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  2. @elmo555 how you doin bro? After 3 months of doing 20mgs a day and no results, my derm upped me to 60mgs yesterday when I saw her.

    How has it been goin for you?
  3. On ‎7‎/‎10‎/‎2018 at 11:00 AM, Usama said:

    I am doing good bro got 3 pimples and they dried out now i am clear and my red marks are fading too with organic aloe vera gel and zinc oxide at night i hope it just gets better from here now.
    are you having any problem with your hairs?
    my scalp is dry and my hairs are dry to.

    I was during my first week, I was getting a lot of dandruff, but I drink a gallon of water a day and it seems that has helped a lot with dryness in my hair. But I also keep my hair military style low so not sure if that may be the reason also lol.

    Glad you are cleared up...I envy you because I definitely am not clear yet and it sucks. Still waking up with pimples on my face and its gonna be the 4th month mark tomorrow when I see my derm. Lets see what she says.
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    Not sure if you still lurk these forums, but how did your treatment go?
  5. I have read two different ways of doing it:

    1. Reach your cumulative dose, then when you are completely clear for at least a full month - you extend your course 3-4 months and then get off the drug.

    2. Whether you reach the cumulative dose or not, once you are clear for a full month, you stay on the drug for another 3-4 months. That is the newer way of providing this drug. The cumulative dose deal is not proven and is just something that has been used as a benchmark since accutanes inception. It is not proven that reaching the cumulative dosage is the gold standard for curing acne, from what I have read in newer studies.

  6. Acne Vaccine

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    Anyone have information on this vaccine?

  7. On ‎5‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 5:58 PM, BigM84 said:

    Hi, I’ve been on (ro) accutane for 8 months now and been pretty much clear since month 1 with just the occasional spot every couple of weeks. 

    My derm says to “cure” my acne I should stay on it until I go at least a month without a spot. 

    Wondering whether this was the same for other people who have finished accutane? 

    with the new research, you are supposed to be clear for a full month and then after that happens, you stay on the drug for an additional 3-4 months. There is a doctor on realself.com Dr. Riekl who takes 20mg a day himself and has prescribed Accutane to his patients for over 20+ years and this is how he operates when prescribing Accutane.
  8. On ‎7‎/‎8‎/‎2018 at 3:59 AM, ExodusE said:


    I am a 185lbs male that was on Accutane for 8 months. First month it was 20mg, then it got bumped up to 40mg. My acne got reduced, but I still got breakouts while on the course. Only on the 7th month I had an 90% clear skin. I still had small pimples, but they didn't bother me. 

    A year later, my face is the same it was before if not worse. I think I was on a low dose for my weight. Would it be a good idea to go on a higher dose? I wouldn't go on Accutane, but I've tried almost everything else (except Retin-a) and nothing has worked. I even eat a Keto diet, which helps, but I still get nasty breakouts from time to time. 

    Any help is appreciated.

    your course should have continued until you were completely cleared. and then once you are completely clear for at least a full month, you get left on the drug for an additional 3-4 months and you get taken off! Your derm did not follow that protocol so that is most likely why you relapsed.
  9. I wish there was more low dosers out there who can talk about their experience during the treatment. I am about to start Month 4 this Friday and I still am getting new spots almost daily and I am wondering if I should increase the dosage or not? I to have searched extensively on the internet at low dose studies and they say people clear up just as fast as conventional dosing people do....

    I'm afraid that fi I raise the dose, it will just cause even more breakouts, but it might clear me up quicker, but there is no evidence that raising the dosage will provide faster results...shit sucks to not know these things since everyone is different and has different results at different times of treatment.

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  11. 11 hours ago, Usama said:

    How are you doing bro?

    Im alright. Still no change from when i initially posted, but i see my derm this friday and see what she says.

    how have you been?
  12. Accutane

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    I have eczema before i even started accutane and moisturizer every time i take a shower keeps the flares down. I am about to start my 4th month and i have had only 1 or 2 MINOR flares of eczema on my arms.

    i use Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion, which is about 8-10 bucks at any store

  13. Hi All,

    I have not seen a log for low dose isotretinoin treatment so I wanted to start one myself for those individuals interested in doing it for themselves. I have 5 pills left on my 3rd month of taking isotretinoin and I have been breaking out since the 1st week of me taking it. Even though I am still breaking out, I am still holding out hope that this drug will clear me up so I am going to continue taking it.

    Side Effects:
    Dry skin
    Dry lips

    Duration of treatment:
    19 months left @ 20mgs daily

    For Dry lips I use Dr. Dans Cortibalm
    For Dry Skin - I bought Vanicream lite moisturizing lotion, but have not used it yet. Before Accutane I was naturally oily skinned, but after Accutane, I am a lot less oily and my skin is flaky when I rub my finger down my cheeks or anywhere else on my face, so I guess I am dry. I believe my skin is also dehydrated, as well.

    I have not experienced any other side effects. My mood is pretty low but it is not due to the drug, I believe it is just due to my acne. My back and chest are mostly clear but my face is worse than when I started the treatment. hopefully the breakouts will end soon!

    I will post up pics later after I get off work.


  14. hi hellonwheels,

    i am currently on a lowdose accutane treatment (20mgs a day) and I am on my 3rd month and have 19 more to go before i end my treatment and reach my cumulative dose (if i stay on low dose). The only side effects I am currently experiencing is dry skin and dry lips, nothing else. I am a huge advocate for low dosing to lessen the side effects, but the treatment will be longer if you do do a low dose treatment.

    i would at least suggest to your derm that you start out at a low dose and then gradually increase it...that way you can get an idea of how your body reacts to it.

    in regards to the initial break out, expect the worst but hope for the best. I have been breaking out since week 1 and i am about to start month 4 next week, but from what I gather, people usually start to get better around the 2nd-3rd month of their treatment if they do experience the initial breakout and others clear up right away and other clear up towards the end of their treatment. Every individual is differrnt so it definitely varies.

    You will more than likely experience dry skin and lips so you may want to invest in a moisturizer and lip balm that will combat those symptoms AND you want to take that lip balm with you eveerryywhere you go. I got dr. Dans cortibalm and that works real good.

    Hope that helped and if you have any other questions, i will be more than happy to offer you an answer.

  15. Hi Sanjam, 

    congrats on clearing up and thanks for keeping us posted on your journey!

    how are you doing now?

  16. Hey matt, how you been doing? How is thr treatment goin for ya?

  17. Hey Ramo,

    how are you doing bro? Any improvement on your accutane treatment?

  18. 5 hours ago, jPablo said:

    thanks bro. Ok I'll check it out! 
    I hope it stays away now! How you getting on? 
    Yea man i hope it does for you too bro! I bet it will though, just smooth sailing and getting back to normal skin for you now lol.

    I am not doing too good in the accutane department. My skin is still worse than when i started especially in my neck area. Im on 3 months and about to start my 4th next week and this shit is sucking so far. I might raise my dose to 30 or 40mgs, but not sure. At my last check up my derm didnt want to raise my mgs even if i did want to because of the breakout I was experiencing, but when i see her next week, I will see what she says.

    You should definitely go out and celebrate or something! Huge accomplishment from when we first posted on each others log to now...time flies by quick man
  19. You should call your doctor and they will be able to tell you alot better than folks on here. Or, you could try realself.com and a dermatologist should be able to tell hou on there also.

  20. 21 hours ago, jPablo said:

    I took my last dose today

    I would have loved to say I didn't have any acne for a couple of weeks atleast but this week I did have 2 small white heads. No big deal, came and gone in 2 or 3 days.

    I just hope and pray I stay clear now after reaching my cumulative dose.

    I've still got some red marks but they will hopefully keep fading and hopefully my skin thickens out again because it has some textual issues and slight scaring.




    In regards to side effects

    I am beginning to feel fatigued
    My bones / muscles do feel slightly sore
    General dryness - especially my eyes
    Skin sensitivity

    Looking from where I have come I am extremely pleased with the results. 

    I'll update this every so often to keep everyone informed but hopefully my acne is now gone. Or atleast at a level that is 'normal'

    Thanks guys!
    and here's some week 1 v week 16 comparisons

    Wow man, congrats on your transformstion. You are practically like new lol.

    Hey, there is an accutane Reddit forum that is extremely helpful and people on there are very supportive of each other. I think your story would be an inspiration for the folks on the accutane reddit forum who have been having a bad time due to their acne and this will definitely give them hope and a morale boost.

    congrats man!
  21. 18 hours ago, Usama said:
    It's been exact 7 weeks i am on 40mg a day, my cheeks and the jawline are the ones where i usually break last few weeks were terrible for me had a very bad breakout, now left cheeks has no actives but tons of red marks and the right cheek has 3 to 4 pimples which i popped today and a lot of red marks, i know it sucks i didn't knew that this drug will affect me like this to, i don't go out in the day i only leave home at night this drug gave me heavy mood swings and alot of aggression, but stick with it man it will get better just stay positive and keep us updated :)
    Yea man, we will definitely get through this and have great results. Just gotta wait for the accutane God to bless us with the clear skin.

    hey, im not sure if you have reddit, but there is a very good accutane forum there that i find very helpful, more than acne.org and people are very helpful. you should join over there if you have a  reddit account.
  22. On 6/25/2018 at 9:49 PM, Usama said:

    How are you doing now?
    i am on my week 7.

    Im not doing good. 3 1/2 months in and im still breaking out...especially on my neck (where i never have broken out before) today i felt like calling off work and tomorrow i think i definitely will. This shit sucks man lol

    how are you doing?
  23. 4 hours ago, Jim13 said:

    How is it that you can convince a derm to do a low cpurse treatment long term? I did go on accutane 4 years ago worked great while on it, i could drink a gallon of milk a day and not get a zit....now if i eat anything with dairy sugar or wheat i get oily amd break out on my forehead, im almost 34....most derms ive been to will only consider accutane for severe cases...i hate restricting my diet, i love food, plus i need to gain weight....being oily and having mild acne has really destroyed me socially, I left my career as a teacher, and recently passed up a mgmt position because Its hard for me to feel comfortable in the spotlight when my skin looks like this...i dont feel like I can be myself...accutane def worked for me, just curious how to get someone to sign off giving me a low dose long term, any advice?

    Call around to different derms around your area. My doc is willing to give me a low dose long term treatment if my acne comes back after I finish my course. You should ask if that is possible before doing an appointment with the derm. Ask the front desk person who picks up when you call the establishment to see if it is possible, if it is not, then call the next derms office until you find someone who will.
  24. @crab76 are you still lurking these boards?
  25. More Than a Month
  26. On 6/5/2018 at 11:06 AM, Imfuckindone said:
    Month 1 day 19
    OWWWWW :smileys_n_people_44: This is the worst day of IB aghhhhhh it feels like someone is constantly punching me in the fucking face it’s so painful!! I’m trying to get out of any commitments because i cannot go out in public like this. THIS SUCKS ASS, Fuck my dermatologist she ducking lied, I asked about the IB and she was like oh no don’t worry about that you shouldn’t have to deal with that. Why do they lie?? Like I didn’t believe her and I knew it’d get worse, and look it has gotten substantially worse. like I’d rather you be honest with me! I’m changing dermatologists anyway so fuck her. It is really hard to have hope, I’m going on a two week study abroad in July too and now I’m terrified that it will be this bad then too I HATE THIS
    I know how you feel. I broke out all over my neck from the 2nd week all the way until Month 3 (where i am at now) and it seems to be slowing down a bit (knock on wood). I too wish i could hide at home all day and not go out until these spots are gone, but these are the type that stay on me for weeks to MONTHs...big red pimples too smh.

    My derm also told me since I am on a loe dose that i wouldnt break out but that was a lie...i honestly dont think switching derms will do you much good....you just never know what is going to happen in your treatment period...i wish there was a derm out there that could...

    stay strong and know that you are not alone in this.
  27. 11 hours ago, elmo555 said:
    @Ludadubz yeah im doin fine still takin my accutane , so yeah a few months back i got those big deep nodular acne one after the other, so id get one and when it healed id get another on the other cheek, i got like 4 in a row.  this was because i was fully stressed out by my job and boss and i was getting little to no sleep mon to fri. so for me, even on low dose accu if i stress and get bad sleep it still triggers acne. so while i had those nasty cysts i upped my accutane dose like 2-3 times the normal amount to control it.  the actual pimple isnt my concern coz it goes away fast but its the hyperpigmentation marks they leave behind which friggin take MONTHS or even years to fade. 

    hows it working for you? did you get any side effects?
    Oh damn man, sorry to hear you can still break out. Glad they heal fast for you though....hyperpigmentation does suck and I know the feeling.

    I am still waiting for results to show, but it seems like my breakout is finally (hopefully) subsiding. My neck has about 7 cystic pimples all over my neck area and it sucks big time. They are the type that stay for weeks up to a couple of months before they got away, but hopefully this was my initial breakout and hopefully its over and now I can heal (knock on wood)

    The only side effects I am experiencing is dry lips and my face does not get oily at all. I usually am full of oil on my face after just a couple hours after i get out the shower, but ever since I been on accutane - I dont experience that anymore. I still get a new spot on my face every couple of days but they are not the big type of spots and usually turn into white heads. When i started my treatment 3 months ago, I was about 220 pounds, but when i went to my derm last week, I now weight 197 pounds. I changed my diet to a vegan type of diet and it has made me lose over 80 pounds in less than a year and now alot of my clothes dont fit unless I wear a belt lol...too bad the weight loss isnt helping with mg acne though smh.

    im hoping that with the weight loss and me not wanting to go higher than 20mgs a day, since im weighing less the dosage will have more effect. I cant even bare to think to up my dosage to 40mgs a day, but I will if i dont see results by at least the 5 month mark.
  28. 2 hours ago, peskypimples said:

    Hi @Ludadubz

    Thanks for reaching out and I am so glad my story has given you hope! My intention of blogging about my experience was to do exactly that, knowing that I am not the only one that struggles with Acne. Accutane was a long and painful process that comes with ups and downs but based on my experience it is worth it! I remember 3 months into Accutane, my skin was the worst I have ever seen it. It flared so much to the point nothing I did would help. I started to see improvements in Month 5 and I stopped breaking out within that time as well. I was on Accutane from June 2017 - January 2018. I have not had a single pimple/cyst since and my dermatologist put me on Retinol A Cream which I have been using to date. My skin looks and feels amazing! 

    I will be posting my final blog post today so you can see how much skin looks now.... I encourage you to document your entire process with pictures so you can really see how your skin is improving each month. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out! Good luck and remember there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! Stay Positive! :) 


    Awesome!  I can't wait to see your continued progress when you update :-). Again, thanks for sharing your story and I hope you have a good weekend!