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  2. On 5/22/2018 at 12:54 AM, seattlegal90 said:
    @Scarredtodepression Awesome thanks for taking time to send all your replies!
    My pleasure! I wish I had found it earlier too...
  3. 7 hours ago, grandor said:
    @Scarredtodepression are you doing any suctioning / chinese cupping following your procedure?  Not sure how much that helps, although consensus on this board seems to recommend it... haven't read any papers on it though (if anyone can share some papers showing the efficacy, would love to read :))
    yes I am. I started  on day 5 though, because that's when collagen starts reattaching day 5-7 lbs. the saline filler has subsided by day 7-10. So until saline acts as the cushion it's not necessary. After that yes. 
  4. 7 hours ago, dazzed said:

    I absolutely agree with your point.   Most doctors just know what they were told in a book, very few actually have an aesthetically astute eye.   Most of them are by-the-numbers and don't approach acne scarring with a thoughtful mind.  

    You're looking good so far and here's to hoping you retain most of the improvement once the swelling dissipates.

    Yes exactly. 
    And thank you. Im hoping so too. But nonetheless I'm never giving up! But so far so good! It I'll do as many subcisions and fillers as necessary for as close to perfect as I can get..
  5. Scars type and advice

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    I am a very surprised that subcision did not help, and made it worse. There are a lot of tethers. But that would definitely be very helpful in atleast softening them. Are you sure you got subcision or something else?

  6. On 5/20/2018 at 10:11 PM, seattlegal90 said:
    @Scarredtodepression Im so bad at the clean diet part lol. I work 14 hour days, its so hard to cook, ive tried simple diets like brown rice and brocolli as i can cook it in the office lol, but its just not enough calories, i lose so much weight. I think youre right though, the diet is extremely important..

    lmao really? What causes that, do you know? By regulating hormones? Im only a B so i wouldnt complain with C's lol. Did you have any heart palpatations from doses that high? I heard thats another common side effect from 50mg+ 

    It is prescribed by a real dermatologist, with a real prescription, and you get follow ups just like in person, it just cost less, and theres no driving involved. I had no idea that was legal lol. Although, i went to a walk in few months back, and saw you could have a live stream appointment for less, and get prescriptions.. oh how technology is changing everything lol.

    Thanks for the heads up on the potassium, i did read about that, i over research everything lol. I dont eat much potassium luckily, but ill have to keep an eye on that

    Spironolactone is a peripheral testosterone inhibitor. So it decreases testosterone(that's how it decreases acne) and increases estrogen. Estrogen increases boob size. breast tissue is very estrogen oriented..because it has estrogen stimulatory receptors.
    Other than that you could get headaches from dehydration because it is a diuretic so make sure to drink plenty of water.. never got palpitations but that happens when dehydrated so make sure to drink a lot of a water. Initially   It made me a bit tired but nothing that's coffee didn't help with.
  7. 13 hours ago, seattlegal90 said:
    Thanks for sharing all of that. Wish i had known i could use an online derm to get a script for spiro i wouldve tried it monthsss ago.. They faxed it over to a pharmacy along with antibiotics. Im really worried about the initial break out from it after reading reviews. I cant afford a cystic break out after what accutane did to my healing abilities. Did you break out at first? Any side effects?
    I did not have an initial breakout. Got cleared within a month. And in 2 -3 on this absolutely none. But definitely with a clean diet :) girl you can get some sweet boobies too. Not every woman does, but  I did  +2 cups
    But if you don't want them even a lower dose will clear you up. 100 mg is good. Higher dose doesn't have a better effect. It might do the opposite because of how the hypothalamus pituitary axis works.
    Disclaimer:Although I am not going to reccomend getting it without a prescription or without under  a doctors care. It is a potassium sparing diuretic and can causee high potassium. Depending if you have other health conditions, this may or may not be dangerous.

    In regards to comments about lowering my expectations:

    No. I will achieve flawless skin. It's already looking pretty damn amazing.Whatever it takes and however long it takes. I'm not kidding. lol. I never lower my expectations of myself or of others towards me. Neither do I settle for less. Now it may not turn out to be like a porcelain doll but definitely  without scars. For the ones that don't go away I'll get permanent fillers. That's how I'll achieve flawless skin. (Laugh emoji)

  8. 2 hours ago, seattlegal90 said:
    @Scarredtodepression Ive been silently stalking this thread since you started it. I feel like i can relate to many of the things youve discussed. Your results looks great so far. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you that the results are excellent once swelling has gone down! If im not mistaken i read in one of your earlier comments that changing your diet cleared up your acne? Do you mind my asking what diet  you used/are using ? Ive tried everything to clear up mine, every face cleanser, accutane, and most recently the caveman diet. Which i had trouble sticking to with my super busy schedule. I really think my diet is causing my acne. When i look backyears ago, my cystic acne started when i moved and started eating fast food instead of home cooked meals. I never had any acne prior to then..
    Yes diet caused my acne. My mom would cook Oily  spicy food as a kid and that made  break out . 
    What cleared me completely was spironolactone. 
    But if I had taken care of my diet I'd never break out. 
    If you can do water fasting that's good or else I reccomend intermittent fasting. With healthy foods. Salad, chicken, eggs. Avoid all carbs bread pasta, etc. 
    I'd fast for 16 hours and eat in the 8 hour window all healthy meals. I took a break from spironolactone during a period and followed a clean diet and my skin was spotless. When I can't have a clean diet i Have to take spironolactone 

    Drink atleast a gallon of water a day. It clears toxins.
    Some days I'd ate only once a day and other days I didn't eat at all. But remember when you do eat, you eat all your calories in those  meals eg 1200 Cals (according to your needs) from vegetables and proteins. Fruit are fine . In moderation.
    try  to eat all your calories before and after working out . Good sweat helps 

    clearing acne is important because the longer it lingers the worse it gets. Tell ur doc you need spironolactone. If He doesn't give it to you go to another one. i had taken accutane but my acne came back after a few months and only spironolactone worked

    Sorry you  have to go through this 
  9. Il make a YouTube video about my progression and update over there as months ago by. I'll provide a link later if anyone wants to follow. (Becusse videos are more real than pictures) and I have clips from most stages

    13 hours ago, Raster said:

    Looking pretty good so far. I've had my first round of subcision myself a few days ago, heard some aggressive popping sounds during the procedure. My plan is 3x subcision, 3x microneedling (my derm doesn't have RF). TCA peels after that, then probably quarterly microneedling.


    That's an awesome plan and I'm sure you will see great results ! 2 of my areas were subcised 6 weeks ago and none of the numerous scars have come back at all in Those areas
    Initially I thought microneedling did bad than good, but now I'm glad I got it done.
  10. 1 hour ago, incepticon said:
    I'm happy on your behalf :) and please don't lend ears to negativity and bad manners around here or anywhere. People are not worth the attention if they don't deserve it.

    But what do you mean with the above quoted. Penetrate through the dermis by the needle's head surfacing to the surface of the skin due to bad craftmanship? Your results look great 

    What I mean is nokor is not a flexible needle it is thick and sharp. And so causes a lot of trauma.. if used over the same area over and over again and can poke through the hypodermis if care is not taken and pressure is applied in a wrong direction creating a deeper scar .

    Where as cannula is thinner and flexible.. and doesn't penetrate hypodermis even with pressure so it can be easily moved in all directions multiple times without too much trauma and still be considered aggressive enough to cut through the fibers .

    Yes it takes good craftsmanship to know how deep the fibers extend because not all scar fibrotic tissue end at the same level. If someone didn't get the desired result it's simply because the physician didn't subcise at the necessary level of depth of fibers or went  too deep, missing the actual fibrotic tissue and creating more trauma and thus  new scars with the nokor at the spot of wrong depth of incision during the process of  healing of this new said scar.

    Acne scarring and fillers is  about artistry. All doctors can memorize books but not all doctors have  sense of artistry or the skilled hands. Takes natural talent and an artistic eye along with experience, no matter how good of a residency, the doctor went through.

    And thank you, appreciate the support.

    just quick update 

    Bruising has subsided and went to the gym. Have a little makeup on in these pics because I was at the gym.
     Did some cardio and glutes and abs and a good sweat felt soo amazing. Looking at myself in the mirror too felt amazing. Even if "it was swelling". Blah blah . Now that I know the cure of scars trust me I'll make sure I'm scarless of acne scars in a couple years. Yeah it's a journey and may take a few years but i will not rest until I have flawless skin. Because the feeling can't be traded with anything else in the world.




  11. 1 hour ago, ChildhoodDreams said:

    You had surgery what, a few days ago? You have swelling.

    Come back in a month or more.
    ^^ sure will
    Sorry if you are unhappy with your results. 
    No one said it's a 110 % success rate. All we are trying to say is, there's progress over time. If it took years to develop scars, certainly won't take a day to go away. Regardless even if it's a 50 % heck even 40 % improvement I'll take it, like I already said. 
    Keep your negativity out of my thread. thanks.
    maybe  if you change your mindset and change how you see the world and wish for others, it will reflect back on you differently through  the universe. So far the universe is giving you exactly what you are putting out into the world. Sarcasm, negativity, skepticism, doubt. When was the last time you wrote a helpful comment in my thread to help me seek better treatment/outcome, Ike people like BA, Sirius and Quan and many others did? If you weren't there to help when I needed, your opinion on when I should come back isn't needed either. I'll come back when I want to
  12. 35 minutes ago, QuanHenry said:

    Subcision is great. My scars are holding the same improvements over 8 months that I saw after the first 3-4 weeks when the swelling went down. Hope you have the same long term success I've had.

    That is so awesome! So happy for you and thanks for sharing because reassurance is very motivating and positive energy infusing. Most people don't care to share once they get the results they are gone! I think everyone should have great results. No one deserves to be embarrassed about what hormones did to them for a few months, taking away the ability to be themselves. 

    I am still  thankful for the people who looked down on me becusse of my scars and devalued me because they are about to get a punch in their face. Esp the superficial bf  I talked about. 
  13. Anyway since the fact that I'm not only a fitness model but also a physician is out, i will stop playing dumb, and would like to elaborate on the very controversial arguments here about nokor vs cannula. They are just types of needles. They are not names of procedures. 
    A lot of people think that nokor needle should be used a certain way. No. A nokor needle can be used to perform different procedures in different ways. Usually the physician decides how he would want to use the needle. It's  surgical needle. And cuts more easily through the fibers. However because it is so sharp and rigid, it can't be used flexibly over a large area because doing so can cause the needle to penetrate through the dermis( which we don't want).

    Cannula is comparatively  blunt, Harder to cut but again easier to maneuver because it doesn't go past the dermis even with pressure. One can be aggressive with canula too by using the same incision point and going over the area over and over to cut with a rather (blunt knife as a metaphor). It's about the procedure used, not the needle. Sometimes they use a combination. It's really, whatever is best for the patient. IT REALLY COMES DOWN to HOW the procedure performed, the experience and the talent of a aesthetically artistic, yet caring and knowledgeable doctor- not what was used, etc.

  14. Ofcourse . I will wait. But with me any progress iS GREAT PROGRESS  with scars 
    plus I Am a very positive person . I can almost bring all things into reality by visualizing the outcome I desire. IT really does make a huge difference. When I decide to trust someone's treating me , i go inn with 110 % faith and zero doubts. 
    I am a doctor (not Derm)  my self and so I  know what the outcome will look like already.  And how Important it is to have a patient trust you.
    I'll be seeing Dr. Rullan again on Wednesday . I live so close to him. Literally 3 miles.  i wish i knew all these years 

  15. 8 hours ago, Mjjmands said:

    Hey, Great to see that you had the treatment done! Please dont forgt to update in about two weeks when the swelling has subsided :) 

    PS. Have you considered microneedling?

    Yes i will
    Dr did do microneedling right after subcision. It did help superficial scars and also this huge scar on my chin from an injury since childhood is completely gone with microneedling . Good lord talk about healing the past. Why do you ask?

  16. Have some
    bruising but not worried becusse that just helps with healing although I do need to be social this weekend so hopefully it's gone. I'm back in the gym and wearing makeup too. But I do have a lot of peeling in layers so it's hard to tell how it's looking. But here it is anyway



    The bruises seemed to have settled into the pits that were tethered and thafmakes sense because those areas act as a "pit" for blood to settle and that was also one of the points of incision


    I can see superficial scars, but I didn't expect them to be targeted with a deep nokor. I ll work on them after this heals . All my tethers do seem to be lifted though.

  17. Tbh I didn't pay attention to the sound I was talking to the dr. And vice versa..while he was doing it 

  18. Makes sense..... Thanks @beautifulambition

  19. 10 hours ago, Cleopatra88 said:
    @Scarredtodepression @beautifulambition I had my subcision day before hers and he said he used nokar as well. I did hear him ask for a smaller size for my forhead... I'm confused. If I had nokar  then I would have a million spots all over and I dont. That kind of sucks because it sounds as if nokar is the most beneficial and what you (ba) recommended. My mother in law came with and she told me the needle looked huge  and I Google image searched a nokar and she said thats what it was .... hmmm? Will results still be ok with a cannula?

     nokor is not done one scar at A time. That's a misconception. Nokor needles a huge so they cover a large area. Basically from one incision You can reach multiple directions. I had an incision in all the areas all over enough to reach all the scars. 
    The one where each scar is subcised is a more superficial subcision. Nokor gets the deeper pits. Watch YouTube videos that will show you how they maneuver the needle. Besides your mother in law said it looked like nokor then why would it not be?
    thats nokor and that's exactly how he maneuvered.
    on the forehead he has to use a smaller needle because it has less fat
  20. 18 minutes ago, beautifulambition said:
    @Nina22 Yes same as Novick. Or anyone who does fillers with a cannula can do.


     Ok strange someone would do Nokor with only 3-4 entry points when there are scars all over unless there was only 3+ big pits. There would be needle entry points all over your face. Oh so he did standard microneedling or dermastamping with a machine on your? Why would you be worried about the scabs from microneedling if your healing so well and quickly from subcision. Wear sun protection, you should have used retin a / tretinorin /differin 3 weeks before any procedure and a skin bleaching cream like hydroquinone or something with konjac and albutin. You can still do this in a few more days. No you cannot use retin a or vitamin C for several more days, ... your swollen and healing, you do not want to be irritating the skin. Once the swelling goes down a bit more then you can use it. There is no one treatment on all patients could be nokor or could be cannula, you had superficial scarring so I suspect the latter. You would have to tell us the equipment he used how the needle looked, etc... Saline and lido are put throughout regardless which one. Of course entry points will be tender to the touch, they are wounds and healing, take a pain pill if needed. Why would you be worried there would be holes with Nokor, if you cut your finger / or get a small cut and heal you will heal fine. 

    This is just swelling, healing takes 6 months and you can treat again in 3.

    Next steps (optional of course when you have time and money)

    I would do rf micronrrfling which is safe on your skin, ... not standard microneedling. I don't believe he has this machine. Med Spa's have this machine.

    He does excellent Acid peels on ethnic skin types.

    Oh I see. Not sure. He said nokor. Yeah most of my scarring isn't very deep. 
    I think he did acombination of stuff  on me. Regardless I have immense faith in him and  don't care What Exactly he did. Okay illl wait a few days but few before vitamin c. I'm not worried about the incision points at all. Not worried about the tender points either, i was  using it as a cue  to count  incision points.They are pretty small.  Looked big before because of the blood 
    thank you again for answering my concerns. You deserve the best @beautifulambition
  21. 3 hours ago, Amp2695 said:

    what are your next steps?

    Just let the swelling go down for now I guess.... and see where I end up. 

    With makeup dermablend . Closest my skin has been "flawless" in years even though I know it's swelling


  22. NOW that the blood clot came off. I can't even tell that was an entry point. I was worried the hole with nokor would be huge but that was just residual blood oozing that was dried. So there was certainly a lot more entry points than I thought originally



  23. @beautifulambition

    Can i I use vitamin c serum? 
    What about retina a?

    i am so scabby
    15 minutes ago, Nina22 said:
    @Scarredtodepression I was wondering because Nokor subcision is normally done with many entry points scar by scar.. And cannula subcision is done with very few entry points.. Maybe ask him next time what he used  :smileys_n_people_38:

    I am not sure, but that's the technique he uses with all his patients as far as I have seen have one entry point. If I am correct? I think the second one was for saline, am I right ? @beautifulambition


    I just noticed that There was also an entry point on my lower jaw btw. And upper temple it's hard to see them as the blood hasn't clotted there I wasn't watching since my eyes were closed so I only know so much. Plus I was talking to him about my life so I wasn't paying attention. 

    all these entry points are tender to touch

  24. @beautifulambition
    He said he is doing nokor Subcision

    i am not sure what kind of microneedling but he called it microbeedling

    why do you say that he did not do subcision on my entire face? 
    He said microneedling would be most beneficial with subcision since I was already numbed

    however I am still completely swollen (I think from saline) 

    also have brown marks from The microneedling

    A little worried about all the tiny scabs from
    microneelding. What would be the best way to take care of them so that I am not left with hyperpigmentation @beautifulambition
    Thank you!


  25. 12 minutes ago, Raster said:

    Hey, although you're still swollen, I think you'll have really good results with your treatments.

    Also, it looks like only a single entry point was made right? 

    Thank you, hope so! 
    No there were two entry points one on the cheek and one near the ear on each side

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