1. Last Month
  2. I have many many closed comedones.
    Full face. Only lips and nose is free. 20-30is small. Do not look good. 50-60 is very small. And only great observation and sharp light need to see it. It's Not too noticeable(don't like typical acne). Also i have very oily skin. sometimes i wash 3 times a day. Many many whiteheads and few blackheads. Please help. what do you recommend. I used salicylic acid 2%, but it doesn't work, it's make worse my skin. I used only ice, it's improves my skin. But not solved. 

  3. More Than a Month
  4. There is a chance? Comedonal acne go away with himself?
    No chance?
    without acne products and everything. Only their own?

  5. Don't shave if you have acne.
    for me, it's helping my skin. My cheeks is clean. Beard power! ;D
    Good luck everyone

  6. Start Caveman Regimen

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    Day 1 : Bumps looks hided, two very little zit, also few little blackheads. My face is shining

  7. Your face is super clean. Don't worry. Redness to go down.

  8. My advice is to stop consumption.

  9. red mark from picking

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    rub ice on the red area. This is best way. 

  10. Start Caveman Regimen

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    My regimen  : Without water, Without acne products. Like real caveman

  11. Start Caveman Regimen

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    Comedonal acne. I have little scars and many bumps. Today i start caveman regimen.
    I will try to make updates a few times a week.

  12. Harsh, thank you very very much. For great words. Thanks. Best of luck too you 

  13. i am big loser. Mother nature bullying me. i have ibs-d from 12 years old. my half life spent in toilet (it's funny xD, but it's true, it's hurt me everyday). It made me Annexed and depressive, during the years. And after all this. Acne. Comedonal acne. From 13 years old. Acne finally destroyed me. The only positive what i have, i am handsome guy. but acne destroyed me. i am ugly. i am loser in girls. i don't know what is love. I hate going out. I can't Relax. I am asocial person. but every problem makes me more asocial. Now i know, what is my dream. i want die. My life is Sh*t and everyday My pain increases.
    Sorry if you read this


  14. Shaving on caveman regimen

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    my advice is don't shave. if results good. don't shave bread At least 1 month

  15. Hello guys, i am 19 - 20 years old. i have comedonal acne on forehead, cheeks. and little other face parts. my main problem is forehead and cheeks. i have many whiteheads(closed) and blackheads. i bought salycid acid. and i want to use it. and it can help me?
    And they are sunshine days. and it will make reaction?
    please help and give me tips.
    sorry for my english grammar xD