1. More Than a Month
  2. On 19-9-2018 at 6:14 PM, jay marlo said:

    so im 19 yo 6'1 i weigh 90kg and planning to start accutane 
    but as you know the dose should be half of your body weight
    but considering 60mg per day for starting is it a bit too much?

    what do u guys think? should i start with 40 mg or 60 mg 

    Your dermatologist should know this.
  3. The first week I had the IB. It lastest for like a week. After that no new pimples and everything dryed up so fast. My face is now completely clear. Only my chin and back still has some acne, other than that im now 3 and a half weeks in, and like 100% clear on my face and other parts like 90%.
    I see my derm october 10th, and see what she will say. Will I still experience another IB? My face hasnt been this clear since like a year. Its insane. :P

  4. So I always had eczema on my hands, but it comes and goes. Im almost 3 weeks into my treatment, and I got eczema again, not only on my hands but also on my arms. Red burning and itching. I will ask my dermatologist about it when im going there again. ( october 10th..) Is there anything I should do to help it? Im putting Cetaphil hydrating cream on it right now. 


  5. Day 10 and I am calming again. xD Such a rollercoaster ride.

  6. Day 9 and I am breaking out again, it's always on my chin, someone knows why? 

  7. Seems like my acne is calming and going down, and lips are dry as fuck right now. 

  8. Acne suffer

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    Ask about accutane at your derm. :) 

  9. Today I am officially a week on accutane. No dry lips, only my skin is really dry where most of my acne is. I also got my ib on day 4. :) 

    EDIT: My lips are getting more dry and dry. But its not to a point where its like bleeding or flaking.

  10. 3 hours ago, VulneraryRain said:

    Side effects should occur duribg the 1 or 2nd week. Yea, like I said acne becomes worse before it gets better youd probably have to auffer 2-3 months while 4-6 itll start getting better. The time really depends on you though.

    2 or 3 months is a nightmare. That's going to be the worst time of my life lol.
  11. I give up.

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    Yo bro I know how you feel, I'm 24 and my face go ran over by a 18 wheeler 50 tonne truck. Go to a doctor, she will give you like duac acne gel, or benzoyl peroxide. Also she will give you doxycycline pills. If that doesn't work go see a dermatologist via your doctor. Stay strong bro. :smileys_n_people_107:

  12. 1 hour ago, Grizou78 said:

    Hi @Krackkid 

    sorry for the delay, I wanted to give news before but when you feel very good you do not think about anything anymore and I wanted to enjoy life.

    You are at 40mg a day just for oily skin ?

    or maybe you have acne in addition to oily skin.

    Good luck too

    No because of my acne.i got the ib right now. It's pretty bad.
  13. On day 5 and seems like I'm getting the ib. Hopefully it doesn't last long. :(

  14. I love how you came back after a year to post. Im on day 5 of my accutane, im at 40MG a day.


  15. On 6-9-2018 at 12:11 PM, VulneraryRain said:

    Thats normal and I suggest when you get clear not to stop right away and lower the dosage for a few months and keep dying it down and stop as with Accutane users acne can return from a few years from when they stopped.


    Im on Day 4 now and I dont have any side effects yet. When should I start to get dry skin and lips? I do get some more acne, but I'm not sure if that is because I have acne, or because of accutane. 
  16. 48 minutes ago, Measuring Tool said:

    Exciting~, right?! ^_^

    If you can get away with taking time-off from work, then I recommend you do so. It's important to keep your job, but also not to put too much strain on yourself through anxiety and depression caused from having acne; sometimes you can end-up in a no-win position.

    The dryness will probably be noticeable after a few days (you'll just start to lick your lips a bit, as they begin to dry out). The initial breakout can occur anytime between a couple of weeks from now, and several months from now, depending on the severity and type of your acne.

    Thanks, yes! its exciting! Despite all the side-effects it can give, I wanted to do it. Im 24 and I still got acne. Tryed everything from changing diet, going vegan etc, but nothing. So Accutane as the final boss for the acne. :P And I am actually happy summer is over so by next summer I hope to wake up to a clear skin.. that would be insane to be acne free. :P

    What would be a good moisturizer I should use now im on accutane? I use cetaphil SPF30 moisturizer but that burns my eyes so bad. :( 

    Is 40 MG a day a high dosage to start with? or is that normal?
  17. Im on 40MG a day. 1 in the morning and 1 at night. Im scared for the ib because i already look like shit , and They say the ib will make you breakout 2 to 3 times more.. i will for sure call sick from work. Lol. When did you guys see the side effects? Like dry lips and skin? My goal is to get clear by next year summer. im 24 btw and still getting terrible acne on my face and back. 

    Thanks for reading. :)

  18. On 15-8-2018 at 10:35 PM, Lukas H said:

    I have been dealing with acne for nearly 4 years now. It was very minimal at first and only got it sparingly but over time it has definitely escalated exponentially. I went to my family doctor to see what I could do to treat my acne. My skin type is oily, and I have semi-large pores. I do not have many blackheads at all. My main concern is acne and the red marks left behind and some slight scarring. I have tried many things from salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide and even some more natural treatments such as honey or African black soap. Nothing has worked. I am currently on a once a day 100mg doxycycline prescription and a benzoyl peroxide face wash prescribed to me. I will be going to the dermatologist October 3 and I was wondering if it is possible to be given accutane on a short notice. It will only be a consultation but I would love to start accutane as soon as possible. I have tried everything and nothing has worked. The doctor had said he believes I have genetic acne because my aunt, mother and grandmother all have had a past with acne too. I’m scared the dermatologist will not listen and will try and push more face washes onto me and I will have to wait many months before I can try and treat my acne from the root cause. Can anyone let me know their experience with their dermatologist and how soon they were prescribed accutane and what they had done prior?

    I went in for the first time and she said accutane straight away. I have acne since im 14, i am 24 now. big cysts on my back aswell. I start in 1 week. :) I had to do a blood test first.
  19. I party alot and take different kind of drugs. Are there people who are on accutane and take like MDMA, or ketamine, amphetamines? How is your body reacting? Is it really a NO GO? I heard my dermatologist say that you can take drugs but not everyday and crazy amounts of it.


  20. Is the initial breakout really bad? and does everyone get it? I got a question about that your skin burns faster in the sun. Im an active guy who goes to alot of partys/festivals, which obviously take place outside in the sun. how many times do I need to put sunscreen on? And is it really that bad that you burn really fast? I dont even know if the sunscreen can go through the festival security. :P And after how many months did you see results?

    Oh, and one more question.. im 24 and get huge breakouts around my mouth and chin, so obviously its hormonal acne.. does roaccutane works against hormonal acne? i forgot to ask my dermatologist.