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  1. Generic Roaccutane Journal

    It actually seems like my acne has gotten steadily worse over the past month...well, with the flash on.
  2. Roaccutane - advice/tips/help?

    Sounds interesting Beverly...what products specifically have you used? and what sort of price are we talking?
  3. Accutane isn't working

    no idea man, I'm really sorry it's not working out for you. Best thing to do is maybe talk to your derm, or consider revising your daily routine and see if you can improve it in some way? Hope it get's better for you pal, Chris
  4. In the nicest way possible, I think you may be jumping the gun a bit here. if you're only a few weeks in there's still plenty of time for breakouts and for your skin to see-saw between being good and bad, but hey, if its looking better already and stays that way after only a month, you're one of the lucky ones!! happy for you regardless, hope it stays well! Chris
  5. Recovering after Accutane

    glad you're feeling better k8! well done for getting through it !! :)
  6. Drinking on Accutane

    my Derm told me to avoid all alcohol while on Roaccutane. the reason? accutane seriously can mess with your liver. it puts strain on it and it functions less efficiently the entire time you're on the drug. pair this with alcohol which can put an even larger strain on your liver, even if its just more consistent use and not loads in one go, and your liver might have a tough time managing. personally, that is reason enough for me to not have any alcohol at all when I'm on Roaccutane (and I'm the one with my 18th birthday coming up!). At the end of the day, it's a personal choice though. I'm sure the odd drink will be absolutely fine, I just don't want to take any chances.
  7. Post accutane hair loss and thinning.

    sorry to hear about your hair loss and thinning, I would listen to troystory, sounds like they know EXACTLY what you need to do to combat it. im one month in and my hair is still normal, hopefully, it stays that way! what dosage are you on?
  8. Isotretinoin (roccutane/accutane) on NHS - my log!

    Yeah my dermatologist put me on 40mg from the off. Yes, to my understanding the drug dries out all areas even if slightly, and because we never see the inside of our nose it often gets forgotten. when it gets really dry I imagine it’s extremely subject to cracking and even one small crack and bleed multiple times if agitated again, if you follow me? No idea about the brain thing, I imagine that’s not true. I’ve had a lot in my time, and the worst thing that’s ever happened was only one time when I nearly passed out, but I’d lost a lot of blood then and had eaten loads so it was probably too much on my body all in one go. Yes Cetaphil seems to working nicely so far for me. I’m still not in great shape but it’s a good cleansers to use I think. yes I know what you mean about the oily ness! Even tho I’m on 40mg, when I wake up in the morning it feel the same disgusting way I also did before! although saying that my face gets extremely dry in the day. What’s your routine like through the day? Washing your face and such?
  9. Generic Roaccutane Journal

    Same here man!
  10. Isotretinoin (roccutane/accutane) on NHS - my log!

    Nice to hear you’ve started your journey man. I’m based in the UK, on a four month course and am 2 days off the sweet 1 month anniversary between me and roaccutane <3 advice? stock up on Vaseline (aloe Vera has a nice smell to it!) and apply it readily to your nose every day maybe twice a day. This should eliminate the chance of nosebleeds on your dosage at least. I was prone to them anyway when I was younger, and I’m on 40mg, so I’ve had 5 this last week suddenly, two of which have been 25 minutes of gushing blood. you don’t want that, and Vaseline I’ve found so far is helping stop it. Other than that, try not to pick spots (it’s so hard not too itch and pick subconsciously...) and maybe try the Cetaphil gentle cleanser? I know boots sell it for £8.99 so it’s not an entirely American based product. Good luck and keep us posted!
  11. Generic Roaccutane Journal

    Sorry to hear it! Yes, you’ve it to keep the faith! I’m just sticking with it. What dosage are you on?
  12. Generic Roaccutane Journal

    Starting day: End of week one: End of week two: End of 3rd week: (yes i’d hada nose bleed!) It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started Rosccutane, and from now I’ll be trying to update this journal everyday for the rest of my time on the drug in question. Side effects so far: > Dry skin (obviously...) > Dry lips (obvious, again...) > Back pain > Dry/Sore eyes >Nosebleeds Wednesday 14th Feb 2018: had a small nosebleed at school. Lips have been fine, topped up with Vaseline and my face has stayed hydrated/moisturised all day at school so all is well. initial breakout seems to be dying down slightly, hoping I won’t get a massive influx of spots round my mouth like usual again for a while. Thursday 15th February 2018: skin is looking okay, no nose bleed today, keeping my nose topped up with Vaseline as well as my lips. Friday 16th February 2018: Massive nosebleed with gushing stream of blood, completely out of nowhere in the morning before school. Dry dry lips which I’ve conbatted with Vaseline of course and they’re okay now. Update: had two more nosebleeds in the evening out of nowhere. Really getting fucked off with nosebleeds now and I must find a solution! Saturday 17th February 2018. been lining the inside of my nose with Vaseline every 2-3 hours and have had no nosebleeds today so that seems to be a viable method. Face looks slightly worse than the last couple of days but overall I’m feeling okay. lips are being dealt with fine, but my back really hurt as I got into bed and tried to lay down which was rather unnerving. Felt like an old man! Sunday 18th Febuary 2018: lips were particularly dry today, but I tried lining my nose with Vaseline every 2-3 hours again with Q-tips and I haven’t had a nosebleed so that seems to be working. Face feels very itchy and it’s hard not to pick. It also looks worse than it has done the last few days which is a bummer, and there’s an alarming amount of spots around the left side of my forehead. Monday 19th February 2018: Skin feeling pretty mank, but yet again no nosebleeds thanks to Vaseline! Hurray!! Tuesday 20th February 2018: 1 MONTH COMPLETED 1 month down, 3 to go. I feel like my acne has actually worsened to be perfectly honest. I’m hoping I only have to stick to the 4 month course as I have a 1 week holiday in lanzerote in July and I don’t want to be dying in the heat overthere! No nosebleed today, and lips have been very dry. itchy neck and the spot above my lip has been a bit sore.

    Yeah it’ll be around then I imagine for most people, or at the very least In the middle/end of their first month on it. how bad is your acne on scale of 1-10?
  14. Roaccutane - advice/tips/help?

    I’m taking them with/straight after my dinner after I get back home from school. Thanks for the message!
  15. My Roaccutane Diary @ 40mg Once Daily

    Sounds like you’re getting decent results man, I hope it continues!!

    I’m not sure. Personally I’m into my third week of Roaccutane and it’s only been this last week that I’ve had my ‘initial breakout’ I think. I’m hoping it’s that, otherwise it’ll mean I’m spreading my spots my self right?
  17. Roaccutane - advice/tips/help?

    Hi, I’m a 17 years old male student and I’m into my third week of Roaccutane now. My acne hasn’t ever been awful on my face, but my entire upper back is covered with spots/a few scars, my left shoulder has loads of spots on it, and in the months leading up to starting Roaccutane my chest also got some spots also, when it had never got any before. My face is typically very oily and I tend to pick spots rather a lot so that hasn’t helped. into my third week of roaccutane, my routine is to is: Use Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, then go in shower and rinse it off and wash my hair. Then throughout the day at school moisturise my lips with Vaseline. I don’t moisturise my face, don’t feel like I need to particularly. then either when I get back from school or before I go to bed, I wash my face with a flannel and water (no soap) and then load up my lips with Vaseline for the night. I’m trying to leave all spots alone and let The Roaccutane do its thing, but sometimes heads of my spots are dry so they’ve come come when I wash my face the flannel. Is thisok? Is there anything I’m doing that could be limiting my progress with Accutane?