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    @Katski84 Hey, I had ablative lasers done before and always used Avene Cicalfate cream and nothing else - I really like it.. The burnt skin will get darker and then peel off - it can take around 10 days to have it all healed and then the skin remains more sensitive so apply the highest SPF all the time .. I wouldn't put anything else on my face other than what your doc recommends, I don't even like to wash the wound too much with water, just use cotton pads with some avene thermal water or so, and apply the cream few times a day until all the burnt skin goes away. It will all heal just be patient :) 
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    2 hours ago, beautifulambition said:

    What I see is mainly patients think one syringe of filler is a lot and it's really not, about 1/4th of a teaspoon, cost is always a factor for filler. 
    Except he didnt even discuss the amount of filler with me so it was not my choice..  but I surely paid enough for 4 syringes .. He basically proposed the field subcision as the best treatment for my case saying I would be happy with the results.. He tried to put me off from the individual subcisions, and even said he was 'trying to save me money here' When I asked him for a brand he was going to use he said it was unimportant as it should solely serve as a spacer ... He didn't care about leveling up my scars.. I feel  that he doesn't aim for the best for his patients and should not be so highly recommended in here..  Also, he was not very conservative when trying to treat my whole cheek with a single cannula entry, as he caused me a visible wound/ scar basically for nothing.. and I had cannula done before with no problem, so it is probably not down to being a poor healer..
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    Thanks for the reactions,

     @beautifulambition you are right about the fat deficiency in my left cheek, this is the area that was nicely filled by my local doc last year and the effect lasted for months - I thought this would be such an easy fix for Novick. I also felt how he seperated this area with cannula but he must have added a microscopic amount of filler because there was no lift at all... so, I assume now after 2 months the skin there is reattached again? - and I will need to have another cannula entry (trauma) done to my face? or do you think it can be done with the regular needle directly?
    I thought Novick would help more with the other pits on my right cheek as filler applied with needle didnt seem to last there before..

    do you think the small cannula entry hole (best seen in the 2nd and 3rd photo) will fill up with time? it has been there for weeks now and Im really worried because no doctor ever left me with such mark... 

    I also wanted to warn the community as I almost feel like I was scammed by him.. and for the Novicks name - this is the only website where he is marketed so well that people actually decide to see him.. 


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    Hi All,

    I would like to share my experience with Dr. Novick.
    I travelled to Israel to see him, as he was so highly recommended in here, spent a lot of money for the treatment and got no visible improvement. Even worse, I'm now worried about a new scar left after the cannula entry on my right cheek bone.

    The treatment I received was the 'field subcision', he only used one entry point for each cheek and 7 weeks later the points are still dark and I can see a small hole especially on my right side - I attached one detailed photo of this point and would like to know if the hole should fill with time?

    Next, after the cannula field subcision I asked him to do individual subcision (in the same session) as I saw my deepest scars at front were still depressed - he individually subcised 4 deep scars on my right front cheek - ( I think the deepest pits are quite visible in my photos, especially the first and last two pics below) and 1 scar on top of my nose.. He didn't use the Nokor for these 5 scars but a mini-cannula, I didn't get any marks from that.. I could feel some popping sounds and they bruised and raised with swelling straight after, but 3 days later they were depressed again.. He used a very small amount of filler as spacer - if any, which is sad for the amount of money he charges.. I even asked him if I could come few days later for filling but he said there is no need as collagen formation takes 6 weeks to happen and he doesn't t believe in fillers to be used just for a few months lift..
    Anyway 6-7 weeks later my face looks quite the same plus possibly one new scar :smileys_n_people_22: I am attaching some photos in both artficial and natural lighting, some of the worst ankles I got.. Also, I have no idea what to do next, shall I switch to Infini or some more sub? 











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    @EvidentNancy at least your improvement on one side is quite OK. I went to see him as well and feel like I spent money for nothing, I see no improvement after 2 weeks from his field and individual subcision.. He didn't even fill up my scars enough so they would level up at least for few months or so..  I cant believe how highly recommended he is in here..
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    Yes, it was immediate due to the filler - I got Bellotero. I think cannula created a good pocket for it so the area got lifted nicely with the filler. On my other smaller scars where I didn't get subcision just the filler I got some donut effect or the filler just went away very quickly.. I think I eventually needed Nokor anyway to really cut through all the tethers.. But since I already heart popping with cannula I think it also helped to create enough space for the filler.. Some say cannula is too blunt to cut all the tethers for truly attached scars so hard to say.. Anyway this scar of mine was also ideal for subcision, I have other small ones and it is yet to be seen if I will get the same result there.. So we should not generalize. But I would definitely always add filler to my subcision unless you plan to repeat it very soon like the OP here, so it can be done after.

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    @Amp2695 I talked about this in another post but I had one deeper scar subcised with a blunt cannula a year ago and heart some popping sound and then had it filled straight (there was almost no bleeding since cannula enters the skin few cm away from a scar) and then in a week time I had it filled again even more to level it out after swelling.. I got pretty impressive improvement maybe 90% for 4-5 months it became invisible and now after a year there is no filler left and I think it's still 50 % less deep.. In between I had another subcision done with Nokor on the same scar - this was like 4 months ago in London, the doc said it was still/again tethered a lot, (back then there was still a bit of filler left..) But after the Nokor subcision without filler I haven't seen much improvement it stayed the same - as I said overall still 50 % better than before. Also I had another 3 small scars subcised without filer and suction and seen no improvement. My next step is subcision with filler and really pray for some improvement like I observed for the very first time with cannula and HA filler..
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    Yes, no improvement from all of it actually, I have only seen improvement with subcision and filler done on my medium deep scar in past.. And this is what I want to do next.. What about your RF needling - will you do it again?

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    I had the TCA cross with a well known doc for acne scars in London he did it just after the Dermapen and subcision on all of my scars and I have mostly rolling superficial scars.. 4 months later they are all healed (my skin was healing for maybe a month after all the procedures but I was back to work pretty much straight with some makeup) but I do not see any improvement from it .. I'm actually worried one box car scar got a bit deeper, so better invest in fillers..

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    He doesn't like fillers in general even HA fillers that are not permanent and many others in here, including me, do like them.. PRP didn't work for me because it doesn't act as a filler it just helps you heal faster according to some.. He only subcised 4 of my scars instead of many more as I would like and I did not get a visible improvement like with filler before, so I was not happy.. Next time I want to do subcision combined with filler as well.. 

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    He works in a private clinic now so I dont believe it has anything to do with NHS.. When I asked him he told me he doesn't believe in fillers as they tend to relocate/ cause issues etc.. For tethering he suggested PRP.. I advise you to combine your subcision with filler, I wish I would have done that instead of the Chu's treatment which did not give me any result.. Can your local doc do that? (My scars are also mostly rolling btw)

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    5 minutes ago, incepticon said:
    31 minutes ago, beautifulambition said:

    If it is not showing and under the skin

    What do you mean by if it is not showing and under the skin?
    Means you can't see it in the mirror just feel it with your fingers once you touch it.. 
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    @inception More important is what do you think? We do not know your scars as you do and these photos are not detailed enough to compare any before and after difference, but I see there are no more bruises, so did the scars get any better and will you see Dr. Emil again?
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    @eva_li Hey again Eva, thanks for updating us. I just wanted to say that I think the Dr. is correct as I felt like the rest of my filler (I had already had it for several months before my medical needling) was completly gone after the Dermapen. I tried to find some more info about this before and the docs on Realsef pretty much say that Infini is OK with fillers that are injected deeply for volume like Sculptra, but not superficially placed ones like in our case.. 
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    @eva_li Hey Eva, did you also have some Nokor subcision with your fillers? How did you like the doc - would you recommend him? Did he also have good things to say about Infini?
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    @Sirius Lee Hey, thanks for your input. I think that at least 4 of my scars on the first 2 photos are moderate not mild as they can be noticed from social distances (50cm) I mainly want to get rid of those and then maybe 3/4 on sides, really hope subcision can work there as it already helped my biggest scar - (I had it in the middle of my left cheek - last photo, and now can be barely seen there..) The superficial once are not that eye catching so can work on them later.. I am a bit scared of Sculptra as it cannot be dissolved should a problem arise and of course the lack of experts in Europe who treat acne scars with fillers - Sculptra sounds even more advanced. I will try individual subcision with HA first for my deepest scars and hopefully some new method will come soon.. Just read about tropoelastin fillers to be marketed by Allergan for acne scars, etc next.. hopefully @beautifulambition will get to test them soon.
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    @beautifulambition OK, i think for the few deeper once subcision and filler will be needed, but the more superficial scars, can´t they be treated by Infini alone?

    Also, in case I decide to have Infini first, how long do I have to wait before subcision and filler?

    Dr. Chu did not subcise my biggest scars and I am not sure if he would do it next time if I tell him I want to have filler there.. as he doesnt care for fillers..
    Also he seems to love Dermapen while many others say it takes ages to work.. if he is so good why does he disregard biostimulatory fillers and Infini as these 2 methods seem to be recommended as the most efficient (along with TCA cross)?
    I mean I undestand the Infini machine is a big investment at his age.. but fillers are easy.

    I am actually thinking of seeing Dr. Thriene in Munich now, as he does sub plus fillers for acne scars, I have seen 2 posters here recommended him, so wondering if he could be a good choice..

    @ScarRight yes, I did one treatment 8 weeks ago, and I cant say if ive seen any improvement for sure :smileys_n_people_30:, actually, at first I was scared that some of my crossed scars got worse but now looks the same ..

    fractional laser in the past helped with texture, my skin was softer and pores smaller, etc.. but the depressions stayed the same.. (i used to do it once a year for like 4/5 years.. when I was acne free, from the age of 21+ after the Roaccutane treatment) still no acne or skin problems now 8 years later..

    Also, when I was 17, I had a fully ablative laser done, end even this didnt help my bigger scars seen on the first two photos, it actually mostly helped the red/purple pigmentation but I only had few deep scars back then to be fair, and after that I had some more acne and many more new superficial scars...
    so overall verdict - lasers not worth it unless it is just for texture, they might have soften my scars a tiny bit..

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