1. Last Week
  2. I'm on Accutane too, good luck!
  3. Last Month
  4. I can totally relate to this article. I recently started Accutane (about 2.2 months in) and although I can see improvements, I have been avoiding any reflectable surface in general. Sometimes I've had a good day and then I'm looking at my phone my pizza face gets reflected back at it and It just sets me in a bad mood. Your before and after photos have given me hope though! Good luck! Tom
  5. I wouldn't worry too much about it, just try and stick to your benzoyl peroxide application and it should start improving in the following months. Good luck! Tommy
  6. More Than a Month
  7. Accutane works by giving your body an overdose of Vitamin A which helps to tighten your pores, reduces sebum production and makes your skin much drier. It also has some anti-inflammatory properties which might help with your hyperpigmentation. Since it makes your skin drier and weaker so you will be more susceptible to sun damage (USE SUNSCREEN!) and eczema. Moisturizer is an essential part of the Accutane journey. I've been on Accutane for about month now and I've been lucky enough not to experience too many side effects like sore joints, eye changes and back pain but like most people dry skin, chapped lips and nosebleeds have been my main concerns. Accutane really is a miracle drug and in 90% of cases, people have been very happy with their results after treatment. It's also a post-acne treatment meaning after you finish your dosage, your acne will not return for a while. If you feel like your acne is bothering your self-esteem like it has with me then Accutane is definitely worth it. Already about 1.5 months in my ance is starting to improve greatly. If you stick with your treatment then you will get results. If you are really worried about the side effects which affect some people and don't affect others then don't take it. Some of them can be life-long even. Hope this helps, Tom
  8. Good luck with Accutane! I have recently gone back on after not completing my first treatment. Accutane really does cure acne, I was very surprised and pleased with my results but the only downside is the side effects and the time it takes to work (Which sucks because I am not a patient person). Just stick with Accutane and within 2-3 months you should start seeing big improvements!