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    He doesn't like fillers in general even HA fillers that are not permanent and many others in here, including me, do like them.. PRP didn't work for me because it doesn't act as a filler it just helps you heal faster according to some.. He only subcised 4 of my scars instead of many more as I would like and I did not get a visible improvement like with filler before, so I was not happy.. Next time I want to do subcision combined with filler as well.. 

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    He works in a private clinic now so I dont believe it has anything to do with NHS.. When I asked him he told me he doesn't believe in fillers as they tend to relocate/ cause issues etc.. For tethering he suggested PRP.. I advise you to combine your subcision with filler, I wish I would have done that instead of the Chu's treatment which did not give me any result.. Can your local doc do that? (My scars are also mostly rolling btw)

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    5 minutes ago, incepticon said:
    31 minutes ago, beautifulambition said:

    If it is not showing and under the skin

    What do you mean by if it is not showing and under the skin?
    Means you can't see it in the mirror just feel it with your fingers once you touch it.. 
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    @inception More important is what do you think? We do not know your scars as you do and these photos are not detailed enough to compare any before and after difference, but I see there are no more bruises, so did the scars get any better and will you see Dr. Emil again?
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    @eva_li Hey again Eva, thanks for updating us. I just wanted to say that I think the Dr. is correct as I felt like the rest of my filler (I had already had it for several months before my medical needling) was completly gone after the Dermapen. I tried to find some more info about this before and the docs on Realsef pretty much say that Infini is OK with fillers that are injected deeply for volume like Sculptra, but not superficially placed ones like in our case.. 
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    @eva_li Hey Eva, did you also have some Nokor subcision with your fillers? How did you like the doc - would you recommend him? Did he also have good things to say about Infini?
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    @Sirius Lee Hey, thanks for your input. I think that at least 4 of my scars on the first 2 photos are moderate not mild as they can be noticed from social distances (50cm) I mainly want to get rid of those and then maybe 3/4 on sides, really hope subcision can work there as it already helped my biggest scar - (I had it in the middle of my left cheek - last photo, and now can be barely seen there..) The superficial once are not that eye catching so can work on them later.. I am a bit scared of Sculptra as it cannot be dissolved should a problem arise and of course the lack of experts in Europe who treat acne scars with fillers - Sculptra sounds even more advanced. I will try individual subcision with HA first for my deepest scars and hopefully some new method will come soon.. Just read about tropoelastin fillers to be marketed by Allergan for acne scars, etc next.. hopefully @beautifulambition will get to test them soon.
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    @beautifulambition OK, i think for the few deeper once subcision and filler will be needed, but the more superficial scars, can´t they be treated by Infini alone?

    Also, in case I decide to have Infini first, how long do I have to wait before subcision and filler?

    Dr. Chu did not subcise my biggest scars and I am not sure if he would do it next time if I tell him I want to have filler there.. as he doesnt care for fillers..
    Also he seems to love Dermapen while many others say it takes ages to work.. if he is so good why does he disregard biostimulatory fillers and Infini as these 2 methods seem to be recommended as the most efficient (along with TCA cross)?
    I mean I undestand the Infini machine is a big investment at his age.. but fillers are easy.

    I am actually thinking of seeing Dr. Thriene in Munich now, as he does sub plus fillers for acne scars, I have seen 2 posters here recommended him, so wondering if he could be a good choice..

    @ScarRight yes, I did one treatment 8 weeks ago, and I cant say if ive seen any improvement for sure :smileys_n_people_30:, actually, at first I was scared that some of my crossed scars got worse but now looks the same ..

    fractional laser in the past helped with texture, my skin was softer and pores smaller, etc.. but the depressions stayed the same.. (i used to do it once a year for like 4/5 years.. when I was acne free, from the age of 21+ after the Roaccutane treatment) still no acne or skin problems now 8 years later..

    Also, when I was 17, I had a fully ablative laser done, end even this didnt help my bigger scars seen on the first two photos, it actually mostly helped the red/purple pigmentation but I only had few deep scars back then to be fair, and after that I had some more acne and many more new superficial scars...
    so overall verdict - lasers not worth it unless it is just for texture, they might have soften my scars a tiny bit..
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    @beautifulambition Thanks for your answer again ^_^ isn't individual, rather than whole cheek, subcision better as this can also help to heal/fill scars overtime? Also, by 'scars in the middle' do you mean those mostly visible on my first 2 photos or rather those more on the right side? 
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    Hey All,

    I am wondering what treatment to do next as the first one: Infini RF or subcision with fillers for my scars?
    (BA has already advised both of these could work for me.)
    I am not sure if my scars are tethered, as they disappear when i stretch my skin, and most of them are quite superficial..
    I have already done CO2 fractinal laser few times, and also one treatment with Dr. Chu (Dermapen + TCA corss + subcision - which was unfortunately not done on my biggest scars at the front of my right cheek (first two photos) -  I am confused about fillers for these, since Dr. Chu did not think subcision was needed there..).

    Thank you for your advice.








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    1 hour ago, beautifulambition said:

    I completely agree with what Obi Wan said above, just to add...

    Some of your are traveling so this will have to be with your nearby derm or if the treating doctor is available to you follow up with concerns.

    Have your doctor make sure to squeeze any excess blood out of the wounds before bandaging, "pressure stops bleeding". 

    If the hematoma is not visible and under the skin, this can provide a bit of a natural filler that you need with subcision. Another reason I like to do filler post swelling from the subcision.

    If it's visible above the skin massage it at home, see if it resolves in a few weeks, you can try the aspirin trick to see if it breaks up the area. Discontinue any Chinese cupping if your doing this. If after a few weeks to a couple months it does not resolve then get it injected with dilute steroid. Typically these resolve themselves if left alone and are especially not to be a worry if they are hidden under the skin.


    I still have some hematomas 7 weeks after the Dermapen needling, thay can be only seen when I stretch my face so as far as they resolve by themselves I do not realy mind them. (Also, got one after subcision which I actually like because it acts like filler).

    I was wondering if I can get some more treatments - like needling, or Infini over the area of lumps, or subcision very close to one of the lumps, or do they need to be treated first? 

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    4 hours ago, Trrance said:

    Ide give it 10% I’m going to just try tca on small scars and leave the deep ones alone. I rather buy a house with that money then risk it without a reward lol maybe I’m just the 1% where nothing works. How much were you paying for the fillers?

    I paid 100 euros for 1unit of Belotero (I think it's 1ml? - was enough for both of my cheeks) and 100 euros for the docs work (3visits in 2 weeks, filler should not be stored for longer) and 10 for cannula so 210 euros overall.. But this is Europe and my doctor just tried subcision for acne scarring for the first time in her life and only managed to get rid of my biggest scar (but still worth it), the smaller once didn't react so great without subcision and she didn't even know what Nokor needle was.. And was just used to fill in wrinkes, so by no means an expert... Anyway I think some of the US prices stated here are ridiculous .. Feel bad for you especially because most of the treatments do not even work.. But at least you have many docs to choose from. Also it's shame you can't see Dr. Novick for the second time so he can use the rest of the filler you paid for without charging you again per one scar!
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    9 hours ago, Trrance said:

    I went and see no difference did 5 scars at about 250$ each subscision/Filler ... the scar isn’t even leveled with my other skin and in light it’s still very visible.. idk maybe it’s time to just live with it 

    I think that deeper scars need to be filled more than once, I had mine filled 3 times, one week apart as the skin raised with swelling after subcision and then went down a bit.. after that it was all gone - now after 8 months reappearing again slowly but not that deep anymore.

    What was your overall improvement? less than 50%?
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    54 minutes ago, eva_li said:
    @beautifulambition thanks a lot! Yayy, Strataderm is available here in pharmacies :) However, it says it is for new and old scars - I dont even have scabs yet. Shall I use it on the scabs when they develop? 

    Is HA serum acceptable? Thats what I normally use after Dermapen. 
    As a moisturizer I am using only jojoba oil or rosehip + vit E oil as of now because I dont wanna risk any further sketchy ingredients in standard moisturizers.
    I am using vaseline (Aquaphor) only on the needle entry points.

    Hope Im fine.

    UPDATE: found out there's an antibioitic ointment available here (bacitracin + neomycin) so Im running to pharmacy to get it :) 

    the scubs in my case formed on the 2nd or 3rd day I was using creams from the pharmacy cosmetic - Avene (Cicalfate line) or La Roche-Possay - Cicaplast even better, these creams are meant to be used after cosmetic procedures and have some antibacterial and healing properties also contain zinc, etc and are non-comedonic and hypoallergenic.

    I looked similar to you btw :)
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    3 minutes ago, EagleEva said:

    hmm interesting. the biggest one def seems rolling to me. and some of those superficial ones too... 

    well, I always feel the dermapen on my bones (cheekbone, chin) a loooot.
    the lumps should resolve by themselves tho, are u already seeing progress with them?

    The first photo is before treatment now I have a lump on this biggest scar so looks a bit more filled  ^^ he put PRP there .. But I'm sure only filler will help if anything.. Hm i think it's sloooowly getting better .. I am also getting some white (acne) spots after the treatment that are normally gone within one or two days but weird since my face is all clean normally but it's also less and less.. Did you see some results with dermapen on your scars? - and if so, how long did it take to show? 
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    42 minutes ago, EagleEva said:
    @Nina22 hm, that sounds a bit disappointing...  But thanks for explanation of the order - I did not understand why he does dermapen first, before subcision! So he wants to see which scars remain tethered? Hm, I am super plump after dermapen! I dont have that many tethered scars... I have a lot of boxcars which are not tethered but might benefit from subcision anyway IMHO. There s a new thread where poster asks about big boxcar and everyone adviced subcision. Emil was more willing to do subcision on more of my scars. Mmmm (( If I end up getting only dermapen and super quick tca cross, I ll be rather disappointed cause I can get dermapen+ PRP here cheap and quick.

    anyway, dont know about the lump. I have not heard of a lump after PRP yet. But I d appreciate if someone more experienced chimes in and gives their opinion.
    Yes that's his method to see the tethered scars once you swell after Dermapen - I was also surprised. I also want subcision done on my bigger scars with filler as this is the only thing that has ever helped me. I had filler without subcision and the result was not good. He applied lots of pressure when he moved dermapen all over - my bones were getting uncomfortable I'm not sure if your Derms are also so intense with it, hence I believe this caused the lumps - prof Chu told me he can inject them later if they don't resolve so I'm not too worried since they are only seen when I stretch my face.. And after tca cross I got a bit worried because the scars got actually worse for few weeks and now it's just all back to normal.. not even sure since I was not observing myself so closely before. I'm attaching some photos - first one shows my biggest scars that I wanted to get sorted and he didn't even do subcision there and second just my other superficial scars and the one that looks the deepest there in the middle was subcised :smileys_n_people_30:



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    2 hours ago, EagleEva said:

    Oh an PS:) I am not expecting to see results in a month, I know TCA cross calls for how many, perhaps at least 5 treatments or more. Subcision calls for 3-4 sessions in most cases and the results come soo gradually.

    After three weeks since my first subcision I was sad that after the microswell had disappeared I saw my scars again.
    But now, after some 7 weeks, I can see the subcised scars filling in gradually. Not completely but there's a progress for sure. With sub it is too early to judge anywhere before 3 months gone by I think. And it almost always requires multiple subs to get somewhere, I knew this from the start.

    Hey! Yes I think you are right but they always say it takes 6 months to see the final improvement but I never get it ;P (with co2 fractional laser at least).. Anyway I would be so happy if this helps but at this point it is hard to decide whether I should repeat the treatment with prof Chu because I see no clear improvement so far and also BA in here advised me to get subcision and filler first and tca peels afterwards for texture - it's such a shame prof doesn't like fillers :/ Was even thinking about asking someone else in his Clinic to do it after he is done with subcision because they do have fillers there as well they are used by different doctors in the clinic. He only subcised like 5 of my scars however he said others are fine because they go up with swelling after dermapen so not tethered- that included my 2 most annoying big scars that doughnut with filler so I thought they needed to be cut / I was a bit disappointed because I thought he should have done much more subcision on me.. And nodules I got are def not from subcision because they are on other parts of my face.. One is at the spot where he put PRP, I just think it was just too much for my sensitive skin to take at once .. Anyway about skinboosters I'm also considering them for my texture but have no idea if this works .. I also heart about a cannula attached to restylane filler but I don't think it's the same as my doctor used on me - that one was like long and she first needed to make a hole in my skin with a needle and then push the cannula through my face until she reached the scar - the entry point was like 5 cm away from the scar - was a weird process .. I think cannulas are often used by Derms for nasolabial folds  even in our backwarded countries .. Btw I don't know where you live but there is also a dr called Nelson Novick with offices in NYC and close to tel Aviv who is supposed to be good in fillers for acne scars but he charges American prices ^^.. They told me minimum 60 euros per scar subcision plus filler - so for our 10 scars it's quite a lot plus I'm not even sure if I need subcision anymore :smileys_n_people_57:
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    7 hours ago, Runawayspaceship said:
    What? His wife is french? Haha. Thanks for sharing. He seems like a nice guy and have plenty of business not to worry about money. But lasers cost money so they do have to charge to pay off their equipment, staff, overhead, and make a profit too. Many doctors have a big debt at 7% interest when they leave school.
    Since he is Danish he probably got paid for going to university ^_^
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    Hey Inception, (- sorry don't even know how to highlight someone's name in here - still new) thank you for your suggestion, I went to this thread already as I was trying to do some research and googled Dr. Renee but she doesn't even seem to be a derm nor a plastic surgeon, who knows if she even does that with Nokor needle and what her experience is - bit too risky .. But I would be happy to hear your opinion in case you decide to see her! Also skinbooster are usually just injected all over the face for rejuvenation it's a different type of HA, I doubt it was used to fill individual scars, and I think I could even do this with any local derm as the technique remains the same as for wrinkles I believe.. Anyway I think you should just try Dr. Emil for fillers since you are lucky enough to have him so close by - I got subcision and Belotero filler at the same time almost one year ago on my deepest scar and this scar is still almost non- visible.. I persuaded my local derm to try to break the scar with a cannula (for the first time in her life)  and she succeeded but then couldn't really do it on other smaller scars so now I need an expert :) 

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    Hi EagleEva, I just wanted to let you know that I saw Prof. Chu for the same treatment (I feel he recommends this combination to everyone?) and one month after I do not see much improvement.. Also got some small lumps due to trauma from Dermapen/PRP (not even where he did subcision) / waiting for them to heal.. My scarring is also shallow with few deeper scars - for which I think subcision and filler will work the best .. However, I'm also from Europe so hard to find someone who can do fillers on acne scars and really don't feel like travelling  to this Denmark village (: .. Travelling to London is at least always pleasent!

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