1. More Than a Month
  2. I think they might be the same actually, sounds similiar.

    I learned I have intolerance to: coffee beans, sesame seeds, potatoes and baking powder, I cut these from my diet.

    Latest derm said I should try a less-acidic diet. She prescribed retinoic acid like yours. She also said if I want treatment(probably stuff like chemical peeling) I should definitely wait until summers over because of the sun.

    I dont know if the spots are diminishing or multiplying. 

    I also can't understand how dermatologists can be so clueless. ugh

  3. Thanks for the replies. although I couldn't find much online about the "pebblestone hypertrophic scars"

    All of these simply go away when the part of the skin they're on is stretched, like pushing down on my chin skin with my tongue. My skin becomes flat, smooth. As if they are some excess skin and find nowhere to go when non-stretched.

    By the way, for future readers of this post, just to update; I changed my pillow,threw the old one away. And I sent my
    dna to a food allergy test center. Awaiting results for both.

    Onto another dermatologist.