1. Last Week
  2. now i know what is the best way to fix my all problems. I am in hell. I am in pain everyday.. f##k the world. F##k the people. My life is s $#t. It's not my dream. But i am not have future for dreams. Bye all. If you reading this. I am not alive.
    i am give up
    bye all this is not for acne... (acne is the smallest problem in my problems)
    Good luck and fight for future. Never give up. I give up. I don't have any chance. I don't have any reason

    Life you are win
    F##k you

  3. More Than a Month
  4. I have many many closed comedones.
    Full face. Only lips and nose is free. 20-30is small. Do not look good. 50-60 is very small. And only great observation and sharp light need to see it. It's Not too noticeable(don't like typical acne). Also i have very oily skin. sometimes i wash 3 times a day. Many many whiteheads and few blackheads. Please help. what do you recommend. I used salicylic acid 2%, but it doesn't work, it's make worse my skin. I used only ice, it's improves my skin. But not solved.