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  2. what is this??

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    6 hours ago, hast said:
    thank you!! i have been receiving products for free so i will definitely stick to my bha cleanser for now! do you think they are clogged pores?
    It is most likely a result of the pores being clogged, and bacteria have developed and inflamed the areas.
    I agree with Sirius, it looks like folliculitis. This is caused by bacterial fungal infection.
    You can prevent this by avoiding touching the face, change bedsheet, wash your scarf etc.

    Also by using your BHA 1-2 times a week to renew the skin.
  3. 7 hours ago, Sirius Lee said:

    Lectin is a toxin, and everybody will be affected by it to a certain extent, some more so than others depending on their lectin sensitivity. Gluten, for example, is one of many lectins that can wreak havoc on your digestive system. By simply avoiding food high in lectin, you can be so much more healthy.
    All right, thank you for your help, I will keep it in mind for sure.
    I will keep on eating peanut butter and see if it may be a cause of pimples.
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  5. what is this??

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    Hey, I would advice you to stick to just 1 product. BHA is very good for oily skin, AHA is also good for renewing skin and exfoliation.
    When switching between different products every other week the skin don't have time to adapt to the new chemicals.

  6. Weird skin since years

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    12 hours ago, SunnyThrush said:

    Dear community, 

    I‘m writing from Germany and need your international help! 

    I‘m female and 28 and having a tons of tiny bumps on both of my cheeks since 8 years. In real it is wore than on the pictures. 

    I‘ve tried so many different treatments: BPO, BHA (even 9% from PC), AHA, oil cleansing, caveman regimen, Retinol, Terbiderm, Nizoral, microdermabrassion. Nothing worked! 

    Currently I‘m using differin 0.1 since 7 weeks. I‘ve had some purging on my chin and a bit on my cheeks, but the tiny bumps are still there. 
    I‘m so confued what this is on my skin and what I should do. 

    Can someone please help me?

    (PS sorry if my english isn’t perfect)



    You have an amazing skin, i am a bit jealous to be honest :P

    But yeah, you could always find some solutions to this. Since you have tried so many different products I would suggest looking at the core of your diet.
    Think of one, just one small thing during the diet which can cause the bumps, it could be the milk in the coffee, the low sugar amount in canned beans, too much avocadoes.

    It is a bit delicate and annoying to hear this, but it is usually most effective to look at the core of the problems.
  7. Does peanut butter cause acne?

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    6 hours ago, Sirius Lee said:

    I should like to note that it's not really the peanut butter that's the problem but the agglutinin found inside the peanuts that causes major problem for a lot of people. Agglutinins are basically lectins, and most lectins will wreak havoc on our body.

    Oh okay I see, so do everybody react to agglutinin or just people who are more reactive to this? 
  8. Last Week

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    I would suggest going to the doctor for an injection, this will assure you of no scarring.
    You can also buy some BP in the pharmacy or sulphur.
    Or you can buy tea tree oil for spot treatment.

  10. Please help..!!!

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    Hey, I believe this outbreak is both hormonal and maybe caused by constipation.
    Have you cut out dairy and sugar fully?
    And also is your digestion all right, do you have constipation sometimes?

    Just pm me if you want some advice, cheers :)

  11. Bumps/pimples on forehead

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    Hey, have you cut out dairy from your diet, and also have you cut out red meat (pork, beef, hotdogs etc.).
    I think the cause of the pimples are hormonal, that's why I'm asking about this.

  12. Does peanut butter cause acne?

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    Hey guys, so all my life I have been eating processed peanut butter, and I know this is a big cause of my breakouts of acne.
    I have recently found some cool facts about organic peanut butter, and I wanted to share a video I made about this with u guys, cheers!

  13. How do I get rid of this??

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    Hi, this could be caused by digestion problems, are you sometimes suffered with constipation?

    It is also caused by hormonal changes, so if you cut out dairy it could benefit.

  14. So I am using tea tree oil atm, this is the most effective regimen for me. You can also try out sulphur on top of the spots.

  15. Texture on Forehead

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    This can be caused by overuse of oily make up. It can also be a cause of eating too much oily and greasy food in the diet.
    It can be fixed by exercising more as well

  16. Hey, these cysts are most likely hormonal acne, it is caused by either PCOS, or in general hormonal changes.
    You can decrease the outbreaks by eliminating dairy from your diet etc. 


  17. From the looks of it seems like you have a few mild acne breakouts. The brown spots are pigmentation changes due to either scarring or genetic reasons.

    It can be decreased by changing the diet etc.

  18. What is best for our skins?

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    Hey, you can use plain mineral water, I use spring water since my water here is very clean.

  19. Forehead Acne Scarring???

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    Hey mate, It's great that the regimen is working out for you!

    So it is most likely PIH (hyperpigmentation scarring), this is the redness/dark spots which are left behind after pimples.
    I have many of these myself and I am healing them with aloe vera gel and exfoliation 1-2 times a week.
    Feel free to ask me any questions on PM

  20. Help! Is this a broken capillary?!

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    Hey no worries, glad to help you out!
    So it usually can take some time for the redness to fade. But by appllying aloe vera overnight and also use exfoliator 1-2 times a week the redness will fade faster.

  21. Help! Is this a broken capillary?!

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    Well it depends on the damage inflicted. But you can do this to heal the redness faster.

  22. Help! Is this a broken capillary?!

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    hey, yes it's the mark of an old pimple. I have many of these myself.
    To heal the wound faster I would place some aloe vera gel on top of it overnight.

  23. Hey it looks like blackheads and whiteheads. The formation of these can be done by eating less oil during meals, eating less sugar and avoiding dairy.

    I would also suggest using exfoliator 1-2 times a week, this will remove the blackheads and whiteheads over time.

  24. You could apply a lukewarm wet napkin on top of the cyst every evening for 5-10 min, this might help with decreasing the mass 

  25. Hey, acne on the forehead might be caused by digestions issues (constipation). Have you noticed any diarrhoea recently? This might be caused by something in your diet, even if you ate something healthy (too much avocadoes etc.)

  26. Glad to see the icecubes are helping a bit with the pain.

    Happy to help you out any time! Just pm me any time you need some advice :) 

  27. This is just pigmentation change of the skin. Not scars. I am not an exper on this field but this is what I can tell by my experience with acne scars.

  28. Hey, it's most likely a naturally occuring cyst. I've had one in my eyesocket for the last 2 years. It is not harmful or anything, and the doctor will most likely tell you to maybe reduce it by placing a lukewarm wet towel on top of it for 5-10 min during the day to slow it down.