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  1. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    Day 6 Everything is about the same way it was at day 5. Can’t wait for some serious time to pass LOL
  2. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    I continued my normal daily routine. Which consists of a Salylic acid face wash twice a day, my neutrogena moisturizer with spf 30 for the day and at night my neutrogena light night cream. Day 5 Today I’m noticing a good change in my skin. That gnarly pimple has flattened out very much and is now a light pink shade. I continue to dab Vaseline on it at night when I go to bed. As for the rest of my skin all those tiny pimples have gone done immensely. Overall my face looks less red. Hoping it continues to do better everyday! On a separate note I’m considering switching face washes to the cetaphil gentle cleanser that everyone talks about as I do have fairly sensitive skin. Not sure though!
  3. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    Day 4 Great news! The gnarly pimple had this dry skin on top of it that was half off, I used my tweezers to pull it completely off, and all of the tips of the pimple erupted. I cleaned it up, put some vaseline on it and covered it with a bandaid. Its gone done immensely in size. Turns out if I dont touch any of my pimples if it needs to come out itll do it one way or another on its own, and this way there is no self-inflicted skin damage. All of my other pimples have shrunk dramatically. I will keep a bandaid on this one for the next couple days since it was such a big pimple with many holes to make healing accelerate.
  4. Yes lets do it, join in on my 60 days forum, it should be on my profile, I got a girl Grace who decided to join in too. We all got to keep each other in check!!
  5. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    Hey! thank you! yeah i think your best bet right now would be a neosporin and a bandaid. Just do anything possible to keep it covered and moist so the hole fills in from the inside out, not just from the edges. I would do the bandaid for a couple days. After that I usually would keep it moist at night with a little bit of vaseline.
  6. What acne is this? (pic)

    Looks like closed comedones to me. Mild acne.
  7. I am doing a 60 days of not picking my skin challenge. And I am on day 3 and I am still on the right track, but I would SUPER appreciate if people checked out the forum and would do it along with me if it's something they are having trouble with, or if possible just help me stay on the right track. You can ask any questions about your own acne troubles on it and I will do my best to answer (5 years with acne experience). I am DESPERATE for some partners or people to hold me accountable. Please help a girl out!!
  8. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    Day 3 I took a long shower and when I got out two of the smaller pimples on the right side had popped. I disinfected the spots and didnt touch them AT ALL anymore. However, the third pimple on the right side has now turned into a gnarly huge pimple with 4 whiteheads. YAY. As tempting as it was to touch it, just seeing how complicated it would be to actually pop it correctly due to all of the tips helped me keep my hands off. So far I feel like I look more hideous than ever, but its only just the beginning. I am hopeful that by week 2 it will be a lot different.
  9. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    Day 2 The universe is really testing me, I have one solid size pimple with a white tip on my left side, and three solid sized ones with white tips on the right. But I stared at myself in the mirror and legit told myself, "not this time!" sounds crazy, but talking to yourself helps. I need to hold myself accountable and I have a feeling if I can make it the next few days without touching these the rest of these days will be easier ( white tip pimples are so hard for me not to poke at).
  10. Neosporin and a bandaid
  11. That little bump will go away if you keep your hands off and ice it.
  12. Failed attempt to pick out cystic acne

    Let it be and ice it every night for a couple weeks. You keep ice on it for 5 minutes then off another 10. Make sure the ice isn’t directly on your skin. It should go down do not touch it anymore
  13. I picked a red pimple with no head PLEASE HELP

    If it is a cyst you really shouldn’t touch it anymore. I advise u wash it well put some neosporin on it and later on tonight ice it on and off every 5 minutes. I had a cyst and I ice it every night for a couple weeks and it went away and never came to a head and it didn’t scar
  14. Looking for a buddy

    hey im very late, but i just started my own post for not picking for 60 days you're welcome to join in!
  15. 10 days picking free

    hey i just started 60 days of no picking too, keep up the good work!!
  16. 60 Days of No Skin Picking

    I have dealt with acne for the past 4-5 years (I am now 25). My acne started when I went off my birth control. I know some people go back on it to fix their acne again, but I was didn’t want to use a band-aid and I knew one day I would want to have kids so I bit the bullet. The first 2-3 years I believe the acne was my hormones adjusting, but this past year and a half I don’t get anything cystic and I notice my breakouts get really annoying once I’ve been on a picking spree and squeezing all of my pores. I have been browsing this website for these past years and today I finally decided to make an account to share my story because I’ve noticed a lot of people have tried to stop picking at their skin, but I didn’t see many make it all the way through to their goal date. I have tried to quit picking numerous times and kept failing. NOT THIS TIME. This time I mean business and that’s why I am posting this. I don’t want to post everyday if people aren’t really interested so if no one replies to this I will post an update once a week of every day that week and how it went. This is my day one and as of now the left side of my face is fairly clear with one big pimple mark and the right has clusters of pimples and lots of red marks by the jaw line. I really want to do this not only for myself, but for all of you because I think you all deserve to really see this be followed through!