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    Ok so first of all, I look super like unhappy here, but I’m not lol. Ok moving on, I have always had acne, but it got really bad back in October/November. It got so bad, like cystic acne was all over my forehead. It has since gone away, and I’m pretty good at managing acne and haven’t had bad acne for a couple months which is good. However, my face was left with some pretty awkward scars. I have tried laser treatments in the past, and they have helped with hyperpigmination. However, my scars are still pretty deep and pink. I use a Neutrogena retinol cream which has helped a little with the pits as well as hyperpigmentation but again I haven’t seen any significant results.  I’m also a bit uncomfortable with procedures and laser treatments even though I’ve done some in the past they make me pretty uncomfortable and they would be a last resort for me.  I’m willing to do them if they’re the only thing that works but I was just wondering if anyone had any other suggestions.