1. More Than a Month
  2. Here's where I am right now about a month and a half into my 1st procedure of subcision/phenol cross/microneedling.







    These are taken at the same time, just with different natural lighting angles.

  3. (Photos after this)

    Would you not recommend scheduling a second subcision/phenol CROSS 2 months after my first one? It makes sense to think that you'd want more healing before damage to get the best results.

    It's more of an issue of scheduling since I'll be doing a 3-month creative residency soon and I want to get something in right before because I won't have any days off. Or, should I hold off and allow a 5month gap between the 1st and 2nd treatment? Are there any other procedures you recommend I do at the 2 month mark, or should it be dead-pan rest & heal until the 5th? Is CROSS something I should be doing more frequently than 3 months if I have a lot of ice pick scars particularly concentrated on the nose?

    Thank youu  :)

  4. I recently did the same procedure with the same doctor. Everyone reacts differently. I'm Asian if that matters.
    Super swollen right after the procedure and it didn't really go down until maybe the 3rd day. Highly recommend you take off more than 3 days for this. I felt that at day 5 I could go out, at minimum.

    You just won't know how you react until you do it, but once you figure it all out, planning future off times will be easier.

    Also, he's recently switched to Phenol Cross over TCA, which is what I did. I've never done TCA so I don't know how I'd react, but I'm happy with the Phenol, maybe 5–10% improvement without any enlargement of the scar.

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