bentonite clay mask, and add in a few drops essential oil such as lavender or frankincense if you can. This mask will clear off inpurities off the skin.

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    Hey, I have good news - today you are the youngest you will ever become!
    It is never too late to fix the skin. Fix the skin through proper diet and skincare routines then the skin will shine again and look like it's in your 40s, trust me. Message me anytime on this. Eating omega 3s, vitamins and proper carbohydrates is a beginning.
    Take care

  8. Hey, very good that you are concerned about taking care of your skin!
    So for hyperpigmentation the best option is to use some proper serums such as clay masks or exfoliants etc.
    Just message me anytime on this, by applying some aloe vera for example or clay mask the skin will heal and the marks will fade away over time.

  9. I agree with Whrlebird, icing is very helpful for slowing down inflammation and decreasing bump sizes.
    If you are unsure of when you get a pimple at times, then I would recommend fixing up the diet. Excluding bad foods (dairy, gluten, sugar etc.) and introducing good food (omega 3s, vitamins and good carbohydrates).

    For acne scars I would suggest using exfoliants and some daily rituals such as aloe vera or essential oils on the skin.

  10. Hmm it's a bit hard to tell, but I would go for pityrosporum folliculitis. The bumps are mostly identical and they seem like very stable breakouts overall. But I would go see for help on this one.

  11. I believe you right now have acne + some PIH. I have this as well.
    So try to add in vitamins, healthy fats from fish, almonds and coconut milk etc.
    And cut out all sorts of unhealthy food. I can give you a thorough overview of this through message if you want.
    It can be complex but though a specific diet it can be sorted out :)

  12. Hey, salicyclic acid is good for treating the blemishes topically. But I would not use too many products. Try fixing some parts of your diet maybe, for example cutting out sugars and processed food. Instead introduce vitamins and omega 3s etc.

  13. Please help

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    Hey, it is great that you are doing something with the diet. Dairy is a leading cause of cystic acne.
    So it is possible that there is some other food which may cause the acne, maybe you are intolerant to gluten, seafood, peanuts, soy products, sugar or something else. I can give you an overview of which food can cause the acne if you want, just message me anytime for this. I know you will find a way :)
    Take care

  14. What do I do?

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    Hey it doesn't look to bad to be honest. But I would recommend using exfoliation (scrub recommended) twice a week and possibly some essential oils for cell renewal. Just message me anytime on this. And If you also use a clay mask once a month to clean pores and renew dead skin.
    If you do all this I would say that the spots will dissapear in about 3-4 months

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  16. I would suggest to ease down on both sugar and oily food. These are the main reasons for getting the forehead pimples.

  17. Use aloe vera daily and exfoliants twice a week and changes will happen in 2-3 months, message me on this if you are curious.
    Take care

  18. I also have a cyst forming on my jaw, what I do is use ice compress day and night, and aloe vera to heal the cyst.
    When active I use lavender oil to slow down inflammation 

  19. These are very good points. Especially the way of mixing jojoba oil and essential oils - I use the exact same but instead I use lavender oil and frankinsence.
    Almond milk is not necesserely causing acne, but soy milk and regular milk can definetily be a factor.
    Eggs are bad if commercial, but organic eggs are good (unless you are intolerant).

    Love your input on this, learned many things :)

  20. Yes hormonal acne can occur at any age - 20, 30 even 40 year old.
    Either it's hormonal or it might be caused by some foods you are eating which trigger the acne. For example sugar, gluten, milk or some other food.

  21. Hey guys, just wanted to share with you a video about a proper way of clearing acne once and for all.
    Tell me what you think,

  22. Hey, how old are you? Since it is your first outbreak then I assume you are in your teens?
    In that case I believe this may be a cause of hormonal changes in your body - very natural, and nothing big to worry about.
    If this keeps evolving then you can look into some prescriptional drugs or antibiotics etc.

  23. Hmm, I have never heard that eggs by themselves are a leading cause of acne, like you said  it might be because of some allergic responce. It can also be because you are eating commercial eggs (lots of antibiotics and hormones) and not fully organic poultry eggs (the best option).

  24. I agree with Childofsungod on many points. Exercise is important. Not exfoliating too much is important to not irritating the skin. Also to let the skin rest.
    And last but not least the diet is crucial to fix your skin, just message me on this and I can give you a full list of stuff to eat/not eat.
    Take care mate and stary in there, we are with you on this one!

  25. Hey, I understand your frustration, it can be a pain in the ass.
    So I would suggest sticking to the ice compress stiill, and also twice a week use an exfoliant to fade away the bump over time.
    If none of this works in a month I would suggest to maybe see a dermatologist to get an injection for the zit.

  26. Hey, I do not think that is the main cause of getting the new pimples. Of course it might transfer some bacteria or chemicals, but not to a high enough degree to get pimples from this.

  27. I would suggest exfoliation, either scrub or chemical. I use 'Clear dermatologica', it's very good

  28. please help..

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    4 minutes ago, sisyphus said:
    @AcneVM thanks a lot for replying! Diet is very important but i have done all i can really in that department and it doesn't do anything for me. except eating vegan which i will like to try if i ever get to live in western europe or usa,( not possible here)
    Hey Sisypus, do you live in India? In that case don't worry about going vegan, all you need is plant based diet with good meat like chicken and vegetables etc. Just message on this any time,
    Cheers :) 
  29. Hey, it looks like you have a very sensitive skin. Try avoiding anything harch, less sunlight, avoid fragrents from shampoos and change towels now and then.
    Anything externally which might affect your skin should be left out. 

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