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  1. Scarless Healing

    Anyone buying PolarityTE stock? Its cheap right now and if this regeneration thing is successful, it will be the next google.
  2. Scarless Healing

    Bro, I also felt suicidal but please be strong and stay on. Especially now with so many advancements. If everything goes smoothly, we could have scarless healing very soon. You are still young at 21, you have a long way to go.
  3. Scarless Healing

    You cannot go by this, human trial results have not been published yet. Also, many reports say it is 100% scar free healing so we will have to wait and see before we prematurely classify it. He said almost scarless healing which is just to protect himself legally. Like how a disinfectant spray would say it kills 99% of bacteria, not 100%. My belief is that maybe mircoscopically it is not scarless, but to the naked eye it is.
  4. Scarless Healing

    You dont need the holy grail of reverse aging, just a treatment to regenerate skin. Even if the skin is regenerated it is the skin of your biological age, so it doesn't reverse aging.
  5. Anyone with severe acne scars able to get a partner?

    Yes, this is the cold heart truth. We will almost always assess a person by his/her looks first then seeing their personality. People saying that looks dont matter are just spewing BS. It is not the end though, I have an uncle who has scarring who has a beautiful wife. But he met his wife in his 30s. Dont think he was dating anyone when younger. To my knowledge, woman/girls below 30 still value looks too much. If you are trying to woo a more matured lady above 30 they may not mind the scars. But then again, it narrows your dating prospects and I will still have to wait out a few more years lol.
  6. I feel so cheated in life and stressed up everyday. For normal people, think of the worst day in your life and then think how it would feel like relieving it everyday, That is how severe acne scar sufferers feel. Everyday, I would wake up, look in the mirror and than realize how shitty my skin looks and then waves of depression and sadness engulfs me. It is taking a mental toll on me too. The worst thing about it is you cannot do anything about it. If you are fat, you can exercise and become slim. If you are anti-social, you can improve your own personality. But for scars, you can't do naught. Yes, you can go for treatments etc but they do not remove all your scars and at most they smoothen it a bit. For people complaining about life , your boyfriend/girlfriend breaks up with you etc. I laugh at them as these are just very petty things. You can recover from them. Acne scars affects your social life, you feel nervous around people sometimes. The huge part of enjoyment of life is interacting with people and having that freedom taking away from you is huge. I have come to a point and said f**k it, just try dating. I have tried dating and although i'm good looking (without the scars) ,I think they can sense me being a little different and also notice that my face is really in bad condition. most of the dates end after one or two meetings. I had one girl who really liked me, but she wasn't the type of girl that a family would approve (Heavy smoker, full bodied tats). This is coming to a point where I feel too exhausted to even do anything already. I know how the outcome would be like even before I try to date someone. This isn't the case pre-scars where dating was fun, I looked forward to the dates and I felt confident. Now, it feels more like an exam to me, it feels dreadful because I would be too conscious of what the other person would think. I am just so sick of it. Anyone with acne scars (Severe) having successful dating stories? I am accepting the fact that I will probably be single the rest of my life.
  7. Scarless Healing

    I can tell you that once PolarityTE has proven that it can successfully regenerate third degree wounds its wouldn't be a problem for a surgeon to cut up the skin for treatment. May I ask you, what is the dilemma here since it CAN regenerate the skin fully? You could say it is too aggressive or whatever but the end result the skin would be fully regenerated so it doesn't even matter. Like has any mother who went through C-section would say it is too aggressive (Literally cutting up the belly area) over natural birth? You are having the dilemma because you are not sure whether this product works. If you are living in the era before the Wright Brothers invented the airplane and if someone from the future told you you can travel by air on a machine that weighs tens of thousands of kg, you would also think said person is insane and no way in hell would such a thing ever exist. Too risky to ever work and the machine would fall off the sky, no one would risk their life travelling on air would be your initial thoughts. Point in case, there are way more controversial surgeries being done. There are several successful face transplants, literally taking someone's else face and implanting to another person. Recently, there was even a head transplant being planned. Now slicing up some skin (That would have regenerated anyway applying PolarityTE) sounds like child's play ain't it?
  8. Scarless Healing

    I hope its not that ex as most people wont be able to afford 30k. Im willing to pay a high price though, the amount of suffering cant be justified by money. Right now the only scarless healing (in swine models at least) is Polarity. Recell probably will help with the texture and all that and may dramatically improve the appearance but it wont be totally scarless.
  9. Quick question about Cyst/Nodule

    You are one hell of a lucky dude. I got very severe cystic acne and infection on my left face and rosacea (Which lasted for 3 months). I didn't know what to do with it, my parents did not care and assured it wasn't anything serious. At the very last ditch of effort that they showed (after I begged them to do something), I was sent to some crappy dermatologist who just took a 10 mins look and prescribed some benozyl peroxide which I then applied which caused the skin to be very dry and peeling. (Which I think might have contributed to my scars). I found out much later this chemical is very toxic and I would not recommend it what so ever to anyone. I was 18 years old with barely any money to do anything. If I had money and was older, I would have seek treatments myself. I now have severe scarring on my left cheek and moderate scarring on my right. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong basically.
  10. Scarless Healing

    Don't know how they could apply SkinTE to scars/stretchmarks / hairloss without removing the complete skin? I mean if you have hairloss it makes no sense to remove the entire sculp to get new hair! Same goes for scars in face, it would be to extreme to remove the entire skin! I got a tons of stretchmarks on my arms and chest. I don't think it makes sense to remove the entire skin on my biceps 20sqcm of skin each site. It would be great if they could develop a microneedling + SkinTE application so that only the scarred tissue can be regenerated! But to remove the scars completely, I think you would have to remove the skin? If its proven to work I really do not mind going such a procedure. I do not think just miconeedling would work (For scarless healing) because the scar tissue would always be there. A broken vase, no matter how you glue it back would still have cracks. The best solution is to buy a new vase.
  11. Scarless Healing

    I got severe scarring since I was 18, now i'm 28. Could not ever get into a relationship because of it and people always think i'm shy because somehow I act fidgety (Afraid of how people view my scars). I really wish all this will end someday and I can be my true self finally.
  12. Scarless Healing

    Do you know how to take part in the human trial. I will be willing to try, anyway to contact them? They don't seem to reveal their email to public, From what I know they did not regenerate third degree skin damage of swine models unlike polarity. Swine skin is more complicated then humans, so if it works on swine it is highly likely it works on human skin. Polarity is more promising then them. I am actually glad we have something to look forward to (which is in the near future) after several years of suffering. Yes, my youth will not comeback but i'm still eternally grateful if this works out and we all have a new lease of life.