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  2. got a 2nd vi peel today so will have to wait until peeling is done to post pics. i will post pics, its just nursing school has me vvv busy. found a gap to do my vi peel in my hectic schedule.
    Also scheduled for my 2nd blunt submission w rullan for NOVEMBER 14.

  3. is this your 2nd time getting phenol cross?

  4. More Than a Month
  5. 1 hour ago, FromScarredtoFree said:

    My doctor told me Restalyn is a poor filler for acne scars, especially the type that you have.  It is too hard and as a result it tends to get pushed out by the scar tissue.  He told me Juvederm works best because it's a softer filler.  My scars are the same type as yours except they are only on my cheeks.  I had Juvederm with him a week ago and my scars are 100% gone.  

    hmmm good to know. i will try juvederm in october after my next subcision. what type of juvederm was it?
    40 minutes ago, ChildhoodDreams said:

    We've been waiting a long time for pictures, how do you like your improvements?
    i know its just that i wanted to get this peel before pictures. MEH i mean filler did help a little bit. I still regret tca cross, and wish the moderators would stop recommending it, The redness is pretty much gone from the cross but i think it made some wider. some days it does seem like they are raising but idk. seriously its too harsh. I would say the filler gave me like 20%ish improvement. idk but I'm feeling good about this peel even tho its just a peel that literally never gets recommended, well see tho. I feel like the subcision also helped except its hard to put in pics bc in my bathroom in the dark w a light n the background i can def see that the subcision did lift some of the harsh scars up quite a decent amount.
  6. Op here:

    received a vi peel w precision plus boost 6 days ago almost done peeling, ill post pics sometime this month. Planning to prob get another vi peel in a month. And then another subcision w rullan early october.

  7. i have done several prps I've done 3. I don't think it does much. its more like a booster for an additional treatment, plus they are saying that prf is better than prp now, I've never done prf.

  8. its hard to tell of the progress from these pics but i do understand that in person they are probably way better. How much % would you say you got? 

  9. i will post pics after my vi peel. My vi peel will be done august 1.

  10. 11 hours ago, AcnePwns said:
    On 5/11/2018 at 12:29 PM, Amp2695 said:

    is rullan willing to do subcision on temples. A lot of derms say no. 

    Why do a lot of derms say no?
    theres a lot of facial nerves there that could cause paralysis on side of face which is rare but i went to a derma here in phi and he said he doesn't do temples. but with cannula it is fine.
  11. op here:

    ok it has been about 5 weeks since subcision and about 3 weeks since filler. I am comfortable with results, not suuper happy but comfortable. some scars look more plumped up in that harsh overhead lighting. overall scars seem to be on the same plane. I was freaking out a while ago bc of the lumpiness of the filler but that goes away in a few days, it takes like 2 weeks for the filler to settle and plump up if that makes sense. I would say temples got improvement of like 35-45%, overall improvement was like 35-45% which is good considering it is my first official subcision plus filler procedure. My plan is to get a VI peel in about 2 weeks in hopes to fade some hyper pigmentation a bit. i will go back to rullan sometime in october for sub + filler. And probably will do it again in february. and after that will probably wait 4 months to get an erbium or 2. I will post pics sometime this upcoming week. @ChildhoodDreams when i post pics up can you do that before and after thing, i tried following directions you sent me to do it myself but i can't figure it out, probably bc i have a mac. idk. thnx.

  12. Chula Vista on the 26th

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    I'm going again on october if you want to split an airbnb, i leave by car the next day tho, i def don't stay 10 days. last time i was there i just got a quinta inn for a day at $135, then went home int he morning, 5 hr drive back to phoenix.

  13. 14 minutes ago, thepwhisp said:

    @amp2695  TBH I have no experience either way but nokor personally scares me a bit.  I'd rather have to go back for more cannula subcisions than risk hitting an artery or something, especially since most of my scarring is on my temples.  The fact that nokor destroys everything in its path gives me goosebumps a bit.  I'm sure in the right hands it's great but I just feel safer with cannula.  Just my two cents.

    yea thats pretty much what i said, people still cling onto nokor for some reason idk why. cannula seemed to the same amount of popping tethers. 
  14. just putting my 2 cents out there.

    I came across an article a while ago probably in late december 2017 that said cannula subcision had less side effects (lumps from hematoma, added scars) than NOKOR. I believe rullan ran into this article and decided not to do nokor anymore. Why does it matter whether its w cannula or nokor? i heard lots of popping with the cannula when rullan did it, and had no lumps to this day, why not use it entirely over nokor? people just assume cuz nook is a mini scalpel its going to do waaayyyy better? idk what do i know I'm not a derma and i don't have thousands of subcisions performed under my belt. if theres an medical article saying  80 something pts prefered cannula over nokor idk why people still talk about nokor being so great. its like the whole tca cross 100% thing there are waaay more negative reviews for it than positive ones probably 5 negative ones for every positive one there is, yeeeettt mods and other people always keep recommending it for ice picks.

  15. Now that the dust had settled a bit and evened out, i guess it did help a bit but not as much as i tought. 30ish%?? Anyway will take pics sometime next week to upload.

  16. Understood- ill hold off on the microneedling for another time. Ill get the vi peel early august and then wait for my next subcision and fillers mid october. 

  17. 12 hours ago, beautifulambition said:

    While this is not a optimal amount of healing time (3-6 months is how long the body takes to heal). You could wait on the peel till after the sub in Oct (sunshine is bad for peeled skin). OR...

    Do the prp and microneedling now/Aug.

    Aug/Sept Do your peel. Sunscreen.

    I agree with Rullan. I would not overly plump with filler now, we need healing time. Incremental. Perhaps next time he can use more product at the time of sub. I think that is a very smart thing to do. Do the filler with the "local" expert injector so if there are any issues you can go in for follow up. 


    @beautifulambition can you explain healing times, i mean sub and filler were underneath the skin yes? Why wait 3- 6 months to get a dermapen or a weak peel? If i had an erbium tjen that would make sense but, i just dont get it.
  18. OP here:

    So i emailed dr rullans assistant and had her ask rullan if he thought more filler was good. He pretty much said my best outcome is to keep getting more subcisions down the road, and if i really wanted to to go and get more filler, they would fill the ones that bothered me the most. For now i don't think i want to drive to San diego for the 3rd time again to get filler and perhaps see no diff again. For now i am going to still trust the process and keep going. So I will go and get another cannula subcison around early october w filler, only this time i will do filler here in phoenix with a master injector i found that is in scottsdale. 

    @beautifulambition Big question: So my next cannula sub w filler I will do early october. I want to do an derma pen w prp, and a VI peel (since i have a groupon for both already gifted to me) how do i space these out? Keep in mind my last dermapen was may 29th. So i was thinking of getting a derma pen w PRP session around July 26th? and then do the  VI peel like around august 14th? and then leave my face alone till october when i do another cannula sub w filler. HELP PLS!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I suppose not enough was used. Im 100% sure it was restylane lyft. I will email him today and see if he thinks it would be a good idea to get more injected. Do you guys think it is a good idea to get more injected?

  20. no I'm sure it was restylane lyft. I grabbed the syringe and inspected it as he left it in the room then left. He used the whole syringe on both temples and cheek bone areas. For the 1st day there was lumps and then after day 3 the lumps went down all the way. but the scars had literally 0-10% improvement. Ive had 2 rf micro needling as well. I think my skin is just shit. I'm sure i have the worst scars out of anyone here as they are on 80 % of my back and chest. i think i am well done w this journey. I know its a slow progress but jesus all that stuff I've done all that down time and not even a 30%?

  21. I'm at a dead end here guys... don't know what to do anymore.

    Fillers made no difference whatsoever. it was the end all be all treatment the one that i was hoping would give me some result. I'm not the type of person who wants 100% OR EVEN 60% but the fillers literally did nothing at all. I don't even know what to do anymore. why are scars so fucking difficult? even cancer is more godamn curable than this. fuck acne . fuck scars.

  22. Acne Psychological Impact

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    31 minutes ago, PoeticKarate said:

    Ive had acne on my face, back, and chest since 12. Im 26 now and still struggle with acne and now horrible scarring. It does have a negative impact on my self esteem and mental health. So many tears. I lost all my friends because I was too ashamed to go out and hang out with them so I turn into a hermit and stayed home all the time. People have been so mean, some have asked if its contagious. Some innocently think I have something on my face, but its a scar or cyst. I'm slowly learning how to accept my acne and my skin. Crying, stressing, and wasting my life won't change it. My boyfriend loves me regardless and thinks I'm beautiful so its time I believe it. I just dont want to care any more what others say or think and start loving myself flaws and all. I'm glad i found this site. I will be uploading and using it to keep track and share my journey with acne and scarring.

    I've struggled w body acne as well. I'm 23 and its just hard but I'm hopeful everything will hopefully be ok. Im doing lots to my face to help w the scarring. I'm currently contemplating tattooing over my body scars, I've seen it done before and it looks very good.
  23. op here:

    24 hr since my fillers.

    Rullan and I decided on restyle lyft. He used a full syringe and mostly did both my temples and cheekbone area, which was ok w me. He did NOT do a silkon1000 test spot as he said my scars are not ready for silicon bc something about the scars being to jagged. There was some lumping a few hrs after procedure, today lumping went down a lot but there is bit of swelling and tiny bumps. Rullan said that if after day three there are still bumps i can massage them.