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  1. Hi, I was taking the B5 on its own about 4 tablets a day and had good results 500mg x4.But due to cost had to give it up,It seemed to close the pores and made skin less oily.Was taking it for 3 months or so.Have you tried Niacin B3?That works pretty well too
  2. If you go ahead with the Niacin i would advise taking it an hour or so before you go out or take it at night before bed.I took it about 5 mins before i went out,hopped on a bus and some woman asked if i was ok.The flush had started kicking in .With the B5 ithink it was only cost whicjh made me stop using it.I was taking 4 tablets a day compared with 2 for the Niacin.I'm losing my hair anyway so i don't think the B5 contributed to this. Ive never tried Accutane.I've heard horror stories of people with dried cracked lips and sore joints.Its very drying as well and im starting to get lines around my eyes anyway because of age.
  3. How long have you been drinking green tea? My daughter used to drink it a few years ago for general health.I never knew about this for acne. What was your acne like before and after drinking it?I might give this a try,Is there any brands i should be looking for. Thanks
  4. If you haven't tried Niacin give it a go.You cannot overdose on it because it is water soluble.There should be some things on here about it.Or just google 'Niacin Acne',It was very effective on 2x500 mg tablets a day.It causes a flush for about 15 minutes where your skin itches and turns red but that's the capillaries opening and letting the blood rush through.Or you can buy No Flush as well.As i say,it worked well for about 3 years then i think my body started rejecting it and wasnt that effective afterwards.It also tightens the pores and makes the skin less oily.
  5. Hi Turko. I know the feeling.Believe me i ve been there.I'm 53 and have had acne since i was 14.Thats a lot of years! I started using a product Oxy Wash in the late 70s with Benzoyl peroxide.Used to work great but dried up the skin.Was using this all through the 80s.I was still getting the odd spot here and there but mostly my skin was kept under control. They then decided to discontinue it here in the UK.So then i tried every thing.from soaps without perfume (Simple) etc all to no avail. In fact they made my face worse with horrible break outs.Even tried Panoxyl Wash but that made me break out as well.Tried Minocyline in the early 2000s which cleared it up pretty well but is supposed to be bad for the liver long term usage.Have you tried taking Niacin tablets (vitamin B3) or Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5)?I had some success with these but my skin seemed to have got used to them over a period of about 3 years and just wasn't that effective any more.Hope you can find something.I'm still looking after about 40 years