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  3. Day 12 - well...im not entirely sure if its day 13 or 12, I'll have to look at my accutane pill box again, but im pretty sure its 12 haha. Anyways, my face has went from oily to DRY AS Fucckkkkk (excuse my french). For the past 3 or 4 days I will literally wake up and i got these flakes on my face, just like the retin A flakes I used to get when I was on that shitty cream, so I guess the medicine is already kicking in. But guess what folks, I still am using the benzoyl peroxide wash when i shower and it doesnt burn my skin or anything like that...im noticing that as long as I moisturize afterwards -I will be fine (so far). So I am going to keep applying it until my skin says otherwise. Im also noticing that my eyebrow hair is falling out less and my eyebrows seem to be growing baby hairs again so im keeping my fingers crossed that they continue to grow. That damn minocycline antibiotic is the devil in a pill and I seriously believe it caused me depression as well as anxiety. I thank God I am off that pill as it was causing me alot of damage physically and mentally. (If your reading this and are on antibiotics, please find a way off them ASAP) Rick James must of thought cocaine was a hell of a drug, but he never tried MINOCYCLINE beforeeeee hahaha 20mg a day for me seems to be really manageable. The only side effect I have felt is dry skin and dry lips. Im praying i dont break out or dont lose any hair while being on accutane. Oh and I also pray that Junior downstairs doesnt stop functioning cuz even though I have 2 kids already, I dont need to be dealing with erectile dysfunction any time soon (Im sure all the guys out there can relate) :-p Since i am on the heavier side (221lb model over here ladiesss lol) i know 20mg is a pretty low dosage for me and if i continue with this dosage, then i will be on it for maybe more than a year (I think), i still have to wrap my mind around that, but each day that passes I am slowly getting there. My goal for today is to get a moisturizer with spf in it as my moisturizer is not doing the trick anymore...it will moisturize my face for about an hour or so and then i start to feel dry again. Tis sad because it doesnt break me out so now I am on the hunt. I have a question though - I naturally have an oily skin type so I have to get an oil-free moisturizer and that has worked for me. Now that accutane has dried my face, should I get a moisturizer for dry skin tone? If anyone can answer that has actual knowledge of this subject, plewse let me know! I will be forever in debt to you :-) have a good weekend folks!
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  5. Hi all, i have been losing my eyebrow hair due to taking Minocycline (for about 10 months) and have been shedding my eyebrow hairs for about half of the 10 months. I stopped taking minocycline almost 2 weeks ago and I am still shedding hairs from my eyebrows. I am a male and keep my hair on my head short (ever since my military days) and if I go bald there I wouldnt really care much, but me losing my eyebrow lashes has been freaking me out alot lately. I also started accutane as soon as I got off mino and noticed that accutane also causes hair loss, but I am on a low dose of accutane (20mg a day) and will stay on a low dose treatment for however long i need to be on it. I have not gone through all these pages from this post, but does anyone know what I could use on my eyebrows to help with the hairloss there? thanks in advance for any help and/or suggestions.
  6. i hate having to go this route, but if two derms told me to do it then fuck it Im gonna do it. Im just gonna keep on with a low dose though and fight tooth and nail for my derm to keep it at 20mg. How long habe you been on accutane @Tommypoo Yea man, hopefully! I got my fingers crossed lol
  7. I just took these pics in pretty bad lighting lol, but I dont have ALOT of active acne spots...about 4 or 5 all over my face and in the neck area, but so far it has been 1 week and a day of stopping minocycline cold turkey and usually when I lowered the dosage I broke out really bad in a weeks time, but when I was on doxy a year and a half ago, I stopped cold turkey and broke out BIG TIME in a month, so I am praying that either the 10% benzoyl peroxide acne wash I am using is either controlling the minocycline break out or the accutane has already kicked in. Since I have had acne for over 15 years (and im a popper), I have issues with scarring...but honestly, the scarring truly didnt start happening until I started using Retin-A Micro a year and a half ago. I used to be a popper all my acne years but scarring wasnt an issue until I started going to the freaking derms to try and rid of my acne and started applying all those damn creams they prescribed. Epiduo wasnt TOO bad, but retin A micro was the worst in regards to scarring, but each time i broke out from lowering dosage or stopping antibiotics cold turkey, the break outs would be the scarring inflamed type and this is what I fear the most now. My skin is still oily so that is why I still use the panoxyl 10% acne wash morning and night and I dont care what anyone says, I am still going to keep using it until my skin tells me otherwise. Its a wash you keep on the face for only a minute while showering so its not like BP you keep on your face all day. I recently switched from Cetaphil moisturizing cream to an Oil Free Neutrogena Acne moisturizer and it seems like it is helping and not breaking me out like cetaphil was. I felt like the cetaphil cream was breaking me out, but it really moisturized my skin very well. The neutrogena one seems to be less moisturizing than cetaphil, but it doesnt seem to be breaking me out so it will do for now until my skin starts to dry up on my face - I may have to find a different one for dry skin instead of for oily skin. today was day 6 on the 20mg pill and so far I have not really noticed or felt any side effects. My lips may be slightly more dryer than usual, but other than that nada. Today is the sixers vs heat NBA game and Im rooting for the sixers to win so they can be 2-0 in the series! have a good night y'all :-)
  8. You look to be clearing up really well on your cheeks! You stated in your other posts that you were still breaking out, but from the first photos to now, you definitely see progress bro!
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    Damn man that is awesome to hear!! Only 3 weeks and boom you are cleae, thst is great news! If that continues (which I hope it does for you) will you keep at the dosage you are at or will you raise it as your doc sees fit?
  10. Hi, can someone please suggest a no dairy/no sugar salad dressing? I am having a hard time finding one in the stores that i go to and it sucks so bad to eat a salad without some type of dressing. any and all suggestions are welcome!! thanks
  11. Sorry to hear about that. I hope everythinf turns out well and no harm is done to your body. may I ask what dosage of accutane were you taking?
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  13. I believe my derm would like to raise the dosage on me as well, but I may want to just stay at my dosage even though I know my treatment will be longer. I have seen multiple medical studies on this with far less side effects, so I am going to go with it. I also am slowing down on shaving but I dont use a razor..i use an electric razor since it doesnt irritate my skin so much. I heard a razor that is non irritating and it is called a "safety razor"...you might want to look into that if you use regular razors. (Just a suggestion) that is good to hear that you havent had the hair loss/ED. I hope none of us get that lol
  14. Day 2 - well I took my 2nd pill while eating some romaine lettuce, 2 pieces of "natural chicken" from kroger and a small avocado and today i didnt get an upset stomach after taking the pill so thats a positive. I have been experiencing some hair loss from i believe either my eye lashes or my eyebrows (might be due to stress and/or anxiety from my acne and from taking minocycline, but i think it is because i have been freaking out alot lately due to being so afraid of getting a break out). I have been noticing it for the past couple of months and last night i woke up to about 5 or 6 pieces of hair and that has never happened before. I usually only see maybe 1 or 2, but when i woke this morning it was worse than usual. I have been extremely stressed lately due to starting accutane so I hope it is just that and not because of the minocycline. I have read that hair loss can continue even after stopping the medicine, but I have never been so stressed out in my life like I am now so i am attributing it to that. I get to pick up my kids tomorrow and will spend time with them until they go back to their mom next Tuesday (single Dad here ) and it is my beautiful daughters bday on the 16th of this month, so I am going to do something special for her this weekend and try my hardest not to worry about acne and just enjoy the nice weather this weekend. I hope everyone who reads this is having a good day today and I would kindly like to say FUCK ACNE! on another note, there is an Acne Vaccine that is in the early stages of testing and if everything is successful, it will supposedly be available in about 2 years at the least. I pray it does come out and it does find alot of success, so that if my children ever develop acne (God please dont let them go thru this) they will have a cure for them! I just wished that shit was out now so I wouldnt have to start accutane lol, but that is life... have a good day/night yall!!
  15. Have you tried a low glycemic diet? Or, maybe going to a allergist to see if they can run a test to see if you are allergic to any type of foods or have an intolerance to any type of food. i am currently on my 2nd day of accutane and I have an appointment with an allergist next week Wednesday so they can do the test on me. My father is the onr who told me to go and do it because his wife did it and she found out she is allergic to dust and all types of fish (she was getting bumps on her body). She is unable to do much with dust, But she can at least do something about eating fish by stopping. Maybe an allergist can help guide you to a diet as well. just my 2 cents. I dont know if that shit truly works or not, but I am going to do it anyway since my insurance does cover it.
  16. Hey JPablo...you are closer to the end of the treatment than I am so that is a positve lol. Dont be discouraged, you at least have a soon to be wife and hopefully other family members you can talk to for support! It is great to have a support system to help you through troubled times and when you are feeling down, so push through my friend! You and Matt from the other log that we msg each other in have been a part of my support so I thank you both for that. i pray that we all get through this with the much needed results that we are looking for and that they stay permanent WITHOUT any side effects lol! @vtr did you experience an initial breakout and what dosage where you on in your treatment and how long was it? Also, what side effects did you experience?
  17. My dosage is super low for my weight. I am 5"10 and weigh 221 pounds. (Not sure what that is in kg)...when did you start experiencing any type of side effects from accutane? (Dryness, etc)
  18. Its funny you say that because I also break out when I eat alot of sugar or any type of rice (brown or white). Sugar scares me so damn much that i will look at the box of anything i buy in the grocery store and if it has more than 1gram of sugar in it, I will NOT buy it. I seriously think i have a problem, but now that I am on accutane, I will continue to eat/function that way and will not experiment until about month 5 of the course. I actually have an appointment with an allergist to see if I have any intolerances to any type of foods. my primary care doctor asked me if i had any family history of diabetes and I told him my mom,dad, and even my older bro are all diabetic. He told me that there is a connection between being diabetic and acne...its like acne is telling me to cool the fuck down on sugars because it will bring me closer to that route of being a diabetic like the rest of my immediate family (not sure how true that is though...never researched it after he told me). Matt - I also hope your break out has already passed. Having to experience it for only a week is a godsend compared to the longevity of what others have experienced for their breakouts. What dosage are yall on again? I think if I dont experience a breakout on being on 20mg a day, I will ask my doc to keep me on this dosage even if it means me staying on it longer. I read medical studies about patients still being successful on a low dose isotretinoin treatment and they experienced less severe side effects compared to others on a higher dose. Also, I may even ask to keep me on a maintenance dose of 10mg or 20mh a week once my treatment is over IF I start to notice acne coming back. Also, a question for the both of you...have you experienced any hair loss or any signs of erectile dysfunction? (Sorry for asking a personal question, but I have seen posts of individuals who dealt with erectile dysfunction because of accutane)
  19. Hi all, 30 years old 221 lbs 5"10 male 20mgs daily of isotretinoin (accutane) today marks the first day of my accutane journey. My doc is starting me off on a low dose (20mgs a day) and i will be on it for 4 weeks, after that she may raise it or keep me the same. This past Saturday, i stopped taking Minocycline (been on it for 9 months) and I am still afraid of breaking out for stopping the mino, but my derm told me if I do experience a breakout, then she will prescribe me septra or prednisone. I am extremely hopeful and going to try and stay positive throughout this entire process, but I am slowly making myself aware that these next 6-8 months might be the worst of my life. I am doing this for myself, my mental state (acne has taken a toll on me mentally even tho i have dealt with it for 15 years different levels of severity), and for my 2 beautiful children (my son Elijah 8 and daughter Aaliyah 4) i swear I dont fear ANYTHING else except breaking out. Being on antibiotics for almost 2 years (mino and doxy) and every time i either lower the dosage or stop cold turkey, i break out like crazy and it does a toll on you mentally. So I am just going to say screw everything else and go head first into Accutane and hopefully I will not have to deal with acne or any breakouts after i finish my treatment. i have already bought Dr. Dans cortibalm (for dry lips), I have cetaphil moisturizing lotion, and since i do already experience eczema I am going to buy an Aveeno lotion for my hands and arms. I am more than happy to hear from ANYONE about tips and tricks or whatever to make the journey easier. good luck to everyone else who is also on this journey!! One thing i will say is that antibiotics freaking SUCK!!! I should of just went on Accutane 2 years ago instead of freaking antibiotics lol. so far after taking my first pill, I am experiencing an upset stomach....i had to go to the bathroom and had like diarrea (ew lol) ...other than that, I actually feel better mentally and more calm.
  20. Well guys i popped my first accutane pill today. My doc is starting me on a loe dose (20mg a day) treatment for 4 weeks and then she may raise it up from there. i was not about to take it, but i said fuck it and took the leap in after i spoke to my Father. I immediately had to use the bathroom and had a diarrea affect (sorry if thats too much info lol) my stomach does still feel upset a bit, but it mah have been because I took the pill about an hour after eating...not sure.
  21. How bad was your acne? Mild, moderate, or severe?
  22. Hey fellas, how are yall doing today? as for myself, I found that minocycline has made some patches of my skin a light blue/greyish color so I immediately stopped taking the pills this morning. I am currently quietly freaking out on the inside, but I believe I am slowly making peace with giving the go and starting accutane. I have dealt with acne for 15 years and I no longer want to deal with it so hopefully accutane will be my answer. I have enough scarring on my face and this face wash I have been using is working, but my skin is starting to bleach and I dont want to take the chance of it doing further damage. Im brown skinned and it is turning patches of my skin on my face a lighter brown. This is extremely depressing as it seemed as though benzoyl peroxide might be my answer since it has been clearing me, but being off minocycline is scaring the fuck out of me and i no longer want to experiment with another treatment...Im just going to go for accutane. Sorry for the long msgs fellas, but I would like to support yall thru your journey of accutane and would definitely like some tips or pointers for any of the side effects that you have so far experienced. I already bought some lip balm that was recommended by folks on here (dr. Dans lip balm) and i need some eye drops (for possible dry eyes - any suggestions?), vaseline for possible nose bleeds and i already have eczema outbreaks on my arms and hands sometimes so i will need to pay extra attention to that. I am going to do this for myself, my mental state and for my children. Im tired of letting acne control my life and am going to take that leap of faith with accutane. I am going to pray i avoid the IB and I hope i dont break out like crazy for getting off mino cold turkey, but Monday i go see my derm and i already gave her my blood test results so I should be able to start accutane by Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. i will pray for all 3 of us to have success....i am dreading going into work with a face full of pimples...i need to prepare myself for that.
  23. I noticed my skin on some of my acne scars start turning a greyish blue color and you cant tell unless you are pretty close in the mirror, but I have been noticing it for a couple of weeks now. I finally have scrounge up the courage to stop taking minocycline and now I am thinking about going on accutane. I am extremely scared of breaking out now that i stopped mino cold turkey (almost a year of being on it) and i currently am using a benzoyl peroxide 10% wash that haa been clearing up my skin, so I am praying that that continues to work without the mino because i dont want to go on accutane and I want this foaming wash to work, but i cant dread going to work with a blown up face or facing my kids with the relapse breakout that antibiotics bring when you get off of them. the only reason i have hope that the face wash will work by itself, is because i broke out pretty bad about 3 weeks ago and it caused me to buy the foaming wash and ever since, I have not broken out like i usually would and i currently only have about 2 active pimples on my face. Does anyone on here have experience with getting off minocycline and going into accutane? is there any type of advice or guidance someone can provide? i would really like someone to reply because this is truly freaking me out more than anything else ever had in my entire life. I have lived with acne for over 15 years and i cannot believe this is freaking me out.
  24. Julian, when you say vegetables, what type are you talking about and also what type of lean proteins? i am trying to find some easy ways to cook without consuming any sugary foods such as you are suggesting, but am having a hard time getting a start
  25. How long did it take you to clear up when you started accutane?
  26. I have seen accutane logs where the person was breaking out the entire treament of 5 months and cleared up on the last month (month 6) and i seen others where they got better immediately. There is no telling whether what you are experiencing is an IB or not. But if you look on realself.com and view the answers from the doctors on there, they usually say you will see improvement on the 2nd-3rd month of treatment.
  27. How are yall feeling today? Any side effects thag are bothersome?
  28. Will a candida diet work for a male or is this just for females? I too find myself breaking out from rice, sugar, and milk. I literally eat only once a day and it has been chicken and salad, but i want to expand my menu and would really like to hear from you if you have any links to easy-to-do candida recipes. also, congrats on the success with your diet, you look great! :-)