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    2 hours ago, EvidentNancy said:

    Why do you need to stay for 10 days.... what are you getting?

    Subcision + Cross + Microneedling. I guess to account for the bruising and TCA Cross looking worse, although bruises will likely last longer than 10 days, and he'll probably use Phenol acid which doesn't expand a scar like TCA. I'm probably overcompensating... What's the usual downtime for something like subcision?
  3. Chula Vista on the 26th

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    On 6/12/2018 at 9:49 AM, Cleopatra88 said:
    @makingtime, I was there but fortunately for me my grandpa lives in san diego in the mission village area, so I wasnt very far from Chula  vista, it was like a 13- 17 minute drive. I went to the beach and seaport village one day, the other days I was swimming in the pool and tanning. Lol. I went up for 4 days though so i tried to stay busy. I literally went straight from my appointment to the airport swollen as ever. I cringe thinking about it. I had my mother in law with me to help support me as i looked like a nightmare . I'm assuming your going alone? How many days will you be there? Excited for you.

    That's incredibly brave of you. I ended up getting an Airbnb for a couple of days because I get self conscious at airports even without a swollen face. The info they sent me said I needed 10 days, so I'm staying for 10 days. It bites financially but I figured for my first travel-procedure, I'd prioritize comfort.
  4. Chula Vista on the 26th

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    I have a subscision/microneedling/cross procedure scheduled in Chula Vista. This will be my first time traveling for a procedure and I'm looking for any tips or things I should be aware of...

    Just curious, since I can't be the only one who has traveled to do a procedure, where do you stay during your recovery time? I'm looking at private rooms on Airbnb which means it won't be totally private. If anyone's down there around the same time, maybe we could split a place? I'll be down there the 26th.

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  6. I'm in this exact situation, even down to the age, except I did my accutane run about 10mo ago and I'm recovering from severe scarring. I don't have any advice because I've never had a boyfriend either, but I've had people be forward with me or who have wanted a serious relationship and immediately felt uncomfortable because I felt I wasn't worth it. I was too comfortable with the hookup culture, where things were just easy, low pressure, and seemingly normal.

    But I think that goes to say that finding a relationship isn't dependent on the circumstances of your skin, it's dependent on yourself, chemistry, and everything else that goes into any normal relationship, and if your date can't see past how your skin looks in that moment of time, which happens, then he's probably not worth sharing more time with.