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  1. First 7 weeks

    Yes - my derm started me on 75mg a day of doxy then switched me over to 100mg a day of mino after the first month and a half. I am not sure if it helped, as I took Epiduo Forte the whole time with it. I think it helped and I'm really nervous to stop taking it because after three months I am still no where near where I want to be!
  2. First 7 weeks

    I have been told and read that staying on Epiduo indefinitely is ok. So that is what I am currently planning on doing - in regards to the minocycline, I'm a little nervous to get off mine too. I have heard about aloe vera for the dark spots, yes; I have also heard about laser treatment. I think that once my acne is gone and I'm just left with the spots I will try aloe vera for sure.
  3. Week 11

  4. Week 11

  5. First 7 weeks

    I use a prescription face wash called Plexion - I only use it once every other day because it dries my skin out like crazy. Other than that, just the Epiduo Forte and Minocycline (100mg a day). I'm adding some pictures today of my 11 week mark. The right side of my face is awesome - one small zit and a ton of scarring (but feels so smooth!). The left side of my face is worse because I picked it yesterday when I was frustrated. So now I have an open wound, one zit, and a scab from another pick. Hopefully by next week (my 12 week mark) it's even better! I think this stuff really does work...it just takes time, especially if your acne was severe.
  6. First 7 weeks

    I am sorry to hear that your acne went from very mild to severe so suddenly. It is such an adjustment. Up until about five months ago I had great skin with mild breakouts every once in a while...then all of a sudden my face went crazy with texture and the epiduo forte brought all those clogged pores to the surface. So honestly, I feel unrecognizable in my own skin - ur right about empathizing with those that have suffered for longer than us! Acne takes so much away from you! I don't even like leaving the house! So a closed comedone is a clogged pore. It's not red or inflamed like a pimple, it's just skin colored. So it makes your skin look really bumpy. That's not a stupid question. I didn't know what it was until they appeared all over my face!
  7. First 7 weeks

    Hey Hopeful74 - I am currently going into week 11. Things are definitely getting better - I have a lot of scarring and discoloration; however, at the moment, I only have about three or four very small active pimples. It definitely took a long time to get here and I still have a long way to go in terms of discoloration, but I really do think things are starting to turn around. The texture of my skin is improving (most of the closed comedones are gone) and the pimples I do get are much smaller. I will post pictures soon. How long have you been on Epiduo? Are you also on an antibiotic? How's your journey going?
  8. Week 10

  9. Week 10

  10. Week 9

  11. Week 9

  12. Week 8

    Hey jPablo - the hypergimentation is a legit annoyance. If you would be open to trying some makeup, I have found that Covergirl Aquasmooth foundation is actually really good at concealing. I will add a few photos to my gallery. Makeup is for all, not just females! Depressedwithmyface - I think the doxy is helping. Because I have been taking it with the Epiduo Forte, I can't really tell exactly what it's doing. I believe it is being used to help with inflammation and irritation with the big cysts. The big cysts have still been bad; however, I imagine without the antibiotic they may have been even worse. Are you on anything else with the doxy?
  13. Week 8

    So this is where I have really started to notice some improvement. Each morning I wake up with less pimples and more "clear areas." The pimples I do wake up with are smaller whiteheads and much less cystic in nature. There is a lot of scarring and discoloration; however, my skin is starting to feel smooth and less textured. I do extract the whiteheads each morning, which has added to the scarring and discoloration. Two weeks ago, I was upped to 150mg doxycycline each morning and prescribed Plexion face wash for morning and night. I hope it continues to improve.
  14. Week 6

    Thank you for the response. How is your acne on week 20? Do you think you are you going to continue with differin and benzac?
  15. Week 7

  16. Week 7

  17. Week 6

    Thank you for the information. I will discuss it with my dermatologist!
  18. Hey - I just joined acne.org and just started epiduo forte 6 weeks ago. My face is still in an ALL OUT purge - like - never before. New cysts and whiteheads every morning and freaking painful! I am so glad to hear that it worked so well for you. I am going to stick it out! Thanks for sharing your experience!
  19. Week 6

  20. Week 5

  21. Week 5