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  1. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    Acne patients frequently associated with abnormal plasma lipid profile. This study was designed to investigate the relationship between plasma lipid profile and acne. Acne patients (n = 181) and healthy volunteers (n = 130) matched in terms of both age and sex were enrolled. Plasma total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG), high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) and lipoprotein (LP)(a) levels were measured. TC, LDL-C and LP(a) levels in male and female patients with severe acne were significantly higher than in the healthy control group (P < 0.05). TG in male patients with severe and moderate acne was significantly higher than in the healthy control group (P < 0.05). LP(a) in male and female patients with mild, moderate and severe acne was significantly higher than in the healthy control group (P < 0.05). The constituent ratio of male and female patients with TC, TG, LDL-C and LP(a) over the normal range was significantly higher than in the healthy control group. In this study, acne patients were frequently associated with abnormal lipid profile, providing a new basis for further exploration of the pathogenesis, as well as new treatments, of acne vulgaris. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25639454
  2. i currently believe tane sides are due to liver damage caused by bile stagnation which ultimately causes derangement in steroid metabolism. and i believe a diet very high in vitamin c, (possibly with supplemental ascorbate), is mandatory and critical if anyone wants a chance at recovery.
  3. Cholesterol: vitamin C controls its transformation to bile acids. Cholesterol accumulates in the blood serum and in the liver of guinea pigs with chronic latent vitamin C deficiency. The reason for this is the decreased rate of transformation of cholesterol to bile acids in the liver of animals deficient in vitamin C. A significant direct correlation exists between the vitamin C concentration in the liver and the rate of cholesterol transformation to bile acids. The role of ascorbic acid in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism and in the pathogenesis of artherosclerosis. Strong clinical and experimental evidence suggests that chronic latent vitamin C deficiency leads to hypercholesterolaemia and the accumulation of cholesterol in certain tissues. Ascorbic acid supplementation of the diet of hypercholesterolaemic humans and animals generally results in a significant reduction in plasma cholesterol concentration. While most studies relating ascorbic acid to atherosclerosis have used the rabbit as a model, those concerned with elucidating the role of ascorbic acid in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism have generally used the guinea pig. Comparatively little use has been made of the non-human primates. A significant advance in recent years has been the development of a model of chronic latent scurvy in the guinea pig. Chronic dietary inadequacy of vitamin C may influence the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis as it affects not only plasma cholesterol and triglyceride concentrations but also the integrity of the vascular wall. Ascorbic acid is involved in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism in several ways. Dietary inadequacy of vitamin C is associated indirectly with a lowering of cholesterol absorption, this effect resulting from a reduction in the availability of bile acids, monoglycerides and fatty acids. The excretion of cholesterol as neutral steroids, however, appears not to be affected by ascorbic acid. Although much of the evidence for the involvement of ascorbic acid in cholesterol synthesis is equivocal, it seems likely that cholesterol synthesis is decreased in vitamin C deficiency. A series of studies using guinea pigs with chronic latent vitamin C deficiency has provided clear evidence that bile acid synthesis is reduced in this condition. Indirect evidence strongly suggests that this results from a decrease in the activity of the microsomal enzyme cholesterol 7 alpha-hydroxylase. However, some evidence suggests that the mitochondrial reactions of bile acid synthesis require ascorbic acid. The role of ascorbic acid in the regulation of steroidogenesis appears to involve selective inhibitory and stimulatory effects on the desmolase, hydroxylase and dehydrogenase reactions which lead to the formation of pregnenolone and its subsequent conversion to steroid hormones. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/4685043 https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/942515
  4. well i have a 2 month supply of 10 mg tane sitting on my desk for a week now. i decided to give vitamin c megadosing a shot before the plunge after seeing a post on here about someone doing a fruit fast which cured their acne in about a year. and the results have been incredible. solid 60% improvement in skin but also my digestion and sleep have improved so much. it turns out vit c is crucial for transformation of cholesterol to bile acids and adrenal steroidogenesis (cortisol- antinflamatory and regulates blood sugar) as well as fighting infections..we could all just be experiencing subclinical scurvy. im sure it can only help pas sufferers. i have my base cholesterol and trigs from end of last year (was on high end) and plan to test every month including vitamin c, even though blood tests dont account for tissue/organ ascorbate saturation it will be interesting. im so hopeful and excited. i have been taking 6 grams of sodium ascorbate/day and will increase to 10 grams. in addition i have been freshly squeezing 1 whole pack (3kg) of oranges and eating up to 12 kiwis a day and eat 2 normal meals/day for lunch and dinner.
  5. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    what are your exact cholesterol and triglyceride numbers? also you need vitamin c tested since i made that post i have juiced 3kg of oranges, ate 8-10 kiwis, and ate 250-500 gram strawberries and taken 6 grams of sodium ascorbate/day acne has reduced by 60% within the week i have my base cholesterol and trigs from last year and will test again at the end of jan including vit c
  6. White Pus Zits Around Mouth And Chin! - Help! Help!

    guys i think this type of acne is caused by high cholesterol/triglycerides due to a vitamin c deficiency. Vitamin c is needed to convert cholesterol to bile acids (which is used to eliminate fat soluble chemicals hormones toxins etc), and steroids including cortisol which is crucial for inflammation and blood sugar regulation...we could all just be suffering from mild scurvy. get your blood tested asap OP im 99.9% sure your lipids are FUCKED. get vitamin c tested as well. im going to try sodium ascorbate + lysine & proline protocol. lots of kiwis oranges lemons as well. Cholesterol: vitamin C controls its transformation to bile acids. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/4685043 The role of ascorbic acid in the regulation of cholesterol metabolism https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/942515 The effect of vitamin C in high doses on plasma and biliary lipid composition in patients with cholesterol gallstones https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/9179545 Vitamin C is an important cofactor for both adrenal cortex and adrenal medulla Ascorbic acid is a cofactor required in adrenal steroidogenesis Vitamin A: Not Required for Adrenal Steroidogenesis in Rats Previous work supporting the vitamin A dependency of adrenal function in rats neglected to take into account a secondary effect of the deficiency, a decrease in hepatic ascorbic acid biosynthesis. Vitamin A-depleted rats maintained on a diet free of ascorbate had a decrease in the activity of adrenal 3β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, and extensive adrenocortical degeneration. The use of an ascorbate supplement prevented the symptoms. The results suggest that previous evidence for direct involvement of vitamin A in steroidogenesis may have been due to the production of a secondary deficiency, a chronic scorbutic condition. VITAMIN FCKIN C!! Vitamin C is the 'muscle' of the immune system https://www.peakenergy.com/articles/nh20140222/Vitamin-C-is-the-'muscle'-of-the-immune-system/ The Link Between Vitamin C And Optimal Immunity http://www.lifeextension.com/magazine/2015/11/the-link-between-vitamin-c-and-optimal-immunity/page-01 TABLE: VITAMIN C LEVELS FALL IN MULTIPLE DISEASE STATES Healthy Vitamin C Range is 61-80 mmol/L Vitamin C In Disease States Mean Plasma Vitamin C Level (micromol/L) Diabetes 42 mmol/L Gastritis 46 mmol/L Pancreatitis 33 mmol/L Pneumonia 31 mmol/L Cancer < 24 mmol/L Trauma or sepsis (overwhelming infection) 10 mmol/L Arthritis 27 mmol/L
  7. it comes in pills - prescription only medication
  8. hydrocortisone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ do we have any info on how or if tane affects bile?
  9. Fruits healed my cystic hormonal acne

    hey there my acne flares when eating any fruit how do you explain that? its not just me btw if u google "fruit acne" its problematic for many and when they cut fruit completely the skin improves.
  10. 33 male. acne getting worse with age.

    interesting what moisturizer you using?
  11. Chron's disease and accutane.

    yeah you arent getting chrons under 20mg dont stress man. stress itself can give people IBD so relax
  12. Accutane, AND SEMEN PROBLEM

    try stop taking it and see what happens
  13. Chron's disease and accutane.

    dose makes the poison so whats ur dose also u have a higher chance of getting any type of IBD including chrons taking antibiotics.
  14. Accutane and penis growth

    try asking in this thread
  15. jesus christ youre 42!? wtf was ur dose and how long were u on?? have you tried increasing sodium and carb intake ? im talking in the range of 30+ grams of salt a day
  16. what is it in these birth control pills/steroids that clear females up and could this info be applied to men in some way? for example theres a drug called finasteride (hormonal) which can stop hairloss and/or regrow hair in balding men...but nothing for us with acne??
  17. Relationships

    Well... it is usually the other way, in what world do you live in? youre deluded if you think males have it easier i went to a new derm recently to start accutane cycle. All female office. it was so plainly obvious they were nothing less than repulsed by my face. so much so that they literally FORGOT to charge me the consult fee after my appointment which btw lasted no more than 2 minutes. this is not even the tip of the iceberg in negative feedback ive experienced from females exclusively in almost 4 years of dealing with this plague, both in daily life, dating and the work place. let me put it like this. my highschool gf breaking up with me because of my acne doesnt even compare to the worst.
  18. thanks for the response man i appreciate it. again i will find a low dose where i see improvement but no sides..like i could end up taking as little as 10 mg/week theoretically.. im going to be real with u bro. acne has legitimately fucked my life. not gonna go detail but it has ruined me relationship wise, socially and economically. aside from going to work (btw i am basically shat on and given no respect purely bc of my face) i am completely isolated. ive tried everything and by jan 1st it will have been 4 years. i am desperate and will quite literally do whatever it takes.... these are the supps ill also be taking; d3 5000 iu/day astaxanthin 12 mg and 400 iu vitamin e to mitigate PUFA soybean oil in the accutane k complex thorne x2 caps b 100 complex by zehler magnesium glycinate 400-600 mg/day zinc and manganese
  19. Damaged Skin Heading Into Accutane (w picture)

    Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane 1.6 mil view thread if he was an adult sure keep in mind this is a 15 y/o kid. accutane is systemic affecting bio/neurochemistry the fact that he still he's not even fully developed and has about 10 years more to fully develop warrants extreme caution. better safe than sorry.
  20. you were on 10 mg only/day for how long? thanks
  21. Relationships

    males dont care about the acne on females as much as females do for males. so u can consider yourself lucky in that regard.
  22. im about to start low dose accutane (under 20mg, most likely 10 mg/day) how much were u guys on and for how long? the 60mg+ camp seem to have it worst
  23. Limiting white rice

    actually for me wholegrains are highly inflammatory. oats, brown rice, whole wheat etc. And worsen my acne i do fine with white rice and as part of a balanced meal nothing to worry about. also im curious what are popular breakfast meals in philippines i didnt know they ate rice for breakfast thats cool