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  2. OP here:

    post op day 11.

    Things went pretty good. i was swollen for about 5 days. Bruising was extremely minimal, compared to other threads where people have like a green tint. I did not have any of that probably due to 2 things:
    1. blunt cannula was used
    2.i took arnica montana pellets 3x day 5 days before procedure and 5 days after procedure.
    I did hear LOADS of popping during procedure tho. Incision site entrance closed up pretty darn nice, prob bc blunt cannula isn't as thick as a nokor. Scars are back tho (expected) they do seem a bit more plumped up tho like maybe 35ish%. i will be gong in for fillers w rullan this tuesday,  know I'm not going to get amazing results but i just want to see some difference maybe at least 40%. (sorry i know I'm a big % guy). so it has been about 4 months since i started this journey, tca cross redness has reduced maybe a good 60ish% sometimes it feels as the spots treated w tca cross are rising, sometimes it feels like no difference was made, and sometimes it feels like the pits are wider. one thing for sure it looks better than a month after i got crossed. I really do hope people would stop recommending tca cross 100% to people. It should be made very clear to start out low like 60%, i wish people warned me of this, but it seems everyone just says "yea go get tca cross it'll help w ice picks".
    thnx guys.

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  4. Acne Psychological Impact

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    I've had acne from 2011-2015. it was bad. it disappeaered and left really bad scarring. it has ruined my life. i hope someone finds a cure for this shit.

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  6. let us know how your pico sure session, v-beam is supposedly just as good look into both before making decision.

  7. Acne scar help

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    1 hour ago, Cleopatra88 said:
    @Amp2695 oh yeah? The 600 is the lowest I've seen the spa have it for so far. It's usually 900. So do you think I should do that once before my second sub?
    idk you should ask BA. but i think he told me that would be fine as long as you do it 3 months later, idk i would ask him.
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    31 minutes ago, Cleopatra88 said:
    @Amp2695Yes just one. I think the combo together is genius. Lol. I think 60 + on most, some I cant see anymore and some had no improvement,  like my forhead and temples but I have a very thin face and I think that with one more sub I'll be happy enough to move forward with just radio frequency.  I'm not sure I can get filler. I really tried to make my scars look as bad as I could get them in the photos but they are shallow as hell now. If I can get filler I'm still debating on what one might be best. Of course I'd love sculptra because it works best with infini but I dont think with my shallow scars I'd be able to use that as a filler??? I dont know. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong.  Lol. I said I was going to do filler with my next sub but as the days go by and my collagen is continuously building, i would probably do suction again no doubt. I'm asking about radio frequency now because i think if i can get it for 600, I should do that,  and then do my next sub 3 to 4 months after . I haven't even done tca and microneedling in between yet, which I think is really going to be great, but I might wait till after my next sub to start that. I'm really trying to give my body time to build up collagen in the beginning of this whole journey :)

    Also I use retin a gel nightly , I take collagen building supplements,  and I also drink food grade diotomacepus earth. It was very interesting because I noticed on one of mr. Matt's posts he mentioned he was drinkin diotomaceous earth as well. If you research it for its collagen building properties, I think it is a very good product to add to your daily regimen. Just my opinion. 

    awesome!! how are the lumps healing? idk where you live but here in phx they have several places that do infini rf for $650 a session and the estethician that does it is very good! 
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    They def do look more plumped up, like more shallower. What would you say your improvement is? This is just after one subcision and microneedling right?

  10. 11 hours ago, beautifulambition said:
    • A large percentage of his practice is Ethnic Patients, he is close to the border and specializes in peels for all types but especially said patients. These skin types tend to have more issues with hematomas, PIH, healing time, etc. 
    • The safest route is to not use Nokor thus avoiding said problems, we don't know the patient stories and difficulty he has had to deal with but logically this is the easier path. Cannulas causing less collateral damage.
    • Doctors all have choices of treatment, different methods, and favorite ways of doing things. Dr. Lim does 3 kinds of subcision (Nokor, Cannula, tiny needle / normal sub). In my personal view more "tools" allow you to treat more problems properly. Perhaps he does not have the bandwidth to deal with hematomas and other time consuming complications. We have all seen those type of patients post here, saying their life and face are ruined from aggressive subcision, or they have health issues ... not taking the proper time to heal / have down time. These patients often do not do a lot of research and instead think a singular treatment will solve everything (this is not how treatment works). 
    • For many patients I know cannula subcision would not work as they have thick fibrous scar tissue and big deep pits. Cannula subcision is best for shallow / smaller scars, ... Really cannula subcision is just "filling" / filler using filler with a cannula or whatever substance. Anyone in my oppinion who is a expert injector can do cannula filling, ... few can do Nokor. I remember calling some of the best Drs a few years ago to do some research. Out of hundreds only a "few" did Nokor subcision. It's not something that is readily taught anymore in Derm school to gen derm practitioners . It's a specialty.  
      • I had a Specialist Dr once say to me "we have lasers, why would we do a outdated treatment. Only old school dermatologists do this." So you see it does not have the glits and glamour of lasers (Money $$$$$, but serves a very real and important part of acne scar treatment. I have had some members here find alternative subcision sources by calling schools that teach dermatology and have a clinic.  
    • Some doctors only do standard needle subcision which they use for various procedures and buy in bulk. This too lacks the slicing / scalpel ability of nokor as your just jabbing around. We have had a few dough -nutting filler cases here from this. 
    • The OP's scars are shallow and thus are better treated with cannula sub. In fact many of the reports we had from Rullan lately have been shallow scars. 
    • I cannot imagine someone doing Nokor all over their face, ... it would be quite a mess for someone who has widespread scars. It's good for deeper pits. Perhaps this is what Rullan meant by "blood running down your neck" for widespread textural scars -it's overkill.
    • For large pits or even deeper smaller pits, hematomas can be good. They provide "natural" filler which is hidden under the skin. Of course for shallow scars this is not the case, no one wants bumps.
    • Cannula sub takes less aftercare, you don't have to be concerned with blood localizing and forming a hematmoa, wound healing, redness. You can fly in and out with just some swelling. You get more swelling with Nokor.
    well said. i do believe some of my bands were thick though. the last sub i had was 2014. i have some deep ones on left side, thats where i heard loads of popping. he did use lots of force tho, i asked him since you don't use nook does that mean you have to slice harder w the cannula to break through the fibers  harder than w nokor? he said yes. He also mentioned theres this new thing better than pro called prf. 
  11. OP HERE:

    just got back from a subcision w dr rullan. Let me start off by saying that dr rullan and everyone on his team is REALLY AMAZING. THEY ARE SUPER NICE AND CONSIDERATE. Better and more knowledgable than any derm in Phoenix.
    They were very professional. After taking before pics i was numbed. Doctor rullan later came in and introduced himself and explained i might need cross, he said he does not do TCA anymore since it causes problems, he did carbolic acid on only one that i picked as a test spot. He also said he does not do NOKOR anymore as it causes major hematomas, he used blunt needle, he only made one incision point per side and covered EVERYTHING including temples. Only two incision points on my entire face!!! (Thats awesome).I heard loads of popping so i know the outcome is probably better or the same as nokor. He mentioned that if he were to use a nokor i would be bleeding down to my neck. I virtually had no bleeding whatsowver even after being done. It was good. Only time will tell of the results. As of now pretty swollen.
    qs welcome

  12. i have horrific back and chest acne as well, but its been getting controlled significantly.

    i take minocycline 100mg 2x day on empty stomach
    use claridad benzoyl peroxide 2.5% wash (you can get it on amazon )
    i take a apple cider vinegar bath for 25 min twice a week. make sure to clean your tub first. sometimes i use white vinegar since its a bit stronger. the acidity from the vinegar makes it hard for bacteria to thrive. let the vinegar st on skin at least for a few hrs after getting out.

    i also took an allergy test and it said i was allergic to eggs, i stopped eating eggs.
    i rarely eat sugar, i eat extremely clean, and the only liquid i drink is water and vegan protein.

    all this things have helped me, i can pinpoint it out and see which one is the best but its a combo of all these things.

  13. 2 hours ago, dazzed said:

    Since they're superficial you can try Belotero, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Vollure (apparently new).  Voluma is too thick and hard to be used that superficially.  

    If you eventually want to do permanent, I would try Bellafill.   It's permanent and has the same risks as Silikon 1000 but at least it's FDA approved specifically for scars.   Also, I have read studies that show that lumps from Bellafill respond well to cortisone injections to flatten them, whereas Silikon 1000 lumps are very hard to treat once they form.  

    Spend the money and be safe rather than sorry.  Money you can always make back  

    ok do you think its a good idea to tell rullan to find the deepest scar he can find and just do silicon just on that one scar?
  14. I understand. I will do an HA first. Which one would be the best one to give me the best results for my type of scars?

  15. Nice results. Yea everything does seem to look on the same plane now. I guess peels are your next move. What type of filler did you use and how many cc?
    thnx also are you located in the u.s?

  16. op here:
    can anyone give me links to people having negative reactions to slikon1000 fillers. at this point i think I've seen more people have positive reviews than negative ones. thinking about doing silikon fillers w rullan soon after my subcision.


  17. 6 hours ago, Scarsarejustmemories said:

    AFter two treatments of Nokor Subcosion and Filling, Here's the update.











    is there swelling in any of these pictures or is this a month after your submission w filler?
  18. i had same thing done and my estethician said i should be fine to use sunscreen after day 2.

  19. op here:

    just giving quick update for those still following:
    *did a derma pen w prp about 2 weeks ago. liked the results not significant enough for a pic,... but it may sound stupid but i feel like it soften texture a bit. 
    * grid marks from infini gone except for those red marks on my left lower jaw they are fading but still there 
    * the tca cross spots seem to be fading gradually i would say the redness has faded about 60% and it has been a bit over 3 months. i feel like it only made them wider, but some look to be lifting up... idk only time will tell, i can probably give a better result update when it has been about 8 months since tca cross, has only been 3.
    *will see dr rullan this wednesday for subcision, i have started taking arnica pellets 5 days before and 5 days after procedure as a lot of docs say this helps w bruising and bleeding from sub. I will go back to dr rullan 2 weeks after sub for filler.
    *i will post pics probably around early july to prevent swelling in before and after pics.

  20. years of acne scar

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    hey @ChildhoodDreams can you do that before and after effect you did on my post for this guy?
    thnx, assuming its an easy thing to do lol

  21. Dang those results from the bellafill are crazy good. Theres gonna be people saying its not the same lighting bla bla bla but you can tell the scarring raised a lot wow. 

  22. i got tea crossed 100% on feb 26. the redness was persistent for a month. but now that it has been about 3 months i would say it has faded about 50-55%.

  23. Scarless Healing

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    student age 23, scars since 2014. they are sever probably a 8. mostly boxcar and rolling. This year i have had several tx including infini rf, and will be getting successions plus fillers. it has a affected me pretty bad but i hope this year i can soften the scars out a bit.

  24. Acne scar help

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    23 hours ago, Cleopatra88 said:

    It has been 3 weeks and 2 days since my procedure. I have lumps in some areas that I avoided suctioning when I noticed them but they are still very much noticeable. I hate it.  I'm trying all sorts of things to help them go away. I guess it takes time. I am showing the area in which scars were the worst and the results thus far. My forhead shows no improvement right now. I will be getting another subcision I believe in August. And am really thinking I'll be doing filler that time. I haven't done any peels or microneedling since the procedure just yet. Will keep updating throughout my journey. 


    if this is same lighting, this is noticeable results. The deep one looks more plumped up. Are the lumps beneath the skin or are they visible over skin? Those are good results from 1 sub and three weeks later.
  25. 10 hours ago, ChildhoodDreams said:

    Here's your best treatment option: