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  1. Day 32: just feel like updating because my acne won’t let me stop thinking about it (it itches like fuck) so I might as well write about it. i have regressed pretty much back to before treatment in terms of itchiness. In terms of looks, it’s not bad because none of the pimples are really gnarly looking. But my face is really inflamed so all the red marks look much worse.
  2. Day 31: I am breaking out on my face and body, the pimples are pretty small but I’m gonna do a count for future reference for myself 2 small heads on right side, 1 possibly forming 2 small on left side, 2 possible forming 1 just popped on left jaw, 1 active next to it and 1 possible forming 1 possible forming on right, 1 lingering small heads around sebaceous filaments 2 chin small whiteheads Took BCAAs starting Monday, no pimples showed up until Friday. Didn’t take any Sunday (today), going to start again tomorrow.
  3. Day 29: woo. Almost 1 month. Initial breakout cleared and I’m 95% clear, a lurking pimple on my jaw and one more that formed yesterday on the back of my jaw. One lingering small one on my left cheek. Right check 100% clear, forehead 100% clear, sebaceous filaments continuing to get pushed out. Stoked! wanted to edit and add that I have a pimple forming on my left jaw. Not sure if I’m going to completely clear up yet now, but at least the IB calmed down!
  4. Day 24: not a whole lot of improvement, just 1-3 new ones a day. If anything it’s getting a little better. Plugs starting to get pushed out in between eyebrows, on front of nose. All my acne including body acne have formed heads/gained pus which is odd
  5. Day 20: day 18 I saw a few more pustules on my left cheek, they are continuing to form. But my right cheek has cleared up and currently has no actives. It’s almost like my left and right cheek completely switched roles, pretty odd. I have 2 small pimples on each jaw. I’m starting to get white plugs pushed out in my T-zones. Yesterday a friend looked at me and was like “dude, WTF your acne is on like, zero!” That felt great but I assured him it’s still there.
  6. Day 17: IB has.. calmed down? No more Whiteheads on my upper lip, few more pimples on my jaw though. And an underground cyst finally came up. We’ll see where this goes
  7. BECAUSE DUDE, for every ONE person like you, there are >1,000 casually roaming about who will tell us that the sides fade after their course. THAT RISK IS WORTH IT TO US. AND IT WAS WORTH IT TO YOU TOO. Acne has destroyed many of our lives and self esteem. What you should do instead of vomiting all over the forums is help people learn prevention while they are on the drug, like the many supplements I told you I was on. Mind over matter is magic! And it works both ways. Think about your side effects, you’ll suffer. Don’t think, they tend to fade away. Help people to not think about them once they’ve taken the plunge!
  8. Testing for CK and ANA would not do anything. The drug is known to have an effect in some cases on both of those measures, but it is almost always temporary
  9. Actually my joints have improved a lot over the past few days! Minimal pain, I even surfed today with NO back pain. And I was getting WORKED, just some minor knee pain in the impact zone at one point. Tbh probably not even because of Accutane. I also take an awesome probiotic daily, along with fish oil, glucosamine/msm/chondroitin, turmeric, milk thistle, vitamin D, vitamin E, and calcium. Figure I’ve got to fight the atomic drug with atomic supplementation adding in hyaluronic acid soon as I’ve had some minor dry eyes. Definitely being as careful as possible! Yoga when I wake up every morning, workout 5 days a week, eating healthy on an intermittent fasting schedule. If I’m going to take a risk I’m gonna make it hell for fate to turn on me. I’m nearly positive you’ve read this already, but in case you didn’t: a post-Accutane liver cleanse is highly recommended, followed by eating lots of vitamin A to restore balance to your vit A receptors. But if you just eat vitamin A with a blocked up liver, it won’t help. Read this on an early page in the long term sides thread.
  10. IB spreading, now 3 pustules on my jaw. More on my cheeks. Or could this be the Minocycline leaving my system?? Hmmm. Luckily I have 12 more days of winter break so hopefully it calms down a little!
  11. Day 12: IB is starting. Dammit I was hoping I wouldn’t get one due to differin and mino oh well, hopefully it isn’t too bad/doesn’t last super long. Probably ~5 pustules on each cheek, 1 on jaw. Not the worst breakout I’ve ever had. Actually it’s not too bad, so as long as this is the breakout I’d say big thanks to differin!
  12. Day 9: Won’t be updating here until 30 days ish probably, or if i run into a complication that makes me stop the treatment. Been hanging out on the subreddit where it’s very active and supportive! Anyone feel free to come by. Acne wise, in the first few days I would get 3 cystish pustules a day. Now I get maybe 1 a day. But the old ones haven’t left yet so it looks progressively worse. I don’t think that these are an IB, but I’m not sure if I’m going to get one. Or it may be the IB and just subdued due to mino and differin (side effects came on quickly too) Side effects: popping of joints seems to get a little worse every day . Lower back pain is bothersome at the worst. I can live with both of them and still function, surf, walk around etc.. I recently upped my fish oil dose and added turmeric into my supplements so hopefully that will do something. Other than that I have the usual dry lips, sometimes dry eyes, and dry skin but it still gets oily later on in the day.
  13. Hi, I think your son should try some meditation and relaxation. You could try practicing with m&ms, or even ice. Smaller and smaller items until you get up to the pill. Claravis 30mg pills, which are what I am on, are tiny BTW. Seriously so tiny. But if he gets side effects like joint pain, etc. he will need fish oil which is bigger. Also recommend milk thistle to protect the liver.
  14. It’s quite a dangerous drug. However I am going to take it for 2 weeks and assess my joints then. Since the joint issues onset so rapidly, it seems different than most who had long term sides. I’m also supplementing a LOT. I’m going to be smart about it and pray every day that I am a lucky one.. thank you for your concern! Day 7: on day 7, and I’m on winter break so I really don’t care about my acne right now. With that said, I have 7 pustules forming on my left cheek, and none on my right. Very strange indeed. As far as sides, the joint popping continues to get more prevalent. I’m getting mild pain/maybe just uncomfortableness? due to the popping. Also mild back pain. Today I started supplementing with Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM/Hyaluronic Acid and milk thistle in addition to what I’ve been on (fish oil/vitamin d). Getting quite a bit of gas from the glucosamine so I know it’s in there doing something lol! if I clear up, I’ll likely dose down to 20mg for a month and if still clear I will stop (ahead of cumulative dose - I don’t buy into that)
  15. Accutane and arthritis

    I’m 6 days in and having lots of joint popping. Not much pain yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts up soon. I just posted a thread for a discussion on accutane’s effect on joints, check it out if you have time
  16. Hi all, I would love to have a separate forum for the discussion of Accutane’s short and long term effect on our joints. I know there is a large scale long term damage thread, but seeing as this seems to be the most common and a very bothersome side effect, I think it would be good to have a thread focusing on it entirely. Here I hope to discuss theories and findings regarding the science behind joint issues on Accutane as well as treatments which have helped both short and long term. This thread shouldn’t contain pointless rambling on the faults of accutane - that won’t benefit anyone. I’ll start with my experience. I’m on day 6 of Accutane, claravis 30mg daily. On day 2 I noticed an increase in joint popping and therefore started supplementing with fish oil and vitamin D3. I also added milk thistle for the liver stress accompanied by supplements. i haven’t seen any improvement, however it hasn’t gotten worse. The popping does not affect my life at all, but I am very aware that it can be damaging to the body long term. I have theorized that joint problems during Accutane have different causes depending on when they occur. What This would mean is that in the beginning, it’s caused by X, months in caused by Y, and afterwards caused by Z. This has no backing other than the fact that supplements work for some and not others. For example, it seems that fish oil isn’t doing much for me but it is all some others needed. I currently have no pain. I’m waiting on a shipment of hyaluronic acid tablets as well as Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM tablets. If I get pain and it is not suppressed by those I will not be continuing Accutane. ive always had poppy joints but the Accutane has definitely exacerbated the condition.
  17. I was on Differin 0.3% for 3 months and it made my skin a lot worse, then better but NOT better than before I started. BUT, my acne was getting worse so it might be that the Differin just isn’t enough now. would the regimen likely work? Differin 0.3% is pretty strong stuff, but it’s different science between the two treatments right? Plus one thins the skin, one thickens it. im currently on day 5 of Accutane and I don’t feel good about the risk anymore. my acne is mostly pustules with a few scattered cysts. It is usually moderate, never would classify it as severe but I do have pretty bad PIH from Differin. It’s light but all over.
  18. End of day 4, gotta update: im considering stopping Accutane. My sides haven’t changed, I still have no pain and just popping, and my back pain went away. But the popping really f**** worries me. I can deal with permanent dry eyes, dry lips, fuck even stomach issues and depression. But joint issues and being in pain my whole life/not being able to be active? I’m not sure if that’s a risk I can take. And even if I don’t get it I’ll live wondering if one day it’s going to creep up on me. i think I’m gonna finish 2 weeks and see if I still have popping/joint pain. supplementing with vitamin D, Calcium, fish oil I’ve been reading every post possible about the joint issues, and no one really knows WTF is going on. As is the case with many of the side effects. It’s honestly crazy to me that this drug is legal. It seems impossible to have no long term side effects/ negative effect on joints, liver, body
  19. I’m currently on Day 4 (pretty much) and I have had some side effects. First, maybe some lip drying but still very minor second, my joints. They feel fine, but they don’t sound great. I feel like I can hear them grinding sometimes and they seem to be popping quite a lot. One time today I took a step and my knee and foot both cracked. I just now scratched my lip and while bringing my hand down to my phone my wrist cracked. This I’m kinda worried about so I started taking fish oil this morning. third, I may have some minor lower back pain. Then again, I’ve surfed 2 ones in the last 2 days after not surfing for weeks, so there is that.
  20. Actually my dad has some CBD oil, I’ll look into that. Also I do yoga currently about twice a week but I should probably get into a morning routine! I’m only on day 4 and I already am having lots of joint popping - no pain but quite a bit of noise - and SUPER mild lower back pain (honestly could be just in my head). Just want to take all the precautions possible
  21. For those of you with long term joint issues, did you take supplements like fish oil, glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium WHILE on Accutane or only after? Sorry if this is redundant as I haven’t read farther back than 10 pages
  22. I’m currently on day 3 of Accutane. I’m going to be taking fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin/MSM, milk thistle, and calcium supp. I eat quite healthy and drink tons of water, am very active and don’t currently have joint problems but I’m very mindful of the reports of long term joint issues. For anyone reading this who has long term joint pain/other side effects, did you take supplements while on Accutane or only after? Also is there anything you would have changed about your lifestyle (other than not take it) which you feel could have avoided some of the effects?
  23. Differin 0.3% didn’t work :(

    Hi, been using it every day. I plateaued for a few weeks then saw improvement after starting Minocycline 200mg/day. It’s been 48 hours since my last Minocycline and I just took my 2nd 30mg Accutane. Minocycline was just keeping the acne at bay, as once I stopped I have tons of whiteheads and a cyst that wasnt breaking the surface nor bothering me is coming through. Ready to kick acne for good with Accutane!
  24. Accutane is making my skin so bad

    What were you on before Accutane? Also was your acne getting worse before you went on?
  25. Just popped my first 30mg claravis. this log will hopefully provide some insight on Accutane after Differin and antibiotics. I’ve been on Differin 0.3% for 12 weeks and it hasn’t really worked. I had a terrible IB for about 6 weeks starting from week 2 and then just regular moderate acne afterwards. Got it under control with Minocycline for the past 2 weeks but it wasn’t working as well as it did a few years ago, so here I am. Dont want to post pics but acne is mild to moderate, currently predominantly on my cheeks and jaw. Lots of red marks and a few actives. 2 occasional recurring cysts on where dimples would be if I had them on each cheek. also have moderate chest and back acne that doesn’t really bother me. But it will be great to get it under control with Accutane. i may update daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how well everything goes lol! Feel free to share your own experiences