1. Last Month
  2. It took 7 months to get where i am now. The exciting part is that this is my "that time of the month" skin. Normally i would be so broken out right now. THATS how excited i am to finally see it fully working. I cant believe its been 7 months of ups and downs but here we are today so stick with it!

  3. More Than a Month
  4. Here are some current pictures



  5. Month 6 was not to long ago. My skin is pretty good! i only have one whitehead.... i have blackheads on my nose any ideas how to get rid of those? other than that i could not be more happy with the results. im only taking 1 50mg a day because 100mg is a lot and i dont want to be on this pill the rest of my life. 1 seems to be doing the trick. Wishing everyone the best of luck because i know how dark and lonely i got during the worst of my skin days. I feel more social and now that i am back at college i feel like i can just live my life without hiding. 

  6. i get like 3-4 white heads a week. pretty much just dark spots now