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  2. On 25/04/2018 at 4:03 AM, Tommypoo said:


    Sorry for taking a while to respond, I think 4 months is a little on the short side but if at the end of your dosage feel like your skin isn't as clear as you want it to be then you can always ask your dermo to extend it. 

    Congrats on 3 months!


    I’m going to go for 5 months now, my derm has said at that point I’ll of reached the standard dosage of 120mg/kg of body weight, which is the standard and normally perfect amount of dosage for a normal course. I could always ask for a couple of weeks more but hopefully I should be okay. I’ve got hella scars though but oh well. Battle wounds innit! And thank you!! 
  3. On 17/04/2018 at 10:00 PM, jPablo said:
    On 17/04/2018 at 7:00 PM, Chris_Roaccutane_2018 said:

    3 months DONE! check the original post for the recent update. 

    Things are on the turn dude. Congrats!!
    Hoping so!!! Thanks man! 

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